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choke's current status

7/12/2018 - I am having a family emergency. I've contacted my swap partners and may be delayed getting my swaps out.

I found the most adorable miniature rolodex holder and cards, the cards are like 2"x3". If you're willing to make a decorated rolo for me (I'll send you the blank) please message me. In return I can make ATCs, twinchies, notecards, rolos, or some other small craft. Thanks!!

It's 2018 now so I guess I should update this. I have nothing major to report, life is great. Freaking out a bit that I will have an 18 year old on Jan 23, 2018 - YIKES!!

Unless you find something super unique or cool that screams "that's choke!"...please, please, please no more extras! I am overloaded with extras!

If you've noticed that I clicked sent on a Sunday it's because I mailed your swap on a Sunday. Both of closest post offices near me have automated postal machines and they're awesome! No long lines like when I go on my lunch hour!

If you haven't received a swap from me please contact me before rating a 1. I always send out my swaps so if it hasn't reached you I'm happy to resend.

choke's world:

  • My username: About 15 or so years ago I used to play in a trivia chat site on WinMX and my nickname was givememusicorgivemedeath. The room admin didn't like me much because I know a bunch of random trivia and can type fast, and therefore won lots of points. One day they decided I needed to shorten my name (just to mess with me, I think) so I chose dontcomplainjusttypefaster. They really didn't like that and threatened to ban me if I didn't make it shorter. So, at the time "Choke" by "Jack Off Jill" was playing - hence choke was chosen, it stuck, and I didn't play in their sandbox anymore. Since then it has taken on other meanings to me, but probably not as interesting to crafty folks. Common mode choke anyone?

  • I prefer a simple life and can't stand drama. I don't have tons of real-life friends and find myself happier with my own thoughts than in a group of more than 3 people.

  • I have a gulp 17 year old son named Tristan who is my world. He is my savior. I am not sure I'd still exist in this world had I never given birth to him.

  • My husband and I bought our first home together in 2015 and I have a large room for my craft space. I have lots of room to display the crafts I receive instead of storing them away. I also have 2 of those letterpress boxes which I've hung on the wall to display super small stuff and need to find more things to fill it with!

Crafty Stuff

  • I've a new sewing machine and actually have the space for it now. So far I've made an organizer that sits on my sewing table to store all my tools, a set of Halloween Hello Kitty placemats, a composition notebook cover, a ton of reusable grocery bags, and some curtains.

  • I love making altered rolodex cards more than most other papercrafts. All of my rolo holders are spinners, so if possible please put your info on the back accordingly. It doesn't seem like many are into them anymore but if you're up for a private trade just message me!

  • I store most of my ATCs in a binder so please do not send cards which extend far outside of the 2.5x3.5 dimension. If it can fit easily in an ATC sleeve, then it's good!

  • I also love many other papercrafts: ATCs, twinchies, inchies, greeting/note cards, and altered journals.

  • I also love to do cross-stitch. I've just finished a loooooong project for my son. I won't be doing anything this big for a long time, but I do have some smaller projects to work on.

  • One day I hope to learn to crochet.

Postcards likes and dislikes

I would greatly appreciate if you would check my collections before sending me a card to avoid sending duplicates.

I would appreciate a nice message on the back which is more than one sentence and that does not talk about the weather or a generic "Here's your swap, Happy Swapping!". Tell me about your day, your life, your favorite...anything, your first day of kindergarten, your last vacation, your dream vacation...anything but the same old message.

I prefer the regular touristy storebought postcards and I'm not too fond of handmade/zazzle/vistaprint/etsy/art/freebie/ad cards much. Handmade cards based on a profile like are always welcome :)

My absolute favorite type of postcards are maps!! You can find my entire collection here. I'd love if you could find one that I don't have :)
I would never be sad to find blank maps in my mailbox, it's nice to have something other than just Michigan to trade with.

Other types of cards I adore are:

Anne Taintor - I have all of her cards from both books, but some are marked blank in the title that I would love to replace with a written and stamped version.

Geekery******Did You Know?******Bunny Suicides******Facts, History and Legends******Aviation******US capitol buildings ****** US State Symbols ****** US State Facts ListedFlags******Outer Space******Memorable People - Especially Albert Einstein, Bob Marley and Che Guevara.******Route 66USPS******Monkeys, Chimpanzees, Primates, etc******Happy Bunny******Reproduction War Posters******Hello Kitty (pretty much any sanrio character except Deery Lou)******Recipes******Dragons******Faeries

Other themes I like that I don't have sorted in my flickr: Bridges, crystal clear reflections in water, UNESCO, lighthouses, National/State Parks, cityviews, snow, winter sports, autumn, famous people, prisons, breweries/wineries, cemetaries, under the sea creatures and other stuff, ships, harbors, nightviews, fireworks, traditional clothing, and on and on.

If you'd like to do a private trade for postcards, you can find my offers here. Some of the more expensive or particular themed cards I will only trade for similar cards, but feel free to send me a message if you see something you like!

Stuff I adore:

Alphabetized list of things I like or wish for:

~ Numbers ~
* 7 Gypsies.

* π

~ A ~
* Anne Taintor notecards (I have all of the postcards I can find, but can rarely find the notecards. Feel free to write on them as I collect these, I don't plan on using them for swaps unless I find a double.)
* Audioslave.
* Albert Einstein. @susieq11 found this awesome squished penny for me, and then out-did herself in her usual susieq way and found another one but I haven't had a chance to scan it:

* Animal prints (leopard, zebra, giraffe, tiger, lizard, crocodile). Disclaimer - faux only please!!
* Autumn.
* Alice in Chains.
* Alcohol Inks.

~ B ~
* Beastie Boys.
* Black, but not as much as green.
* Bob Marley.

~ C ~
* Click-a-day Websites
* Chris Cornell.

* Clovers.
* Chains.
* Circuits. (No I didn't spell cricut wrong...) The lovely @NaughtyElf custom made this awesome bracelet for me, I wear it with pride nearly everyday at work!
* Creepy and Cute. Or just creepy.
* Coffee (very, very, very, very dark - almost like mud).
* Coloring. (Haven't gotten into the "adult" coloring books. Still kicking it old-school with my Hello Kitty coloring book and 120 ct. crayolas.)

~ D ~
* Dotee Dolls.
* Dotee faces.
* Donate to Diabetes Education Camp a non-profit organization my friend is starting up for adults with diabetes. Send an adult to camp!
* Distressing crafts.
* Decos.
* Darkest of the darkest dark chocolate for my husband.
* Derivatives.

~ E ~
* e.
* Embossing.
* Eyelets (3/16" only as I have enough 1/8").
* Engineering.
* Electronic components. (small) I use them to make stuff like this:
* Emily the Strange.
* Ephemera - Not the stuff you can buy in the paper aisle of the local craft store.

~ F ~
* Flames.
* Faeries.
* Foils.
* Fuzzy warm socks.

~ G ~
* Green is my absolute favorite color, just regular crayola green or grass green.
* Gelly Roll gel pens.
* Glitter (I don't need any glitter, but I don't mind seeing loads of it on your crafts...or a "normal" amount I guess...)
* Geekery (Especially humorous like this).

~ H ~
* Handmade lovelies.
* Handmade envelopes sized for sending 4x6 postcards.
* Hoodies.
* Heavy metal girl stuff.
* Hello Kitty.
* Happy Bunny.
* Halloween.

~ I ~
* Iridescent.
* Intelligence.
* i.
* Inchies.
* Integrals.

~ J ~
* Jack Off Jill (The band).
* Japanese (I just started learning this language as of Feb 2012).

~ K ~
* Kinder Hippos (sent in a box - they always gets smashed when sent in envelopes).
* Kawaii.
* Korn.

~ L ~
* Lettering, books on how to do.
* Large Stencils.
* Little bitty things for ATCs.
* Leopard Print. * Long Letter Penpals.
* Little Twin Stars.

~ M ~
* Metal embellishments (I probably have enough...but...).
* Magic Mesh.
* Mowed Lawn (the color by TH).
* My job (I'm a Hardware Design Engineer).
* Maps (used in artwork, not the fold-up kind).
* Mark Ryden.
* Monkeys being silly or doing things that make people freak out.

~ N ~
* Nikola Tesla.
* Nature.

~ O ~
* Office supplies (work friendly, preferably geeky/engineering related).
* Ohm's Law.
* Old keys.

~ P ~
* Punk girl stuff.
* Postcards.
* Pinky & The Brain.

* Pantera.
* Pirates.
* Perfect Pearls.
* Pearl Jam.

~ Q ~
* Quiet time.
* Quirky.

~ R ~
* Rolos (altered of course).
* Rustic.
* Rilakkuma.
* Rub-ons.
* Red, but not as much as green.
* Rock/Riot girl stuff.
a huge thank you to @rainbowafterrain81 for the awesome rolodex punch!!!

~ S ~
* Sharpies (prefer the fine tips).
* Skulls.
* Slams.
* Sublime (The band).
* Silver, but not as much as green.
* Stars.
* Shiny and Sparkly.
* Skateboarding/Snowboarding type stickers.
* South Park.
* Super small stuff to put in my letterpress box.
* Sentimental Circus.

~ T ~
* Tools for destroying/roughing things up.
* Textures.
* Tim Holtz techniques. * Tare Panda.

~ U ~
* Unthemed.
* Unique.

~ V ~
* Vellum.
* Very large stickers (like big enough to seal an envelop with, especially of bands or rock/punk/metal style).
* Vintage stuff (not so much with the repro type stuff).

~ W ~
* Winter.
* Wood.
* White wine.
* Washi.
* Word Games.

~ X ~
* the 'X' shape.
* xkcd.com
* Xacto knives.

~ Y ~
* Your best excuses for getting out of doing chores.

~ Z ~
* Zines (I don't make one but I do love to read the very strange ones).
* Zentangled stuff (not sure I have this figured out enough to try it on my own yet, examples please!).

Things I have more than enough of:
* Paper!! I am fond of specialty papers that I can't find in stores, but please no more storebought paper!
* Random paper tidbits, I have enough bits of paper this or that to last me four lifetimes.
* Ribbon!!
* Stickers!!
* Notecards!!
* Glitter!!
* Pens!!
* Fabric!!

* Drama.
* Arrogance.
* Racists.
* Loud-mouthed, drama-infested, obnoxious, proud-to-be a bitch/asshole type people - however I love a smartassed, opinionated, intelligent individual :)
* Gold.
* Puffy Stickers.
* Lime Green.
* Friendship Books.
* Makeup & Nail Polish or any girly frou-frou crap.
* Spring/Summer themes.
* Flowers.
* Big or chunky crafts or craft objects
* Jewelry (I hardly wear it and am pretty picky.)
* Flakers.
* Rape (well if I put flakers on here I might as well put rape too).
* I get really aggravated when I RAK something to somebody and they don't even have the decency to say "Thanks!".


TC rated for THC: 10 step ATC challenge #7 on Jul 6, 2018
Comment: Even with the unplanned "mistake," I think this card came out great. I really like the soft colors you used. (I did figure out, while reading the directions, to make the strips longer than 3.5". :) So the ATC you get from me will look a bit different.)
lmacdavis93 rated for VTHS: 6 inchies of Distress #4 on Jul 6, 2018
Comment: Colleen - I thought this swap was a great idea and sorry more didn't particpate. Love the distressed inches you sent me - it's amazing what you can create in such a small space! If you decide to do more, I'd sign up again! Cheers!
TC rated for VTHS: ATC w/ Heat Embossed Oxide Ink on Jun 29, 2018
Comment: Oh, I so agree! These Distress Oxides are a bit tricky to work with. I usually don’t get the same results as Tim, either. I guess we need a personal class. LOL. But the ATC you made is great and I’m happy to add it to my collection. :)
Lucine rated for TPD: 8.5x11 Art Journal Page May 2018 on Jun 28, 2018
Comment: I like the theme of this page:) Thank you so much!
ktk8 rated for Stamping on patterned paper on Jun 4, 2018
Comment: YES Geek is Chic.....love the zebra print! And the envelope and card it was enclosed in is STUNNING..... will turn it into something to make my adopted daughter smile also......
lloydp rated for Add an inchie on Jun 2, 2018
Comment: Hi Colleen I liked your ATCs - cute little inchies. Hope we swap again sometime soon. Pat
PeggyO rated for THC: 10 step ATC challenge #3 on May 31, 2018
Comment: I love the carefully spaced and colored "bangs" to get exactly the look you wanted; I will remember that next time--I was too wild and frequent on my "bangs"! You also have a lovely background which lets the bottle caps stand out sharply. I try to learn something from the swaps I receive; I've learned LOTS since I sent my first swap to 123poggy123--she lives about 15 miles from the small Iowa town where I went to high school and one year of community college. I cannot find the right words to say how much easier it made it for me to send my first swap (probably an ATC). Have a great day!
Comment: Thanks for the deco book, Colleen! :)
TC rated for THC: 10 step ATC challenge #6 on May 22, 2018
Comment: Colleen, this is an excellent ATC. I feel like I need to experiment more with the technique because my results seemed muddy on black paper, but yours is great. I'll say it again - I so appreciate you hosting these swaps! They take me out of my comfort zone every time. (P.S. I love the hand made greeting card. You're so talented.)
Poeprincess rated for TIMs: Words of Wisdom on May 18, 2018
Comment: Fantastic Inchies! Collated & colorful. The card was a work of art in itself!
Comment: Very cool! I so appreciate you hosting these swaps. I learn something new with each one of them. :)
Comment: I like the page with silver accents;) Thank you!
fbresnah rated for CPG 2 Deco Books - US Only on Apr 27, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the decos!
Anettethhjertnes rated for Stamped hidden images on Apr 25, 2018
Comment: You hidden your stamp's well, that heart I still have not seen. The atc was lovely
Response: Sorry for the delayed response, if I remember right the heart is near the base of the large flower that is part of the main image. It may have dried further in mailing, but when I tilted the card in the light it helped me to find it :-P Sorry I didn't include better clues!
hibiscus rated for VTH: Vintage ATC with a ticket on Apr 24, 2018
Comment: Great collage ... I have one of those cigar bands love what you did with it.. I’m hoping to eventually come up with something so creative... thank you so much... great swap!
123Poggy123 rated for THC: 10 step ATC Challenge #4 on Apr 21, 2018
Comment: This is just a fantastic ATC. I can see all the different layers of ink you used. I would give so many more hearts if I could. Thank you for hosting such great swaps that make me step outside of my comfort zone.
123Poggy123 rated for TPD: Hidden stamped images ATC on Apr 19, 2018
Comment: Oh my goodness. I love, love this ATC. The coloring is fantastic. Some of the images were easier than others to find but, I had a great time looking for all of them. I like that they were not all easy to find. Thank you for a great swap.
Fieke rated for CPG Green Random Envie - Global on Apr 16, 2018
Comment: Thank you very much for resending.? I love everything you've sent :)
ittybittykitty rated for CPG Wild for Washi - Global on Apr 12, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the cute washi! Plus your note on the envelope totally made me laugh, I can relate. I have some washi that always rips too, some of it miiiiiiiiiight be in the trash now lol
Comment: Wonderful tag!!! Love the colors!!!

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BusyB on Jun 15, 2018:

Please read your PM from me. :)

Paige1900 on Jun 12, 2018:

BusyB on May 30, 2018:

Please read your pm from me. :) Thanks!

Paige1900 on Apr 26, 2018:

Sadly I don't know anywhere other than craft stores that are chains and can be found anywhere, sadly the same thing with stamps. :(

Have fun in Florida though!

simcoe54 on Mar 29, 2018:

Scrap Paper RAK - Thanks for the scrap paper items. Now I can start planning on what I can do with them! :)

Paige1900 on Mar 26, 2018:

Yes, we moved again. Our house was too big for just the 2 of us, so we sold it and bought a little house on 4 acres more out in the country. :)

Hope you are yours are wonderful...I do miss FB because of friends, but the other sh*t was stuff I refuse to deal with any longer. So my hubby and I both deleted it. O.o

Paige1900 on Mar 25, 2018:

Hi! :)

BlueberryLady on Mar 21, 2018:

Thank you Colleen for the Scrap Paper RAK. Some lovely Postcards and Papers, Love the Calendar pages-Everything.. Hugs from Ohio !!

Marryth on Mar 1, 2018:

Thank you so much for the stamped images towards my February Wishlist group wishes - they are much appreciated! I'll definitely be using a couple when I get some craft time in over the weekend. :)

crescendo on Feb 27, 2018:

Thank you so much for the neato handmade inchies and for your happy mail note and card as well for my FEB Wishlist. I bet your snow was very pretty, we have some too. I think we need to start an inchie fad redux. I of course HAD to hoard the washi tape from the envelope and inside. You have the best tape I've ever seen, I'm gonna have to find out where you shop. Haha middle fingers tape, who knew!

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