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Country: Sweden
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About Me

Hi, I'm Moa and I'm from Sweden.

I work in a paint store (the BORING kind of paint; the one you put on your walls, not the FUN kind that you make paintings with), and live in an apartment that somehow is only devoid of Stuff On Every Possible Surface for about an hour after I've cleaned it. Then, I start filling every surface with Projects again ... I wouldn't have it any other way, though.

As of March 2017, I'm taking it easy with the swaps. Not quitting, just not entering as many as before as I have some other things I need to catch up on.

Favorite Books

I love a lot of books. I am a huge fan of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong, and also enjoyed the Temeraire series - at least to where I currently am (book 6, and that was a pretty good place to end it in my opinion, so I'm kinda considering not reading further .. oh but who am I kidding, of course I will! Eventually). I've read Jean M Auel's books more times than I can count (NOT the last one though ... I don't know why, haven't felt like it I guess) - although I tend to just re-read my favourite parts these days.

My favourite book of all time is "Good Omens" by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (if you haven't read it; read it, it's awesome), because it is undescribably good.

In Swedish, I re-read Niklas Krog's triology about once a year, and I tend to fall back on my childhood favourite, Kulla-Gulla (which no one outside of Sweden has probably heard of) from time to time.

I also have a growing shelf full of obscure fact books, like How to survive a zombie apocalypse, The Gentleman's fashion through the ages, as well as numerous books about signs and symbols and myths ... I like facts, and if the fact book happen to have a lot of pictures, that's a plus. :p

Poetry-wise, I love rhymes and beat; Edgar Allan Poe when I'm feeling dramatic (I can only understand about half of his poems though), and Dorothy Parker (any time, anywhere, in any situation). A smart nursery rhyme is never wrong, either.

Also, I read comics. Lots of them. Only well-drawn ones though, or REALLY well-written ones. I'm there for the Art or the Story, basically.

And I read a lot of fanfics. A LOT of fanfics. I mean, like, INSANE amounts, from a lot of different fandoms, because fanfics? Can give me an instant fix. I want to read comedy? I read a funny fanfic. I want to read something sad? I read an angsty one. It's just so easy. Any fanfic with well-written characters is a good fanfic. I love you all, fanfic writers of the world!

The only thing I'm not that into is romance. As an aromantic person, it just doesn't interest me that much.

Favorite Movies

This is gonna be a long list. rubs hands together ... where to begin? Okay, in NO order at all ... clears throat:

  • "Hacksaw Ridge"
  • "Spiderman: Homecoming"
  • "Fantastic beasts and where to find them"
  • "Now you see me 2"
  • "Toy Soldiers" (from 1991)
  • "Hot Fuzz"
  • "Despicable me"
  • "Megamind"
  • "Pacific Rim"
  • "Mean girls"
  • "Armageddon" (at least the scene when they're interviewed before the training)
  • "The man from U.N.C.L.E."
  • "Transformers" (1&2)
  • "Con Air" (because you can ALWAYS watch Con Air!)
  • "Zombieland"
  • "Disturbia"
  • "Yrrol"
  • "The Princess Bride"
  • "Losers"
  • "Tangled"
  • "Shakespeare in love"
  • "Return to OZ"
  • "Sky high" (it's a guilty pleasure, ok??)
  • "Cry-Baby"
  • "Donnie Darko"
  • "The 51st state"
  • "The Mask"
  • "Tropic Thunder"
  • "Addams family values"
  • "Kung fu hustle"
  • "Scent of a woman" (at least the scene where he makes his speech in the end)
  • "Rock of ages"
  • "Airheads"
  • "Cool Runnings" ("Ya man")
  • "Hocus pocus"
  • "Die Hard 4"
  • "Flight of the navigator" (a classic from when I was a kid, probably not as good today ...)
  • "Honey I shrunk the kids" (also a classic from when I was a kid - and DEFINITELY as good today!)
  • "Outlander" (I don't WANT to like it, but I do!)
  • "The breakfast club"
  • "Hero" (so beautiful!)
  • "Titan AE"
  • "Hot shots 2"
  • "Some like it hot" (a REALLY old movie, but oh so good!)
  • "Prince of Persia"
  • "Star Trek"
  • "Dogma"
  • "Inception"
  • "Terminator" (2&3)
  • "Waterworld"
  • "Paranorman"
  • "The Lion King"
  • "Nightmare Before Christmas"
  • "Deadpool"
  • "Mulan"
  • "Rise of the Guardians"
  • "Fright Night"
  • "Tootsie"
  • "Guardians of the Galaxy" (1 and 2)

... just to name a few.

Honestly, most superhero movies. And funny movies, and action movies, and movies with really nice special effects or really well-written movies. I like to be ENTERTAINED (so no miserable dramas based on real events, please).

I just like a lot of movies, okay

Favorite Television

One of the latest things I watched was "The Night Manager", which I enjoyed for several reasons - the frequent close-ups of Tom Hiddleston's pretty face being one of those reasons ...

I usually enjoy shows where I get to watch people create things, like - for example - cooking or baking shows. (I can watch youtube videos of things being made for HOURS)

When it comes to scripted shows, I like a lot of them, but to be honest - mostly because the fanfic potential. I fall in love with a show or characters in a show, and then I go looking for fanfics for that show. I tend to like the fandoms more than the shows ... but! That being said, I like (in no particular order, again):

  • "Pushing Daisies"
  • "Seaquest"
  • "Brooklyn 99"
  • "The Musketeers"
  • "Firefly"
  • first season of "Legends of tomorrow" (because of Leonard Snart, let's be real)
  • "Stranger things"
  • the first few seasons of "Supernatural"
  • the first season of "Under the Dome"
  • ... and I was insanely into "Teen Wolf" for, like, the first three seasons (because of the awesomeness that is Stiles, let's be honest). Come to think of it, I like the FIRST FEW SEASONS of a lot of shows ... but the general rule is that my interest will wane after a few seasons ...

I also have a list of about 30 shows that I WILL watch, at some point. So I have my work cut out for me. :)

Favorite Crafts

Oooh! I love everything craft-y, basically, but I can't say that I have a favourite, as I jump between everything as I feel like it.

I like drawing and writing and painting and baking and sculpting and jewelry-making and cooking and everything in between.

I've gone on courses to learn jewelry making with silver clay and chain maille, screen printing and throwing clay.

I've also been knitting, crocheting, sewing, working with leather and made costumes and masks.

Anything that concerns Making Something or learning something craft-like, and I'm sure to love it. It has to take some skill, though - it can't be too easy, or I'll be bored. (I am NOT into most paper crafts, so sending me scrapbooking stuff will just confuse me.)

I basically just want to learn everything. I love trying and learning new crafts.

Things I like

  • Shower gels that smell good
  • Cereal (I prefer the kinds that aren't so sweet)
  • The character Leonard Snart
  • Sunglasses that fit round/wide faces
  • Fairytales and myths from all over the world
  • Loki
  • Tom Hiddleston (I would listen to that man read from a PHONE BOOK, honestly, have you heard his voice??)
  • Chocolate and mint and liquorice (and any combination of the three)
  • Spider-Man / Peter Parker
  • Comments (on things I've drawn, on things I've written, on swaps I've sent - did you like it? NOT like it? Let me know)
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Nice art ("And what is NICE?" you may wonder. Well ... art that ... I ... like ... :S)
  • Marvel comics & movies
  • Watching things get made
  • The smell of books
  • Going to bed in newly washed sheets
  • Birds
  • Christmas ornaments from the December Diamonds mermen & fairy lines, as well as all Christmas ornaments in the form of Superheroes and characters I love (Hallmark Keepsakes, I'm looking at you) - they're terribly difficult to get in Sweden. ..
  • Reading good fanfics
  • Duct tape (good for everything: one can never have too many rolls!)
  • Sending and receiving mail
  • Popcorn
  • Going to the movies (and I have nothing against going to the movies by myself)
  • Movies in general
  • Deadpool
  • Fashion from the 50s (I have wide hips so that fashion fits me ... too bad I rarely wear dresses)
  • Baking sweet things
  • Well-drawn or well-written comics
  • Whump (a guilty pleasure)
  • Photos (real ones, not digital ones - both old and new ones)
  • The Internet
  • Awesome ladies
  • Rhymes
  • Dragons
  • Smart ways to store stuff
  • Sleeping in
  • Fika (=meeting a friend for like a hot chocolate and a cinnamon roll or a piece of pie or something at a cafΓ©)
  • Eating in general (it's one of the best things one can do, in my opinion). :)

Things I dislike

  • Ignorant and non-accepting people and their comments
  • Decorative things that have no use or purpose, that I haven't chosen for myself (or are related to my fandoms)
  • Coffee
  • Way too tourist-y things
  • Dried meat
  • Over-the-top romance
  • Being late
  • Certain social situations (I am a well-functioning introvert who prefers to spend my free time at home or with close friends, rather than out and about)
  • Facebook
  • Bad spelling and use of grammar by myself (so please tell me if you find any errors)
  • Most sports (surprisingly, not rugby, which is for some reason an okay sport to watch)
  • Bugs (spiders in particular)
  • Donald Trump and everything to do with him
  • Raisins in cookies/food
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • Customers who just want discounts for everything without having done anything to earn them. Grrr.

I am not overly fond of stuff that has no purpose and that I cannot use (random stickers or pieces of paper etc - unless it somehow relates to stuff I like - like movies or comics or superheroes).

Wish list

Okay, so something that I am looking for but haven't been able to get in my own country ( ie, reasons to move abroad ...):

  • Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream - I love it, but they don't sell it here in Sweden ... I've gotten it in a swap a few times, and it never fails to make me happy!

  • Terry's Chocolate Orange. I mean, it's chocolate shaped as a fruit - what's not to love??

  • The aforementioned Christmas ornaments from my "like"-list. (ie December Diamonds mermen/fairies - especially Puck/Kalan/Pan and Dr. Pet-A-Vet/Tattoo/Camo/Home Grown/Jagger - and Hallmark Keepsakes - curently lusting after Deadpool, Jack Frost, Wonder Woman 2016, Lock Shock & Barrel, Wall-E, Spiderman A new kind of hero 2017, Thor from Ragnarok, Mowgli & Baloo, and Toothless & Hickup. And hey, other geeky ones, from other brands, if they're good quality.)

If, by any divine intervention I'd get any of that in the mail, it would make my MONTH. For things like these, I'm also open to private swaps. Very, very open to private swaps.


Fever rated for A cozy winter night in - Europe on Feb 10, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much, dear Moa, for a gorgeous parcel. Everything is great - the movie looks fantastic and I haven't seen it before, and the comic books look A LOT (like, almost in a creepy way!) like something I would buy in a heartbeat. Thank you ever so much, you really do know my taste - always a pleasure to swap with you!
Response: I'm so glad that you like it - hopefully you'll like it after you've read them too, and maybe after you've watched the movie. This was such a fun swap, and I always enjoy putting together stuff for you. :)
Sammoning rated for Doodle me a face! PC INT #2 on Jan 15, 2018
Comment: Wow, that's not a doodle that's an awesome drawing! I enjoyed it alot , thanks! :)
Response: I'm glad you liked it, thanks!
Natasa rated for FUNNY UNDIES on Jan 9, 2018
Comment: thanks for everything
Response: You're welcome.:)
ThinkingofBlue rated for Ornament and Goodies Swap on Dec 6, 2017
Comment: Oh my goodness, I wish I could give you more than one heart. Everything you sent was wonderful! The ornaments look beautiful on our tree and we were so excited to put together the angel chimes! It's lovely! Thank you so much for doing this swap with me! I really enjoyed it!!
Response: Oh, it got there fast! I'm so happy you liked it, and that it didn't break! I was kinda fearing that it would, but I'm glad it got there all right! The angel chimes, fun fact: I'm actually listening to mine as I write this. :) Merry Christmas!
Comment: Hi Moa I received my parcel and I just loved the shipping paper you used. I will write again when I open at Christmas. Thanks for swapping and I hope we swap again soon. Pat
Response: I'm glad it got there okay, and I hope you will like what is inside the parcel as well. Have a lovely Christmas!
Comment: I'm so happy and thankful for this wonderful package! Honestly you made me laugh and smile sooo much! These are super thoughtful and fun gifts! And the book ring is just genius! I'd give you ten hearts if I could! Thank You πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Response: I'm glad it got there in time, and I hope you'll like what I sent you. Merry Christmas!
Comment: Oh wow, I'm speechless! What a wonderful and thoughtful package you sent to me! All the wonderful Christmas goodies you sent me! I have to say you already had me with the Marabou chocolate but my absolute favourite thing is the blue cheese in a tube! <3 I love blue cheese but I never came across it in this shape so far. Putting it on gingerbread sounds like a wild ride! I can't wait to try that!!! Also thank you so much for your wonderful letter explaining everything and giving advice how to eat these goodies best! Thanks a million! <3 <3 <3
Response: You're welcome, I'm glad you liked it all! And you'll have to let me know when you've tried blue cheese in a tube on gingercookies, later ... :p
Slippy8 rated for Christmas gift on Nov 23, 2017
Comment: I can't wait to share these beautifully wrapped gifts with my friend. Thanks!
Response: I do hope that he'll like what's inside them, too!
livvy rated for Merry Christmas on Nov 21, 2017
Comment: Totally speechless at your kindness and generosity! I'm so sorry I couldn't resist looking in the parcel (haha), but you have made me so happy that I hope you can forgive me! Thank you SO so much for my wonderful gifts....one heart simply isn't enough. Wishing you a wonderful and magical festive season. Livvy xx
Response: I wish you the same, and I am beyond pleased that what I sent went over so well! It made my day!
PoetaMisteriosa rated for Christmas candy & A ornament on Nov 16, 2017
Comment: I really loved his swap. I hope we can change more often!
Response: I agree, it was such a fun swap.:)
monichan rated for Chocolate November! on Nov 12, 2017
Comment: Love love love all the chocolates, sooo good! I was pretty bummed though because I was saving the Plopp bar for last but my dog got to it before I could. Bad dog! Thanks again!
Response: Oh nooo, bad dog! (Kidding; ALL dogs are good dogs!) But I'm glad you loved what you DID eat, though! :D
Moosecastle rated for 6 gifts 1 theme - #173 - ATC on Oct 25, 2017
Comment: Thank you soooo much for the Robert Pattinson surprise! And I get to read Swedish - kul :D (Sorry for the late rating)
Response: I'm glad you liked it! I thought that if you didn't understand the Swedish, at least it had Pictures! :D
Cha13 rated for Pamper or Relax on Sep 29, 2017
Comment: Your amazing parcel brightened my day SO much!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€What a fantastic surprise, I haven't yet started baking but I will! I have however started on the delicious chocolates ( love the mix!!!) and the book ! What a beautiful and thoughtful package! Thank you so much for reading my profile and getting it so perfectly right!! You are an angel, I wish I could give you more stars xxxxxx
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! It was such a fun swap to put together. Also I hope you like the book when you've read it!
rianheimgartner rated for Vegan food swap on Sep 22, 2017
Comment: Dear Moa, Thank you so much for the yummy Vegan items!! I love them, tried two already πŸ˜‹ A ❀️❀️❀️ for you! Have a wonderful weekend!
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! Hope you had a good weekend, too. πŸ˜€
AynE rated for MLF: My favorite creature swap ~ INT on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: This was an amazing, amazing, wonderful package. My daughter has fallen in love with Carl and will not allow any one to say anything bad about him, nor for the cats to play with him. The calligraphy dragons are beautiful and the story is sweet. I wish I could give you 1,000 hearts!
Response: I'm so glad you liked it, and I'm happy to hear that Carl is in a good home! :D
kacka rated for Snack box on Sep 6, 2017
Comment: thank you for the interesting choice:).i like most of what you chose
Response: I'm glad!
caf1988 rated for Genealogy Letter on Aug 27, 2017
Comment: First: I LOVE your stationary! I'm a sucker for any off-white textured paper! But that's not the purpose of this swap, haha.☺ Thank you for sharing about your genealogy! I'm seriously jealous about your Ehanger Book! Thank you for the partial tree. It's interesting how names get recycled--you have so many Annas and Anders: My family is Johannes on one side and Joseph on the other 😊.
Response: Nowadays, it's "in" to have a unique name. Then, it was not... I have actually two more names, one after my mother and her mother, and one after my father's mother's mother. I agree, it IS interesting ... But most things concerning genealogy is!:D
MarianV rated for IPS - Shop Local Goodies #2 on Aug 7, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for all the goodies. I love it. :)
Response: I'm glad you liked it! :D
lorz88 rated for Draw A Picture - Newbie Friendly on Jul 21, 2017
Comment: Hi Moa, Thank you so much for the picture you sent me, I love it!!! I can't believe you drew and painted it yourself, it's amazing!!! Thank you!!!
Response: Thank YOU for inspiring me to try out that style! I'm so glad you like it.
Ikran3 rated for Hello Summer! on Jul 19, 2017
Comment: It arrived so fast! Always a pleasure to swap with you - thank you! Beautifully packaged and labelled too :) The butterflles are in my garden and most of the chocolate in my tummy!!! ;-) The book is one I already read, and the other one you mentioned. I loved them both and will happily pass this one on - my original copy just got returned to me after being lent out ;-)
Response: I'm glad it got there fast, and I'm glad you liked it!

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debbiespoms on Nov 9, 2017:

Hi there Moa ! I just wanted to thank you, for joining the swap in Sweet tooth Christmas candy and A ornament. I really appreciate it so much ! Debbie T.

libertylithium on Sep 26, 2017:

Stumbled upon your profile! Very nice to meet you! :)

KateKintail on May 1, 2017:

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy in a Mini Bag profile check. I am Groot!

KateKintail on Mar 5, 2017:

Pushing Daisies

The facts were these... Pushing Daisies in a Mini Bag profile check!

Elysandrra on Jan 19, 2017:

Hehe, thanks for the encouragment!

Elysandrra on Jan 13, 2017:

Well, looks like I might need to finish up a little something to send your way since you LOVE fanfiction so much!!! <<<That makes me happy to find someone who enjoys it as much as I do writing it and reading other people's works!

Have a good day!

KateKintail on Dec 2, 2016:


Favorite fandoms in a bag profile check. Happy holidays & happy swapping!

anrtist on Nov 8, 2016:

There are so many negative things on TV & everywhere you turn,..
I want to share this with you lovely ladies today!!!

Blessings, cc

Fever on Nov 3, 2016:

I'm so glad you like the gift I got you! It actually is one of my favourite comic book series of all times, so I really really hope you'll love it as much as I do. I got the feeling we have the same taste in comic books, so I went for it. Also, if you look closely you'll see that the author (Warren Ellis) is the same as "crooked little vein", the book I sent you in an earlier swap. Have you had the chance to read it yet? In my eyes he's an utter genius. And I'd love to hear if you agree once you've had a look into his world. :-)

KateKintail on Nov 2, 2016:


Disney in a bag swap profile check! Happy swapping!

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