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8.14.16... I am spending some time making amends today. I have 3 3's although it should be 5 or 6, I believe and will be sending those as well. I'm looking at the date that I wrote my Jan update and thinking about all that's happened between then and now. ADD meds, my birthday, a camping trip in NM and AZ that was very cool but ended a best friendship (for the better,) and so many other things that have blurred it all... I apologize for disappearing, for making a few people sad (which is more terrible than those words describe,) and not living up to my commitment as a good swapper. I hope for trust to be rebuilt with time and I'm managing my life differently now;) Hugs!xo

1.13.16... Today is the first day seeing the light on the other side of this and I am so grateful for others' understanding. I know I've shown it to others, but to be handed the same grace is just beyond words. Thank you;)

I've fallen behind and I fear that my ratings are soon to follow. I love your words and I'll be working to at least make any 1's into 3's. I just couldn't get out of the fog and depression of the holidays and weather we were having... constant rain and wondering where my packages were and where a couple were lost.

The mend is on. Ratings are coming today for those I haven't rated and making up everything is right behind. Hugs and love to all for reaching out and making me feel like I was more important than SwapBot. I know it sounds stupid, but it lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Seriously. Thank you.

12.31.15 >>>DID NOT know that SAD was a real thing. I am about to get some three's. I am openly acknowledging this because I realize fully that I'm going to send late on a few upcoming swaps and I should have resent on a few that have not been received. I'm not asking for anyone to accept what's going on with me. Just know that you will receive your swap and I know you'll need to rate me down. I hate it, but I'm acknowledging what's going on with me and the effects it's going to have. I'm currently not reading group messages, but if anyone needs to message me, I'm online a few times a week as I'm finding out that social media depletes me more completely than even the depression I'm going through. I apologize for everything and will do my best to make them the most amazing swaps you receive, but I don't expect 5's. Thank you;)

12.15.15>>>I am happy to announce that our part of the neighborhood has a new mail man!!! Honestly, 'happy' is a strong word. On our first meeting, I asked him if he was afraid of rain... cue the blank stare on his part and walking away quickly... not promising. Lol... gah. We really are nice to them... I swear...

12.7.15>>> We're having an issue in our area with mail boxes being left open by our mailman or from people getting in them. Ours has always flopped open but I'm only missing 1 swap at this point in time. The rest of the neighborhood, however, also had open mailboxes... kinda surreal looking, actually... but scary. If I haven't rated you, please contact me. I do have two or three envies that arrived in the last day or so (because the mail came on Sunday... again.)

If you're missing something from me, please contact me because I do so love my ratings and will re-send in a heart beat (which I have only had to do 1 time so far.) I will check profiles before I resend, and before I angel, but I will resend. Please please please CONTACT me:)

Thank you so much ya'll! :)



If it says 'sent,' I swear I've sent it. The post doesn't run when it rains here. (I know. Insane, but we now get terrible bundles of mail on our doorstep on SUNDAYS because they don't run at all in heavy rain.) It just took a pocket letter a MONTH to travel to my partner.

So, I'll be taking a short break from swap bot (maybe not completely) during our 'monsoon season' which is what we call winter here in Texas. I just don't want people feeling flaked on or having to wait on swaps. It feels irresponsible when everyone else can get their stuff there in a reasonable time window.

Ok... I'm better and starting to freak out about these missing ratings... and a few missing swaps.

On International Swaps:

I do not host them because I do not want to send Internationally. There are exceptions, but for the most part, no.

If, however, I have posted a USA only swap, I ENCOURAGE others to take the initiative and just go ahead and copy to make an International swap. You don't even have to credit me with it because I'm pretty sure everything under the sun has been done. ;)

Current Dollhouse Project:

I recently purchased a 60% off birdcage from Michales (about $6) and am going to make a little 'white witch' or 'fairy tale white witch' dwelling/magickal space in it... If anyone wants to trade for anything they feel would go in here, I'm looking for everything for it;) Thanks!


Directed at the USPS (not at any amazing swappers...) Dear Mr. Postman. Why do you insist on giving everyone in my neighborhood the part time job of delivering random bits of mail for a 4 block radius? And why won't you pick up our mail? The flag is up. There is postage on it. So wtf, man? Thank you for bringing me my boxes, and I am getting my mail and meeting EVERYONE in my neighborhood, but I don't like you Mr. Postman. You're the worst out of the 6 we've had in the last 3 months. None of us own dogs or have hard to find house numbers... What did we do to you? Can you be bribed? I'll make you cookies... Maybe everyone could give you a dollar... gah.

Postcards: I keep getting them and I have them, so I'm going to put them to use. The following are my favorite kinds of naked ones I've gotten from friends and such:

*Big Eye Art

*Mail Art PC's

*Anything with weird or cool graphics (even if it's an ad card)

*Fantasy, pagan or witchy


*weird ones:)


I've asked about missing ratings and have been told that not everyone rates... what is up with that? I want my ratings... and I think everyone else wants their's too.

I make

*Collage, ATC's, Origami and Mail Art

*Flat Perler bead wall art!

*Amigurumis and other crocheted and knitted things I'm learning!

*Dollhouse miniatures and furniture, as well as rescue and repair dolls

*Doll clothes, bedding, and rugs

*Repurpose and up cycling in a crafty practice;)

*Anything I can imagine or get my hands on!




--black cats

--black or white wolves

--llamas and alpacas




Likes--Soul Loves

*Rilakkuma anything!!!

*Korean and Japanese cuteness! (omg! Sentimental Circus!)

*the colors turquoise, grey, brown, plum, pink

*fairy garden items

*collage elements are always welcome!

*mail art!!! I collect it and love it!

*French pretty things (which is new for me because it's kind of girly... I'm eyeballing it suspiciously....)

*stickers--awesome ones... not the ones that EVERYONE pretty much bans from every swap (and you know which ones those are... lol)

*sticker bags!

*zines on feminism, witchery, random amazingness

my mum's wine...lol...


I collect Blythes, Mini LalaLoopsys, and have dollhouses. ;) If you'd like to swap miniatures on the 1:12 or 1:6 scale, message me!


*Janis Joplin

*My Chemical Romance

*Sam Smith


*Big World

*Lady Gaga (in small doses.)

*Beethoven and Mozart

*Enya (mum's favorite)



*Baz Lurman's Romeo and Juliet (and Moulin Rouge)

*Hiro Miyazaki films>>My Neighbor Totoro, The Cat Returns, Howl's Moving Castle

*Sherlock Holmes

*documentaries... particularly sustainability, on education, art, economics, and etc


(I've been told that it helps if you admit to a few of your dislikes...lol)

Note: I have dreads, so anything that isn't a bobby pin or a dread bead or head band/wrap isn't going to be able to be used... sorry:( However, feather extensions are sometimes fun:)

-perfume samples --hard candy --Mickey Mouse and all of his traditional friends --dogs --Spongebob Squarepants --tea through the mail --the color yellow --I don't need any more notecards, please --sticky notes --fabric, ribbons, or buttons

--flowery, girlie things (I like the punk/girl/kawaii. Even grunge girl stuff, but I'm not a pretty, pretty princess.)


(I can't explain it, and I'm sorry. I just don't like them.)

SPIDERS>>if there is a way to give negative hearts or whatever, I will find it. Please please please no spiders. Thank you;)

ALSO: I can't have things with cat hair or cigarette smoke. I've only run into an issue once so far!


--Game of Thrones

--League of Legends (I play Soraka, Teemo, and Kindred most heavily)

--Vampire Diaries and the Originals

--12 Monkeys (the TV show)

--Dr. Who --Minecraft


About Me

Like everyone else, I'm a bit weird, but I don't mind. I'd rather make things than buy them, and rather have things made for me for gifts! (Something I can't seem to get across to others...lol...I love all gifts anyway.) I am definitely a loner, but so friendly. It's a weird combination, so most just call me 'elusive in person.' I'm a bit boho/grunge/kawaii... it's a strange mix, but it's me:)

I collect ATC's.

They are the 'baseball card' of the artists' world! Love them! I also have an obsession with mail art;)

My favorite number is 7;)


Knit Lust:

I knit, crochet and LOVE yarn and etc!

*mostly yarns I can knit into small clothes for my dolls;)

*sock, lace, and fingering weight yarns not found at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Tuesday Morning and etc. (I said 'lust,' didn't I? Lol...)

*baby weight yarns for my amigurumis

***I love colors like celery, purples, some pinks, greys... and pretty variegated yarns... I'm not limited to these colors by any means, but have a dislike for primary colors like red, blue, yellow, and that stop light green color... gah.

*pretty stitch markers

*ami patterns

*tiny Blythe clothing knitting patterns

*pretty colors of crochet thread

*crochet hooks:)


*Sentimental Circus (kawaii) stuff! I love goth kawaii!

*strangely dark eccentric things

*dollhouse miniatures and furniture--handmade or whatever! (1:6. 1:12 and 1/2 scale welcome!)

*doll clothes of almost any kind (even if ithey were previously loved... prefer that they fit Blythe or Monster High)



*unicorn plushes (smoke free and clean)

*unicorn stickers, art, charms, etc etc etc

*things featuring the moon or moon phases

*your handmade ATC's (not prints please)

*mail art!

*Minecraft things... handmade or otherwise...lol;)

*alpaca things;) they are so cute! And llamas!

*blindbox or blindbag toys (Shopkins, Hello Kitty, Japanese or whatever! This is a wish, but definitely not expected.)

*Rilakkuma rement!!! Just discovered and LOVE!

My Etsy wishlist is on my profile for the purpose of inspiration and Etsy type swaps. :) So if you need a further idea, you can look there;)

Single Stamp Wish List:

*ephemera and interesting labels

*ATC blanks

*your handmade ATC's

*mail art in any theme, but I'd love: unicorns, historical figures, arcane or witchy, goddess, dragons, cute stuff... or just mail art by you!!!! :)

*zines--yours or some you want to get rid of

*AMAZING handmade or store-bought bookmarks

*anything with animals from my favs list up there;)

Please no postcards unless they're mail art by you.


I've gone through some changes in life over the past 6 months... I'm no longer participating in pagan swaps. I prefer not to be sent religious items of any kind unless it's a simple blessing from your heart (those are always welcome.)

Prayers are always coveted;) But I prefer not to be sent anything religious unless the swap calls for it;)



PapayaAlley rated for HDoP Zine Swap USA on Mar 6, 2016
LizzyJo rated for HDoP Zine Swap USA on Mar 6, 2016
Comment: I will gladly re-rate when this swap arrives.
Comment: It has been a long time and this never came. Margo did contact me and said she was having a rough time, but nothing was sent afterwards. :(
midwestkiwi rated for Mail Art #1 Nature USA on Feb 27, 2016
Comment: The post mark is illegible, so I don't know if this was the original send or the resend. It's a watercolor seascape, just gorgeous. Thank you. The address was smudged but legible (at least to me) so, only the envie itself knows why it took so long, and it's not telling.
Bitty1 rated for Rescue a 12" Doll USA on Jan 25, 2016
Comment: 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆❤️🙆 OMG! I absolutely ADORE my new doll!!! I have named her Margoliscious. ❤️ I can't get over what a lovely outfit you made for her and the beautiful hairstyle she now has. I am in awe of you, girl! You are soooo talented. Thank you very, very much for such a delightful swap! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙆❤️ YOU are the best, my sweet dear Margo.
Harrisfamily2003 rated for Starter ATC Swap #2 USA on Jan 25, 2016
Comment: Life happens
whytewillow rated for Mail Art #1 Nature USA on Jan 19, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful envie.
Comment: Thank you so much for the ornament!!!
Response: I'm so glad you like it! I hope you can use it year round! :)
luleemik rated for Mini Merry Christmas on Dec 23, 2015
Comment: Awww---what a sweet little tree! It will go perfectly with my plans for a "putz" village. The vintage deer is incredible, so hard to find and all of the other extras are wonderful. Thank you for a fun group and a lovely swap!!
Response: HAHA! I'm glad you like it! I hope you find a good use for all of it;)
Comment: Thanks so much fir your cute selection, love the little thingies
Response: I'm glad you like it!
Comment: Thank you for all the little goodies, especially the birdy ones! They will come in handy when I finally sit down to do some junk journalling.
Response: YAY! I was hoping you'd like it!
Comment: I got this today! Thank you so much! What an awesome swap. :)
Response: I'm so glad you like it! I was so excited to be able to find a bunch of needles on sale so I could put more in!!! I love it!!! I got a good one too! I hope everyone did!
Comment: Thank you so much!
Response: I'm glad you liked it all!
MrsAlderman rated for Stocking Filler USA on Dec 1, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the pink and purple bundles! im excited to see what they are in 24 days XD!!!
Response: Hehehehe!!! I loved putting it together! I hop you're insanely pleased when you see them!
Comment: Margo you are amazing!! thank you so much for the beautiful bed and little jars and cute tray and basket and cauldron!! all your extras are super wonderful too~ thank you for hosting such an awesome swap!
Response: I'm glad you liked it all!!! The bed is ready to paint whenever you're ready or leave as is;)
Comment: I got your PL today, I can;t believe it took almost a month to get here! It's very lovely, nonetheless. I agree that Fire was a tough element to manifest and represent in a PL, but you did a good job. I'm very familiar with all of the elements, but they are still something I need to continually do research on and read about. You should definitely try to work with this element more to make yourself feel comfortable and open to receiving all of the extraordinary benefits and messages it has to offer. Thank you for participating in the series. I am going to be putting up the water element PL very shortly. :)
Response: OMG!!! I agree on all of it! Thank you for the wise words and that is INSANE. I'm waiting on more than just this rating and am about to give up Swap Bot for the season (after my dash is clear) because a month is crazy. Our USPS is wrecked. They don't come out in the rain. AT ALL!!! My mum had an almost late electricity bill because it rained for a week and we didn't get any mail until the following Sunday... when we found a huge rubber banded bundle ON OUR DOORSTEP because it wouldn't fit in the mail box. Fortunately my SB stuff was wonderfully wrapped inside;)
renmagpie rated for Let's List:) USA on Nov 20, 2015
Comment: I absolutely loved the eclectic nature and style of your lists. Thank you! xoxo
Response: Yay! I was a little worried that it would be a bit disorganized. I'm glad you like it! Thank you for the heart!
bluephoenixvt rated for BOS Pocket Letter USA on Nov 19, 2015
Comment: I love it!
Response: YAY! I've been freaking out about the slowness of the mail!!! Am I the only one who holds my breath waiting for ratings? LOL! I'm so glad you like it!!! :)
Comment: LOVE the sampler set of stickers from my wishlist. Thank you!
Response: You are so welcome! I'm so glad you like them! I was curious about this whole planner thing... you may have started some new sort of thing for me to hoard.... LOL!
gillman rated for Collage Dolls! on Nov 14, 2015
Comment: I LOVE them! Thank you so much!!
Response: I'm glad you like them! I've actually only attempted something like that once before!

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VASaint on Dec 2, 2017:

I keep checking your page to see if you've come back to swap-bot, took me 2 years once everything had fallen apart. Please contact me when you come back, I'd like to make our swap right still! :) heather

phillaine on Sep 22, 2016:

Happy Autumn! ♥

Bitty1 on Aug 16, 2016:


anrtist on May 5, 2016:

BLESSINGS to ya Margo!
You are missed ☺ cc

Artsynerdgirl on Feb 28, 2016:

Checking back in on you! Hope all is well in your part of the world. You are missed :)

RainbowRoseOregon on Jan 26, 2016:

Bitty1 on Jan 21, 2016:

Hey gal! Thinking of you and hoping you are doing magikal healing things to make your sun shine again! 👍🏻👍🏻❤️😜👍🏻👍🏻🐿🐿🐣🐣🐸🐸🐮🐮🐙🐙

PortFireFlirt on Jan 16, 2016:

Hope you are doing well. SAD is never any fun. Best wishes.

Artsynerdgirl on Jan 9, 2016:

Hey! Emailed and PM'd you. Missing you. <3 lmk how you are doing!

Artsynerdgirl on Jan 3, 2016:

Stopping by to say hello and give you a big encouragement hug!!! Pm me when you stop by. :)

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