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About Me

Please let me know if I send you a postage due item! I’m happy to make it up to you. My local post office has reduced hours still:(

Welcome to my profile! I am 53 years old and live near San Francisco, California. My town is an island in the San Francisco Bay. I have also lived on another island 🌴 here in the bay.

A few of my favorite things: Handmade anything. Dabbling in drawing, doodling, some variation of zentangles, watercolor, gel plate printing, stamping, collage, acrylics, sewing, painting, coloring, knitting, and other fiber arts, beading, cooking, and more.

Penpal writing and journal writing are some of my favorite pastimes.

💜Bella Grace& Daphne’s Diary & Somerset Studio are magazines I read.

Here are some of the YouTube people I subscribe to: Maremi Smallarts, Nik the Booksmith, Mystele, Ana Bondu, Susanne Rose Art, The Paper Outpost, Creationsceecee, My Arty Heart, Lisa Oxley, Joie de fi, Gel Press, and Gelli Arts.

Postcards & Paper

Postcards: I love any and all postcards. Here is a list to help make your selection easier. But really I love them all! I also specifically like handmade, collage, tourist, art, any upcycled or reused or reformed "art", illustrated, inspirational, humor, photography.

Paper: I love stationery and all kinds of paper.

Junk journals, funky scrapbooks. I'm not that coordinated nor designed. My style is eclectic and messy and Bohemian. But I love to save all kinds of little bits and pieces. Ribbons, book pages, washi tape, wrapping paper, home made paper.

Favorite Books

Currently listening to Bob Woodward's book, Rage and also Jeffrey Toobin's True Crimes & Misdemeanors. On a spooky note I'm reading the latest Annette Marie as I'm addicted. I'm also addicted to various apocalyptic writers, not in the Biblical sense though that interests me too, but the End is Nigh with stories by John Joseph Adams, Hugh Howey, and Scott Sigler.

What are you reading or listening to? Would you recommend a book to me? Or several? I’m open to new books right now. I finally cleared up my 2019 book list and I’m ready for new juicy reading material!!

Black Lives Matter and even beyond that I have loved James Baldwin since I discovered him by wandering around my local library and picking up books. I love everything he has written from fiction like Another Country to non-fiction, Price of the Ticket. The latest tv show Lovecraft Country has a voice over excerpt of James Baldwin and I was jumping up and down in my living room screaming that's James Baldwin. He writes the kind of words that make me want to cry and laugh and dance. When he talks or writes about jazz it makes me want to play the piano or dance and sway like I can feel the drums beating. He became an ex-pat and moved to Paris and France and explored the Negro experience in that country, which has its own struggles and history different from ours here in the USA but I could gush and gush. There are times when I feel so raw and realize that is how I am, I come across to other people at times, deep and raw and oversharing. But it's epic. And beautiful and yet some things a person has to experience on their own. They can't just read about or hear about. They need to go out and walk the trail, or smell the rain, or watch the waves crash at the ocean. Not everything can come through a book, but it is nice to find an author or a book or movie/tv show that can convey some of the beautfy.

Apocalyptic Fiction:

*Hugh Howey *Paolo Bacigalupi

Cyber fiction:

*William Gibson *Neal Stephenson


*Anne Rice *Chuck Hogan *Guillermo del Toro *Scott Sigler *Edgar Allen Poe

Teen Fiction

*Annette Marie *Sarah Cameron

Travel Writing

*Paul Theroux *Henry Miller

General Fiction

*Jon Steele *Francesca Lia Block *Anais Nin *Jack Kerouac *Gabriel Garcia Marquez *Danielle Steel *George R.R. Martin *Haruki Murakami *Robert B. Parker *JD Salinger *Jim Harrison

General Non-Fiction

*Oliver Sacks *Jeffrey Toobin *Angela Duckworth *Malcolm Gladwell *Jack Kerouac *Esther Perel *Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner *John McPhee


*John Muir *Henry David Thoreau


On writing, mostly I write for myself. I've kept a journal or diary since I was a kid. Today I've decided to try a writing group here at swap-bot. I feel nervous about sharing what I write but just look at this profile page...it is filled with words. It will be a challenge but I probably need to feel less possessive about my private writing and to share some of it with other people. Part of me is very excited to try a new creative writing group experience!


Mostly now, I Walk, Dance, and do yoga.

When this is over I will swim again.

Happily many old friends are hosting free dj dance sets and we can stream sets live or download free versions at Soundcloud or many other websites I can't even keep up with. It's a happy upshot of this nightmare.


Instead of sending extras, so something extra special for yourself. Buy yourself something sweet. Do a mini spa treatment or a maxi treatment! In this time of stress and isolation be kind to yourself and I’ll feel it remotely. You can even tell me what wonderful thing or experience you had. That would really make my day. ❤️💕💜💗🍾🎂🐶💗🍒🍑

Crystals & Rocks

Crystals & Rocks & Precious Metals: I used to think hippies were crazy for being into these things. I didn't get it. I still do not really understand the metaphysical aspects but I just love crystals and rocks and metals.

Here are a few of my favorite crystals: Rock crystal, rutilated quartz, amazonite, tourmaline, pyrite, mica, rose quartz, celetite, serpentine, selenite, jasper, azurite, obsidian, and many more.


Artist Trading Cards or ATC and other arts and crafts creations. Recently I started really trading artist cards and that is super fun. I'm enjoying swapping these cards, other peoples' beautiful, fantastic, creations!

Favorite Music

I can't think of a genre of music that I don't like.

I also love to listen to spoken word, plays, old radio shows.

I heard some big investor, one of the Rolling Stones maybe? Is saving the old blues recordings on 78-- from like the Mississippi delta and Louisiana-- vinyl and converting the into digital collections. I also love Gospel. I am not familiar with too many Gospel singers but I love some Gospel music, church music, Gregorian chants, ecstatic dance...Amen.

Gardens & Plants

My husband and I have planted a small victory garden. We have had a garden for over 10 years. This year we planted with the intention of reducing our dependence on the grocery store. Edible flowers too. Fruits like this year a volunteer blackberry bush joined our harvest. Cucumber, kale, mache, lettuces, beets, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and peppers all varieties of peppers.

What about you? Do you grow anything? Do you have house plants? Succulents/ can you give me any advice on succulents. I kill mine-unintentionally.


Ilovemybabies7 rated for Note on Journal Update on Oct 16, 2020
Comment: OH, I've heard of that series! I haven't read them - I still haven't tried many fantasy authors - but I remember him being really popular even back in the 90's when I worked at the public library.
Comment: Sorry to hear you didn’t like your book! But better to DNF than have it stuck on your shelf, I agree!
BrunetteBunny rated for TBR: Banned Book Week! on Oct 11, 2020
Comment: Interesting--makes sense that a book might be banned for the author's political leanings, rather than the text itself, though. I read the Alchemist last year, because I was hearing from some high school seniors how much they enjoyed it (I suspect it was on a reading list in their English class), and it wasn't for me. It reminded me a lot of Jonathan Livingston Seagull--sort of hand-wavy metaphor about finding your purpose. I'm not a spiritual person like that, so I can see why I didn't dig it. For sure alchemists invested a lot of time trying to turn lead and other base metals to gold, but, as I understand it, alchemy is all about a secret knowledge of how the physical world works together based on a framework for its essential makeup. So like early chemistry meets religion, except you think the elements are air, fire, water, etc, and that looking for a universal solvent is no more a leap than an elixir for eternal life.
Comment: Thank you for the hand drawn eggplants! I've seen other varieties in the seed catalog but have never tried any of them. I only eat eggplant once every couple years so I just get the common one.
InsanePenguins rated for AAA: Sender's Choice ATC on Oct 10, 2020
Comment: Thank you. It is a cute ATC. The etras are greatly appreciated. I don't have any of those patterns of washi. I can wait to add the Kawaii litter sticker to my project.
Comment: Thank you for the blue crabs! I can't wait to work on them
Comment: I'm glad you were at least able to get rid of a dead weight. Those books end up being an annoyance in the back of our minds, just by existing there and waiting to be read, judging us from the shelf xD
JenZen5 rated for MMPC: With a little heart - ATC on Oct 9, 2020
Comment: Very pretty ATC. I like the colors too - it' fun to experiment with new techniques. I like the heart on the flower. Have a great day!
USAFwife rated for TBR: Banned Book Week! on Oct 6, 2020
Comment: I didn't know The Alchemist was banned either. But isn't it a good [email protected]! My kids had to read it a few years ago, so I read it with them. Some books are banned for really odd reasons - or at least, to me.
bbade rated for Letter and journal prompts swap on Sep 29, 2020
Comment: This was a really lovely package to open! I plan on using the journal prompts and writing back soon :)) thank you!!
Bucket rated for TBR: In August I read ... on Sep 29, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the avocado starters! Can't wait to work on them!
Comment: Thank you for the lovely note! So good to get to know you! Keep your eyes on your mailbox!
bluerose3 rated for PH: A Is For (Blank or Naked) #2 on Sep 9, 2020
Comment: Thank you.
ÇisnerosV rated for Letter of Encouragement on Sep 8, 2020
Comment: Thank you! For letter and goodies, will write back soon.
Comment: I didn't have a buddy read either :) That book sounds perfect for these times, great for day dreaming and maybe planning a future vacation, once travelling abroad is possible again
Nnd482 rated for “What’s Cooking?” Card Swap on Sep 4, 2020
Comment: Lovely card and goodies ty!
BrunetteBunny rated for TBR: In August I read ... on Sep 3, 2020
Comment: I’m definitely feeling the spooky season books too! What horror have you read recently that you’ve enjoyed?
USAFwife rated for TBR: In August I read ... on Aug 31, 2020
Comment: Setting a time for reading sounds like a great idea! Way to go Carl! :) We should all follow his example, huh? Thanks for another great swap. :)

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supersquirrel on Sep 2, 2020:

Thank you for the disco jam homer

and the cool fabric - it will be fun to create with.

supersquirrel on May 9, 2020:

Thank you for the JAM homer and all the wonderful papers. Something got Buster yesterday. He has a big patch of fur missing but he'll be ok - he's 1 tough kitty!

supersquirrel on May 9, 2020:

Thank you for the JAM homer and all the wonderful papers. Something got Buster yesterday. He has a big patch of fur missing but he'll be ok - he's 1 tough kitty!

hibiscus on May 4, 2020:

Just got your swap jam with the Neruda orange poem ... one look and I knew you had to be a true artist with an artist soul... thanks it’s very nice

myancey on Feb 13, 2020:

Thanks for the butterfly birthday card and for thinking about me. Happy swapping

Carolien25 on Feb 9, 2020:

Thanks so much for your awesome meeting card from San Francisco as of unassigned partner from postcard roulette swap! I love it! <3

armadillogal on Jan 12, 2020:

Postcard likes????

JuneRosebud on Dec 25, 2019:


jenmcjen on Mar 17, 2019:

reauk on Dec 12, 2018:

JATWCT: Are You A Sprout Lover Or Hater?

from reauk

dear Maria sorry for my mistake in my last posting im in love with sprouts they are my favorite vegetable Love them or hate them, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without Brussels sprouts. over here in England our new walkers crisps/chips are sprouts flavour yummy yummy

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