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Last Online: August 9, 2008
Birthday: March 22, 1985
Country: Canada
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About Me

I am sick and you are healthy! You are rich and I am filthy! Con-grat-u-la-tions on all your Suc-ce-e-ess!!

I am poor and I am happy, Your bling-bling will never trap me! Con-grat-u-la-tions on all you Ex-ce-e-ess!!

--> "Rich and Filthy" by Bif Naked

UPDATE: I like to wear my skirts so fuckin' short it'd make a hooker blush!

Added the Photobucket Dream Wishlist link up yonder ((gestures upwards)) not so much as a DIRECT wishlist but as a visual companion to some of my tastes/likes... A picture's worth a thousand words afterall and I thought it might help paint a touch of a picture of me...

I've had love-hate falling out with my parents and choose not to consider then anymore than the folks that provided my birth now. Parents, in my mind, are just trouble waiting to happen.

This once held some information about me... And it's going to again. I want to get a grasp on those people that have showed me they really cared ya'll know who y'are.

Also... if I ever want to feel safe swaping again, even privately, this seems a tad necessary, hm? Only a few changes made to my previous information... and I suspect more to come as I feel it's in my swap-mates best interests to know what going down out New Scotland, Haligonia way. ((snicker))

Okay. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Here goes.... WAIT! If there is ANYthing in my profile you find offensize or... just ANYTHING, PM me. I'll remove it happily. I want to 'cause NO discomfort. I have enough of that here where I'm sitting.

So again we try:

My name is Lisa Ni-Fucking-Cole. I'm 23 and engaged to be married to and ex-squeegee punk whom I love with all my heart and soul. I proposed and provided a ring for him. Afterward we had veggie subs at Subway to celebrate. He spit in my ear. I squirted jam up his nose. I also have a girlfriend (Erik... or Erika which is less prefer'd by her)(We're all friends) who is currently studying for her masters in soc' in NfLd. She can give hickey's without you even realizing it. She kisses better than my fiancee too. We're barraging each other with mail and "romantic" gifts. It's a delightfully complex and yet fantastically simple relationship and yet I receive daily barbs for "fence-sitting" as it's been so politely called... but to put it simply... these two people: I would give my life for without a momemnts thought. When they hurt, I hurt... and sometimes I wonder if not more deeply. Their smiles light my days. That's love, right? So what if it's two people, people of opposite genders even. They love me. I love them. And they respect, regard and adore each other as best and loyal friends.

I'm in my final year of my first degree (BSc.) at MSVU with a major in Psychology and a double minor in biology and fine arts. I have ONE credit left, but due to familial stress, I've deferred my loan for a year and am chucking my psych' degree and an enrolling as a prestigious Art Insitute: NSCAD.

Also, for a living, currently I am a fetish modal for a particular photographer and couldn't love my work much more. Who else gets to enjoy shopping in sex-shoppes for their work "uniforms"!? AND get's paid 300 smackers fer 3-4 hours "work"! Yeah.... I LOVE my work.

Hmmm... Me, in a few words? Well: bipedal, liberal, edible, mammalian, anxious, nomadic, post-punk, daughter, po-thead, activist, communist, truly ovul-cious, jack-of-no-trades, les-bionic, vulnerable, in love/loved, ex/ol'skool-raver, likely toxic if consumed in MASS quantities... I LOVE UNDERWEAR

I found/find/something... Swap-Bot theraputic. I enjoy giving and so I was drawn here. I firmly believe in karma and want to share as many good vibes with my swap-mates as possible. If a package doesn't arrive or I've forgotten a 1-on-1 swap, don't hesitate to PM me so I can correct the error! I hate to disappoint anyone. You're not just names and addresses afterall, you're people.

I'm allergic to coconut and I have a medical condition that forbids me eating items with caffiene... tea on occasion is okay (I pay for it later, ehehehe, same with any of those lil' forbidden treats) but other than that nope, coffees and chocolate (weeps) are out of the question. Thanks so much for understanding. But rememeber, these are just dietary restrictions... no worries, rub my package in coffee grounds fer all I care. Apparently it's good for cellulite. Who knew?

I love the 1970s punk culture and the 1940s-50s beat movement. I like surface piercings, zombies, horror, and pole-dancing. I love traditional pin-up themes and burlesque. I'll never turn down a horror movie. EVER. I'm a pothead (I keep a roach-clip tucked away in my dreads ALL the time) and a painter. I build unique furniture out of my artworks. I thrift AND shop in independant designer boutiques. Fashion is beautiful in all its forms.

Gore is beautiful. The more mangled, the better. I am a vegetarian.

I was professional touring puppeteer for several years and at age fourteen, I was a competative and touring Highland Dancer. I was enrolled at Mary's Islanders Dance and Performance Academy as soon as I turned 3-years-old. Lorraine used to joke I could double-step (tap or clog movement) before I could walk. I played the flute, but pawned it (it was patially silver) for grocery money once. I haven't played since. I also play the guitar, though no one has ever heard it. I left all facets of performance behind due to some very bad experiences and vowed no-one would EVER see/hear me performing in any mannor again.

I also own a ukelele and can play *Paint It Black** on it. That is all.

*There are three important folks that make up MY immediate family; My fiancee, Joey (like the Ramone), mentioned already but to add several words to describe him; hot pink mohawk, torn acid-washed jeans (handed down via his father, a travelling musician), Colt45, bar fights, pothead, guitarist... The other two, our abandoned "children", adopted from CAPS (Companion Animal Protection Society), two feline beasts the age of two plague our household. The female, Edie Sedgewick in full, is a robust young lady at 6lbs and has a build akin to a bulldog. She's shorthaired despite genetics to the contrary and a tad shy about strangers. She quite affectionate but truely ruthless in battle. Also, she has an odd penchant for sitting quietly (save the purring which makes me unnerved) in the toilet. Yes. IN the toilet. Her brother (yes, we adopted twins), a one Mister Andy Warhol, is a slinky, foppish sort of thing with his long body and lower weight than his counterpart. His heritage is obviously Maine Coon, as he prissily preens his crowning glory, his lush, silky tail. I'll admit it: He's a bit of a dandy. And has an obsession with his "father", Joey, that even I find somewhat disturbing.

Edith Sedgwick Myles-Knickle died on December the 4th, 2007... my daughter/kitten is gone...

I'm open to nearly everything if it means adding another new experience to my life.

UPDATE: Though I watch little to no television, I LOVE Metalocalypse, The Simpsons, American Dad, Squidbillies, Invader Zim, Ruby Gloom, Sailor Moon ((hangs head in shame)), Winx Club ((hangs head in further shame)), AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE! Y'know... and the classics, EVERYONE loves The Ministry of Silly Walks (Monty Python is GAWD!), Fawlty Towers, Are You Being Served?, Rainbow Brite, She-Ra The Real Ghostbusters, The Original X-Men (Oooh... Remy...), Beetlejuice (Lots of brit' comedy, magical girls, shows they no longer air and cartoons!)

I have a crush on Pinhead of Hellraiser fandom and Frank the Bunny of Donnie Darko. I'm kinda' lame that way. I collect postcards and packs of unique rolling papers (I'm a pothead afterall).

I'm on a mad hunt for those old, cheap-ass Sailor Moon dolls they used to sell in variety/toy shops in all yer ol'towns, back in the early 90s, I still harbour a deep and desperate love/crush for/on Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon (growth people... her growth her CRAZY in the series!). So ((winkwinknudgennudgesatn'moresayn'more)) (If you got that reference, you earned a cookie!)... keeping those two characters, dolls not necessary, (well, they all kick as in their own magical-girl-genre-way) would definitely win ya' brownie points.... whatever those are. Triangular brownies? Maybe? ((fights urge to run down street to comic shop in dishevelled flu-ridden mess to purchase the last Sailor Mercury keychain.... MUST REST! Haha!))

I'm a pretentious film fuck. But I collect My Little Ponies (and everything associated). Emily the Strange I'm tattoo'd (working on a sleeve based around a fate v. gamble theme) and like tits. I LOVE spider and skulls and all sorts of spooky things. BUT... I'd give and arm, a leg (and possibly and ear) for ANY and ALL things Jem and the Holograms and/or Rainbow Brite.

I've always wanted a Munny to create from kidrobot.com but they're too far and never fathomably affordable to me.

I hate food. Except plastic food/toy food/plush food/KAWAII FOOD, novelty food (bacon bandaids anyone?)... anything but REAL food. I've been living under the thumb of the skinniest, nastiest bitch in the universe for 11 years now (some folks call her Ana) and REAL food just brings about much unecessary inner turmoil. But I enjoy non-edible food... a vicarious thing, mayhaps? I work at EDAG (Eating Disorder Action Group) as a peer counseller for younger girls. I like to think my 87ish lb, 5'6" skeletal frame scares them, just a little bit. For, by the by, underwear (which I LOVE) I wear an XS.

I DO NOT like the use of established sub-cultures to create popular teen fashions. Nor am I accepting of ignorance or an unwillingness to learn in the face of ones' errors or misinformation. I love to learn. Teach me. Correct me. Let me share my useless facts and skills with YOU.

John Stamos still makes me hot and bothered and I'd fuck Ozzy in a heartbeat. Bettie Paige too, even in her crazy-old-super-christian-bag-lady years.

Likes: Kawaii grabbies, ANYTHING from The Crow except the original graphic and film,a NEON animal print or kawaii morsbag, Glommy Bear, Polkadots, oil suitable paintbrushes (which is any ol' paintbrush too me), vintage items, bold patterns and colours, strawberries, corny joke or gags (fake puke/poo, joy buzzer, blood gum... et cetera), novelties, facts, American Apparel postcards, cheap children's craft kits (my faves are hama/pearler bead kits), unique/neon/brightly coloured/odd-shaped baking/cooking items like cookie cutters/cupcake tins, spatulas, measuring spoons, icecube trays, stamps (paper and rubber if they're unique and/or edgy), rasta' colours, (always in need of as a swapper), exotic knick knacks, vinyl figures, Tarina Tarantino's jewellery arts and those inspired by them (CHECK HER SHIT OUT!), ** Alice in Wonderland ANYTHING (minus Disney... kawaii and classical illustrations are my favorites), **flavoured or unique rolling papers, canabis themed bric-a-brac, LUSH, interior design, street fashion, Demeter mini-bottle scents (I collect 'em), mixtapes, not the kind you craft with), pin-ups, burlesque themed items, french seamed stockings, a garterbelt... deep blue-tinted red lipstick (very vampy/sexy), vulger/lewd humour, sexually themed items, starkly contrasting colors, victorian patterns, empty golden frames, communist themed items ("Must crush capitalism... ragh, augh..."), anciet history, school supplies, stationary, narwhals, vintage schoolbooks, little golden books, cussing, journals, small toys, gore, horror, Bishoujo Senshi Sera Muun... er... Sailor Moon**, Evil Dead/Army of Darkness Comics, horror or zombie comics in general, BRUCE CAMPBELL!, pasties, kawaii (it's a guilty pleasure I have little access to), orange and dark aqua colour combo, gummi candy is the only food that won't make me weep, the color grey, ticket stubs, amber (the semi-precious "stone", tea, stuffies (kawaii is obviously something I'd love in this genre... though a Softimus Prime would be TRUELY AWESOME!, decotape, glitzy/neon/odd shaped pastic beads for making rave bracelets, raven/crows, leopard print, miniature items, hand-sewn items, vintage pyrex kitchenwear/supplies (50s-70s), ANYTHING CHOCOCAT, Pucca, kawaii fruit or food, Deery-Lou, San-X MAMEGOMA or Crux Japan SKULL themes, chunky, HUGE, TACKY plastic/lucite/resin/gemstone rings in bold colors (size five ring finger so adjustable would be best), monsters, Halloween, vintage/handemade aprons and potholders, traditional Catholic/Hindu iconography, cupcake themed items, mushroom themed items, oil paint (new or used, as long as there's enough left for a single brush stroke, it's good enough for me), Vishnu, homemade/organic cat toys for my two little bundles of abandoned joy, bling (yeah, you heard me right) leashes/collars/leads/harnesses for my male cat, Andy Warhol, Fangoria magazine (I never buy it for myself but I LOVE it), street fashion and art 'zines, sexy zippos/lighter cases, buddha!, small figurines of Hindu dieties, unique colouring books, home-made sewn items like stuffies, amigurumis, bags, aprons (they're works of art to me), bento boxes, kawaii memo-pads, Care Bears, BIG, THICK, false eyelashes in EVERY and any colour and style, mini-food figures/erasers, fun accessories for my ever-lengthening threadless.com, DREADLOCKS, ,Candy-inspired non-edible items, quirky jewellery like rings made to look like yer finger goes straight through an apple or strawberry... ye'know, weird shiznit, Transformers G1 AND Animated Animated Film, 2007 Movie ANYTHING (Comics, figures, stickers, notecards, collectables, toys, et cetera, 80s cartoons, Hellraiser/Clive Barker ANYTHING, big chunky fruit/food/sweets-themed pendants on chains, **AErie Boy shorts (ANY COLOUR, XS), the grotesque, really unique note-cards, Bob Marley and The Ramones memorabilia likewise in the case of much of my favor SKULLS anything!, bones, things that look like bones, Masters of Horror DVDs, Nordic mythology books, South American mythology books, Books about Hoodoo/Voodoo, Books on Buddhism, VAMPY! (not the blood-suckin' type...) the six-inch stilletos reapplying her blue-red tinted matte lipstick under neon lights, totally unattainable!, ANYTHING pertaining to the old animated Real Ghostbusters, Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony,Je and the Holograms, zombies, Beetlejuice and yesÒ€¦ I too am a victim of The Nightmare before Xmas obsessees, neon/kawaii/glitterly PLASTIC chopsticks ... and any other fun bento supplies (red, orange, and green) that're cheap, dollbutts... gotta' sup'er up! Outfit her good! Like a dragster not a lunchbox... New My Little ponies (I collect 'em... an they're cheap!), Clive Barker's and Macfarlane Figures: Tortured Souls 1 and 2 sets, MAC NEON COLOURED eyeshadow and mascara (aka...wild and HIGHLY unnatural), street fashion books, gore and horror 'zines, The Second Cup/Starbucks giftcards, Heavy Metal,Fangoria and Nylon magazines (gently used is welcome!), jack-o-lanterns, baking and UNIQUE baking accesories, Douglas Coupland books,I'd love a metal-less stapler, 1/4inch tunnels/plugs, PUNK (everything about it! ...REAL punk I mean... not this fashion princess rip-off shit), ambiant light, pink/orange/red/purple twinkle lites, The new Disney Faeries... I LOVE the figurines!, posters! (I'm a poster junkie) as I've slowly made my way into a mild fashionista, any items resembling (like jewellery or plushies et cetera) of cigarettes or pot leaves, legalize it stickers, cram cream, lucky stars (I'd love a small kit to learn to make them myself), PAPERDOLLS!, cheap metal tiaras (cause I'm a muther-fucking princess), uglydolls and their ilk, anime/kawaii key-chains of any sort, lil' surprise boxes, hot pink and NEON!, loose glitter, really neat looking lighters, insence, Adbusters Magazine, punky stationary, local (to yer area) band stickers...

Speaking of Clive Barker... I'm currently coveting his shortish paperback novel "Cabal" which has proven IMPOSSIBLE to get in my city... or even province it effin' seems... (second-hand is MORE than welcome!) - AHHH! KylieJo got it for me! ... now my next project, aqcuiring the film adaptation, Nightbreed, made in the early 90s, another masterpeice in Clive Barker's horror/moral library.

My dearest ones would appreciate a treat or two on occasion like pet-pal letters, home-made cat toys, unique or souvenir guitar picks, Transformers (G1) anything... So if you, like myself, would like to chare the joy of mail with your family, PM me, I LOVE puting together gift packages for people!

Dislikes: Scrapbooking, lavender or strong floral scents, baby pink or blues, florals patterns, country kitch, socks, ATCs, overtly Christian themes (with the exception of traditional Catholic iconography...), political themes (Liberal, Green and Commie more than welcome though), conservative themes, yarn (I don't knit), cliche girlie decorative knick knaks (think glittery, princess-y, best-friend-forever crap, shiney frames...), butterflies (except the sort my cat's chase, haha), earrings (can't wear them as ears are gauged), the sort of stuff that says things like DIVA or QUEEN and is embellished with mind-numbing amounts of hot pink glitter and pink faux-fur, food... I also intensly dislike wearing pants... or any lower half-clothing for that matter! Teehee., Hot Topic Tee-Shirts (they're TOO short).... tee-shirts in general really (I like ma' clavicle), fabric, patterns or crafts involving sewing/knitting/crocheting/scrapbookingkits...

Also. I LOVE incense and essential oils. Anyone who wants to swap exotic new scent with me, PM me right away. What're you waiting for. Get too it. I feel that need to cram an envie' full of those wonderful little glory-sticks. My favorite scents are: sandalwood, green tea, grey tea, chai, coconut (I know.... allergic.... but I love the scent), myrrh, opium, frankincence, satsuma, amber, musks of all sorts, earthy scents... Hippie-kid crap. Got a need on for rose oil to calm my headaches and muscles and peppermint oil to wake me that fuck up! ^_^

I have to say it... I cannot get this one particular item where I live and if anyone swaps it with me, I will owe you my soul/first-born/one of my limbs/anything-you-fucking-want! The item: Nat Sherman Fantasia Lites Cigarettes. I will trade you ANYTHING for a single pack. Sorry, I don't smoke often, only socially and on rare occasions... but their a vice I can't quit! AUGH, Beast, covet!

*AND WHAT pray tell is wrong with having a platonic crush on a giant robot cartoon character!? Send me Starscream (G1, animated Film, 2007 Film) and yer LOVED fer'ever. No gettin' rid of me then. Like a bad 'roach infestation. Same goes for Egon Spengler/Harold Ramis for the win!) and Peter Venkman...! Or Beetlejuice. My FAVORITE and most comforting cartoons that shaped me into the freaky, blood, brains (Thank you , Krang) and ooze-loving gal I am today.

PS: Embarassing as this is... I also like/love... ((prepares for laughter and flames)) The Winx Club. It has such an innovative style! And I like the story... it's like a tolkien world with a magical girl anime aspect... ((sulks in her urinal)). I like Ruby Gloom too. I'm more grunge than gothic but it sends a cool message to kids and Misery is an AWESOME character. Period.

Congrats if you ACTUALLY read this whole mess (grammar-hippie?) and took into consideration not just my "listed" likes/dislikes... but me as a whole. Thank you.

Favorite Music

I am forever loyal to my beloved Ramones. But close seconds are Bob Marley and the Wailers, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath (the Ozzy years), Wintersleep, Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins, unique read John Prine, Sex Pistols, Velvet Underground (with Nico), Iris DeMent, Ani Difranco, Nirvana, The Beatles, The Clash, Flogging Molly, Led Zepplin, The Moldy Peaches, Tegan and Sara, Sublime, Silverchair, The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Metric, Hole, Queen, Tenacious D, Le Tigre, Rilo Kiley, Jeff Buckley, Cake, Ozzy Osbourne, The Dead Kennedy's, Johnny Cash, The Distillers, Etta James, Vera Lynn, Garbage, Alice in Chains, Tori Amos, Janis Joplin, Carole King, Rancid, Rob/White Zombie, Iron Maidon (don't even MENTION metallica), Bif Naked, Beastie Boys, Hole, Billy Holiday, Xtina's VAMPY/20s-inspired works, Silverchair (OLD, GRUNGE-STYLE), Siouxie and the Banshees, good ol' Danny Elfman, et cetera...

Favorite Movies

Evil Dead 2, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, The Hellraiser Series (excluding "Inferno"), Nightmare on Elm Street Series, The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, The Ghostbusters 1 AND 2, Beatlejuice, Fido, Heavy Metal 1 and 2 (I'd kill for a used copy of the first one... have the other on vhs), Amelie, SLC Punk, Jules et Jim, Citizen Kane, Dr. Strangelove, Vertigo, Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, Fern Gully, Fight Club, The Transformers Movie, Watership Down, The Hobbit, The Last Unicorn, Pink Floyd's The Wall, Disney's The Sword in the Stone, The Exorcist, Army of Darkness, Donnie Darko, La Strada, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Notorious Bettie Paige, Rock'n'Roll High School, Resevoir Dogs, The Boondock Saints, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Clerks (View Askew, period.), The Animated Transformer's Film, G.I. Joe Animated Film, The Simpson Movie, My Neightbour Totoro especially, Mallrats, Monty Python EVERYTHING!, Tommy, Empire Records, High Fidelity, anything Miyazaki has so much as breathed on... et cetera... You know it, no one else seems to, it's a cult classic... And I prolly love it.

One-on-One Swaps

If your package still hasn't got SENT written next to it, it's likely still being tailored to perfection (modest, much?) or awaiting payday for postage, I apologize for those in conveniences... Everything finds it's destination soon enough though, one way... or another. ((dundunDUN))


  • Zoloft Frames and Seroquel Stress-Ball from scarlettnicole



  • Star button-filled matchbox to mrs.D - SENT (Sept 20th)
  • Coin purse for running-out-of-room - SENT (Sept 20th)
  • A couple sushi postcards to cherrythepig - SENT (Sept 20th)
  • Alpha-Stickers for lulubird6 - SENT (Sept 21st)
  • A profile surprise for poggy123 - SENT (Sept 21st)
  • Couple NEW packs of Stickers for Kimbeewa -SENT (Sept 21st)
  • A kawaii surprise for ellawitch - SENT (Sept 21st)
  • Fancy Bindis (and adhesive) for my dear Dreamhope - SENT (Oct 3rd)
  • Belly-dancin' package for !create.outloud! - SENT (Oct 3rd)
  • A craft-kit for Gayle Schoen - SENT (Oct 3rd)
  • Glass beads for LadyB Γ’β‚¬β€œ SENT (Oct. 22nd)
  • Novelty Gum (ANGRY SCOTSMAN?! For that bar-fight fresh taste?) for omletedufromage - SENT (Oct. 23rd)
  • Green mini/micro sharpies for mrsD - SENT (Oct 23rd)
  • $5 -$7 dolllars package of novelties/gags/jokes for JustMeTh81 - SENT (Oct 24th)
  • Rainbow Brite stickers plus two sushi postcards to rose_hips - SENT (Oct. 30th)
  • Funky Socks for !create.outloud! - SENT (Oct. 30th)
  • Super Kawaii package for lithmire - Belated but SENT (Nov. 1st)
  • Vanilla lipgloss, a couple issues of Lenore Comics, catnip spary/bubbles & kawaii coin purse for banshee - Also belated (gawd, I'm so sorry dolls) but SENT (Nov. 1st)
  • Decorated matchbox of stickers and profile surprise for Butterfly - SENT (Nov. 7th)
  • Angelling Nova Scotian Touristy Thangs to the dear Cherrythepig - SENT (Nov. 15th)
  • A profile surprise for Running-Out-Of-Room - SENT (Nov. 15th)
  • Glass beads for winemakersister - SENT (Nov. 19th)
  • A few mini/micro-sharpies for iheartswap - SENT (Nov. 19th)
  • A couple UNUSED Sushi Postcards to suzanne - SENT (Nov. 19th)
  • Kitty Sticker and Mini/micro-sharpies to florian - SENT (Nov. 19th)
  • Kindar-Eggs for Ikyoto - SENT (Nov. 19th)
  • Profile surprise for crweixelman - SENT (Nov. 19th)
  • A box of Ah Caramel Cakes for Anam - SENT (Nov. 20th)
  • RAK for Kylie - SENT (Nov. 29th)
  • A penpal letter and TNBC surprises to nymphetmaggot - SENT (Nov. 29th)
  • A RAK and Sticker'n'UNUSED Sushi postcards to leiapico - SENT (Nov. 29th)
  • A couple colourful mini/micro-sharpies to lisajhoney - SENT (December 10th)
  • Kawaii fabric and something owl-tastic for cherrythepig - SENT (December 19th)
  • Instant chocolate and vanilla pudding packets for Soozy - SENT (December 19th)
  • A small assortment of stickers to Changling - SENT (January 2nd)
  • Red socks or pastel felt for D' - SENT (January 2nd)
  • Key rings and/or a little profile surprise for mims - SENT (January 14th)
  • An ice cream pen and/or lewd magnet and a profile surprise fer ROOR! - SENT (January 17th)
  • A green themed rave-bracelet for babysingsing - SENT (January 17th)
  • A surprise for CBZcando - SENT (January 17th)
  • Kitty stickers and a naughty surprise for Christina - SENT (January 17th)
  • A rave-bracelet and naughty surprise for tiabel - SENT (January 18th)
  • Several mini-sharpies AND Strawberry napkins for mrsD - Sent and already received... hahaha!
  • Penpal letter to Cherrythepig - ALSO Sent and already received, hehehe!
  • Lavender and/or Patchouli insence for Cherythepig - SENT (Feruary 12th)
  • A package of Pink Panther Sticker to D' - SENT (February 18th)
  • Several postcards written on by MOI and sent seperately to girlonaglide - Completed
  • Mushrooms and chopsticks! for... ROOR! - SENT (March 7th)
  • Star Trek and Monkeys for mrsD - SENT (March 7th)
  • TNBC items, Henna and Mini/micro colour sharpies for Banshee - SENT (March 7th)**
  • Funky socks and a few of my favorite poems for Ikyoto - SENT (March 7th)
  • A tin wind-up toy for cbzcando - SENT (April 4th)
  • Teabags to the lovely 'D - SENT (April 4th)
  • A PIB surprise to Trout - SENT (April 4th)
  • Two (or MORE) mini/micro-sharpies to Girlona Glide! - SENT (April 4th)
  • A cutsie, darlin' keychain for Courtney - SENT (April 4th)
  • Orange Fuzzy Socks to ROOR! - SENT (April 4th)
  • A Greeting Card to Suzanne - SENT (April 18thth)
  • Something Cherrythepig will like! - SENT (April 18th)
  • Something J or Magnetic for girlonaglide - SENT (May 28th)
  • A couple badges from ME to YOU for lucindalynn - SENT (May 28th)
  • A pick Two to Knitting Cateling - SENT (May 28th)


  • Private painting for leiapico -IN PROGRESS (UPDATE: Augh! BASHBASHBASH!!!)
  • Mint Aero Bars/Gourmet Hot Chocolate, a couple mini/micro-sharpies AND a penpal letter to Sadigunsligher
  • A small painting depicting my "vision" of X-Mas for Mommy-Terry
  • Incence x2, a rave-bracelet, three-pack of lipsmakers and two mini-sharpies! For Rosehips!
  • FLOOM! for kimbeewa


  • profile surprise for yowell - Just waiting on that paycheck, babes! No worries!
  • Mix C.D. for ShopInc (Dealing with PC/Burner Drive Issues, already discussed with her and, once fixed, shall be sent, but in the meantime, at least she got my "make-up-I'm SOOOOOO-Sorry-this happened now-of-all-times" package.)
  • Mail Nicole Introvert a few bucks for the next issue of her 'zine - When 'tis created.
  • A pickle for Kylie after the holidays and CanPost stops sitting on my parcels.


  • A filled matchbox from the lurvely ladyb - She makes SUCH beautiful matchboxes!
  • Simpsons playing cards from ladyb fer my boy-critter! - Adored!
  • Profile Surprise Matchbox from Classy Chica - ON MY GAWD. Toxic green skulls!
  • Runes (Yay!) from MirandaLeigh - Beautiful. Just Beautiful. And bonus incense!
  • A Painting, notecards & kawaii surprise from leiapico
  • Pure Awesome from That chick that wear the gold bikini... oh yeah, the lurvely, LEIApico (NEVER gets old to me, NEVER!) - Just all over GREATNESS. Bow to her gold-bikini'd highness!
  • A 6-7 mm bone skull earring from the wonderful yowell Just like he kinda' beads that used to be in my much mourned dreadlocks. ((weep & woe yet... EXCITEMENT!)) - Holy. F.U.C.K. I wanna' steal 'er and make her create all my dream-danglies!
  • A kawaii grabbie from ellawitch - PUNK RAWK! ((is lame))
  • 15 badtz-maru memo sheets from slamophile -I think a simple thank-you will suffice. I'm not scared to say I'm not fond of Slamo's opinions on mental illness.
  • A zine from Nicole (my middle name!) Introvert - Can't wait to read it tomorrow whilst I'm bedbound!
  • A surprise and a few notecards w/ envies' from the darlin' gem-media - The nip made them happy, and they in turn made me happy. How does one convey this warm, loving feeling?
  • A profile suprise AND *my very FIRST Bento Box!!!! from DreamHope - Received and adored SO FUCKING MUCH! Pasties! Kawaii! Bento! AH! It was like a mini-Xmas.
  • A profile surprise from dulcimer - The eyeball cocktails I keep making are a hit with some of my new accquaintences. Thanks for the help breaking the ice, dollface!
  • A felt ornament from mrs.D Γ’β‚¬β€œ RECEIEVED! AHH. I need to stalk you for more! Can you make and eight-track too!?
  • A delightly monstourous matchbox from twisted arrived and wow.... can we say workmanship.... that's a NICE (understatement much) matchbox.
  • a profile surprise from the dancin' !create.outloud! - MY LITTLE PONIES! EEEEeeeeeeEeeee!!!!
  • FRICKIN' PASTIES ((collapses into slobbering ball of mush)) from !creat.outloud! - AND she's making me MORE!?
  • A Surprise package from a wonderful chickadee that just wanted to make me feel better (AKA from KylieJo) - SPOILT me rotten. And cheats too! Sent me my FAVORITE CANDIES. Dsmn'er. ((So much love!))
  • A mystery PIB surprise & false lashes (yay!) from Anam - Does this chick KNOW the meaning of OVERKILL? A fuckin' HUGE box of FUCKIN' amazing stuff. And the hottest lashes ever! She couldn't BE a more generous, wonderful person!
  • A kawaii sticker sack from the lurvely omeletedufromage - LOVED! LOVED! LOVED!
  • TWO!? kawaii grabbies from omletedufromage whom I MIGHT be stalking... (whistles innocently)) - Equals supper grabbie! So AWE-freakin'-SOME!
  • PIB from my Rose(hips). Now, knowing her.... how can I NOT be on my tip-toes at the postal box every morning waiting?! - AUGH! I can't even BEGIN to thank this woman! She may have just made mine, a hobos', and my nephew's day all in one shot!
  • Something from Sweet1 - SWEET is right! When one got lost in the mail... she sent ANOTHER! And an AMAZING one at that... and says it's not as nice as the lost one?!
  • A surprise from Blissful_Mama - Received! How could I forget to place THIS in the received secion, it was so damned AWESOME!
  • Something sandwood and/or mulberry scented from raebid_squirrel - Mmmmm... sweet, delicious tealights... =^_^=
  • A penpal letter from nymphetmaggot - This is one cool chick-a-dee! Fuck. If you like me even just a lil', check this girl out. She's awesome!
  • Something Sailor Mercury & Bento supplies (red, cute anime or kawaii)- mrsD - Can't... Wait.... Ugh...!!! ((suffers)) - Worht EVERY BIT the short wait. I LOVE this chick. LOVE.
  • PIB surprise? from swapusilly - I LOVE CHOCOCAT! Was that subtle? I love this stationary!
  • A PIB surprise (?) from thatzghetto - Now that was ONE HELL OF A PIB! TAG THIS GIRL! BE HER FRIEND! She's amzingful!
  • A kawaii sticker sack from rachel26 - Can't Hardly Wait! Yeeee! - SUCH A AN EFFIN' AWESOME stivk sack! Totally ME! And such a quick delivery! From Singapore no less! Makes me wonder where the months old swaps owed to me from Singapore and other asian countries are still in swap-limbo.
  • RAK from rengwak - AMAZING! She even sent me TWO DVDs... Two of my absolute fvorites (but not yet owned) no less! And so many other wonderful treats!
  • A profile surprise from Chikpea Pre-hummus-lady? - A single profil;e surprise turned into a huge, wonderful spoil-me-rotten package! I loved every drop of this swap!
  • Funny 'zines from crweixelman - Such a cute/funny 'zine PLUS and angelled amigurumi of a sweet lil' duck named Bill... just like My passed on Uncle Bill... who, of course... LOVED DUCKS!
  • Deco tape and a sticker sack from SadieGunSlinger (who has an AWESOME username) - Creept piggy kawaii stickers I ADORE and INCREDIBLY useful decotpe... but better yet, she shared her own collection of vintage Sailor Moon items with me! The card deck was THE beast and I swear I'm frame those paper dolls! Just SO awesome and generous!
  • Swap -Cards from kimbeewa (She sent me Rainbow Brite figures outta' the blue once!) - Sailor Mercury AND Pot-cards... er, swap-cards! How can't I LOVE this chick-a-dee!
  • Amigurumi from angelled by crweixelman - She sent me a darling, teensy Blue-frosted and pinkle sprinkled amigurumi cupcake that I truely treasure.
  • A PIB and X-Mas gift from my dearest Rainy Day Kylie - To put it simply... she gave me both comfort and something so amazing, and hand-made just for me, that I have fallen in LOVE with it!
  • A PIB from MY Kylie! (She's even keepin' ma' Jeoy-Critter in mind!) - BEAUTIFUL!
  • Something Pucca being angelled by SadieGunSlinger -In my FAVORITE mystery COLOUR no less!
  • An "I Wish" Surprise for THE JOEY CRITTER!, from the loverly tricia561 - Arrived right on his birthday! A friggen' (in the riggin') PIRATE SHIP!
  • Crochet hat from the lovely Alice-Palace - IN LOVE!
  • A copy of Anna Karina from tiabel - Mmm.... cozy, wintery reading!
  • A surprise PIB from cbzcando - SO FUCKIN' AWESOME!
  • Pink twinkle lights from Mommy-Terry - In honour of Edie, in both our homes.
  • A Target-profile-based surprise package from renbowyer2000 after X-mas. I can't wait! - OH MY FUCKING SO FUCKING WORTH IT!
  • A gaudy cocktail ring from sewcrazy - With a little polish, this vintage baby glitters like the fuckin' stars!
  • A lovely BLUE bento Box from M0ofin - A total surprise to help complete my rainbow of Bentos!
  • A lil' mini-angelling of the coin-purse-swap from happymommy - One word... okay, two: FART WHISTLE!
  • Hello Kitty Something from Kassrose - Truely lovely.
  • Ann Taintor Coasters and neato dish scrubber from Lola - I LOVE this Shiznat!
  • A profile surprise from girlonaglide - And now... my house smell fucking AMAZING!
  • A green, Hello Kitty Bento Box from the lurvely Kiki and Rosehips - I. LOVE. KIKI! SO, SO, SO WONDERFUL! The Bento Box alone... but all the AMAZING goodies too!? And the largest kawaii grabbie I've ever seen! Mucho thanks to Kiki ( and of course for rosehips hand in things!)
  • Kawaii Stationary & Kawaii Envie' being angelled by Kiki - She TOTALLY outdid herself. ((stalks silently))
  • A mini-whimsy jar, alpha' stickers, an eight-track oranament and PANDAPPLE toothbrush! from mrsD - ALL wrapped up with surprises and a formal swap for one big, awesome parcel! She's just that awesome.
  • A Craft Mate Tote from - girlonaglide - NOW it needs beads! I LOVE it!
  • A surprise from Chappykat - DELICIOUS AND hardcore, babe!
  • An exploding Bento-themed treat for Pre-Hummus-Lady! What a treat!
  • A kickass, mutha'fucka' GLAM Dotee Doll for Alice-Palace - She's juts... ME!
  • Beads fer' making RAVE BEADS! From Ikyoto! - OH GAWD! The cuss words I could create.... in jewellery form ((ahem)) of course...
  • Apparently a surprise from luvcatzzz - This woman simply AMAZED me with her generosity and well... all them's Nat Sherman's were one helluza bonus too!
  • Pony (aka RAVERRIFIC) beads from StuffbySteph! - And in such a wickedly awesome box! Ah!
  • Kawaii hair clips and pencil case being angelled by happyturnip - Lovely stuffs! Especially the unique candies!
  • Something Skullish from Lucky - AH! Skulls! AMAZING Skull parcel! I LOVE it!
  • A Psycho-o-licious Book from Kerr-Writer _ I can hardly wait to pour myself all over this book!
  • A kawaii grabbie AND a roll of decotape angelled by Tillie -MY GAWD. OH. MY. GAWD.
  • Bento supplies in pink or green angelled by Tillie - I am SO fuckin' set now! She sent so much amazing stuff!
  • Something leopard print from Knitting Cateling
  • A glitz'n'bling craft goodie bag AND three new galaxy markers (and some PURDY fleurs!) from GirlonaGlide!
  • A PIB surprise from orcidsndaisys
  • An Alphabetery Envie from GirlonaGlide
  • FUNFUNFUN papergoods from mrsD
  • Wide Decotape from KYYYYYLIE
  • A kawaii grabbie and an anthropomorphic apple from changling
  • Something INCREDIBLY UNIQUE to wear around my neck from changling
  • Unique XS Panties from Banshee
  • Black rosary from Sally
  • A blind-box Gloomy Bear keychain from paintedbooklady


bicyclerepairman rated for 080808 Postcard Swap on Nov 5, 2008
bluewhale rated for 080808 Postcard Swap on Aug 28, 2008
pepe1234 rated for 080808 Postcard Swap on Aug 24, 2008
PostMuse rated for 080808 Postcard Swap on Aug 22, 2008
PJCrossen rated for Quotecard Postcard #13! on Jul 12, 2008
Comment: Great quote and postcard! Thanks =)
hippofairy rated for Quotecard Postcard #13! on Jul 7, 2008
Comment: thanks for the great quote on the awesome Smokey the Bear postcard. :)
nicole rated for Motivate Me, Baby! on Jun 7, 2008
Comment: Thank you so much for those buttons you made... but even more special was the letter! You are such a wonderful friend! :)
Comment: Great postcard! Are you sure he didn't learn his sassy habits from his previous owner?
semfox74 rated for Coin Purse Filled Goodies Swap on Apr 3, 2008
Comment: Thank you for the purse, so cute. My last swap and you made it a very memorable one. Thanks
Chickpea rated for Profile Surprise Goodie Box on Mar 5, 2008
Comment: I wish I could give twenty hearts! You knocked my socks off! Thank you for the thoughtful, generous, and delightful profile surprise box. I love it!
Comment: Thanks for all the super-fun stuff. My daughter loves the Little Mermaid stickers.
Comment: I HEART tiny little items! Those tiny fish will not touch water for I love looking at small items like that. Thank you so much for everything Lisa! I now have my own rave bracelet too!! I shall put everything to good use. Thanks again!
Comment: Thank you for a great package of fun, fun, fun! I love the color of the sky blue beads and can't wait to use them. The aquarium project is intriguing, and the "watermelon" made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the many smiles you sent!
motes rated for I Want Hearts the Honest Way on Jan 29, 2008
Comment: I *love* the lava lamp! Thank you so much for this cool wacky stuff!! (and happy valentine's day!)
Comment: oh LISA DEAR, wow you are too kind && generous - thank you for the loveli selection of SHARPIES in my FAVVV colors! ;) You are the queen! and the lipbalm, I am so excited! YOU ARE MY FAVORITE! I LOVED THIS SWAP, thank you for a fabulous personal trade! TAKE CARE DEAR! <3
Comment: Fantastic! Thanks!
Response: I'm glad you liked it! I'm so sorry about the odd wait!
Comment: Thank you!! I especially love the cute little bows you put on the stamps! That color of yellow is one of my favorites!
Response: Well, something went right today! I'll send more along if I see that sort agin'. And I love putting bows on everything. Teehee.
Comment: Oh my goodness! I can't believe how wonderful you are! Your incredible package arrived ON my birthday and everything was wrapped in the cutest ever paper! It totally made my day! I absolutely love everything you sent and you certainly went way way way overboard! Thank you so very much!
Response: I like to make my swap-mates happy. That's why I started here. I'm delighted that it landed on your birthday no less. I'm glad you liked it.
kthanxbye rated for Beast and Breathe on Oct 12, 2007
Comment: Thanx so much. i got your pack last nite. i am still working on a set of pasties, but i'll get them out this week. hope you are well! luv ya! Toni
Paula rated for Map Madness Postcard Swap on Sep 24, 2007
Comment: I'd like to visit Halifax some day.

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We haven't seen you around the forums lately. Be sure and check in with us at the Wild Women group forum soon! We've got lots happening and would love to see you there


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I saw this and thought of you. I miss you!


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We'd love to see you around the forums more on the Wild Women Group. There's always something happening. Check in soon! thanks wild women

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Woops!! Sorry - i dont see that you like ATC's at all - dislike! ignore the last comment. I love you profile - it's be good to see you around the Wild Women forum if your ever about :-)


HardCandy on Apr 28, 2008:

Hey! I see you like ATC's - Come join the Pin-up girl ATC swap in the Wild Women group :-)


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Come and join our first Street/Lowbrow art Appreciation Society group swap! Its just a simple little postcard swap. click here

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