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Date Joined: June 21, 2010
Last Online: March 10, 2011
Birthday: October 25
Country: Italy
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Hello! My name is Irina, I am 29 y.o. I am original russian live in Italy. I am married and have 25 months baby girl. I speak russian, italian and english I am interesting to find new friends better if they momms like me, my other interss creative people, I really prefer to know only girls. I like trawel in Europe, I am alredy was been in Nederlands( I love Amsterdam), Germany, Finland, Sweden, France, Danmark, Italy... I like animals (would like to have Devon Rex), I was have pincher, but it not so easy care about baby and dog, now I dont have animals at home, but very like... My job: sell products AVON; TUPPERWARE,
I have big idea to make my personal collection where all made by me (dress, slip, bra, bag, hair accesories, stuff in bag, all what possible!!!).


UPDATE 07.02.2011

Reusable Shopping Bags: @Mom2Alex2008 14.07.2010 This user has been partially suspended.

Spicy Food @Pax or @jeaniebeanie (was promiss angel, but never receive) 12.07.2010 @Pax This user has been partially suspended.

Penpals aged 18-28 @TurtleInPink 10.07.2010 This user has been partially suspended.

Girls Christmas present swap 2010 @ElizabethRollins 30.11.2010 This user has been partially suspended.

A Swap for our Kids @vintageinwonderland 10.12.2010 This user has been partially suspended.

Stuffed Christmas Stocking (International) @giramondo 20.11.2010

Character Swap @SweetClementine 22.11.2010

Stocking Stuffers @katanke73 (she tell send 2 times) 22.11.2010

Trade Your Stash Swap #2 @saellys 22.11.2010

Christmas Candy From Where You Live In The World @sosiejude 22.10.2010

$2 Christmas Surprise @MindyUSA 3.12.2010 have rating 1 also from other members!!!

PURPLESWAP_ @chrissi2286 7.12.2010 have also other partner who dont receive first time packet from her


I am open for private swap I am interesting in big swaps based on profile or with some idea...

Favorite Movies

horrors, comedies, romantic, storic (0-1750) with Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage, DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore...

_R_E_S_E_N_D_ FOR:

@chicca A Swap for our Kids

@chincho PURPLE SWAP

@misscordelia $2 Profile Wish List Swap #1


thx very much:

@tiggerkitn25 for Girls Christmas Present Swap

@friends for A Swap for our Kids

not angels, receive, but cant rate




I newer buy some thing kawai, but then receive like gift I really love it, so cute stuff...


if you not from Italy pls write on pack volume like gift or no more 10 $ (green) thx!

if you dont receive nothing from me pls contact me before give me feedback, thx!

I mark like shipped when I was give my post for some one who send all my packs, it can be different with real day of shipping, but it very nearly


  • Paper Punches (very need Alphabet, but also all other I would like to have) -

  • matchbox machine -

  • BENTO -


toys and information how to make amigurumi




maps, flags, simbols small vilage/small part city

from fantasy (disney animals, hello kitty, pucca)



All kind stickers for scrapbook

Fabrick stickers

Fabrick deco tape

enough for write word with same characters like iirna, giaad, luiig, aammm, pppaa, onnna, nnnoo, naat, genova, iitaal, lennigrado, cccp, russia, sant pietrroobug, booogmanerr, artbuizz, inloogavv, 22210008, 25111098, 00022197, 22200089...

in stickers DONT LIKE:

some thing real / photo (people, animals) stickers for boy (auto, sport, transtport, monstre, skull) promotions where see site or other contact information, music stars, very small stickers (dont know where I can use it)







once i try Jelly Belly I can say it best

I would like to try any new gele candy from your country

I love creamy chocolate, with surprise (like in "Forrest Gump", not mean kinder surprise) with alcol, but not vodka (fazer or panda perfect)

Would like to receive from usa wagon wheels, hershey's, dr. Peper

Hot chocolate with some thing strange like fruits for example (not spicy and no licurice)


chocolate white, black or easy milk, with nuts.
I DONT LIKE hard candy / chocolte or other stuff for eat or drink with: licurice, spicy, with sugar on (it is ok sugar inside i just dont want to see it)


    only real stuff, nothing modern imitation, elements from uniform, pins, somthing for head, watch, scultures, glass and in cccp train have metall for glass (interesting both), cards (not real old photo),

  • COINS - paper money from worldwide,

  • MINI MIGNON profum for collection-


    how to make:

*slip, bra, corsets, dress for baby, dress for future and real time mother (I mean time for lactation), accessories like slings, sleep packet for baby..)



*some thing with fimo







*silicone form for use how want, not one for make some cake!!!


*fimo liquid

*fabrick (for baby girl, with disney animals, colorfull, tea set, cherry, water melone, cake, kawaii, batterfly)

*deco tapes







water melone


  • TEA

fruits ( not easy peach, some thing more special)

  • BABY

I would like to receive any thing for my baby girl 2 y.o. and 3 m. feet italian 24 and more big dress 3-4 y.o. she like dance and song, like all toys with sound and music. She like all animals soft toys with fur (not real sure!!!)...

alfabets italian / english / russian

baby stuff for children garden / for travel


some dress can be ok L but more good XL or XXL

bra 5-6 DD

slip XL

feet 39 italian

  • I can offer:

pages from italian magazines like grazia, flair, vanity with actor, musicants, models.. samples Bottega Verde creative magazines on italian origami decupage ricepts on italian phone cards visit cards greeting cards stamp on t-shirt / shopping bag

Italian food, chocolate.


freyacz rated for private swap freyacz and LaStrega275 on Feb 18, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much for all the nice wraps. When you drink all the tea we can do it again :) Take care!
rainbowfrogs77 rated for Trade Your Stash Swap #3 on Feb 13, 2011
Comment: Package came today. Probably just a delay from customs. :) Thanks so much for the great mix!
Response: hi! Do you think it correct to give 1 with out write me before?
Hawaiiangirl rated for Random Envie Swap #1 on Feb 10, 2011
Comment: Thanks for all the thoughtful things--there was something in there for everyone!!! And liked getting the Avon samples all the way from Italy!!! :)
chincho rated for _PURPLE_SWAP_ on Feb 8, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much for re-sending/. I hate when parcels are getting lost, but I love your package. I love specialy the socks the pens the matrioshka and the AVON items. You are avery responsible swapper!!!! Thank you very much!
Response: happy to know you get it and you like it:-)))
chicca rated for A Swap for our Kids on Feb 2, 2011
Comment: grazie!!!!!!
renate rated for ✩ Candy Rainbow Swap ✩ on Jan 11, 2011
Comment: sorry have to give you a 3 this swap didn't met the requirements. It was not supose to send loose candy out off packets. I am disapointed in this swap
Response: hello 1) are you not correct to give me feedback less then 5 with out contact me!!!! 2) copy from swap: "In this swap you will send one piece of candy for each colour of the rainbow (red, yellow, green, blue and violet/purple). So in total you will send 5 pieces of candy to 1 partner. Please make sure that the candy is average sized and not small pieces of candy" nothing about loose candy I dont send you 1 candy for 1 color, I was send you few for every color and if you put they like rainbow colors you will see rainbow in size (candy what near you small size and more and more what distant from you) 3) I was contact also coordinator swap before and she/he dont tell me nothing about loosse candy, I was write about I will send a bit one color and a bit other.... 4) happy holidays
Sandi rated for Private swap: Sandi and LaStrega275 on Jan 3, 2011
Comment: Thanx for the private swap, all things was good, althought I have not eat everything yet :-D Happy Holidays!
happyness rated for A Happy Happy Christmas Swap on Jan 3, 2011
Comment: Thank you for your package! Hope you had a great Christmas :)
Baglady rated for $2 Christmas Surprise on Dec 23, 2010
Comment: Thanks so much ! Happy Holidays !
nmterrier rated for Send me 25 items in my color on Dec 22, 2010
ninou rated for Stocking Stuffers on Dec 17, 2010
Comment: I got your hazelnut chocolate bar, thank you for sending again! :o)
Comment: The package was full of awesome stuff, and I would have given a heart except for the fact that it came in the wrong packaging - not a TP tube, which was kind of the point of the swap. I would suggest in the future that if you're confused about a swap you post something in the comments or contact the coordinator.
daarhon rated for I can't buy THAT here #2 on Dec 5, 2010
Comment: Спасибо большое! Кстати, в январе 2011 на каникулы лечу как раз в Италию - в Рим и Бари. Надеюсь, у вас будет хорошая погода и студенты перестанут бастовать))
Response: ochen rada, chto vse doshlo bez problem:-))) a studenti obnagleli, ychitsja ne hotjat cherez den zabostavki... v zentr na mashine ne viehat:-(((
Comment: Thank you so much, I can't wait to open it. Cheers Helen
Comment: Thanks for the cute Santa ornament! Hope you have a great holiday!
Chelle rated for A Happy Happy Christmas Swap on Dec 1, 2010
Comment: Thank you! =)
mejulia rated for Stocking Stuffers on Nov 29, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the fun package
Comment: Thanks the girls will love it!
Comment: Thanks so much! The girls will be so excited!
Response: really hope so!
Maiju rated for Maiju and LaStrega275 chocolate swap on Nov 26, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the yummy chocolates, there's so many of them I think I'll go sugar crazy! :D

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Karretjies on Feb 21, 2011:


I never received my purple swap from my partner. I did contact het - what do I do know?

MorgenSter on Feb 3, 2011:

With everything that has been happening and the problems you have encountered with your mail, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and suggest you should get yourself a PO BOX if you want to keep swapping. By this I mean you are not trying to take advantage of the other swappers, but this would be safer for everyone. All these people that sent you things and had to re-send, they arent flakers either (most of them at least), they are serious and they dont deserve a 1 because of the problems of your mail.

I know it also sucks not to receive the things you are expecting to get and when you have already sent your part... so maybe a PO BOX really is a better idea for you, noone would steal your mail, noone would be unfairly rated 1 and you could still make lots of friends here !

patumma on Feb 3, 2011:

Thank you very much for removing your rating while you wait for the resend. Mail from Canada is very slow right now. About 8 weeks. I hope it arrives and is not stolen this time.

HollyHox on Feb 3, 2011:

You need to stop swapping if you have such 'mail issues' as it is irresponsible and unfair to continue to sign up for swaps and expect people to send to you with such a high risk of you not receiving.

This should serve as a warning to future hosts too who should not be letting you in their swaps while thiere is obviously such a major problem.

snarkystitches on Feb 3, 2011:

If you are having such issues with your mail delivery you should stop swapping until ylu get them resolved. You appear to be quite the scammer.

sosiejude on Feb 2, 2011:

Seems we all have the same problem i have now resent twice and think if you have an unsecure place for your postal items then all these swaps you have rated a 1 for all in November when you mentioned you &your neighbours post went missing .Then surely us genuine swappers shoul;d have to suffer for that!i suggest if you want to carry on swapping you get a Po box then it cant happen.WE ARE NOT TO BLAME FOR THAT..FEEL we are being punished and rated wrongly. I have contacted Admin about this situation as this is not acceptable .Im sure even more people will be hurt by the ratings they received through no fault of our ownI think you should have the decency to remove the 1's !Seems odd that we all receive 1's when you know your post wwent missing and your proch is unsecure

saellys on Feb 2, 2011:

You contacted me on January 13th to tell me you'd never received Trade Your Stash Swap #2 from November. I sent a replacement on January 25th (it took me a while to scrounge postage to Italy). I find it suspicious that you waited almost two months to let me know you never got the swap, but only eight days after our last correspondence, you rated me a 1. You didn't give it a chance to arrive, and on top of that the sheer number of swaps you never received suggests the problem is on your end.

If the Swap-Bot powers that be don't take some kind of action and the ratings remain, I'll accept my 1 and cut my losses--that swap is too big and the postage is too dear to keep resending.

kizmet on Feb 2, 2011:

hello Irina,

how is it possible that you didn't receive 16 packages in less than a year on Swapbot? I live in Italy as you and in 4 years on this site just 3-4 packages sent to me got lost. If you have some problems with the delivery of the mail at your house it's not fair to rate other people 1. Please think about it!


evitake on Jan 31, 2011:

me me me pick me :DDDD sempre pronto per un swap privato con te :D

evitake on Jan 17, 2011:

hey hun wanna do a private one? hugggggs

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