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Update 3/18/2011:.. I would really love it if someone could explain to me just why e-Swaps don't deserve a Heart?? Did I answer a question wrong?? Did I not use the right Font?? Did my answers lack color?? Why in the world would anyone give less than a 5 and a Heart for all who follow the rules of a E-Swap??? It's very irritating, and I've decided not to get involved with anymore swaps of this nature.. Thank You very much, but no..

The Old Stuff that still rings true:

I am truly loving my bookmark Swaps and all of my Private Swaps - it's really easy to mail something off to someone you have similar interests with or just like in general...

I am newly addicted to dotee dolls (Thank You Kathy!! ).. I love creating these little darlings!! Please send me a message if you would like to do a Private Dotee Swap!! check out my Flickr pictures to see my progress!!

If anyone likes this profile and thinks we have similar interests - lets do a private swap! Message me!!

And so here it all is......

I'm a waitress and I love my job.. I've also been dabbling in radio for about 15 years and work a little bit at a local radio station doing commercial production..

I enjoy hanging out at home with my Fella, Beagle and Cat, playing games (Gin, Boggle, Yahtzee, Farkle, Scrabble and Mr.Mouth, just to name a few), candle pin bowling, blowing bubbles in the front yard, "listening" to the t.v. while doing other things, baking cookies, shopping at the Goodwill and going to Tag Sales, and getting mail :)

I'm not religious, but I am a BIG BELIEVER in Karma, and I practice doing good every day..

Also, Peace, Love and Harmony..

I'm not fond of texting or dismembering the English language.. Please don't "LOL" me or "ROTFLMAO" me.. Please.. this is why I love Snail mail.. I have a Cellphone for phone calls only..

I Love people with similar interests!! Snail Mail, Cats, Snoopy & all of the Peanuts Gang!!, Coke, Popcorn, Movies, Waitressing, DJ-ing, Baking Cookies, Crochet, Collections, Beagles, and more stuff, Tall Goodlooking English men ( I have one..:)), Kids in College, Denmark, T-shirt and Jeans Wearers..

Favorite Music

I'm a little more old school with my tastes.. Yes, RUSH, Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, Beatles, Monkees, but I do like newer stuff - DMB, Green Day, Vampire Weekend, Deathcab for Cutie, and other stuff.. I love 80's alternative and WEIRD AL and most modern Alternative, but I am very fussy and change the radio dial often! Hehehe...

Favorite Movies

Anything John Cusack, but also lots of other stuff.. I love movies (I stay away from Horror and too much testosterone Action, but everything else is fair game)

My favorites on the Short list would be :
Shawshank Redemption, Dogma, Young Frankenstein, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The old claymation Christmas movies (Year without a Santa Clause, Santa Clause is coming to town), About a Boy and anything Marx Brothers, Martin & Lewis, or Abbott & Costello. I love Buster Keaton & Chaplin too.. I love movies and wish I could afford the theatre more often.. The last movie I saw at the theatre was "The Adjustment Bureau", and I loved it!!


I have a collection of collections!! My favorites are Snoopy/Peanuts & Coca Cola ( more modern than vintage, I don't really care for the older Coke Girls and such).. I'm always looking for Coke stuff to add to my kitchen & dining room.. I have a wonderful collection of Snoopy Stationery and look for more vintage stuff on Ebay all the time.. I also collect purses (mostly canvas) and I'm a little hippy-ish wearing them all like messenger bags.. (incidentally I love Tie-dyed anything!!)

Favorite Television

I like intelligent, Smart, funny t.v.. West Wing, My name is Earl, The Office.. I also love Craig Fergusen Late Night.. He's awesome!! Scrubs, & Classic Star Trek is #1!!!! I try not to watch too much t.v. though.. It makes me so darn lazy..

Favorite Crafts

My favorite crafts have always been paper.. I love recycling Christmas cards and making collages from magazine words and pictures..I've discovered ATC's, dotee dolls and matchboxes and I love making them!! The dotees are very much addictive!

Favorite Books

I'm a little all over the place for Books.. I love Reading, but don't allow myself enough time to "indulge".. I have a huge stack to "to be read".. I just finished reading Craig Ferguson's book "American on Purpose".. It's great!! I haven't quite decided what to read next.. I've always been a big fan of Stephen King, but I dig Comics (I have a modest collection of Archie's from the 80's), Graphic Novels (of the 'Adult Nature'.. yeah, I'm a weirdo), and I've dabbled in Bukowski, J.D. Salinger (thanks to my well educated fella), Herman Hess, Berke Breathed, Charles Shultz (hehhe), and Nobody beats Calvin and Hobbes!!

More Favorites!!

I Love the Peace Symbol - Stickers, paper, fabric, anything!!

Favorite Candy Bar: Reeses Sticks (and I can't find them here in Fun Size!!)

Favorite Colors: Dark & Bold!! Red, Green, Orange, Blue

Favorite Food: PIZZA & Popcorn

Favorite Smells: FRUIT (Yankee Candle Fruit is my absolute favorite!!)

Favorite Flavors: FRUIT

Favorite Comic Strips: Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes & Bloom County!!

Favorite Perfume: Jessica Simpson Desserts Only (oooh, how I love Creamsicle!!)

Favorite Candy: Peppermint Sugarless Gum

Favorite Necessary Evil : Flossing my Teeth

Favorite Animal: Shortlegged dogs and shorthaired cats..

Favorite Stationary: Snoopy / Peanuts ANYTHING!

I would love it if anyone sent my way Pictures, Drawings, and/or advertisements (sized good enough for framing) of Popcorn, Coke or Diet Coke, & Pizza, as these are my favorite wall decorations for my Kitchen and other areas around my house!!

My few dislikes:

I only have a few things to mention here, and I only do because they are pretty popular within these swaps ..

I don't drink Tea or Coffee..

I'd prefer no religious material.. (but any Karma related material is totally welcome!!!)

that's all.....


coni rated for Book page ATC #2 on Apr 18, 2012
Comment: Thank you! I too love mod podge!
JojosMom rated for Snoopy Stuffie on Apr 25, 2011
Comment: I love my Snoopy stuffie he is adorable! Love his hat and charms you put on! Thanks for another fun swap:)
Response: Thank YOU for being flexible about rules for me!! My send was a BIG CHEAT!! Thanks for the Heart!!
Comment: Awesome matchbox-BIG!!! Nice stuffie inside:) Thank you so much for another fun swap!
Response: You silly!! Thanks for the great rating, but I still have to send this one out to you!! HUGS!
timmetje rated for Mini Dotee Swap on Mar 31, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the cute mini dotee! Martha
germangirl65 rated for Homemade Bookmarks on Mar 26, 2011
Comment: omg, thank you so much...I AM "reading girl" I love it! And you did a marvelous job and i'm honored I could "inspire" you :) Thank you so much...it's going in my book i'm starting "Songs for the Butchers Daughter"...
Response: Cool Beans! I am honored!! I'm so glad you liked it!! Thank You so much for the nice words, 5 and Heart!!
Comment: WOW!! That was fast! You did it again another awesome swap! I love my new dotee- she is soooo sweet, woodsie little girl! I love her! Did I say I love her?!!! and the hand made bag, nice job on the snap- I'll have to try snaps! I think I have the tool and never tried it:) and the second bag filled with goodies! I love the little box with the leaf charms and hand made hearts! I love little charms! Thank you for everything, as always it's so exceiteing getting a package in the mail from you! I came home from walking Jojo and the mail was here!! I also love the Peanuts stationary on the front of your package-I save them and put them in my scrapbook of cute things:) You made my day again! a million hearts to you my Dotee pal! xoxo
Response: Awesome Kathy!! Thank You for the sweet message and all the Hearts!!
mskadie rated for Simple Bookmark Swap #4 on Mar 18, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the bookmarks! I love the 'strange' one hehehe. I knew it would fun when I saw the envelope :)
Response: Thanks!! I was really hoping you would like that one!!
grumpy rated for 20 Getting to Know you Questions on Mar 17, 2011
Fugu rated for 20 Getting to Know you Questions on Mar 17, 2011
Comment: Thanks :)
ShelAnn rated for 20 Getting to Know you Questions on Mar 17, 2011
ArtisticExpression rated for Simple Bookmark Swap #4 on Mar 11, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful bookmarks! I especially love the one with the kitty on it. I am a huge animal love, especially cats! :) Thank you!
Response: Me too!! I've always been a cat person - but I love my Beagle too!! Wish they liked each other a little more! Thanks for the Heart!!
JojosMom rated for Snoopy!! Another ATC Swap !! on Mar 11, 2011
Comment: I love the Snoopy and Dotee ATCs!!! They are awesome!! I have them displayed on my entertainment center on mini easels!! They are my favs:) You are really good at ATCs too! and thank you for the extras I love everything:) xoxo
Response: I'm so flattered!! Thank you for the compliments Kathy!!
clutterfree rated for Simple Bookmark Swap #4 on Mar 10, 2011
Comment: Jan...love, love, love the bookmarks you sent :) The quote and blessing are great thoughts to ponder!! And the spring colors are wonderful!!! Thanks :)
Response: Wonderful! So glad you liked them.. Thanks for the Heart!!
Comment: These ATC's were absolutely GORGEOUS! Thank you so much!!!
Response: Thank You for the compliment! I'm glad you liked them!!
JojosMom rated for Group swap Snoopy Bookmark on Feb 28, 2011
Comment: I love my bookmarks! They are adorable:) Thank you sooo much for another fun swap-you rock!
Comment: 10 hearts to you!!! I love my Snoopy girl dotee! Neat how you did her hair clips! Her scarf is so cote:) I love everything!!! The Snoopy matchbox is awesome and the tags are so creative! RECYCLE!!! I don't think I have the Snoopy blue fabric so that is perfect! You are good at making the book marks-cute !xoxox
Response: Thank You Friend! I loved the safety pins because I could really mess with her hair - make it crazy! :) I can't wait to do more Snoopy Matchboxes too.. Glad you liked the fabric too!!
JojosMom rated for Another Fun Dotee Swap!! on Feb 12, 2011
Comment: WOW!!! My sweet dotee arrived today, she is adorable!! I love the glass heart, really cool! The box is awesome!!!!! What a nice surprise, I love it, and all the goodies inside, I'm going to make a dotee for myself out of all the beads you sent! I like to use fabric and beads that partners send to make a dotee of my own. You are a sweetie! Love everything:) Let's keep swaping, and it makes me feel good that I inspired you to make dotees!!! xoxo
dizzysgram rated for Create any Dotee Doll Swap! on Feb 8, 2011
Comment: Stars and hearts to you! She is adorable! Thanks so much for the sleepytime dotee! I love it!
Response: I'm so glad!! I'm still learning!! Thank you for the 5 and heart!! -Jan
Comment: I got her today! She made my day! I love her she is adorable:) The Charlie Brown diary is so cute! You are a pro dotee maker already:) Let's swap again!
Response: Your opinion means sooooo much.. I'm so glad you like her!!
yomousey rated for I Love Snoopy ATC-USA swap on Jan 18, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the adorable ATC! and the extras!

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JojosMom on Apr 10, 2011:


katara on Mar 2, 2011:


RyeRye on Dec 23, 2010:

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR from the 'Crafting Queens' group!


evenaed on Oct 29, 2010:

I got the second package today, Thank you again so much! I would give you triple hearts if I could the stickers are great.

thehappyhoneybee on Oct 28, 2010:

Hello...I randomly came across your profile and I thought I'd just leave you a note to say that Target currently has oodles of Peanuts Christmas items in their dollar bin areas! Really cute stuff, and obviously reasonably priced as well. Love your user name, btw, it makes me laugh.

minniemack on Oct 19, 2010:

Oh my goodness, I received a thank you package!!! No, I haven't read it yet; I've only read the autobiography. Thank you so much :-)

noteyme on Aug 6, 2010:

Thank you for being a great organizer for the Bookmark Swap #5. It was great. Thanks for leaving messages on the swap and even sending a personal message.

sebastian122 on Aug 4, 2010:

Hmm...blackmailed everyone for my address, huh? I'm guessin' "everyone" was Stacy. =D Thank you for being such a wonderful angel. You went far away, above and beyond, and all that in your desire to make me smile. Well, it totally worked. I can't thank you enough. XO X10000000000000

Peanutbutterrhino on Aug 1, 2010:

I have commented here..... :)

morwesong on Jul 27, 2010:

Aw, yay! I'm glad you joined the craft swap!

I would definitely be up for a private swap any time. I just looked through your profile again, and we definitely have loads in common!

Oh, and if you and your Tall Goodlooking English Man happen to know any other Tall Goodlooking English Men, please send them my way! :-) I've been looking for one for a while, but they don't seem to exist in my area!

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