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So it's looking like that 1 rating I've got might not be going away. I sent the swap out twice. First time she says she didn't get it. Now she doesn't seem to be responding to any of my messages. So, that's that, just in case you were wondering.

I would not join a swap if I did not intend to send. If you don't receive something from me, contact me and I will resend.

Also, if you sent me something and I have not rated you yet or left you a thank you on your profile, please PM me. Sometimes things get accidenally misplaced (usually by DH) before I can get to rating.

I'm 47 and have been married to my best friend for 20 years. We met in the 4th grade and have been best friends ever since. Our kids are the four-legged kind. We have 2 poodles, Maggie and Millie. They are great, they are my little babies.

I'm not a girly-girl. I don't mind getting dirty, especially if I can have fun doing it. I have a Ninja 650R motorcycle that I love to ride. And no, my husband does not ride. I don't wear alot of jewlery but I do like anklets and ear cuffs.

I like to travel. Mostly to places where there are palm trees: Hawaii, the Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida. I like to go on cruises. I like Disney. My favorite is Tigger.

I'm into helping do my part for the planet. I recycle what I can. If you find you recieve your items from me in recycled packaging, don't be surprised. I find some recycled items make for very interesting packaging.

Favorite Music

I love to listen to music. I listen to all kinds of (modern) music. But I don't really care for sad music. I listen to music to make me happy not to bring me down, which is why I don't listen to much country anymore. Not into opera and stuff like that either. Some classical is ok.

I like Matchbox20, Rob Thomas, Audioslave, Candlebox, Evanescence, Eminem, Timbaland, Lloyd Banks, Moby, Shaggy, Macy Gray, Tracy Chapman, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Beatles, U2, Madonna, Johnny Cash, ELO. I'm all over the place with music. If I like it I don't care what genre it's from.
I have about 95 gig of music on my computer. I'll download and try anything. I'll listen to anything at least once. Anyone interested in sending me music, that would be great. I guess you could say I kind of collect it. I enjoy finding music from new indie groups. If you have a local band that you're in or go to see and that has some recorded music out there and would like to send me a copy I would love it.

Books, Movies, TV

I listen to audio books on my ipod. Mostly history stuff right now. But I also like historical fiction. David McCullough and Anne Rice are my favs. I think I've "read" everything they wrote. Some of my favorites books were 'John Adams' , 'Blood and Gold', 'Girl with a Pearl Earring', 'The Time Traveler's Wife', 'The Lovely Bones', 'Bag of Bones'

Not really into watching movies much, I have to be in the mood. That's a big commitment for me to sit still that long and actually pay attention. But some of my favorite movies are Casablanca, You've Got Mail, Amadeaus, Gettysburg, An Affair to Remember, The Way We Were, The Mirror Has Two Faces, Rocky Horror Picture Show, All the Harry Potter, Star Wars and Star Trek movies.

For TV I like sports, educational, documentaries, history stuff. If it's about Egypt, Pyramids, Mummies or Titanic I've probably seen it. I like Naked Archaeologist, The Dog Whisperer. Don't really watch much network TV. I don't really like reality tv.

Favorite Crafts

Photography, Scrapbooking, rubber stamping and other paper crafts. I just recently got into ATC and I'm addicted to that right now. Although, I really don't know that I've found a craft I don't like.

Stuff I hate

People that are mean to other people or animals.
People who discriminate or are closed minded.
The smell of cigarettes and cigars and nasty stuff like that.
Spiders - don't know if I really hate them but I dislike them a lot and I'm afraid of them
Mushrooms - I've tried to like them, really I have. I don't hate them all, just the ones that have that rubbery mushroom texture in your mouth
Liver - yup REALLY hate everything about that. The look, the feel, the taste, the smell, the color.
Cancer - it's taken way too many people I care about.

Stuff I like

• puppy kisses
• penpals
• Postcards sent naked in the mail with a note on the back about anything
• Blank postcards sent in an envie for me to use
• Stationery sets for writing letters
• A letter telling me about the charities you support
• Any clear or rubber stamps you don’t want anymore. Used is fine. I’m not too much into cute things. I like artsy stamps, alpha and number stamps, quotes, anything like that.
• Stamp pads, embossing powder, anything for rubber stamping
• Alcohol inks, twinkling H2Os, Perfect Pearls, Anything Tim Holtz
• Embellishments. Anything I can use in scrapbooking or on ATCs
• Thick ATC blanks
• UHU glue, pop-dots, glue-dots
• Scrabble tiles and dominoes – either to be altered or already altered
• journals – blank, written, altered, unaltered, whatever.
• Handmade papers or different kinds of papers like ones with fibers or perforated paper. Cool papers to use on ATCs.
• State or City Magnets or magnets from tourist attractions
• Squished pennies from anywhere
• ATCs to add to my collection
• Interestingly decorated and/or handmade envelopes that I could use to mail my swaps or letters in. You know, mail art. I like to see what other people come up with.
• skeleton keys
• Coins or paper currency from other countries than the US
• Alice in Wonderland
• The letter A
• Collector Pins (like those ones you get at Disney and other places)
• Handmade Christmas ornaments or christmas ornaments of any kind. Never can have too many.
• Those little picture frame ornaments you hang on the christmas tree.
• I'd like a whimsey jar. Not sure what they are exactly but they sound like fun
• flavored hot cocoa
• I'm not very religious but I am okay with relegious stuff so long as it's not meant to convert me to anything.
• I'd really love some intersting magazine covers, calendar pages or heavier weight book pages with interesting pictures that I could make envelopes out of.
• I'm also not offended by X-rated stuff

Just in case - my husband collects sports cards, foreign paper money and coins.

the girls are rather particualr about their treats. Maggie is addicted to Puperoni, Millie likes pupcorn. They like stuffed toys that squeek and mini tennis balls. They also love Greenies.

Oh, and my etsy favs are linked up above:-)

Not so much...

These are things I don't really care for all that much. But if you send it I'm sure I can find someone to put it to use.

lip gloss


I like all kinds of postcards. In particular I like cityscapes, night scenes, local places of interest and vintage sytle. I like touristy postcards and artsy postcards. There really isn't any kind I can think of that I don't like. I like both store bought and (good) handmade cards. I prefer my cards sent with stamps through the mail (naked). I like that handled and weathered look they get plus I like the stamps and postmarks to be on them. I would love any surprise cards you would like to send me.

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susieq11 rated for Blind Postcard 11 on Oct 15, 2011
Comment: What a great postcard!! Australia - thank you! I have 2 white poodles - a toy and a mini! ♥ They are my babies, too - the best !! Thank you so much!
Comment: Thank you for the pretty card!! Sorry for the late rating!!
patty rated for ~Blind Postcard Swap~ on Oct 19, 2010
Comment: Hello! Thank you so much for the postcard! I got it today. It was nice knowing a little something about you. Your outdoor activities are really interesting and they are something I also want to do, only I don't have great opportunities to do so. Maybe one day soon... Have a nice day always! =) P.S. I sooo love the stamps (Beetle Bailey and Dennis the Menace) in the postcard!
suepier rated for ~12 month postcard swap~ on Oct 11, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the great card from Boston.
suepier rated for Sea Pc Swap on Sep 30, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful Gulf of Mexico Sunset.
Vblarney rated for Planes, Trains and Automobiles on Sep 25, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the great postcards! I don't have any of these!
atinagrace rated for Alphabet Swap - Letter B on Sep 25, 2010
Comment: Hi Alice, Loved your card..Also, I loved the movie Ben Hur, and so the card has a special meaning for me. Thank you
Comment: It's great getting to know you!
thetoothfairy rated for Alphabet Swap - Letter B on Sep 25, 2010
Comment: thank you so much!
violettedream rated for WPC 28 - Child's Play on Sep 23, 2010
Comment: Interesting postcard! I hung out with the boys a lot too. I bet you were better than them too (I know I was!)
Comment: Thank you Alice. I remember Sept. 11th very well.. I thought then that I lost my bestfriend who was in NY at that time. Thank heavens she wasnt anywhere near the World Trade then. <3 Nobody should forget that day..
omandarine rated for 3P's Postcard Swap - Critters on Sep 22, 2010
Comment: thanks a lot for your card i actually like the meerkats they are amazing !
LadyAmbrosia rated for Postcard Blizzard VII on Sep 22, 2010
DaftDabbler rated for Flora and Fauna PC swap #1 on Sep 21, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the fabulous penguin card!
Tinker60 rated for WPC 28 - Child's Play on Sep 20, 2010
Comment: Great card although it doesn't look like the boys are 'taking care of business' but rather are running around. . . ah, boys will be boys!! Thanks again ~~
Cadfael57 rated for Alphabet swap - letter A on Sep 19, 2010
Comment: Nice old original card, thank you very much ! & for stamps too ;-)
hull33 rated for ~12 Month Postcard Swap~ on Sep 17, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the great PC! Loved the Indians and it goes great with my collection:)
mejulia rated for ~12 Month Postcard Swap~ on Sep 17, 2010
Comment: Thank you, always great to meet you in a swap.
kataish rated for A Note About ... Something on Sep 16, 2010
Comment: Hello Alice! I got your lovely notecard today, thank you! I hope your brakes didn't cost too much to fix!

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cynaemon on Jul 18, 2016:

As for user2637, she has appointed herself God and feels like she needs to poke her nose into everyone's personal business. I do not know her, nor do I want to. I have never swapped with her and owe her nothin. She has no right to make ANY comments about me one way or the other. Such a nasty, hateful person. How sad.

cynaemon on Mar 30, 2015:

I contacted coolcamaro, and sent this swap to her in December of 2013. I did still have an address for her at that point. However, she has not been online at swapbot since November of 2012. I never heard anything from her, nor did she ever re-rate me. I don't know whether or not she ever received the swap I sent her.

user2637 on Aug 4, 2013:

Heads up that user @cynaemon is back online and swapping. You may be able to get the the swap from a few years ago that you rated her a 1 for.

Toupti on Nov 27, 2011:

I just want to say a big

for the nice selection of postcards and notecards from my november wishlist.

MSturgill87 on Nov 18, 2011:

Thank you for the awesome assortment of notecards via Wishlist Group's November wishlist!

choke on Aug 7, 2011:

Thanks for the awesome pc of Sam Houston! I really appreciate you sending it to me for my collection :) I hope you had a nice time!

choke on Apr 29, 2011:

Hi Alice! Thanks for the WWI poster postcard, I love it! I haven't received the one sent to my old address, but it should arrive soon as I did have my mail forwarded. I am not sure what this card is for though, so if I owe you a rating or acknowledgement in the Wishlist group please let me know. Thanks again for sending it to me, I really adore these cards :)

Tynkerbelle on Dec 22, 2010:

Happy Holidays from The Sharp Shooters Group


"May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp, and peace in your heart!" 
--Eskimo proverb

MrsAnnaSue on Dec 16, 2010:

Thank you for the Christmas card! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2011! Anna

choke on Sep 5, 2010:

evil laughter I just added some more as favorites! Feel free to do the same on my postcrossing profile or my flickr (if you have one), I love swapping and tagging you :)

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