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Date Joined: February 4, 2010
Last Online: December 20, 2019
Birthday: December 21, 1976
Country: United States
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Things I like & am into

Summer Shipping Please Read ~~I live in Orlando FL meaning I'm in the South of the US and that also means that during the summer months it gets super hot down here (hotter than normal FL weather is during the rest of the year) and I live in a complex with a community mailbox. This means they are metal boxes that the sun directly hits so I highly suggest not sending anything meltable from June-Sept. If you choose to send something meltable package it well inside it's own ziplock bag a good thick one and newspaper. If something melts like chocolate and it's not soupy I can salvage it by sticking it in the freezer for a bit and it hardens back up. Ship these at your own risk during the Summer to any state in the South of the US.~~

I like chocolate, things covered in dark chocolate (no nuts), coffee, espresso, starbucks, dunkin donuts, anything pumpkin flavored or related, pocky, beagles (I have 2), owls, foxes, glitter (not loose), sparkly things, teas, ribbon, fabric, mod podge, decopauge, drawing, reading writing, painting, sculpting, repurposing, making soap, antique looking things, blue, red, purple, felt, polymer clay, animals, deco tape and all sorts of crafty things.

Huge Harry Potter Fan

Star Trek & Star Wars

Sci-fi stuff

Fantasy/Fairies (Unicorns, etc.)

Horror stuff (big halloween person here)

Snowflakes and Winter


Pullip (I hope to get one of these dolls one day)

Japanese stuff (candy, stickers, etc.)

Polymer Clay

Felt (I make felties and plushies and other stuff from felt)

Goddess dolls

Metaphysical/Wiccan/Pagan items


Paper items

Dogs (we have two beagles)

Buttons (sewing kind)

Tim Burton Fan


Bento (I so want one of these)

European/Uk stuff

Vintage/Antique stuff/ephemera

I do make B&B items but sometimes it's nice to get things that others make or things I don't make


Art supply stuff

Ribbon, lace, ruffles

Glitter pens (not loose glitter)

Candy/Chocolate (Dark is my fav)


Dollar tree stuff

Love ghost stories and paranormal sites and books


Halloween is my favorite holiday ~ anything related to the holiday but I love pumpkins the most....that means anything pumpkin even candies and foods (if you send me halloween themed candy please don't send anything gross looking like bugs or grubs, I just can't bring my self to eat them....regular ole' gummy worms are ok)

I do like hello kitty items no specific character

I like stickers

Salty and sweet.

Soft things, cute things, dark things, shiny things.

Things I don't like

About vanilla scented items....the taste of vanilla and smell of real vanilla (like the beans and extracts) is fine it is the fakeish smell that comes off of fragrance items like lotions, candles and things like that this that I do not like much. This is only because it makes my head ache soo bad, migraines.

No white chocolate.

I do not like things with cars or motorcycles on them, no manly looking things unless it's a fabric swap that requires it.

Things To Keep In Mind

Note to those who feel that handmade items do not count as $ items.....as in say for example $5 worth of something.......I have sold items for a long time and they are all handmade, when I do swaps the majority of items I send are handmade by me and they are items that I would sell that would be usually worth more than $5 so to me that would count.

Store bought stuff isn't always the best stuff and handmade has a better quality to it as you know what it was made with and who and how. You don't have to worry that some poor child made it in some sweat shop overseas.

Honestly I rather receive something handmade than some commercial china made piece of junk that probably has lead in the paint.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind receiving store bought items but I am just trying to make a point about handmade items.

Some people just don't understand what handmade is all about and have this wrong picture in their head of things like a macaroni painting or pipe cleaner doll and that is not the case. There is a handmade movement and I am proud to be part of it as well as a recycler, repurposer and upcycler with my creations.

I think people who look at handmade as cheap are just crazy. Handmade is awesome!


Also, I do like to shop at my local dollar tree as you do tend to find some cool stuff there. Not everything they sell is cheap, ugly or no good you just need to know what to look for.


If you are the type who swaps just to get things that you WANT or NEED then I say you are not a good swapper even if you send your stuff out on time and with full requirements. WHY? Because to me swapping is more about having fun and being surprised. Yes, granted you should read profiles and try to send people what they like, I am not saying not to do that, what I am saying is if you are the type to rate a person on the fact of you liking or not liking that is not how you are suppose to do it, it even says so in the swap-bot FAQs. You rate on if the requirements were met and in my case I also rate based on communication.....for example if you are late or you know you will be and you communicate with me then I have no reason to rate you low if you fulfilled the requirements of the swap as well. Now if you don't communicate and send late that is a different story and I will rate accordingly.

I have been swapping since before this site was even created and know that sometimes things happen with life and the mail so I am willing to give people the benefit of the doubt as long as they are cooperative with me and communicate well.

About Me

I am Pagan and follow the spiritual path (religion) of Wicca so I do appreciate anything metaphysical and/or that fits into the Pagan arena. If you are not educated about what Wicca is and think it's something evil, etc. I highly suggest you look it up and/or ask questions if you are my partner in a swap and are uncomfortable knowing this about me. One thing to keep in mind is that Pagan's, especially Wiccans do not believe in the Devil, that is a christian belief not a Pagan belief. We do not do evil spells and not all Wiccans are witches nor are all witches Wiccan. Just some things to keep in mind about me.


Comment: Love the coffin and all the goodies, thanks a bunch!
JudalineZ rated for All Hallows Eve, #4 Altered Box on Sep 14, 2017
Comment: Sorry about late rating I loved your box
Comment: Thank you for the adorable ATCs and fun extras...I truly love them, especially the black cats and pumpkin queen! :)
lynnerfb rated for Mermaid Paper Doll on Jul 24, 2017
Comment: I love her,she is beautiful! this was so fitting i have just finished reading a great book about a family of carnival mermaids..
lynnerfb rated for Goddess IS Alive (flat mail) on Apr 1, 2017
pandora808 rated for Alter an Altoid Tin on Mar 23, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the super adorable tin. It reminds me of Polly pocket I used to play with when I was a kid. 😄
Comment: Waiting to open, but thank you so much!
Response: You're very welcome. There is a little note but I put it inside the box instead of the package. Sorry about that. I hope you like the gift inside.
redwrapper rated for Samhain Pick 3 on Oct 26, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for such an awesome package!! The mask is amazing. I love it. :D And the mini coffin with the stones is amazing as well!! You are so talented!! I love the incense! I buy that brand all the time. :) Dragon's blood is my favorite! Thank you so so much! :) Everything was fantastic. :) I wish I could give you extra hearts!!
Comment: I love love love the tiny felt pumpkin! Thanks for the fun stuff!
Hag53 rated for Goddess or Spirit Doll Group Swap on Apr 8, 2016
Comment: This is a very special doll! She is just beautiful. She brings joy and wonder into my home with her. I love the colors and most especially the butterflies! All the sewing on her is strong and full of joyful intention. I just love her! Thank you so much!
Comment: <3 Thank you for spoiling my inner child!! I'm sure I'll sleep with my new BB-8 pillow. ;)
Comment: Awesome swap! I loved everything I received!!! So much thought and talent went in to it! Thank you! :)
MichyLou rated for Holiday Private Swap CFLAG on Oct 15, 2014
BluGinhm rated for HP Recipe Pinterest Board on Jul 3, 2014
Comment: Nice board! Making me hungry!
Omi rated for HP Recipe Pinterest Board on Jul 3, 2014
Comment: Super fast and awesome! Thanks!
WintersGift rated for HP Recipe Pinterest Board on Jul 2, 2014
Comment: Very nice board. I re-pinned a few of them. you did great for your first pin-swap!
Comment: Omigoodness how cute! I love your birthday card and envelope! Where did you come across such cuteness?!?! And you were so silly to worry about the glitter and marker - it was perfect!
Response: Wow, you got that super fast. So happy you love it. I worried because sometimes some can be a bit picky about things like that and I didn't want to disappoint, but I think it added tot the over all look of the card. I like to do a lot of "fussy cutting" so I look for cute stuff online, print and cut. I just couldn't pass up those cute little characters for you card. Again, so happy you love it. :) And I totally forgot to photo it as I photo all swaps I make. oops lol
Nannabakes rated for Vintage ATC Swap - Broad Themed on May 2, 2014
Comment: Awesome atc, thankyou so much for resending, it is just lovely!
Response: You're welcome and I am glad you like it. Who knows, maybe the first one will show up some day....it may be traveling the world for all we know, lol. :)

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Happy Birthday!

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Be the love you seek in the world

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CurlyTea on Dec 27, 2017:

Happy Belated Birthday!

CajunLady on Feb 10, 2017:

I looked at your postcards and ATCs. They are awesome! Love the goddess ones.

sabbysteg on Feb 10, 2017:

Hi! Just letting everyone know in TOW group that there is a Goddess PC Swap going on, hope to see you sign up!

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TOW PC swap

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Thanks for joining Inspiration Station!

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Hi Lanie. Welcome to the GWE. Feel free to join in on our Prayer Flag female archetype series, or to check out our group forum for our monthly WTA. I will be putting up some new swaps shortly, and have lots of fun ideas (especially hand-made) in mind. I hope to see you in some swaps! Blessings. ~T

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Check out your Ambassador Intorduction on the blog!

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