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About Me

Welcome to my profile! I am 53 years old and live near San Francisco, California. My town is an island in the San Francisco Bay. I have also lived on another island 🌴 here in the bay called Yerba Buena Island. Both islands are big hubs for the US Coast Guard. Oddly I don’t know anyone in the Coast Guard!

Growing up here in the 1960’s my parents did a great job of sheltering me. I only learned about hippies and Bohemians. My Dad had forbidden me from ever going to Berkeley and of course I went there first chance I got!

As for arts and crafts, I’ve only been doing it for 1.5 years. I work overtime all the time and it’s a stress reliever for me. I’m not a person who grew up making art. Now I love art!

Handmade anything. Dabbling in drawing, doodling, some variation of zentangles, watercolor, gel plate printing, stamping, collage, acrylics, sewing, painting, coloring, knitting, and other fiber arts, beading, cooking, and more.

Penpal writing and journal writing are some of my favorite pastimes.

💜Bella Grace& Daphne’s Diary & Somerset Studio are magazines I read.

Here are some of the YouTube people I subscribe to: Maremi Smallarts, Nik the Booksmith, Mystele, Ana Bondu, Susanne Rose Art, The Paper Outpost, Creationsceecee, My Arty Heart, Lisa Oxley, Joie de fi, Gel Press, and Gelli Arts.


Postcards: handmade, collage, tourist, art, any upcycled or reused or reformed "art", illustrated, inspirational, humor, photography, and feel free to send anything, I will appreciate all you send to me.

Lately I've been experimenting with big postcards. Chatting with my post office, I can send bigger postcards then I had originally understood and that notion inspires me!

Favorite Books

Today I am reading The Reluctant Tuscan: How I Discovered My Inner Italian by Phil Doran. This book is a real page turner. For all my travels, I love Italy the most.

This section is chaotic, so I'm adding sections to this area.

Apocalyptic Fiction:

*Hugh Howey *Paolo Bacigalupi

Cyber fiction:

*William Gibson *Neal Stephenson


*Anne Rice *Chuck Hogan *Guillermo del Toro *Edgar Allen Poe

Travel Writing

*Paul Theroux *Henry Miller

General Fiction

*Jon Steele *Francesca Lia Block *Anais Nin *Jack Kerouac *Gabriel Garcia Marquez *Danielle Steel *George R.R. Martin *Haruki Murakami *Robert B. Parker *JD Salinger

General Non-Fiction

*Oliver Sacks *Jeffrey Toobin *Angela Duckworth *Malcolm Gladwell *Jack Kerouac *Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner


*John Muir *Henry David Thoreau

I'm a big fan of Little Free Libraries and we have over 72 in my town ! Plus nearby cities or Oakland, Berkeley & San Francisco host even more little free libraries. It's like treasure hunting! They are each like treasure chests and I love to add my extra books to the flow of books, maps, magazines, even stationery or videos. It's helping to keep the flow of books and such moving.

I do love poetry. Go to a poetry reading. If you come to San Francisco go to a poetry reading here at City Lights bookstore. It is a mecca. Write your own poetry. It's good for you. Even simple one liners. Phrases, work play.

Here at Swap-Bot I've joint the TBR (To Be Read Group). Being a part of the group and participating in the monthly group swaps helps me to stay focused on my reading list. I pick up books everywhere and I was chaotic and random before. Now, I'm more methodical and the group doesn't require that we read a certain amount but I do set my own reading goals. We share how we are doing each month against our goal or goals.

Favorite Television

We watch Vikings, Game of Thrones, Ray Donovan, Make It Artsy, P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home show, America's Test Kitchen, Mr. Robot, Barefoot Contessa, Queen of the South, Counterpart, Rook, Fixer Upper, various animal, space, and science shows, and the news.

I record Bloomberg Technology shows such as David Rubenstein, Businessweek, ETF IQ, I don’t know what ETFs are but I’m trying to learn. I geek out on this stuff.

Then I also watch Z Living TV like yoga shoes back to pack and oh man Vice TV! Shows like Suppertime! That guy is crazy.

News, I watch oodles of news I like to sweep across all the channels including international and business and weather news. I like to watch conservative and liberal and everything in the world. I like watching other country’s news to see other perspectives.

Podcasts are another favorite for me. I listen to Freakonomics from public radio in NY. And Terry Gross' Fresh Air from Public Radio too.

Oh yeah, one of my all time favorite books is by JD Salinger, it's a short story called "Franny & Zooey" where Franny starts mouthing and chanting and praying ceaselessly. I get her. Even though I don't think I could explain or teach it to anyone else.


Mostly now, I Swim and Walk my dog daily. With bits of yoga tossed in.


Send me any tea! I drink tea every afternoon and evening. Black tea, white tea, tisanes, herb teas. I used to not like Rooibos but I now drink Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea every day. So, I guess I like that.

Here are a few teas that I have in cupboard today, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Lapsang Souchong, Mango, Passion tea, Dandelion, Peppermint, Spearmint, Yunnan, and a mix with Valerian that I take late at night. Oh and I have some rose hips but as I write about them in the next section.

Crystals & Rocks

Crystals & Rocks & Precious Metals: I used to think hippies were crazy for being into these things. I didn't get it. I still do not really understand the metaphysical aspects but I just love crystals and rocks and metals. I haven't tried making them into elixirs though I suppose that is next. I cannot believe how much money stores charge for these crystal infused waters. Rock crystal or clear crystal, rose quartz, are a few for the bath sprinkled with rose buds fresh or dried and rose hips. Yumm mm


Artist Trading Cards or ATC and other arts and crafts creations. Recently I started really trading artist cards and that is super fun. I'm enjoying swapping these cards, other peoples' beautiful, fantastic, creations!

Favorite Music

I used to list my favorite music but with my Soundcloud and iTunes subscriptions I now have over 5000 songs on my phone and laptop. I guess I could go up to 10,000 but there are many I don't download that just float through our services. Plus we listen to XM radio in the car and I love NPR and we have over 5 local public radio stations I listen to. One is completely Jazz except on Sundays they play the Blues too.

This morning's playlist includes a few to give you an idea what I have on right now: Danny's Song sung by Loggins & Messina, Nils Frahm (think of soundtracks), some spoken word by Allen Ginsberg, and Billie Eilish... there aren't any musical genres I do not like. Sometimes I rock classical and opera too. That touches my soul or next up on my phone playlist are Gregorian Chants...that's me in a nutshell this eclectic mix.


Comment: Thanks I enjoyed reading your list. I am terrible about throwing things away. We had an item that was the same.
Comment: Thank you for the great postcard.
Comment: I love your use of fabric in your ATC, Thank you, also, for the extras. Have a great day!
Bucket rated for TBR: January Unread Shelf challenge on Feb 12, 2020
SkaGirl rated for A Place Called Home on Feb 11, 2020
Comment: What a great postcard, thanks! I was just reading a story about Alcatraz this morning, it has always fascinated me!
CiCiHatter rated for AAA: Quick Coin #1 on Feb 10, 2020
Comment: I like the way you did this colorful butterfly coin!...I'm so lucky🍀 to be the one who got your first coin ATC...VERY cool!!...I never thought to paint the back...I like how the info looks like its peeping thru...like the message, too!!....thanks for the awesome moon pc...I love the bunny one!!...reminds me of my kiddos childhood...I like this Prima marketing card..so cute.. and their things too...have a couple of their stencils...hope u have much fun in learning watercolor...I enjoy that medium too....thanks again for all the goodies and the coin!!...cheers!😃
Barbara rated for First & Last Lines No. 18 on Feb 9, 2020
Comment: Those lines really caught my interest. Also love anything Haitian. Thank you for the sweet spiritual image and nice postage stamp too.
Comment: Thank you ♪♫*¨*•.¸¸💌
myancey rated for Postcard Roulette January 2020 on Feb 6, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the letter and the extra goodies! I especially like the vintage-style washi tape. I will definitely write back when I get caught up on my other replies.
Comment: I love the old 50's photograph postcard. It is exactly my style, thanks! Also, I appreciate your music recommendations and am excited to listen to them. Sending you best wishes from Korea and thanks again!
meganimal rated for AAA: Clear the Stash on Feb 4, 2020
Comment: What a fun collection! Thanks so much! :)
lyzz rated for ATC int #1 - Sender's choise on Feb 3, 2020
Comment: Your atc is neat and learned something about two artists! Thank you and i loved the little color pages i really love Tokidoki! Thank you so much!!
zanynat rated for TBR: In January 2020 I read ... on Feb 3, 2020
Comment: I envy your TBR list so much!! I can't wait until I get to such a low number. Hope you can get through it this year!!
marymary914 rated for MMPC - Mixed Media Journal Card on Feb 3, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the journal card and extras!
Comment: After crossing 9 books in the first month, I think you well deserve an avalanche of books for your list :D Good job!
Comment: Love the vintage-y feel to this chunk! Thanks for sending it my way! :)
colleenbUSA rated for TBR: In January 2020 I read ... on Feb 2, 2020
Comment: Good job!
Comment: Lovely to read your comments on the two books you read -- I had a similarly dispiriting January! And I know exactly what you mean about the vegetables you push around on your plate ... I shall start seeing the books on my shelves as slightly dusty overcooked broccoli! Hope 'Gifts of the Wild' is enjoyable!
Comment: Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the 2 books you chose, but I think you have the right attitude about them - and loved the veggie analogy. :) I'm thinking I need to do some of the same. Hope February is LOVEly for you. :)

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myancey on Feb 13, 2020:

Thanks for the butterfly birthday card and for thinking about me. Happy swapping

Carolien25 on Feb 9, 2020:

Thanks so much for your awesome meeting card from San Francisco as of unassigned partner from postcard roulette swap! I love it! <3

armadillogal on Jan 12, 2020:

Postcard likes????

JuneRosebud on Dec 25, 2019:


jenmcjen on Mar 17, 2019:

reauk on Dec 12, 2018:

JATWCT: Are You A Sprout Lover Or Hater?

from reauk

dear Maria sorry for my mistake in my last posting im in love with sprouts they are my favorite vegetable Love them or hate them, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without Brussels sprouts. over here in England our new walkers crisps/chips are sprouts flavour yummy yummy

Angie on Dec 10, 2018:

JATWCT: Are you a brussel sprout lover?

I adore brussel sprouts though they don't adore me back. My Pekingese love them too.

Happy Brussel Sprouts to you!

LauRad83 on Dec 10, 2018:

JATWCT: Are You A Sprout Lover Or Hater?

we always have a couple of sprouts on our christmas dinner her in england, However none of us are keen.

The only time i liked spouts what when i was pregnant! I would microwave a bowl full and eat them with salt whilst watching tv LOL

sfcorrespondence on Nov 22, 2018:

Hello! I'm Micaela in San Francisco. I noticed we were in the same Autumn and Winter Swap group and just wanted to say hi since you were in the bay area as well! Hope you are doing well and Happy Thanksgiving! :)

hamolla22 on Nov 17, 2018:

Hello! Regarding your question for “Swap a Tag 🏷”, any size and shape for the tags is allowed! Up to you ☺️

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