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About Me

Holiday Info:

I leave 12th of July. Returndate is yet unknown, but my first shift at work is 3rd of August, so before that anyways. I won't be signing up for any more swaps (unless I see one about holiday cards :) and if you sent me something that I receive after 12th July, I wont be able to rate until I come back from vacation.

I wish you all a very great summer!! Enjoy the sun!

I am a 40 y/o girl from the Netherlands... After (what seemed like) an eternity of singleness, I ended up marrying my best friend 3 yrs ago. We have no children together. . But 2 cats make sure there is some live-activity in the house, aside from us two. I work as a healthcare assistant in a home for elderly people who suffer from dementia. In its genre it is quite a famous and also a very fabulous place to work... (google dementia Village Netherlands) After an endless amount of jobs and years of restlessness I finally found my True calling in this work.. This work does often need a lot of my energy and physically and emotionally it can be Very demanding. It is why, when I don't work, I really need my alone-time to load up for the next few days.. And my alone time I full with my few favourite things to do in the world: Crochet, gardening, cooking and crafting (-》making postcards).

Furthermore I am aunty to a darling little 3y/o girl, who so much resembles me that I'm kind of at peace with not being a mom myself :) she has a little brother or sister on the way as well :)

I love to travel and this is also what my partner and I do best together.. and how we got to become best friends.. My parents live in France and its my biggest dream to end up there as well some day.. Of all the places Ive been sofar.. France (specifically that area -- dept. Du Lot) is where I feel most at home.

Favorite Crafts

I guess my crafting looks a little like scrapbooking.. Only my finished product is not a book but just a card and an envelope. I use cardstock/colored papers, ribbon, lace, buttons, bows, stickers, embellishments, embossing, stamps, etc I think for now embossing with powder is my fav technique.. but thats probably until I get a decent embossing machine :)

Also I always have some crochet project in my bag.. Im hooked to the hooking ;)

Books ☆ Movies ☆ Music

I'll do books and music and tv/movies all together..

My alltime fav. book is Narziss & Goldmund. Ive read it three times sofar and every time I cried at the end!! Some of my other favourites are: Uncle Oswald by Roald Dahl, The Shadow of the Wind (all 4 books by Carlos Ruiz Safon♡♡♡♡♡), Lord of the Rings, Picture of Dorian Grey (Oscar Wilde), Le Petit Nicolas (he's so fabulous!) .. and The Fountainhead (by Ayn Rand).. There are plenty more books on my list.. but these are the highlights I guess..

Music preference is Very eclectic.. Ella Fitzgerald, Ben Webster, Johnny Cash, French chansons, but also Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Greenday, classical music, Caro Emerald, Manu Chao, Spanish holiday music.. etc. Haha in my Young days I also went dancing to my share of raves. . Even illegal goa-trance parties.

But since my marriage everything (I) calmed down a bit and it seems I really found peace inside .. finally!! Now on my way to work the radio is most frequently tuned into Radio 4 (classical music) and I enjoy the sunrise and the scenery while listening to pretty ouvertures or sonates :)

Movies & tv... gosh.. Well I loooooove watching vintage movies (they seem so innocent and are lekker slow to watch.. not much explosions or blood splattering a round ur screen) Also love anything w. Cumberbatch or R. Downey Jr. in it (or Jake Gyllenhaal).. English detectives. . Skandinavian crime series.. and also Star Wars (the old ones) and Marvel :) Oh! And Studio Ghibli movies

Oh well...

I have been browsing a round on the site a bit and Im starting to realise there is an entire community here.. I had no clue that swapping was such serious business! !

Meanwhile I've experienced why the likes & dislikes are so handy!I dont have any of those lists yet.. I can hardly name all the things I like and dislike while I dont even know what is out there yet!! So I guess Im saying: surprise me!! :) & and send me something that you lovingly made! (preferably no sticker-/washi- slapping) I do prefer self-made mail & embellishments over any store bought ones... but then again.. I have really cool stickers and other embellishments that I'd also love to share. You can as well pimp store bought stuff with your own inspired creativity. . mix it up!! (I do! :) Just as long as you put your heart ♡ and effort in it I think I'm fine :)

I do have a fondness for anything vintage looking.. stuff with lace and glitters and greens from plants and flowers... Ohh yeah and I love cooking... so do please send recipe to your personal specialty ! (Or... :)))) (not sure if its allowed but) I'd love a sample (or more) of your fav. spice-mixture (tell me what it is!)-- with accompanying recipe of course!

Haha you see.. a longer list of likes and dislikes Will probably gradually appear after a couple (or more) swaps :)

The lists...

Hello Boys n Girls :)

A little update after a few swaps... I now do realize why it is really convenient to have those lists. While I make my swap I constantly check my partners profile to see how I can match my swap project as much to their like-list as possible. I really put a lot of effort in each swap that I make.. and I'd like any swap-partner to do the same. So I've been working on my lists.. They will develop and change over time.. I keep learning and discovering new things !! So.. here's a startup for mine:

Like: ~~ Stars ( also glitters sparkles shimmers and everything shiny) and the Moon ~~ Nature/Botanical themes (flowers and plants.. forest. . Waterfalls. . Dewdrops. . Dragonfly, bees, butterfly, ladybugs, lizzards/salamanders/etc.. bird.. ferns.. peonies, lilly o/t valley.. wysteria.. hollyhocks.. harebells ♡♡♡) -- I could go on and on.. -- Dried Flowers & Leaves! ~~ (old) Lace and ribbons and diamonds (haha or rhinestones) & Pearls (specially (clear pearl) drops!) ~~Mother of Pearl ~*~ Trinkets, charms and pretty haberdasheries (how cool is that word?!) * Beautiful gardens and cities... Verona. . Sevilla.. Toulouse.. Paris... Barcelona.. some of my favs.. aside from the area where my parents live I fell in love visiting Lago Maggiore.. Ancient villa's, palmtrees, a mesmerizing lake, mountains, bougainvillea galore.. it's almost surreal being there.. *Colours: Green, Pink, Off White/crême, Pastel Colours, (rose) Gold, Silver and .. transparency (although that's not really a colour). I love (making) colour-themed swaps! :) * Vintage!! .. vintage anything I guess.. But specifically Art Nouveau/Jugenstil .. Alphonse Mucha, Gaudí, Beardsley, Toulouse Lautrec.. etc I'd love to receive tea of coffee stained paper/doilies/maps etc

Dislikes: * Envelopes with random storebought items stashed in, without any visible effort made to make a nice profile-based swap. * Rooibos-tea * Hard colours (Primary ones, like Rietveld or Mondrian uses) * Stickerslapping * Postcards with text on the front (e.g. Names of places) (unless the text is part of the image (like a book or a newspaper or streetname sign orso) * Hello Kitty or other childstuff that I haven't mentioned at the likes


Jess1991 rated for July Wishlist on Jul 16, 2019
Comment: Wow Eva! This package was amazing! Thank you so much for all the time, thought, and effort you put in! I loved everything!
Response: I aim to please :)) Im very happy that you liked the things i sent you.. thank you for your sweet maiĺ☆_♡
Thumpersivy rated for Washi Swap- Send Your Favorites! on Jul 15, 2019
Response: Thank you for rating and for the ♡
shysky74 rated for 100 Truths Email on Jul 13, 2019
Response: Thank you for rating!!
Comment: Hi Eva. What happy mail to receive today! The envelope, the note card, the postcard, the quote - were all wonderful. And your kind words made my day. Did you know that Marianne Williamson is running for president of the US? Yes, it's true! Thank you!
Response: No! ! I did not have a clue! ! I will Google on it to learn morele! I think she is a much better choice than the current president. .. Thank you for rating.. im so glad That it arrived in the end and That you liked it :) t/y 4 the ♡♡♡
Comment: Eva! Thank you so much for your washi samples! I totally loved them and they are a great addition to my collection :)
Response: YouTube arena ver welcome :) Thans you for rating AMD for te hart! :) ♡
9O96O rated for Cut & Paste Postcard International on Jul 6, 2019
Comment: Boy oh boy, I do like creating swap themes because I get such nice cards. Cut n paste are my favourite because people tend to send the most interesting postcards. I loved the back of you postcard. All of the colours and all of the information and translations. It's a really fun card to get. I had no idea that basecamps in Europe could be so family oriented with lots of activities and not expensive. Re: wandering, yes I usually wander most days. Often in the same locations but I try to look at things with a fresh eye. In the summer especially, there's always something new to see.
Response: Well! I didn't know I liked making the cut & paste so much. The other day I did one from my husbands artbooks and decorated it with washi and stamps and charms & things.. it was sooo nice to pimp up a (stupid) advertisement card to something so cool! I'm gonna be wandering off to France pretty soon.. lots of new things to see as well.. and old (haha my parents).. I'll be looking for more of your cool swaps when i get back :)
Comment: Thank you - again, for the beautiful post! I love Winnie the Pooh too so the mail is perfect!
Response: Great! I was glad I found some disney items :) When we get matched again I'll have some more!
Naya rated for Put SUMMER on! on Jun 22, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the lovely items and extra. I like all of them :).
Response: You are very welcome! Thank you for the heart!
dorcii rated for Newbie Welcome May 2019 P.2 on Jun 22, 2019
Comment: Thank you so so much for your lovely gifts! I adored them so much that I can't even express it! :) I would love to give you more hearts, but unfortunately I can give you only one :(
Response: *Big smile* well I'm very happy you liked it.. nicest thing u said was that u didn't think it was a newbie swap! :))
fairypretty7 rated for First & Last Lines No. 12 on Jun 21, 2019
Comment: Thank you very much, love the sneaky little parcel and the postard is awesome as is, again thank you.
Response: *smile* !! I so loved making this one! It was the first time (duh) I figured that I could easily alter an ugly (free shop-advertisement) postcard to a very pretty one :) thank you for the <3
zanynat rated for 100 Truths Email on Jun 21, 2019
Comment: Thanks for sharing! I LOVE your cats' names!!
Response: Thank you! .. and thank you for rating :)
Comment: This package was amazing! I truly loved it and it shows that a lot of effort was put into it! I was in awe when I found it in my mail box!
Response: How nice! Amazing sometimes how fast mail travels.. I'm glad you liked your parcel! Thank you for the <3
satinification rated for Ask me anything! ~ e-swap #6 on Jun 19, 2019
Comment: Thank you for your answers. I used to live in Gdańsk. It's not so far from where I live now - Kościerzyna. I love me-day sounds so great!!! Thanks for re-sending. I guess the first email got lost. It happens. Internet is huge. Haha ;)
Response: Hehe swaps get lost in the mail and online as well sometimes.. No worries! :) .. and yeah.. if I ever become president I-love-me-day is going to happen! Fireworks galore*!*!*!*
Maechh rated for Mail Tag Swap #5 on Jun 19, 2019
Comment: Thanks a lot for all the stuff you put in the gorgeoous envelope :)
Response: You're welcome!! So nice to send a package to Paris! <3 I did google-maps on where you live.. so close by Le Marais.. Do you know this fabulous little restaurant called Chez Janou (if you don't mind a long wait.. I warmly recommend) <3
Jenicat rated for 100 Truths Email on Jun 13, 2019
Comment: Thank you for sharing!
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for rating and giving me a heart! Have a nice day :)
Comment: Hoi Eva, dank je wel voor de super mooi verpakte envelop met leuk versierde verrassinkjes erin! :D Ben er super blij mee! :D
Response: Hoiii Jamie! Leuk.. mn 1e Hollandse swap :) Fijn dat je er blij mee bent! Dankjewel voor je rating en het <3-je! xx
annim rated for Ask me anything! ~ e-swap #6 on Jun 13, 2019
Comment: Thank you for your answers! :) I also hate cleaning the windows, that's why they are always dirty at ours. But I will have to force myself to clean them soon. I'm glad you enjoyed answering my questions! :)
Response: With pleasure :) Thank you for your rating.. and the heart!!
Comment: This is probably the prettiest post I’ve ever had through the door! It’s gorgeous. Thank you so much, I love every inch!
Response: *smile!!*.. Glad you liked it .. Thank you for your nice comment & <3 !! :)
SatisHuman rated for 100 Truths Email on Jun 10, 2019
Comment: I like your style. Taking a nap mid-swap is my kind of girl.
Response: Ghehehe sometime's you just gotta go (.. take a nap ;) swap or no swap Thanks for your rating!
kittyfun rated for Newbie Welcome May 2019 P.2 on Jun 5, 2019
Response: Thank you for your rating and the <3! :)

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HippieChick on Jun 22, 2019:

Hello, I was just passing by your profile and wanted to say Hi! I think it is wonderful you work at Dementia Village! My mom was a care worker for over 20 years here in Canada, and it is the hardest job I have ever seen anybody do. Thank you for helping take care of our older generations. I wish we had something similar here, perhaps in our near future. :)

Welcome and happy swapping! I hope you have a wonderful time here. This is a lovely community to share with. :)

iLoveMail on May 31, 2019:

I can’t wait to be your swap partner so I can send you some happy mail & give you a ♥️!

WanderingStar on May 18, 2019:
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