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Birthday: January 13, 1959
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UPDATE: 6/11/23:

Just a note: I just can't seem to stay away so I'm back again, lol. Thank you all for your patience.

God Bless everyone.

good morning kitty with daisy

DOB: January 13, 1959

A NOTE ABOUT SWAPPING: If I join a swap I will always follow through and send it. If you haven't received a swap from me within a reasonable amount of time (I like to give at least 30 days for anything international) please send me a message before leaving a rating, I would be more than happy to resend you the swap. It is terribly disappointing to not receive something you have been waiting for. 2nd SWAPPING NOTE: I will always leave a rating. If I haven't rated you drop me a line to ensure I received what you sent and just to remind me. Sometimes I get super busy and just plain forget. If you want a heart from me just follow the swap rules and pay attention to my profile. Take the time to read about who I am as a person and get to know me. I definitely will be able to tell if you didn't read my profile. If you are making an ATC for me please note that in my collection I prefer flat ATCs, NO 3D's Please. When I say 3D I'm meaning the really thick ones. If you've used an embellishment that is only slightly raised, maybe due to the type of glue or decoupage you use that's not what I consider to be 3D. With all that being said lets start having some fun........=0)

A NOTE ABOUT POSTAGE: If you receive a swap from me with postage due then know I am so SORRY. Please contact me ASAP and I will reimburse you. I have a scale at home and try to fill my envies as full as the stamp/postage will allow. I enjoy sending extras, and I like sharing what I have, but sometimes I tend to stuff my envies too much. Thank you for your patience concerning this matter........=)

NOW ABOUT ME AND MINE: I am 61 years old, divorced and the mother of 3 children, 2 girls, Jami (Billy) and Renee(Jesse), 1 boy, Adam. I have 8 grandkids, 5 boys (Dakota, Jackson, Jayden, Dason and Daxton) and 3 girls (Haddie, Suri and Carlie). My whole life revolves around God, my kids, grand kids and my fur babies.

I love doing RAKs!!

I love all kinds of animals but I really love and enjoy my cats and my dog.

I have done rescues and currently have 2 cats. I have 1 HUGE but GENTLE boxer/pit bull mix. I love him soooooo much.

As I said before, I love animals in general and one of my passions is fighting animal cruelty and encouraging people to spay and neuter their pets.

My Kitties

Here are all my furry babies, that I have left (kitties) ~~ They have all been Spayed or Neutered~~:

Boo Boo - Female, tabby in color, approximately 7 years old. She was also an orphaned kitten that I took in when she was about 3 weeks old. I bottle fed her, she is very independent and loves to hunt critters. I'd say her momma cat may have been feral. When she was little she had such a sweet nature, but as she's gotten older she seems to get grouchier. She loves her human momma though, I can just tell.

Uno - Female, black in color, with minimal spots of white, approximately 7 years old. She is was and still is partially feral but has become more trusting, though she still gets that wild fear look in her eyes when I have to get a hold of her if she's in need of something. She likes to be petted but not held. She comes inside to sleep and eat. She is very loud and meows a lot to let me know she's home. She allows me to give her advantage and if she needs medication or something let me give it to her. She always puts up a fight but is still trusting enough I can get her treated.

little kawaii kitty

My Dog

girl and dog

Roscoe passed away May 26. 2022. My heart is broken but God with His infinite Grace is seeing me through this loss.

Roscoe - Male, black and white Boxer/Pit Bull mix, approximately 10 years old. He would have been 11 years old in September. He's my buddy, and my baby, but most of all he was my friend. He is such a beautiful dog and he has gotten so big. I think he is about 115 lbs (from his last vet visit). Roscoe is really a gentle giant and he is the king of beggars. If I'm eating supper he will come next to me and lay his head in my lap or on a table and look at me with those big pitiful eyes and I just have to share. I have become a real dog lover!!!

Favorite books and music

I like books that are thrillers, suspensful and I also like self help books and I like biographys and autobiographys.

I like several different kinds of music such as , christian, country, oldies, easy listening, soft rock.... I like Kid Rock, Tim McGraw, etc.

Favorite Movies

I like thrillers, suspense, psychological thrillers, comedys, dramas, I like about all movies except I don't like anything supernatural or nothing with alot of nudity.

Favorite Television

I like the tv shows: The Big Bang Theory, Chicago Fire, PD and Med, Bones, Scorpion, almost all of the cop/crime scene investigation type shows. I also like the Celebrity Apprentise.

Favorite Crafts

I love crafting: ATCs, beading, stamping (Newbie at this) all types of paper crafts, I LOVE making all sizes of envies. I love giving home made gifts.


I like pretty much like all colors, but I do have some favorites, such as: green, blue, purple, orange, primary colors. I love BRIGHT BOLD colors, I also love the colors of fall, earth tones. I am NOT a big fan of PASTELS when receiving them as extras, but they are ok for any ATC you might send me.

Here are some other things I like:

Cats, dogs, roosters/chickens, frogs, butterflies, dragonflies, turtles, elephants, fairies, vintage images of: Victorian/vintage men, women & children, vintage and modern trains,cars, street cars, bicycles, buggies, planes, all modes of transportation, bicycles, hot air balloons, older ships, cars, bicycles, lighthouses, vintage telephones especially the old rotary phones, vintage clocks, images of globes, all colors and kinds of card stock (NOT a fan of pastels) will add more later.

I love FLAT stickers, I'm NOT a fan of puffy/3D type stickers, NO kiddie type stickers like sponge bob, dora, barbie, super heros, please do not send holiday stickers unless it is during the holiday season, also nothing creepy, goth, scary super natural, etc.

I love smells like jasmine, lavender, fresh spring rain/mountain air type smells.

I like candy such as anything chocolate or peanut buttery. , Rolos, M & M's, Reeses, etc. Please nothing with coconut, nuts or raisins, I JUST DON"T LIKE THESE.

I'm finicky about the coffee and tea I drink so please don't send. HOWEVER, I do love hot cocoa or chocolate Ovaltine, DO NOT SEND anything sugar free, I really LOVE my sugar.


dislikes/do not send


if a swap states that you are to check your partners profile for dislikes and you send something from this list **be aware I will rate down. If it's stated then it's a requirement. **

  • I don't like lace on my ATCs.

  • I don't like anything creepy, goth/dark, skulls, evil type things, or clowns.

  • I don't like coconut, raisins, or anything sugar free LOL.

If you are my partner in an ATC swap please remember that I prefer flat ATCs (NO thick 3D) when you make mine. Thank You!!

**If you send stickers please do not send 3D type stickers, kiddie stickers, or the dollar store generic stickers and please only send holiday stickers during the holiday season and not all throughout the year.

I do not wear make up or nail polish so please do not send

Please don't send flavored teas. I don't like fruity teas. If you are in a swap and one of the choices is tea bags you can substitute (regular is OK but NO sugar free ) Chocolate Ovaltine packets or hot chocolate packes of any brand.

I want to apologize for even having a dislike list.

Wish List

I'm in desperate need of Swap Cards. You know the kind that you send with your swap/wish/RAK, etc. that tells you partner what you are sending. I like for them to have enough room so if you need to list what you are sending you can write it on the same card. Then some that are smaller that just doesn't leave space for writing a list if the swap doesn't require it. I hope that makes sense to someone out there. Thanks to anyone who tries to help me out.....=0)

Anything vintage Kewpie, any images need to be ATC size.

Inspiring quotes, words, etc on paper or stamped images. That are small enough to fit on an ATC.

Easy DIY book on stamping (something with lots of pics, I'm a visual learner).



All things vintage.

Anything vintage Kewpie, any images need to be ATC size.

If a swap calls for tea's (I do not want them) send instead substitute hot cocoa or chocolate ovaltine (I love these). If you are to send more than 1 kind of tea please don't just extra send the cocoa or ovaltine. No sugar free. Thanks!!

I would love to have different (Pre 1980) game cards from Monopoly, Candyland, etc.

I would love to have images of anchors, lighthouses, ships, and other nautical ATC size images.

I would love to have rubber stamped images of cats/kittens, dogs/puppies, and any other images I've asked for on my lists.

I would really like anything ATC sized Alice In Wonderland/Wizard of Oz

Used postage stamps, US or foreign, specifically with images of old trains, old ships, lighthouses, domestic cats/kittens, dogs/puppies, other kinds of animals. Images of all the things listed in my likes list above. Please do not sent current forever stamps, unless they are images of one of my favorites or just outstandingly pretty

I would love to receive images of old trains, old ships, lighthouses, hot air balloons, vintage kewpie doll, old clocks cats/kittens, dogs/puppies, sized specifically for ATCs.

I would love to have all kinds, colors (except pastels), & designs of card stock, ATC size and larger (No scrappy pieces).

I would really LOVE and always want images of famous people/actors/actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, young Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, James Garner etc. News paper, pics or magazines, or any other type of images.

I really like and need any type of vintage ephemera or ephemera from Europe, Asia, etc., old world France, New England states. I could also use pages from vintage books, sheet music, etc. ATC sized (2 1/2" X 3 1/2").

ATC size cards any color (no pastels) or design, anything I can put on an ATC card, stickers (No 3D), scrapbooking items, embellishments, paper, punches, stamp pads, etc..

Any thing with cats or kittens, dogs or puppies, vintage items, anything pre 1960.

Flat stickers of any kind, (No 3D). Holiday stickers, send them only around their specific holidays.

Free Addie Label templates: http://www.avery.com/avery/en_us/Templates-%26-Software/Templates/Labels/Address-Labels


Bullets: Add a dash and a space before each line.

One * on either side of your sentence will make it italics

Two * on either side of your sentence will make it bold

How to add a picture, type with no spaces ! [] ( pic URL )





Comment: Thank you for the lovely selection of book pages.
Response: Thank you so much for the heart.........=)
donetta rated for USAPC: 3 Elements ATC #82 on Sep 26, 2023
Comment: Ginny, thank you so much for the cute autumn-inspired ATC...I love all the sweet autumnal elements! Thank you also for the wonderful extras...I use them up pretty quickly, and it's a treat to receive more!
Response: I'm so glad you were happy with what I sent. Thank you so much for the heart......=)
Comment: What a fun swap you sent. I love everything that you put in the envelope. My favorite was the set of 3 black and white vintage photos. I will enjoy doing my snail mail with the things you sent. Thanks!!
Response: I'm so glad you liked what I sent. Thank you so much for the heart......=)
Comment: Thank you so much for the very pretty APC and the goodies. Shades of blue are my favorite colors! Thanks for joining.
Response: Thank you so much for the heart.....=)
Comment: Many thanks, Marc
Response: Thank you so much for the heart.....=)
Comment: Thanks for all the goodies! Happy Day!
Response: Thank you for the heart.....=)
Comment: Thanks for the cute fall themed envelope plus the extra!
Response: You are welcome........=)
Comment: This was such an awesome swap! I LOVED everything you sent. I really enjoyed looking through everything, but the stamps are my favorite! I am excited to add them to my collection. Thank you for putting the effort into this swap to make it extra special. :)
Response: I'm glad you liked what I sent and thank you for the heart........=)
Comment: Thank you for the great items you sent me ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•
Response: I'm glad you liked what I sent. Thank you for the heart.....=)
Response: Thank you for the heart.....=)
Comment: Thank you for all the great papers. The Christmas tags. All the cute envelopes, and postage stamps. Love it all. โค๏ธ
Response: I'm glad you liked everything and thank you for the heart.......=)
Comment: Thank you Ginny for sending an envelope packed with fun. It's all wonderful but I especially liked the little envelopes, the tags, the vintage lady and the poinsettia stickers. โ™ฅ
Response: I'm so very glad you liked what I sent. Thank you so very much for the heart......=)
heidihyer rated for Goddies Swap on Sep 8, 2023
Response: Thank you so very much for the heart......=)
Comment: I loved the envelope! It was so much fun looking at all the little stickers, so very cute!!!! Thank you for the cool extras, much appreciated.
Response: 'm so very glad you liked it. Thank you so much for the heart.....=)
Poeprincess rated for ACTS: Add a die cut on Sep 6, 2023
Comment: This one โ€œwowedโ€ me! Each element compliments the other. The die itself is amazing. Thank you for a โ€œcuppaโ€ coffee.
Response: You are very welcome and thank you for the heart.......=)
Response: Thank you for the heart and I'm glad you finally got these.......=)
Response: Thank you for the heart and I'm glad you finally got these.......=)
heliogal rated for VF:Scavenger hunt #5 - USA on Aug 31, 2023
Comment: I was confused how the kawaii bears fit the theme. Thank you.
Response: Was it in the extras? If it was I probably read something in your profile.
KathleenHope rated for Dog Days ATC on Aug 30, 2023
Comment: This is the most adorable ATC!!! The colors and that fabulous basset hound stamp! I will have to post another swap - I love animal cards! Also thanks for the fun stamps, I can't wait to use them! Thanks for joining my swap! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
Response: You are very welcome. I'm so glad you liked the ATC. I love animals and I ofter find good used stamps to use for ATCs. I take pics of my cards I make because some of them I'd like to put into my collection. I'm so happy you liked it. Thank you so much.......=)
Comment: thanks!
Response: Thank you so much for the heart.....ginny

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