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About Me

I live outside of Columbus, OH with a DH and two terribly rowdy cats (Galen and Cody aka Riot and Chaos). I am a stay-at-home graphic designer and spend much of my time caring for a retired husband and trying to keep up with my out-of-control acre of yard/gardens. Former jobs include bartender in a poolhall, graphic artist in an offset printshop, a stained glass artisian, a high school freshman science/biology teacher, and a raptor rehabilitator/field researcher and zookeeper.

compassion singing heart

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Favorite Music

I like all kinds of music (except for most rap). My tastes are eclectic. I like obscure artists like Townes Van Zandt, Keb 'Mo, Leon Redbone, and Hazmat Modine. Adore Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bonnie Raitt, and most all rhythm and blues. Other favorites that spring to mind are The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Ani DiFranco, The Blasters, Offspring, Stained, Bad Religion, Jimmy Buffett, Beethoven, Bob Dylan, Green Day, and everything from the late 60s.

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We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

Favorite Books

I read mostly forensic novels, mystery novels, crime novels. With a scattering of other things thrown in there. Favorite character is Lucas Davenport from the "Prey" series by John Sanford. Like Tom Robbins (esp. "Jitterbug Perfume"). Reread "Shogun" and "The Drifters" about every five years. Used to read a lot of Piers Anthony fantasy (now that would make for a fun swap series!)

thoughts owl

Fall down 7 times . . . get up 8!

Favorite Movies

Waaaaay to many to list fully. Like most movies by Walter Hill, John Carpenter, and the Cohen Brothers. Movies I see over and over include Immortal Beloved, Continental Divide, Streets of Fire, The Hunt for Red October, Fargo, Braveheart, Excalibur, A Lion in Winter, The Birdcage, Breaking Away, Thelma and Louise, and Point Break.


And the flowers bloom like madness in the spring

Favorite Television

Mostly watch forensic/drama stuff. Favorite show of all time -- Law and Order Criminal Intent with Vincent D'Onofrio. Also like Criminal Minds. Dexter is da bomb! Like obscure series like "Good Neighbors" (The Good Life) out of England and quirky stuff like Monk. Love to hate Dr. House. Rewatch the Firefly/Serenity series often. And DH is a HUGE Star Trek and Simpsons fan so I absorb that whether I want to or not! :) Newer shows that I am enjoying include Vikings, Modern Family, Person of Interest, Elementary, and Castle. And, unfortunately, they cancelled Lie to Me -- major bummer! New fan of The Big Bang Theory! It is too funny!


T.H.I.N.K. before you speak. Is it True? Helpful? Inspiring? Necessary? Kind?


Favorite Crafts

Have tried them all -- knitting, crocheting, weaving, pottery, stained glass, beading, sewing, cross-stitch, painting, silkscreening, and numerous paper crafts. I have moderate arthritis in my hands, so presently I concentrate on paper and fabric designs, and some beading. I really miss stained glass as I used to design huge pieces for churches and restaurants. And 30 years of cross-stitch has wrecked my left thumb, so I don't do much stitching anymore (but still appreciate the medium).

I am presently concentrating on ATCs and Inchies while swapping on Swap-bot. I also want to try to do some block printing (which I did ages ago while in college) and I am a novice at zentangles (but am enjoying the learning process!) I am pushing myself to improve my average illustrating skills. Recently I have been trying to teach myself to watercolor. I also like Gelli printing, marbling paper, making handmade papers, and doing eggshell mosaic work. I am also teaching myself bookbinding.

I do mostly mixed media -- watercolor pencils, gel pens, sharpie markers, chalks, alcohol inks, and distress inks. I use intricate original design paper-piecings cut on my professional die-cutter. I often embellish with fabric, fibers, buttons, or beads. Occasionally I use my own photography in projects. Sometimes I use scrapbooking techniques on my cards. I really like to mix it up and do different types and styles of artwork.

Other Interests

I have a few other favorite hobbies: bird-watching, gardening, cooking, photography, fishing, and travel. I have an advanced degree in biology (concentrated in ornithology) and all science fascinates me. I like all colors, but love purple! Also jewel colors -- teal, turquoise, ruby, emerald. I collect dragonflies mostly, but also frogs, hedgehogs, turtles, and puffins. I am also a big fan of mermaids, fairies, and Noah's ark. I love Art Nouveau designs. Charley Harper is my all-time favorite artist, but I am also quite fond of Sulamith Wulfing, John William Waterhouse, Alphonse Mucha, Susan Boulet, Gustav Klimt, Van Gogh, Robert Bateman, Glen Loates, Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies, and photography by Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, and Anne Geddes.

Quick List of Favorite Things:

♥ Autumn, sunsets, dewy mornings, snowflakes (one at a time LOL)

♥ Beaches, mountains, sparkling lakes

♥ Dragonflies, butterflies, bees

♥ Frogs and turtles

♥ Bizarre Animals: platypus, pangolin, okapi, coelacanth, jellyfish, sloth, narwhal

♥ Seahorses, starfish, horseshoe crabs, sea turtles

♥ Cephlapods! (octopus, squid, cuttlefish, nautilus)

♥ Raptors (esp. owls), hummingbirds, ostrich, puffins, flamingos, peacocks

♥ Hedgehogs, tapirs, big cats, giraffes, polar bears

♥ Any and all type of family pet

♥ Violets, iris, columbines, morning glories, wildflowers

♥ Noah's Ark, mermaids, fairies, gnomes, griffins, phoenix

♥ Anything by Charlie Harper (nature artist)

♥ PURPLE, jewel colors, silver

♥ Tiny charms, designs, ephemera, etc. for use on ATCs and inchies

♥ Decorative buttons -- vintage or newer, to be used in jewelry design and bookmaking.


I have started collecting postcards again after a 50 year hiatus. Therefore, pretty much any kind of postcard is welcome. Especially ones that reflect my interests -- favorite artists, photography, nature, animals and flowers, quirky, unusual, travel (especially map cards), etc. I have recently discovered Vanity Fair postcards and I think they would be fun to collect.


They are beautiful little artworks. If you go to the trouble to use actual stamps on my envelopes (as opposed to metered mail) I will greatly appreciate it!


Please no Disney, Kawaii, Girly girl / baby / kid's stuff. I just have no use or interest in them. Thanks!


cicada raven

Private Swaps / Wishlist

I am finalizing my ATC collection and would love to fill in the following themes. Please let me know if you would like to do a private swap.

Heart (2), Fortune (1), Halloween (1), Snow (1), Reindeer (1), Bird (5), Moon (4), Dragonfly (1), Mermaid (1), Octopus (1), Seahorse/Starfish/Jellyfish (6), Turtle (1), Waterlily (1), Rainbow/Sunshine (1), Renaissance/Royalty (1), Mushroom/Toadstool (1)


Thank you Thank you to these lovely ANGELS!

MonsterAlice for "Science Quote ATC (smallgirlafterall)" [Thanks for the wonderful ATC! Love it!]

JenHuff for "Design a . . . Cat . . . ATC (Goggabos)" [Gorgeous zentangle design - THANKS!!]

yunasy for "History ATC - Middle Ages #1 (Smilinthyme)" [I have always dearly loved that unicorn tapestry - thanks so much!]

LauraAust for "MEGA SWAP!! (US only) (rajo04)" [Love the pretty colorful jellyfish -- he makes me happy!]

LauraAust for "Pink Christmas (half-MEGA) ATC Swap (scrappintwins)" [Pink and white snowflakes -- how appropriate LOL Very cute ATC!]

islandgirl for "ATC Addict's - March Sender's Choice (angelslater)" [Absolutely a magical delightful Make-me-laugh ATC -- thanks SO much!]

OMG!! February 2012 Marryth angled me everything outstanding to date! She sent me "Design-A-Cat", "Steve Irwin (Whiskey)", "Pink Christmas", "Science Quote", "Pastel Inchies (HusFrejaVirk)" plus FIVE more ATCs for WTA flakes. Thank you thank you thank you!

KatarinaNavane for "ATC Mega Swap with a Catch (CreepyGirl)" [Incredibly delicate and detailed etching/drawing -- absolutely beautiful!]

Fatherted for "Dragonfly ATC (lilpuddin)" [Beautiful summer-fire dragonfly -- a special addition to my collection!]

dardarbinx for "Dragonfly ATC" [Thank you so much for angeling your swap -- so sorry the flaker hit right before your vacation. I love the ATC you made when you returned home]

VivaLaDiane for "I Need Some More ATCs in My Collection!!!" [Very cool ghostly spooky vintage Halloween ATC -- it is hard to describe in words because it is just so dang perfect!]

Paige1900 for "3 Techniques ATC - Bat (Popcornikimppu1)" [One of the coolest ATCs ever -- the wings are just incredible. I absolutely love him!]

KatarineNavane for "3 Techniques ATC - Sea Turtle (O2girl)" [beautiful colors and intricate background design. Thanks for angeling this for me!]

zoev1975 for "TNW-ATC-Toadstool (NaughtyElf)" [Thank you for sending me some magical fairy mushrooms!]

Sternenfee for a RAK "Decipher this Code" postcard. I had to work but my reward was a delightful message and beautiful map postcard. Thanks!


Comment: So very well done. Thank you this is wonderful.
Response: Thanks so much for the kind compliments and ratings. I really enjoyed trying a new technique then sharing it with you!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. <3
Leigh rated for IS: Inspiration Cards - October 2017 on Oct 31, 2017
Comment: Michele, I wish I could give you 500,000 hearts. Your cards are so beautiful; quite simply some of the most amazing cards in my collection. The pictures on Flickr just don't do your work justice. Thank you so very much. I hope I can join an inspiration card swap again. -Leigh
Response: Thanks for the generous compliments and ratings. I do so love making these cards and did the tree one especially for a fellow tree-hugger! :) I hope to continue to do inspiration swaps monthly so please do join in again! <3
Comment: So, so sorry for late rate. I love your work! The cards are superb, as usual. Thank you so very much.
Comment: Love the butterfly stamp ATC and all the great stamps on the envelope! 💖💖💖
Response: Thanks so much for rating. I hope everything is OK out your way. Glad you liked all of the postage stamps. Always happy to share those special little pieces of art. <3
Comment: Thanks for the great inspirational cards. They are really pretty.I like the look of the painted tin technique. will have to try it. Awesome note card too.
Response: I hope you enjoy playing with the painted tin technique. It is one of my favorites. And I'm glad you liked the Trader Joe's greeting card. I am obsessed with them and have a lifetime supply! lol Thanks for the kind ratings on my inspiration cards and for joining my swap. <3
Sunflower107 rated for Cats Pocket Letter on Oct 2, 2017
Comment: A wonderful pl you made and all the great goodies included. I loved opening each wrapped goodie. Thank you. I also loved reading about your kitties. They all have their own personalities.
Response: I'm glad you liked my pl and can enjoy and utilize the included cat goodness. It was a fun swap! Thanks for the prompt rating and for the heart. Hugs to your fur babies. <3
Comment: I loved both of the cards! And you're my first swap in my new house! Which means that the forwarding is working! So happy about that. Thank you for sharing!
Response: I'm so glad they found their way to your new home and that you enjoyed them! Thanks for the kind ratings and compliments. And for joining my swap. :)
Comment: You out did yourself on these cards! The prints, exceptional.Thank you so much. Always happy to have you for a partner. Thanks also for the card and extras.
Response: Thank you for the kind ratings and generous compliments. I really enjoyed making this set of cards. I just can't seem to get away from allowing the natural world to inspire me. Thanks for joining my swap again! <3<3<3
Comment: Thank you so much! Both ATCs are amazing! I absolutely love them! I wish I could give you more than just one heart!💞
Response: Thanks for the kind comments and great ratings. Thanks so much for letting me experiment on your cards. Mixed media is fun for me because I never quite know what I am going to get! lol Thanks so much for joining my swap. Stay inspired! <3<3<3
bluecrayons rated for ATC 2 - Free Themed #115 (USA) on Jul 30, 2017
SamiE rated for ATC 2 - Free Themed #117 (USA) on Jul 30, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the ATC's. Enjoying both of them.
Response: You are very welcome. I'm glad you liked them. Thanks for the great ratings. Cheers! <3
Comment: Two terrific atc's. Both are so wonderfully made.. the die cut design really is so cool I can smell the salt water... a dream island.. I still don't have gelli printing but you created something so lovely... admire your design skill .. thank you for these atcs
Response: Thanks so much for the kind words. I love making ocean/beach themed items. I'm sure it is because I am so landlocked and getting to a beach is a huge adventure for me. I enjoyed being able to share my artworks with a fellow beach lover. Great swapping with you again! <3
Comment: Lovely prints and inspiration as always! I love the depth in the butterfly card :) Love the quotes on the circle card and the way you layered the circles (my favorite shape). I hope you find time for a printing session soon! Spring has been wet, but my garden is in and most everything is thriving :) Only 12 school days left, and boy am I ready ;D
Response: Thanks for the kind compliments. I'm glad you liked the cards. I hope you have a fabulous summer! I want one that is warmer than our cold, wet spring but not too hot. lol My tomatoes are shivering. I promise to get some more gelli prints done over the summer and will rerun the swap come fall.
wittmert rated for TPS: Sender's Choice - May on May 25, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the magnet!
Response: You are quite welcome!
Tamawi rated for TNW: Springtime ATC on May 18, 2017
Comment: A two-fer, thank you. I love the spring duo you made. I admire your artistic skills very much. Beautiful work!
Response: Thank you for your kind comments and ratings. I love making ATCs with nature scenes.
Comment: Oh, Michelle!! It is always such a delightful treat to be on the receiving end of your swaps :) The cards you sent are stunning, and I absolutely love them! The black prints are so dramatic and you accented them perfectly -- they are miniature works of art! The fern card is beautiful also. Thank you for sharing the technique; I'll be trying this summer for sure :) Thanks again for being such a wonderful swap hostess and partner :)
Response: Oooppps! Missed responding to you. It is always a pleasure to swap with you. I'm glad you liked my weird black and white palette experiments. I want to play with them some more. In fact it is time for me to do another big gelli print session. :) Thanks, as always, for joining my swap. <3
Comment: Hi Michele! They're here! Not two but THREE wonderful inspiration cards. (You really didn't have to send the third one, but it was very thoughtful!) I like knowing the techniques you used...I need to be better about telling MY partners that info, because for me it really adds to the enjoyment. Great use of the gelli (and Distress Oxide) backgrounds to make some wonderful cards! Thanks for sticking with me and trying again, and sorry for the inconvenience!
Response: Hey you are the one that stuck with me! Totally my fault on the wrong address (although don't even introduce me to your mail carrier). Thanks for your patience and understanding. And for the lovely critique and ratings. I swap to learn new techniques from fellow artists. So I always try to include technique notes. Hope to swap with you again soon! <3
Comment: Thanks so much for 3 inspiration cards! They are all great and interesting but I have to vote for the Michael Jordon one as my favorite too. Liked the note card as well, don't remember seeing them at the Trader Joe's here. Thanks for a great swap.
Response: Thank you for the kind compliments and ratings. I love when my mixed media experimentations come out OK. Nearly always enjoy modeling paste/stencil results. I am hooked on Trader Joe greeting cards. Only $1 each and lots of fun new artists to discover. Hope you can find some soon. Thanks again for joining my swap. <3
Comment: Thanks for hosting another fine swap! I'm very interested in hearing more about the Saran wrap background.
Response: Thanks for joining my swap! I've posted the Saran Wrap instructions on my Flickr page. Just look for the card "Charming Gardeners"
Comment: I love the Jimi Hendrix ATC you've sent, thank you. Keep up hosting the inspiration cards, Michele - we ALL need their words, no matter what the H is happening personally, politically or worldly.
Response: Thanks for the encouragement Sandra. I was going to drop out of swapping but I agree that right now inspiration is needed everywhere. Thanks for joining my swap and helping with the positivity. Looking forward to many more exchanges with you this year. And happy my last Jimi Hendrix inspiration card found an appreciative home. He was special. <3<3<3

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I am humbled at the compliment. Much joy and love your way. xoxo♥

VivaLaDiane on Nov 7, 2017:

Just saw your name in my card swap and I smiled. Just wanted to let you know and hope you smile now too. ♥♥

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Thanks for the wonderful inspiration cards. What a wonderful treat to find inside my mailbox!

LahDeeDah on Oct 1, 2017:

Hi Michele! I was happy to see your inspiration card swaps pop up today because I spent the day making ATC backgrounds. I haven't made an ATC in ages. So glad to have a plan for them now. We do need to share beading ideas! I have a LOT of beads and only a few patterns. It's good to see you! Thanks for stopping by :-)

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Happy Belated Birthday...I hope it was lovely.

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