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8/4/2020 from a postal worker local to me :

From my neighbor, Maureen- a dedicated postal worker.

Are you angry about the lack of mail delivery in your neighborhood? Believe me so are we, as president of the letter carriers union I can assure you none of the issues are the fault of your letter carrier. As an example today August 1st 2020 some of our post offices received zero mail for delivery. letter carriers in those stations received parcels for delivery only, this is a problem which is being manufactured from the top of the leadership pyramid.

Recently we received a new postmaster general who is instituting changes, and it is these changes that are driving the non-delivery of mail. Below is a statement from our national office of the Union explaining that we are not in favor nor endorsing any of these new changes that are happening. I have been with the postal service going on 33 years and I have never seen a day like today where zero mail showed up at the post office for delivery. I have lived through severe snow storms, the ice storm of 1991, 2020 pandemic, riots, hurricanes, ect. the list goes on and on and through all these issues and all of these national or local emergencies the mail still went through. With the hiring of a single individual who has never had anything to do with the postal service and has zero postal experience, we are now seeing days where mail does not show up.

I know you the mailing public find this completely unacceptable please understand your letter carrier also finds this completely unacceptable, we ask you to stand with us in support of your postal service contact your congressman let them know you find this unacceptable and demand answers. Calling the postal service to complain will do nothing you need to go further and contact Congress. This is your postal service and once it's gone it will be extremely expensive to send a letter across the country we're not talking cents we're talking dollars. If we sit by and do nothing the postal service we'll be gone and you'll never get it back.

For the first time in 33 years I am worried I am concerned for the future of the mail delivery, the careers of 700,000 employees and for the service that we provide the American public everyday.

8/3/2020- my mail has not got any better sadly. I am not going to join many swaps still. but--- if i owe you a rating or swap i am happy to try to resend.

please let me know if you did not get a swap from me. i have stopped joining bc i have been having so many issues.


5/14 it would appear that an entire batch of my sent mail got lost. I am resending all swaps that’s are missing. I am sorry I honestly I’m not sure what happened but i It was everything I sent out on the same day that has not made it to anybody yet

I READ ALL MY COMMENTS AND RATINGS. It’s really hard to respond to them all.

If I owe you a rating, please ask! Gonna be late? No problem, just let me know.

Or if for some reason you had to pay postage I’ll repay you

I do appreciate it if you take the time to rate me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


i love postcards! blank and written on. I love stickers to share. I have an amazon wish list. Swap Ideas below.


I try to read my partners profiles for individual swaps! I don’t always have something that will be specific to you, but I will read your profile bio!

Mail pick up- even if I drop it to the desk- they do not process till after they close. They collect from boxes daily at various times and process that at the end of day too. If it gets dropped off on Saturday it’s probably not moving till Monday. Just want to give you a heads up!

If you some how get a double from me - #or nothing at all- # please let me know ! Communication is key! I’ll replace or resend !


I will accept new (unused not written or stamped) postcards in place of anything listed on the swap choices. Just give me a note too on a slip of paper saying I chose postcards instead of ______.

I really only like postcards, stationary with envelopes, and stickers! I’ve started to like washi samples too! I don’t have any to share yet though!

I’m working on my stash and it’s crazy how hard it’s been finding postcard in Cleveland that don’t cost $2!

I’m gonna have to pay to drive to the rest stops on the turnpike to Buy postcards I hope aren’t crazy expensive! Any direct suppliers you know of, I can order through my company !

If you’d like to do a direct swap for a postcard let me know!


those are my happy mail :D anytime you have a choice- i would prefer a post card ! Landscapes are my favorite. And cats.

Love the postcard surprise!

Feel free to write facts or quotes or draw a picture. A poem a story or just the weather today! Stickers are cool too! I’m a huge fan corny jokes too.

I am happy to send anyone a birthday postcard just ask! I have over 165 people on my 2020 list!

Landscapes are my favorite. A beautiful scene always brings me joy. I also love tourist cards from anywhere !

I LOVE MAKING POSTCARDS TOO. I use 110 lb heavy cover stock and my cameo silhouette machine. I also love printing pictures and glueing them. I am a huge fan of cut n paste postcards too! If i have the time i even try to put my notes with the machine bc it looks so pretty! I use images ive created, as well as fair use images.

I’m in Ohio - home to cedar point and I love roller coasters-

any roller coaster postcard i can get i would love!

Huge fan of cats as well. I have three.

I’m in a few other exchanges but so happy to find swap bot. This is truly something I’ve been searching by for. (postcrossing, postcards united, 50 states exchange, and my birthday exchange and few on Facebook and Reddit)

I really enjoy helping make people smile.

I also buy postcards - my favorite souvenir when I travel! I always only got for myself, but from now on I’ll grab at least 2-3 extra of what I get!

Thanks! For reading

My only dislikes

are strong smells of perfume. I havent had any issues with this, but i figured id write this out for safety sake!

About Me

I am 35, and i live in Cleveland, Ohio. (im about 15 minutes from the city) I am happily married. My husband and I tied the knot on 10/13/18 at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum! IT WAS INCREDIBLE! We have been together since 2009!

We finally gave in and chose to have some special time for us and “officially” unite as a family! :D I have one son, and he has two daughters, and together we are the coolest unit of family ever! We travel as much as possible.

Hubs and I love AEW ! (wwe used to be so good but its lacked that 5-7 years so bad) I am pretty fluent in my wrestling, so always happy to chat that!

ABC.. for me :)

My original got deleted when I was editing. 😫😩

A. Amusement Parks!!! Animals, ancient times, Amsterdam, arboriculture, AEW

B. Bird watching, boo (from Mario), beautiful scenes,

C. ##cats## crafting, cameo silhouette, creativity, cards, coffee, Chicago, changing leaves,

D. Deltiology, dragons, dairymans,

E. E-swapping, envelopes, elephants,

F. Frank my cat, felines, food, fall,

G. Green things, grape vodka (once in blue moon), Guns N’ Roses, grape flavor but not grapes really lol.

H. Happiness, hills, Halloween, haunting, horror,

I. Iceland, idioms, irrelevant quotes, irregular postcards

J. Jasper my cat, joyful quotes, journeys, jinx, journaling stickers,

K. Kitties of course, kite flying, kaleidoscopes, keychains,

L. Landscapes, lanyards, leaves,

M. Monopoly, mountains, music, magnets, moon,

N. National parks, nature, notebooks, New York City

O. Oboe music, oddities, owls, offensive things,

P. Postcards, piano music, Philadelphia, plates (like state or touristy Plates) polar bears,

Q. Quartets, quarters,

R. Rain, rainbows, ridges, roller coasters, rice,

S. Street signs, salutes, singing, SYMMETRY , silver spoons, shit glasses, sunshine, stickers,

T. Tri fold pamplets😃, top thrill dragster, trinkets,

U. Umbrellas, unicorns, unisex, ufo,

V. Volcanos, visually pleasant, valleys,

W. Waterfalls, Water parks, water slides, Washington DC ,

X. You got me here 😂

Y. Yard sales, yard art,

Z. Zen doodles, zzzquill 😴, zebras

Stuff I enjoy watching

The office


Parks and recreation


Good girls

The good place

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

Anything in the travel Chanel really. Although I don’t watch much actual tv.

Hitchhikers guide to galaxy is one of my favorite movies!!

I’m kinda bad at committing and watching something new. The above mentioned are on in the background while I’m working on my postcards!

We are watching man in the high castle right now. And it’s crazy good!

Favorite Music

I am


with music. I really enjoy old timey music from 40s/50s (sentimental journey anyone?)

But I can’t name artists or anything. - maybe a few as I Shazam most of them!

Tony Bennett

Sarah Vaughn

Dean Martin

Always on my Spotify


Ninja sex party


Falling in reverse


Almost all 50s/60s music

Zelda music

“Cute beats”

Luis zhong


The doors

John Mayer


Guns N’ Roses

Norah Jones

The Beatles

Taking back Sunday

Panic at the disco

Fall out boy

My chemical romance

System of down

Usually like most pop songs that are popular in the USA too.

Swap wishes :) thanks!

This is only for swaps based on wishes (or profile surprises):

So thank you in advance!

Cool Stickers

I love the sticker postcard swaps. And I always get neat stickers. So anything you would want to get in a swap! I really don’t have a stash.


Any denomination ! $.01 - $1.20 ! I’ve had to lay off international swaps as much since it’s getting so pricey!

Any postcards

If they are touristy - I like to get doubles so I can keep one and send one ! Non-touristy I don’t need doubles of but always love them to be able to share as well! (I usually end up keep most Bc I don’t have them haha)

Stationary sets

I used to have a ton, and now those are not as easy to find either haha!

Anything off of my amazon list

The amazon list started for my birthday postcard exchange. And I know some of that stuff on there is pricey - but it also serves as my quick access to buy for myself ! Anything towards an item is awesome too.

Lately I’ve been sending so much I’ve been going through all of my stashes!

If you’ve read all of this, I totally appreciate your time 😬!



Ellevee rated for Corona crazy swap! on Jul 25, 2020
Comment: I have reached out a few times since the swap deadline in April and while there was communication there has still been nothing received on my end. I hate to give a low rating but nearly 4 months have gone by at this point. I have also not received a rating even though I have confirmation from USPS and my partner that the package was delivered. I put a lot of thought into what I sent and am very hurt to not have that same courtesy given. I’d be willing to change the rating in the future if we can working something out but for now I have to give a 1 rating I’m sorry. 😢
suepier rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #39 on Jul 8, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the nice postcard.
SnailerAH rated for Swap 10 postcards on Jun 21, 2020
Comment: Thank you for your postcards, it finally arrived
Comment: Super cute book!
denisedecker58 rated for PC Mailbox Stuffer #2 on Jun 13, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the resend and for going above and beyond on this swap!
Response: HI! I never got a message from you about not getting this swap. I am more than happy to send you another out- so sorry you did not get this. Resend 6/9/2020
Comment: Thank you for the resend! I got it today. No worries on the wait. I'm extremely patient haha. I get the struggles!
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful extras! It's cool that we were both born in 1984. I think it was a great year 😉
BeHappyToday rated for Mailbox Blues #3 on Jun 6, 2020
Comment: Thank you Ananda for the nice note and the PC’s. Life is slowly getting back to our “new norm” here. Take care❣️ (Sorry for the late rating as I had to pickup at the post office and pay $.30 cents...) ... the PO is getting more picky lately). 😦
Onyx rated for Empty Mailbox Cure #2 on Jun 4, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the resend! Hope your mail woes work out soon.
loey rated for PC Mailbox Stuffer #2 on Jun 3, 2020
Comment: Thanks so much for the swap and the extra goodies!
LoveThis rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #39 on Jun 3, 2020
Comment: thankyou very much for the card
Kts6girl rated for PC Mailbox Stuffer #2 on Jun 2, 2020
Comment: that was so sweet thankyou
Mandaloolee rated for Mailbox Blues #3 on Jun 2, 2020
Comment: I got your happy mail! It was such a fun happy mail envelope, thank you!
paperlover rated for PC Mailbox Stuffer #2 on Jun 1, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the great Ohio postcards and the extra stuff. I have had swaps lost in the mail before and it is very frustrating. This is the only swap I have received from you. If the other one ever shows up I will let you know
me2az50 rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #39 on May 31, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the postcard. Nice looking baseball field. Thanks for the resend, didn't know I didn't receive it . With the pandemic, I won't down rate.
megan1230 rated for Empty Mailbox Cure #2 on May 30, 2020
usctrojans79 rated for Mailbox Blues #3 on May 30, 2020
Comment: Hi Amanda! I did not get the first swap but I just got the second. I know how frustrating it gets with the post office (my crazy story is too long to tell). Don't let them get you down with swapping! Hopefully you get your grove back to get in your happy place with swapping! Thank you though for the cute goodies!
Kvwanderlost rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt For PCs #100 on May 30, 2020
Comment: I received the swap Amanda, thank you! I am so sorry you are having these troubles with your post office :(
Elliepatterson rated for Empty Mailbox Cure #2 on May 30, 2020
Comment: Thank you for envie stuffed with mail happiness. It’s a crazy time in the world right now and I am glad to see the postal borders are at least opening back up🌻

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CookieMomster78 on Apr 26, 2020:

Thank you for the Arbor Day greetings! I appreciate your thinking of me ☺️

nancylee on Apr 24, 2020:

Arbor Day-Let's celebrate the trees profile deco thank you for joining my swap these are bonus images

CherryBlossomLady on Apr 23, 2020:

carrotkate on Apr 23, 2020:

Most postcard love! Here's another vintage card of a "picturesque view" to celebrate Arbor Day --

Crater Lake

bambam on Apr 23, 2020:

Arbor Day Tree Deco

Emma a.k.a bambam

carrotkate on Apr 23, 2020:

Postcards on your profile! Here's a vintage card from Honolulu to celebrate Arbor Day!

alt text

carrotkate on Apr 23, 2020:

A vintage card from Wyoming -

Sausage Tree in Florida

carrotkate on Apr 23, 2020:

Happy Arbor Day! Here's a vintage postcard of "the Tree That Owns Itself" -

The Tree That Owns Itself

ttpass12 on Mar 28, 2020:



Lisbon♡ My favorite city in Portugal

euniceq on Mar 26, 2020:

✦ Profile deco - favorite vacation spot ✦

This is Melaka, Malaysia!

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