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I'm a 36 year old happily married woman with a beautiful 16 month old daughter. I am a licensed clinical social worker and I'm in the process of opening a private practice. Currently, I stay at home with my daughter, as she was born with a cleft palate (not the lip, just the palate) and had some issues with breathing and reflux until her surgery in March of this year. Things I like: handmade cards


crochet patterns

anything having to do with cats





stationery (kawaii)

memo pads


cute pens


hot chocolate mixes

scented soaps

small coin purses

chinese and japanese crafts

origami paper

vintage magazines



miniature tea sets

anything vintage. I have a huge cache of vintage magazines that I've collected over time.

Favorite Music

I like all kinds of music. I'm pretty much eclectic in that sense. I LOVE classical music (Bach being my favorite composer), 80's music (I grew up in that era and the music makes me nostalgic for my childhood), a little hip-hop, and a lot fo sappy romantic Spanish music. I'm Colombian, so I grew up listening to sappy romantic Spanish music at home. lol

Favorite Books

II'm a HUGE reader. My parents instilled in me a love of books from a very young age. I mostly read non-fiction and I'm VERY picky about the fiction I read. I love reading memoirs, biographies, history (particularly ancient Roman history), psychology (not self-help, just theory), psychoanalysis, books about other cultures, travel memoirs, the occult, true crime, and I love reading about animals, as well.

Favorite Movies

I like foreign films a lot. I also like horror, thriller, and drama. One of my favorite movies is "Training Day" as well as "Vanilla Sky". I loved "Hotel Rwanda", "Lovers", "Pan's Labyrinth", "The Last King of Scotland", "The Orphanage", "Rosemary's Baby", "Un Chien Andalou", "Farewell My Concubine", "Raise the Red Lantern", "The Child I Never Was"

Favorite Television

Anything having to do with forensics. I love "Forensic Files", "Criminal Minds", "Law and Order" both Criminal Intent and SVU, "CSI: Miami (that's a guilty pleasure), ""The Investigators", "The First 48". I also like to watch "Ghost Whisperer", "Paranormal State", "Hoarders", and "Intervention". Lately, I've gotten into watching "The Ghost Whisperer" and I'm hooked. It's not my type of show, but I find it very sweet and touching.

Favorite Crafts

I crochet and consider myself and advanced beginner. lol I also have this little gadget that my friend got me in Japan called a Hana ami flower loom and want to start working with it. I also have some knifty knitter looms that I'd love to start working with, but with a 16 month old, I'm even having trouble writing this profile because she wants my attention CONSTANTLY!!!! I also want to get into jewelry making.


I am Catholic and would love to swap any religious items such as rosaries, prayer cards, small statues, saint cards, Pope John Paul memorabilia, etc...... In other words, anything related to the Catholic religion. I am devoted to St. Therese of Liseux (aka The little flower). Anything with her image or anything related to her would be greatly appreciated and I will love you for life. =)Please know that I do not impose my religion or beliefs on anyone. This is just something I enjoy. I am VERY open-minded about other religions and respect everyone's beliefs. In fact, I would love to learn more about the Wiccan religion.

Things I'm passionate about...

My husband and I are PASSIONATE about animals. We absolutely love and adore them. We donate to various animal welfare causes. I'm passionate about the rights of the mentally ill. I used to work as an individual therapist with the adult mentally ill and saw how stigmatized they were on a daily basis. I'm passionate about reading. MY GOSH, I can't live WITHOUT books in my home. In fact, my home is a disaster because of all the books, but it's hard for me to part with any of them. I'm passionate about the environment. My hubs and I are working hard in changes the things we do so we can protect the environment and don't get me started on the BP oil spill. It makes me want to throw up.

My feelings on swapping

Well, swapping has become a hobby of sorts for me, aside from the fact that I've met some wonderful people here. Anyway, please, please, please if a swap doesn't arrive, PM me before rating me. One of my swaps got lost in the mail and my partner was extremely kind and PM'd me before rating me. I will be eternally grateful for that. I would hate to give a 1, however if I haven't received anything and you don't reply to my PM's, then I'll be forced to do this, as it's only fair.


I'm not a picky person but please no nuts or cheese products. I'm not allergic, I just can't stand nuts or cheese. Weird, I know! lol


badandknowsit2 rated for One Sentence Journal For July on Aug 22, 2012
Comment: i agree you were late but you kept in contact with me and sent extras so i feel u deserve a 5
Comment: Thanks for an interesting reading log and for the little extras. the bookmark is great :D
Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. I included the little Moleskine notebook so you can write down the titles of books people recommend or you hear about. I always forget the titles and then I'm kicking myself. I now carry around the same little notebook.
Comment: I really enjoyed reading your list, nice job :) Child's Prey sounds interesting although I might have to skip the graphic parts too. I will for sure have to read Why Men Love Bitches, sounds familiar. Tropicana Nights sounds wonderful, and on another note where can I get a "real" cuban sandwich in FL. do I have to go to miami? Just wondering, I love cuban food. Thanks for the beautiful bookmark, and I love the Moleskin, awesome! Take care, Tracy
Response: I'm glad you liked my log! Yes, the only place you can get an authentic Cuban sandwich is in Miami! Lol. Cuban food is a weakness of mine. Regarding "Child's Prey", yes skip the graphic parts! I'm glad you enjoyed the bookmark and Moleskine notebook. I included the notebook because sometimes I hear of a book on the radio or someone recommends a book and then I forget. Now I carry a little notebook with me so I can write down the title when I hear it.
gypsymouse rated for Etsy Favorite Swap! on Aug 29, 2010
Response: Glad you liked it.
128julie rated for Sharpies Swap on Aug 2, 2010
Comment: just got it! thanks for the colors :) can't wait to use them!
Response: Yay! I saw those colors and loved them! Enjoy!
lou rated for Our Favorite Cs on Aug 2, 2010
Comment: Wow!! Thanks so much for all that you sent to me! You could be a personal shopper!!!! [Saw your response -- you mean the dancing, moving cats on the little ruler?? FANTASTIC! xox]
Response: Isn't the bookmark AWESOME! I'm glad you liked everything. Please, let's do this again. You were a pleasure to swap with. =)
Leigh rated for Interior Design Magazine Swap on Jul 22, 2010
Comment: Very cool magazine. Thank you Cristy!!
Response: No prob! I wanted to get you a mag that you really can't get anywhere else so I chose a local design magazine. Enjoy it. I thought it was beautiful!
Comment: thanks, I got them yesterday!! look good, have not read them. you didn't have to send two, but thank you. !!
Response: Oh, no problem! The bookmark is on its way also. Let me know when you get it.
Comment: Thank you so much for my books!! I'm super excited about them! We should do more swaps together!
Bandeau rated for eclecticsw & bandeau private swap on Jul 7, 2010
Comment: Haha! I've been SO curious as to what you choose, I really love the necklace, thank you :D
Response: Yay! I'm so glad you liked it. I thought it was adorable.
geekasauras rated for Summer Reading List and Bookmark on Jun 18, 2010
Comment: Love the owl bookmark! so cute.
Response: Yay! I'm so happy you liked it. I even bought one for myself. =)
Comment: Thanks!! This is one I have never heard of. Ca't wait to read it!
goldenfish rated for Bookmark Swap on Aug 22, 2009
Comment: Tnak you for beautiful bookmark, and banknote, too!
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful book and for the list! I am really looking forward to reading this. I read Ahab's Wife and loved it!
suepier rated for It's A Survey Swap on Jun 2, 2009
Comment: This was a great survey and I enjoyed reading it. The background with all of the cats was great.
Juggalette rated for It's A Survey Swap on May 13, 2009
bluecrayons rated for It's A Survey Swap on May 13, 2009
cpbunch rated for It's A Survey Swap on May 13, 2009
Comment: Great survey answers! I hope your little ones doctor appt went really well. You have a lot on your plate but it will all work out. :)
Response: Thank you so much....I'm glad you liked my survey, and yes, I have A LOT on my plate. These little human beings are time/energy suckers. Who would've thought? LOL!
nannie8 rated for It's A Survey Swap on May 11, 2009
Response: nannie8, I haven't sent out my swap yet!!!! Perhaps you meant to rate someone else??
Dooped rated for 2008 Reading Log #3 on Nov 3, 2008
Comment: Love the books, thanks so much! And thank you again for always keeping in contact with me - I really appreciate it!

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nanthom on Aug 12, 2010:

OMG! Thanks for the wine stopper with the heart from my August Wishlist. I absolutely love it! You are the best!!

sblaha on Aug 4, 2010:

I'm still a newbie social worker and am getting ready to take my LSW. I still have a while before taking my LCSW and am already nervous. Good luck with opening your private practice!

sweetypiedie on Jul 19, 2010:


Welcome to the Mailbox Nourishment group!

Please come and join in the fun.


alexalgebra on Jul 18, 2010:

LOL! Nope, I'm a kid at heart, but we aren't too far apart in age (I'm 28 and most of my friends are in their mid-30s). You sound cool too and I wish I would have seen your profile earlier because I was just at the Mt. Angel monastery last week and would have picked you up a St. Terese of Liseux card from there :P Next time...

aprettykitty84 on Jul 6, 2010:

Thank you for the crazy daisy book and materials! Fiona cannot wait to get started making them. I think I am going to save it for a girl scout project!

I am not sure where it came from though... if it is for a swap, please let me know so I can rate you for it! It definitely deserves a heart!

queenelisheba on Jul 4, 2010:

OMG i got your package and THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It was awesome and I will be sending you goodies! I would love to do a private swap of some sort....what do you think?

pgk on Jul 17, 2009:

Oh my gosh!!! How are you??? How is your baby girl???

Artistic on Jun 7, 2009:

I'm so glad you got and liked the everything-crammed-in book box. Happy reading!

RogueArtist on May 12, 2009:

We miss you at Wild Women! stop in and say hello soon!

pgk on May 6, 2009:


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