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I love my sweet girl, Australian Shepard, Condi! I I love and cherish my family! My life is blessed! I live in sunny Califonia! Love that I live so close to the ocean and mountains and lakes, etc.

I just wanted to post here that I do mostly group/private swaps, due to being flaked on so badly with other open swaps. I have a group, I will approve only those who are in good standing and high caliber swappers and ONLY in the USA. Here is the group name: Swap-bot Stellar Swappers.

I hope no one thinks ill of me for posting so much on me! But I was just taking ques from all the examples people left or talked about! Thanks for taking a peek!

I have very much enjoyed all the swaps...except those that I have been flaked on. One thing you will notice is that I am wonderful swapper I tend to spoil my partner! I love the new rules here now. Hopefully I will have some really fun swaps!

I really love handmade items. And have really expanded my swaps. I have some new ones I can't wait to dive into! Happy Swapping!

Highly allergic to cigarette smoke! Please be careful if you are a smoker put things in ziplock bags,to keep smoke smell out. Nothing worst than throwing out items because they are saturated with smoke smell. Thanks in advance! And I will not rate high for things that smell of smoke! SMOKERS: you must try to wrap items WAY before you send them! I throw away everything that has a hint of smoke...I do NOT kid when I say HIGHLY ALLERGIC!!!

Also, I want to say...I PREFER quality verses quanity...and that's why I have tried to stick with group swaps. I have been disappointed too many times with non-swaps. Getting cheap stuff!! I put a lot of effort into my swaps and that means GOOD STUFF. I am just looking for swaps that hopefully will bring me those type of results...SWAPS OF QUAILITY!!!

Please rate in a timely manner, when you receive a swap don't wait a week to rate, get on the computer and rate! Biggest pet peeve, waiting for ever for a rating after I sent out a wonderful swap. Show some respect! Thank for allowing me to rant a bit...lol!

Also as a side note, I do REswap things I can't use, or don't need. And try to REcycle packaging when I can.

Private swaps!

Anyone wanting to do a private swap with me...PLEASE pm me! I would love to do more private swaps with fantastic swappers (artists). I put a lot time and effort into my swaps and would very much like to meet some swappers who do the same!

Scents that I like/dislike:

I am allergic to anything scented with vanilla...makes me very sick/headaches and nausea! But funny thing I can eat anything made with REAL vanilla bean!

Scents that I just love for candles: Any type of baked goods! Some floral. Love clean scents (linen,cotton,etc) But not vanilla! Or pine!

Favorite Movies

I am a movie BUFF! I have seen a ton of movies to my shame! I love them. They take you way on a wonderful journey. I love romantic comedys, action, thrillers, disney, almost anything EXCEPT HORROR!

Altered Items & Handmade

Let me just say...I ADORE HANDMADE and HANDCRAFTED! I love anything altered. Handmade anything will most likely earn you hearts! I have swapped with a many talented crafters, and I want to thank you for putting such time and effort into your swaps! I can't thank you enough.

Favorite Crafts

I love doing scrapbooking and photograpy. But I have done all types of crafts. I will give it a try and then master it and then move on. Weird like that but there are so many different things I want to try. That I don't want to get stuck with doing one craft. But scrapbooking is my true love!

Crafts I love to collect:

Really anything that someone has put their heart into!

Here are just a few ideas BUT are not limited too!

ATC cards

Any type of paperart

Handmade Felties/Art dolls

Chunky Books

6x6 and 8x8 altered pages

Match Boxs

Altered Tags

Altered Anything (really)

Handmade/Handcrafted Anything (really)

I love CROWNS! TIARAS! (more real looking than play tiaras please) anything handcrafted that uses crowns/tiaras is easisly a 5+!

What I Collect:

1) anything Kawaii!!!! Love it!

2) Almost anything that is SUPER CUTE!!

3)Shabby Chic/Rustic French decor/items

4)Crowns/tiaras (big and mostly small,more real looking than the play-children type tiaras)

5)Candles...oh I am a candle hound.

6)Anything seasonal...love the holidays!

7)Almost anything with a Australian Shepard (tri color only) on it..lol!

8)Silver Charms for my braclet!

9)Anything HANDMADE! Is TOPS with me!

10)ReUseable Plastic/Cloth Bags

11)Disney movies


13) Anything Japanese

14) Kokeshi Doll

15)Altered books, 6x6 and 8x8 pages


17)Almost anything altered! (rolodex/clipboard,etc!)

18)Starbucks gift cards (full or empty)

19)Lang (brandname) anything, stationary,calendar,etc.

20)Susan Branch anything!

21)Gooseberry Cookbooks

22)Anything with Cherries, Owls, Cupcakes on it!

23)Cute makeup bags!

24)Anyting Brighton!

25)ANYTHING from my ETSY list!

26)Anything that has a crown on it!

27)Address Labels


29)Anything with BLING on it!

30)Anything Starbucks!

31)Anything from ETSY favorites (I know I put that in already, but just wanted to show how much I love ETSY!)

32) Mushrooms/Owls/Gnomes/Deer

33) Sea Glass

34)Sea Shells


My Favorite Colors

My favorite colors are these:

I adore pink/red/blushes/pretty much any shade of pink!

I also love sage/cream/white/soft gold/black.

I also love blues/teals/greens/purples!

Love browns/taupes/black/grey

Colors that are NOT my favorite:

Any NEON any color!

Yellows (I do like SOFT yellow but not sunshine yellow

Coffee and Teas:


I do love to try NEW and interesting coffees. I do like flavored coffees. But all the coffee needs to be DECAF


I adore almost any type of tea! And I am willing to try almost any type. But if possible (where one can) teas need to be DECAF.

DIslikes for coffee and teas:

Instant coffees...

Chai teas, floral teas,lavender teas

Thing I Adore & Wish List:

I adore: *reading - only Patrica Cornwell/Robin Cook books *photograpy *writing *journaling *scrapbooking *crafting *selling and buying on ESTY/EBAY *blogging *volunteering *cooking *flipping through any type of magazine *traveling *talking over a good cup of coffee! *swapping

Everyone seems to have a wish list, I borrowed lots of ideas from people around here on swapbot, it seemed like a wonderful idea to give people lots of ideas to play with!

See what I collect to get much more details!

Anything with Crowns/Tiaras (more real looking than play tiaras) on it! ANYTHING!

I also like Japanese items, Geisha girls, Cherry Blossoms!! Koi fish...pretty much anything Japanese is great in my book!!!

I adore cute owls, cute pandas, cute monkeys, Kawaii, Tokidoki, Pucca, modest faries, Paul Frank Monkey Items!!

Resuseable bags,any type.

Found this on another wishlist and thought...hmmm... I would love to try some International candies.

Ribbons & flat buttons, all kinds and colors.

Organic body products, especially handmade, soaps, creams etc.

Vintage brooches, pendants and trinkets,buttons/badges or handmade of the same, I have started a great collection, now what to do with these lovely pieces.

Aprons, vintage, handmade or new, I have started to try my hand at this.

Anything depicting English Robins/Robins or any cute chubby birds, thought this one cute idea..due to my name - Robyn.

Little mirrors or compacts, hand mirrors, silk butterflies/birds/flowers. Little paintings/framed photos, anything weathered, adds just the vintage flair in any room!

Handmade Holiday decor, I love doing Chirstmas in July.

Art in general.

Gardening gloves(large size), any pretty design, who wouldn't.

I love hand thrown pottery/ceramics, especially with pale blue/aqua/green/purple/pink glazes.

Candles, especially handmade, I am a total candle freak.

Anything with a pretty design, florals, polka dots or cupcakes.

Tea & coffee(decaf), and chocolate!

Vintage hats, especially berets or cloche style, also a cute idea.

Dog collars (I have a Alaskan Malamute so XL collars fit him). (I know alot of us love the same things, so I borrowed some ideas from fellow swappers, to help me a quick list together.)

Anything from ETSY favorites list!

Anything SUPER CUTE...I am very easy to please! I just adore beautiful things!


Miabiff rated for Peas Love Their "K's" on Aug 7, 2012
Comment: Thank you for my box of goodies. I really like the scarf you included =)
Response: Oh I am so glad and thank you again for being so gracious about my tardiness on the swap!
Comment: Thank you once again for such a very special swap. It seems like you have known me for years or can read my mind. I almost bought a purse organizer last weekend but I put it back, didn't want to spend the money! Love it! The traveling jewelry holder was on my list to buy this week, adore it! Have had a neck ache for days, the massager is perfect! I lost my little tea strainer, now having tea tonight! I love everything you picked out. The kids are playing with their new toys here at my feet! Each piece I opened was ghostly...how did you know? What a wonderful package to receive before vacation. Thank you so much for making me smile ear to ear! The dish went right into my hutch, just beautiful. Your the cats meow!!!!! Hugs, Mona
Response: YEA! I am so glad you liked everything, sorry wrapping as good as yours, I just worry about nothing breaking! Enjoy! Cuz i am enjoying my goodies!
Amuterasu rated for Etsy M is for... swap! on Jun 11, 2012
Comment: All the envelopes came in the mail today. :] Thank you so much for them!! I can tell you that I won't be having to make or buy more any time soon! xD
Response: OMG! Thank goodness! I thought I was going to have to send out again! Well enjoy them, they look super cute!
Comment: LOVED the 'dress' card as well as all the other goodies!!! What a cute little match box and it was filled almost to over flowing. I loved the whole package and your envie was very springy with all the flowers!!! thanks for all of it
Response: Oh yea! Glad you liked it!
Comment: Thank you so much for the book - I can't wait to start reading it! I can take my pick, lol...! I love it :-)
Response: YEA! I am glad you like it! It seemed the just amount of naughty!
FunsizeSteph rated for We love Frogs on May 15, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful bookmark! :) I did love the card as well thank you!! :)
Response: did you like the card too! I thought maybe you could frame it or something! It was too pretty to write in! I am glad you like the bookmark as well! I!
GreekPrincess rated for I love HELLO KITTY swap on May 14, 2012
marinda rated for Profile Surprise Swap on May 8, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much! I love it.
Response: It was fun to purchase for you! I love what you collect! You should post a pic of the christmas tree so we can see all that you have collected over the years!
Comment: Thanks so much for the awesome letter, when I get a chance I will write you back
Response: Ya! Thanks for rating me! Glad you liked everything!
venzo2b rated for Send My Mom a Mother's Day Card on May 3, 2012
Comment: Hi Robyn ! My sister was so happy when she received your amazing card ; she sent me a photo and it's a very nice card. Thank you very much. She appreciated the extras :-). Thank you so much !!! I give you a big heart :-)
Response: Ya! I am so glad! It was a fun swap!
A127 rated for Spring Matchbox Swap on May 2, 2012
Comment: Cool, love those matchboxes so much, I am adicted to them! All the ribbon and enbellishments are great tooo and extra! Thanks!
Response: Yea! I am so glad you like them! They were fun to make!
Comment: Thanks so much for the cute bracelet. I love it:-)
Response: Phew thank goodness! It was in your favorites so...cute stuff in there!
KarensMonsters rated for NEWBIES ... PLUS OLD FRIENDS on Apr 24, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the cute card and letter. I'd love to keep up correspondence!
Response: YEA! I am glad you liked it!
LavenderSprinkles rated for Scarf or Shawl Swap on Apr 16, 2012
Comment: Wow you did great at selecting my scarf! I love the scarf! It is so pretty! The seller did great at packaging it. It was so pretty! Say thanks to her too for me! Many hearts your way! I hope you like yours! I hope we swap again some day soon!
Response: Oh I am so so very glad you love your scarf! This was fun!
Amuterasu rated for Etsy L is for.. swap! on Apr 13, 2012
Comment: Thank you! I love the rolls of Deco Tape! :3
Response: Oh yea! Glad you liked them!
jammum3 rated for $8 - 10 Etsy Favorites! on Apr 4, 2012
Comment: It finally came!! Yeah! Thanks so much Robyn!
Response: Phew! thank goodness! I was getting worried!
JP rated for Etsy K is for..swap! on Apr 3, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the cute kawaii edamame earrings from my favs list! i LOVE them!!!! :o)
Response: yea! Glad you did! And glad they arrived!
sunshinesuperman rated for Build a Box w/One Word on Mar 24, 2012
Comment: WOW!!! What wonderful goodies you sent but far too much. I love it all. The apron is fabulous! We used the honey in our tea this morning. I have the perfect hook for my new garden bell, Too cute. The Scentsy burners are really cool, I love them. Thank you for everything loaded in the boxes. I can hardly believe it all! Truely a swap to jump for joy! Hugs, Mona
Response: I am thrilled you liked everything! Thanks for being so patient with me and being the best swap partner! Can't wait to swap again! HUGS from California!
Jester777 rated for Mermaid gift on Nov 24, 2011
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: The orange Dotee is so nice. I like the unique face and the jewels......it is really pretty and I love felt and don't know why-lol thank-you. Lorraine/ Northqueen

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