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Date Joined: May 10, 2017
Last Online: October 16, 2019
Birthday: February 25
Country: Australia
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PROFILE LAST UPDATED: September 15th 2019.

Hi everyone! My name is Annabelle and I am 30 years old. I live in Australia!

I love cooking, food, crafts and discovering new things! Purple is my favourite colour! I love dogs and animals and nature! I write my own poetry and stories as well. I love meditation and fitness and mindfulness is very important to me. I am also addicted to Pinterest!

I do not have any allergies.

I have a likes/wishlist and dislike list below - however please note that I am very open to trying new things, so don't feel that you HAVE to send something from my likes/wishlist. Just as long as it is not one of my dislikes of course!


Do not hesitate to send me a PM for any queries, I am more than happy to listen and act in a fair manner! I really appreciate communication so don't be shy if you have any issues with receiving the item or the swap itself! Please do not rate down without communicating first.

I send all of my swaps with full tracking (meaning the first scan - done in front of me at the Post Office - to the ‘delivered’ scan).

As I can see when the package has been delivered, I can also see how long it takes from when you’ve received the package to when I receive a rating. I truly hope others will rate in a timely manner. Please also check that you have hit ‘save ratings’ when leaving a rating as it won’t go through if you don’t AND check my profile page to make sure the rating has submitted. Thank you so much and thank you for being my partner!!

I rate all of my swaps immediately after opening (within 24 hours of receiving the swap in my mailbox or front door) and I pledge that I will continue this.

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me a swap or RAK - I have truly loved them all! I truly appreciate the time and effort you have put into sending me something through the mail!

Favorite Music

I listen to a wide range of music - I am always up for discovering new music.

Favorite Books

Any romance novels, cookbooks and magazines (beauty, food, health, meditation/mindfulness). I really love writing poems and stories. I have really been interested in journal swaps - I feel like writing and being creative this way is a form of meditation. I love filling up an empty journal!

Favorite Movies

I am not a big movie buff, but I enjoy any romance or comedy movies.

Favorite Television

I am not a big television watcher - I prefer watching YouTube clips about food, nature, crafts or anything else that catches my eye!

Favorite Crafts

I am always up to creating any crafts, but I actively make dreamcatchers and various types of journals. I also make pocket letters and flipbooks. I really enjoy paper crafts!


  • Anything floral (obsessed! I LOVE flowers).

  • Anything animal themed, especially dogs. I like turtles as well.

  • Anything handmade (especially Pocket Letters, Flipbooks and Tag Flips).

  • Dreamcatchers.

  • Anything that is purple.

  • Food products (exceptions listed in dislikes below). I enjoy trying foreign food products. Please make sure that any food products are in their original packaging.

  • Chocolates and candy/lollies.

  • Coffee sachets.

  • Hot chocolate sachets/mixes.

  • Tea (please only send plain green or matcha tea, plain black tea, plain white tea, chocolate tea, caramel / salted caramel tea, mango tea, lemon / lemon and honey tea, apple tea, watermelon tea, lime tea or peach tea).

  • Recipes and food magazines from around the world.

  • Kitchen accessories.

  • Anything with a cupcakes theme!

  • Maggie Holmes products.

  • Martha Stewart products.

  • Tim Holtz products.

  • Steampunk products.

  • Fashion items such as jewellery (particularly earrings for pierced ears and anklets), clothes, scarves and makeup (I love red and pink lipsticks).

  • Craft items/stationary - stickers, pretty coloured paper, origami paper, card stock, embellishments, diecuts, journal cards, letter sets, wooden stamps, acrylic stamps, any other stamps etc.

  • Tombow and Copic markers.

  • Enamel pins.

  • DIY kits.

  • Items that a primary (elementary) teacher could use in the classroom (as I am a teacher). I know a lot of people write on their profile that they don't want teacher stickers, but feel free to send them to me! All I ask is that they are good quality. The students I teach are obsessed with scented stickers so if you could get them, that would be amazing!

  • Positive quotes and inspirations, poetry.

  • Beautiful pictures.

  • Astrology (my Zodiac/Sun sign is Pisces, Moon sign is Libra, Ascendant/Rising sign is Pisces).

  • Souvenirs from the country you live in (postcards, maxicards, keyrings, snowglobes, etc.).

  • Any meditation or relaxation items.

  • Beach/nautical/island/tropical/water themed items.

  • Forest/nature themed items.

  • Bicycles and parks.

  • Health and fitness products.

  • Outer space/astronomy themed items - I am obsessed with the stars, the moon and planets, so beautiful. Anything with a star chart on it would be awesome to receive!

  • Adult colouring/dot-to-dot books.

  • Cute stress balls/squishys.

  • Scented or unscented candles.

  • Cute and nice smelling hand sanitizers (can never have enough of them especially as a teacher!).

  • Coffee mugs with interesting/fun designs and quotes

  • Washi tape (either full rolls or samples).

Dislikes/Unneeded Items

  • Licorice or anise flavoured items.

  • Candied ginger or any other ginger flavoured product.

  • Sultanas and raisins.

  • Food products that contain alcohol (as I do not consume alcohol).

  • Marzipan.

  • Celery.

  • Any tea not mentioned in my likes/wishlist above. I highly dislike Herbal tea, Chai tea and Earl Grey tea.

  • Food or makeup products that are past their expiration date, use by date or best before date.

  • Nail polish or any other nail products.

  • Any bath products.

  • Used products and dirty products.

  • Anything with a strong smell, as it makes me feel unwell.


Comment: Wow! Just “WOW”! This package just blew me away! You spoiled me so much. I think it’s probably the prettiest wrapped pocket letter that I’ve ever gotten! You’re a pro! I love everything...the toile, the woodland fabric, the stunning pocket letter (everything you used to decorate it is beautiful), the goodies (you sent all stuff that I have never seen before), the cute bunny keychain (she’s going to hang up in my new craft room when it’s finished), the beautiful envelopes and their packaging, and that lovely ephemera pack! I love the little owl stickers where they have purses and the hedgehog ribbon and hedgehog washi...omg! If you want to trade or do a swap or something again let me know. You made me sooooo happy! Thank you!
Response: Hi Robin, thank you for your fantastic rating! I am glad that you enjoyed all of the items that I sent you. Yes, I am certainly interested in a private swap! I will send you a PM. Thanks again for rating! Annabelle xoxoxo
Queensmiley2530 rated for WIYM: Randomness #2 INTL on Sep 28, 2019
Comment: Wow!!!! I'm so Blown Away by everything! You are so sweet and generous. I love everything and the wrapping. Million plus Hearts!!!
Response: Thank you Jeslin! I am glad you loved it all. Happy swapping! Annabelle xoxoxo
BusyBeeFamily rated for FTLOC#1: Pocket Letter - Cats on Sep 12, 2019
Comment: Oh wow! This PL is amazing. You really took the time and love to create something lovely and make my day. The goodies are incredible. Thank you for the amazing swap and some inspiration.
Response: Thank you Lissa! I was delighted when reading your comments. Happy swapping! Annabelle xoxoxo
Hugsie86 rated for FTLOC#1: Letter, Drink And Craft on Sep 11, 2019
Comment: Thank you very much! Again, I felt so spoiled!
Response: Thanks for rating, Valerie! Annabelle xoxoxo
HilC rated for FTLOC#1: Pocket Letter - Dogs on Sep 3, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for the amazing pocket letter you sent me! So many beautiful goodies and extras! You are amazing. I wish I could give you more hearts! What a special package. Made my day! I love the "best friends" necklace and dog tag. SO cute. I am making my dog wear it hahaa. Thank you again so much!
Response: Hilary, I am so glad that you enjoyed this swap I sent to you! The necklace and dog tag is adorable and I knew it would be perfect for you and your dog. Happy swapping! Annabelle xoxoxo
miijja rated for WIYM: Randomness #1 INTL on Aug 23, 2019
Comment: I don't know where to start. It was worth waiting for :) You put together a fantastic swap. I love the scent of the soap, the small envelopes, the letterset and everything. I absolutely loved your amazing wrapping and the confetti. It was very fun to open. I wish I could give you at least 10 hearts! Thanks a bunch! :) <3
Response: Hi Maria! I am delighted that the package made it to you safely and that you love the contents! Enjoy! Annabelle xoxoxo
Comment: Omg Once again what a swap I have not enough hearts to say thank you in the keyboard :)
Response: I am glad you are loving my swaps to you, Barbara! Enjoy! Annabelle xoxoxo
Comment: Thank you so much for the gorgeous pocket letter! You really spoiled me with the goodies as well! I am already using the washi samples and the die cuts for a crafting project.
Response: Thank you for the great rating, Valerie! I am glad you are able to use the goodies in a crafting project. Happy crafting! Annabelle xoxoxo
Comment: i have not enough words to say thank you what an amazing swap!!!! thank you so much
Response: Barbara, thank you for the awesome rating! Annabelle xoxoxo
mag rated for WIYM ~ It's W I Y M Time! on Jun 17, 2019
Comment: Thanks for all the delightful items! Love them <3
Response: You are welcome, Mag! Annabelle xoxoxo
Mugsie rated for B L C Time!! :) on Jun 11, 2019
Comment: Annabelle, I don't know how to thank you! First I felt like it was my birthday! And the items couldn't be more perfect! Thank you so very much! You have wonderful hand writing. I enjoyed your note. Thank you so much for joining in my swap and I'm so glad you enjoy these swaps! Kelly
Response: Hi Kelly, thank you for the great rating! Enjoy it all! Happy swapping! Annabelle xoxoxo
HilC rated for IPC: Happy Mail Flipbook on May 24, 2019
Comment: WOW!!! What an amazing package you sent me! Thank you so much. You are so generous and kind. You really didn't need to go to so much trouble, but it is beautiful! I love all of the goodies, and will put them all to good use. Thank you again!
Response: Dear Hilary, I am glad you enjoyed my package to you! It is never any trouble at all. :) Happy swapping! Annabelle xoxoxo
Comment: Omt - i Just Do not know how to say thank you! It is beautiful!!!! Thank you so so so much - not enough hearts!!!!
Response: Thank you for the fantastic rating, Barbara! Annabelle xoxoxo
LisaLaughs rated for FTLOC#1: Pocket Letter - Unicorns on Apr 18, 2019
Comment: Oh my heavens, Annabelle!!! Do you know that I squealed when I opened your package (ok, so maybe I also squealed when I read "chocolate" on the customs form!!! LOL)!! What a gorgeous PL you created and it's all mine!!! I adore all the different unicorns you included - and I cannot pick just one favorite because I love them all!! Thank you so much for sharing all your lovely crafty items with me and for all the extra goodies!! The chocolate is also divine - thank you so very much for everything!!!! :o)
Response: Hi Lisa, I am really glad that you enjoyed everything I sent! Happy swapping! Annabelle xoxoxo
Coffeeegal rated for FTLOC#1: Pocket Letter - Vintage on Apr 16, 2019
Comment: Simply amazing ♥️♥️♥️ You did amazing job My favorite. Thank you soooo much. ❤️ love it. If u ever want to swap. ❤️
Response: Thanks for the great rating, Jenny! I am glad you love the swap! Annabelle xoxoxo
naturenerd3 rated for FTLOC#1: Pocket Letter - Easter on Apr 10, 2019
Comment: Hi Annabelle. I finally got a chance to open your pocket letter today. I'm not sure exactly when it arrived, but I had a very very bad week last week so I am so sorry it took me until today to get that chance to open it. :( You are always so generous in your packages! I have enjoyed reading about Australia in your notes to me. What you have described so far is so very, very different from here. So I guess it is fall there? If you are ever interested in pen-paling regular letters just drop me a line. I'd love to hear more about what it is like living in Australia. Thank you so much for the pocket letter and extras!
Response: Hi Elyse, I am sorry that you had a bad week. I am glad you enjoyed what I sent. Yes, it is currently Fall/Autumn here in Australia. I am certainly interested in writing a more detailed penpal letter to you. I will send you a PM. Thanks for your rating! Annabelle xoxoxo
blanketfort rated for R&W: 200 Questions - Int'l on Apr 4, 2019
Comment: Your journal just arrived, and I've already drunk one of the coffee sachets you sent me while reading your answers 💛 I just had to rate you now, before I continue. Hope you're having a lovely day 🌼
Response: Thank you for rating, Katrine! Enjoy reading and drinking! I am having a lovely day. I hope you are too! Annabelle xoxoxo
Disneydezi rated for Zoo Pocket Letter on Mar 19, 2019
Comment: Annabelle, I had a rough day but your PL made me smile ear to ear! It was all packaged so lovely and when I opened it, it was so beautiful and full of my favorite zoo critters I almost cried happy tears! We're the same age and I happen to quite like sun bears, have you ever seen one naked though? They are terrifying! I hope your renovation is going well. Thank you SO much for the PL, all the lovely goodies (dying to try that tea), and OMG TIMTAMS! I LOVE them, they are so hard to find here, and I've never had the dark variety (I didn't even know it existed). If I could give you dozens of hearts I would, thank you for an incredible swap! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Response: Hi Dezi, I am really glad that I made your day! I am glad that you love everything. No, I haven't seen a sun bear naked - sounds a bit scary! :S Enjoy all the goodies! Take care, Annabelle xoxoxo
Comment: Thank you for the fab flamingos and goodies!
Response: You are welcome, Elyse! Annabelle xoxoxo
Comment: Wow,wow,wow your pocket letter was incredibly beautiful thank you so much and I appreciate everything and loved everything that you sent to me thank you thank you thank you
Response: Theresa, it was a pleasure to send this PL swap to you! Glad you loved it all! Enjoy, Annabelle xoxoxo

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