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Country: Belgium

About Me


hello World,

It's me... Monique, living close to the city of Antwerp, Belgium

In an era of e mail & texting, i still prefer snail mail , and i don't mean ... invoices haha.

I "ve send, and collect postcards since i was young ... and that's quite for a long time now .

As my nickname reveals .. i love retro, vintage and antiques

I love things with a "past"

You can often find me in second hand shops, charity shops, fleamarkets ..

I also have a soft spot for Art Deco and Art Nouveau

I have a collection of

-vintage teapots , teacups and saucers, anything to do with tea serving


but i also have a bit of an obsession with MUGS... started a collection of ROY KIRKHAM mugs..


  • vintage tins


  • vintage books


favourite holiday destination ….. the UK !

My favourite time of the year is ...


chr chr

cann't get enough from the decorations, the christmas tree , gifts, just the whole atmosphere .. and not to forget the christmas postcards , i decorate my whole living room with them .

christmas postcards in victorian style have my preference

vic Christmas vC

If you are in a Christmas card swap, please send me a card with wishes in your own language, ty.

cann't wait to be christmas again

and to start this new swapbot adventure !

Love and hugs to all of you

Favorite Television

UK series :

-Inspector Morse

-Midsomer Murders

-Foyle's War

-Downton Abbey


-Keeping Up Appearances

-BBC Strictly Come Dancing

-Bargain Hunt -(Celebrity) Antiques Road Trip

-All programmes about vintage and antiques

-all Agatha Christie series with Poirot & Miss Marple

-also love all the BOOKS of Agatha Christie, have the whole collection !

Favorite Music

all music from the 60s and from the 80's

johnny cash


folk music from ireland


Loreena McKennitt

i like


Note : if it is a profile based postcard swap, and if you live OUTSIDE Europe, please send me a single view touristy postcard, showing the beauty of your country, thank you so much !

( can be send naked or in an envelope , your choice .,but i prefer SINGLE VIEW .)

I like unusual and colourful stamps !!

For US swappers, please, if possible, don't use the common green global for ever stamps , thank you .

  • i prefer normal sized postcards, 4"x 6' ( 10 x15 cm)

  • if you send a touristy postcard, please send one of your OWN country , showing the beauty of your own country … nature, castle, UNESCO WHS

  • map postcards

  • for US SWAPPERS, if it is a TOURISTY postcard swap, please send me a MAP postcard of your state , or of a state you visited. Missing states: see below, thank you !

  • like MAXI cards (postcards that feature an image (a monument, animal, event, etc) along with a stamp of a very similar or related image on the picture side of the card.) too

  • from UK , Scotland ,Ireland , ... postcards of pubs, cottages ,famous castles and manors,golf, afternoon tea, highland games, funny seaside cards, vintage cars , colourful doors, Guinness , QUEEN VICTORIA, PHQ cards .... )

-CHRISTMAS POSTCARDS - try to build a nice collection of Christmas postcards , typical for the country it is send from .

love .. guess what ????**CHRISTMAS THEMED STAMPS ** , i collect them, so they are welcome all year round, 🙂 thank you

  • victorian/retro style postcards

  • vintage postcard ( before 1970 ), can be already send to someone else … just put it in an envelope … thank you

-From USA : American state postcards, still looking for the following AR,,DE,IL,ME,MD,MN,MS,MO,NE,NY,ND,OK,RI,SD, UT,VT,VA,WV.

  • the American retro'style 'postcards ' greetings from '....

  • American postcards of the capital of your state, i have already Denver, Frankfort,Bismarck, Sacramento

  • Children's Book Illustration Postcards ( No Disney )

  • Inge Löök , old ladies

  • Moomin

-Alice in Wonderland ( original illustrations by John Tenniel are my fevourites ) alice

and last, but not least ,

if you are an artist, i would be very happy to receive a card, made by you and

i would love to receive an ATC made by you , as i am not so crafty myself...

No cat, dogs or other animal postcards , I do love animals but in real !

NO coloured-in postcards

Thank you !

Please, use uncommon , multiple stamps on the postcards , Thank you


please, send your swaps in


  • gingerbread men/cookies

  • cookies with cinnamon

  • fudge

-chocolate, dark, milk , white … no nuts please

  • chocolates with a alcohol filling

    -Yankee candles and tealights

    the smell of roses .. and pine

(put Always and everywhere scented tea light candles ..)

peony is my favourite flower roses

washi tape to decorate anything and everything :

favourite washi : - vintage/ floral/ tea related/ holiday /airmail/ pastel colors/ old rose / Christmas/ animals( dogs, cat, owl..) / Easter /Halloween/autumn..


  • seasonal stickers ( Christmas, easter, Halloween, spring, summer, autumn, winter …. )

-address labels , and labels' please deliver to '

-'Flow' and 'Daphnes Diary.' magazines

-cartoon Calvin & Hobbes c h

-fountain pens

-pastel colors, dark blue

-cute, colorful socks ( size 37 / 4-5 )


please send me

plain BLACK teas such as

  • english breakfast

  • english afternoon tea

  • Ceylon Orange Pekoe

  • Assam

  • Darjeeling

  • Irish Breakfast….

  • (Twinings or other brand) 🎄CHRISTMAS TEA 🎄

  • Bigelow seasonal teas

I really prefer teabags bought by yourself, typical for your country/area. Thank you

and ,please dont pass me the teas you don't want.

NO green , matcha, herbal, chai, herbal infusions,licorice, chamomile,mint )

also like

  • peach, orange flavoured tea

-Finnish Nordqvist brand tea

  • Moomin tea

  • earl grey

  • lady grey

but always willing to try something new, especially if it is YOUR favourite tea
( but plse NO licorice, chamomile,mint )

i am not a huge coffee drinker, but love Starbucks!

i do like

Caffè mocha Holiday coffee Latte Macchiato chocolate flavoured coffee

and iced coffee

and also hot chocolate !


i once bought Christmas Spiced Ground Coffee at Harrod's in London, with cinnamon, hazelnut and chocolate flavourings …… best coffee ever …!

STAMPS i collect

-🎄CHRISTMAS STAMPS🎄 from all over the world

-stamps from the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Finland,( and from all european countries ), USA, Japan, Canada & Australia .

don't like

glitter and confetti , don't put it in an envelope, please …

don't send me :

-reward / teachers stickers

-hello Kitty,

-small paper cuts

  • black envelopes

  • scrapbooking & craft supplies.

  • sticky notes

  • loose tea or expired tea bags ,

Thank you !

If I do not receive a rating from you then I do not know if you received an item I sent. Please message me if you do not receive an item so I can resend.


Comment: So lovely to meet again!! Thank you so much for sending a Quentin Blake Illustration - I love this postcard :) Winter has not decided yet if it wants to stay. Today it was warm, but on Monday I walked back from work in a snow storm. We'll see what tomorrow brings...Stay healthy & safe!
denisedecker58 rated for January Birthday Greetings on Jan 21, 2021
Comment: Thank you so very much for the lovely birthday card and enclosures! I loved everything! The bookmark was perfect and I loved the Peanuts notecard!
KIllerMal rated for Tiny European Swap #13 on Jan 14, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the nice envelope and for reading my profile :) this is the first military postcard I've received, thanks for everything, I really enjoyed it <3
Response: You're very welcome, Brenda, glad you like it ! Thank you so much for rating and the heart ♥️ ! felice anno nuovo ! Monique
FranciscaKarsono77 rated for Christmas cards on Jan 14, 2021
Comment: Thank you very much for my beautiful 💗 greetings card and the extras. The Fantastic Beast card is super awesome!!! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a better 2021!
Response: You're very welcome ! Glad you like it all ! Thank you very much for rating and the heart ♥️ ! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead ! Monique
Comment: Thanks a lot for the teas! :)
Response: You're very welcome ! Thank you very much for rating and the heart ♥️ ! Have a lovely day ! Monique
Comment: Thank you for the teas! :)
Response: You're very welcome ! Thank you for rating and the heart ! Have a lovely day ! Monique
reinerose rated for Tea & Christmas Card Swap #5 on Dec 29, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas Card and amazing teas! The card will be in my framed collection and enjoyed for many years to come! Have an amazing & safe 2021!
Response: You're very welcome ! Thank you for the kind words , the rating and the heart ♥️ ! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead ! Monique
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely card (I love pinup girls!!) and the beautiful bookmarks. I hope you and yours have a happy new year also!
Response: You're very welcome ! Thank you for rating and the heart ♥️ ! Wishing you all the best for the new year ! Monique
Irys rated for Christmas cards on Dec 23, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card, so pretty! And thanks for the teas also, I'm sure I will enjoy them. Best wishes and happy holidays!
Response: You're very welcome ! Hope you 'll enjoy the teas ! Thank you for rating and the heart ♥️ ! Have a lovely day ! Monique
Comment: Lovely card and message - thank you 😊
Response: Thank you for rating ! Have a nice day !
MauiMami rated for Ho Ho Ho on Dec 19, 2020
Comment: Mahalo for the sweet card and extras! My son and I enjoyed looking up your local futbol club. Mele Kalikimaka from Maui!!
Response: You're very welcome ! Glad you and your son enjoyed the swap ! Thank you for rating and the heart ♥️ ! Take care ! Have a lovely day ! hauʻoli makahiki hou ! Monique
Comment: Lieve Monique, wat een mooie swap. Heel erg bedankt voor de washitape, postcard en heerlijke thee smaken. Have a merry christmas!
Response: Met plezier verstuurd, Robyn, altijd fijn te swappen met de noorderburen !hartelijk bedankt voor de lieve woorden, de rating en het hartje ♥️ ! hou je goed in deze niet zo fijne tijd .. helaas ! liefs van mij. Monique x
Comment: Thank you for your nice Card and Goodies :) Merry Christmas!
Response: You're very welcome ! Thank you for rating and the heart ♥️ ! Have a nice day ! Monique
Comment: Hoi Monique, bedankt voor het kerstkaartje en thee. Alle drie zijn nieuw voor me. Ik ben heel erg blij mee.
Response: Met plezier verzonden, Eugenie ! Blij dat ik je heb kunnen verrassen met 3 nieuwe theetjes . Bedankt voor de rating en het hartje ♥️ ! Fijne feestdagen gewenst ! Monique
Comment: I love the tea, the card, and your expressive note about this year which is most different from other years.
Response: Happy you like everthing ! Thank you for the rating and the heart ♥️ ! Happy Holidays ! Stay safe, stay healthy ! Monique
roosje rated for EML: Holly Jolly Card Swap #2 on Dec 2, 2020
Comment: Hoi Monique, ik wil je hartelijk bedanken voor de prachtige kaart en de mooie extras. Alles ziet er zo sfeervol uit en is met liefde gekozen, prachtig! Ik wens je hele fijne feestdagen toe en moet eerlijk bekennen dat ik ernaar uitzie om dit in een andere vorm te vieren (ik ben niet zo van de grote groepen).
Response: Met plezier verstuurd , Catherine,. Bedankt voor de rating en het hartje ♥️ .altijd leuk iets naar de noorderburen te zenden ! ook voor jou, fijne feestdagen toegewenst ... knusser, maar daarom niet minder aangenaam ! daar moet ik je in bijtreden ... liefs van de zuiderburen Monique
Pikkis rated for SiE: Advent Calendar #6 on Nov 30, 2020
Comment: What a perfect timing :)! Your huge package arrived today, on the last day of November, but I still have to wait sooo long to open your pretty gifts! Thank you for the lovely packages and paying a lot of postage to get them to me! Have a great advent-time and stay well! Update: Wow, you sent me my favourite chocolate, what a great gift! Thank you so much for reading my profile with care and also the bookmarks and the Alice-card are lovely! Merry Christmas!
Response: You're very welcome ! Thank you for rating and the heart ♥️ ! hope you will enjoy the gifts , and remember .. keep nr 24 away from heat ! Stay safe, stay healthy ! Monique
skinny52 rated for Christmas Postage Stamp Swap #1 on Nov 25, 2020
Comment: How lucky am I to have had you for a partner...you sent a beautiful assortment and it was very nicely presented! And the nautical extras really made my day! Not to mention that vintage postcard! Really, my sincere thanks for everything. Stay healthy and best wishes to you!
Response: You're very welcome! Thank you very much for rating , the heart ♥️ and your kind words ! always nice to read ! Happy Holidays ! Stay safe, stay healthy ! Monique
glassnowdrop rated for Private Swap - Christmas Card on Nov 20, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the Christmas card! I really appreciate the teas and bookmark as well :) I hope you are doing well!
Response: You're very welcome ! thank you for rating and the heart ♥️ ! Happy Holidays! Keep healthy ! Monique
AutumnAcorns rated for Tea & Christmas Card Swap on Nov 17, 2020
Comment: Thank you! Teas look yummy :)
Response: You're welcome ! Thank you for rating and the heart ♥️ ! Enjoy the teas ! Happy Holidays ! Keep safe, keep healthy ! Monique

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Singske on Jan 21, 2021:

Hey Monique, ik wil je voor morgen alvast een fijne verjaardag wensen. Hip hip hoera!🎉🎁🎉 Maak er een fijne dag van! Lieve groetjes♥️

Inger71 on Jan 3, 2021:

Thank you too!! Happy new year!! 🎉🎉🎉

Meisje on Dec 31, 2020:

Dank je wel voor je bericht op mijn profiel! Lieve groetjes terug.


Singske on Dec 31, 2020:

Ik wens je het allerbest voor⭐️2021⭐️!!! Hopelijk mogen die mondmaskers voor goed aan de wasdraad!🥂

Singske on Dec 28, 2020:

En wat vind ik ook nog in mijn brievenbus vandaag? Een leuke Kerst -en verjaardagskaart. Super lief van je om toch even aan me te denken. Bedankt!💌

Singske on Dec 27, 2020:

Bedankt voor je lieve verjaardagsgroetjes! We maken er hier een feestje van 🥂

Singske on Dec 5, 2020:

Bedankt voor je mooie vintage Sint op mijn profiel. Mijn schoentje staat al klaar. Hopelijk wordt het jouwe ook gevuld met heel wat lekkers. Geniet ervan. Lieve groetjes Inge

Meisje on Dec 4, 2020:

Just because ♥




MNJoviGirl on Nov 26, 2020:

I am hosting the January Birthday greeting again feel free to check it out!


Singske on Oct 14, 2020:

Hey Monique, bedankt voor de leuke snailmail met mooie papiertjes en de lekkere thee. Ja dat koers-kijken, ik kijk ook steeds met een half oog mee en ben het ook beginnen te appreciëren. De ronde van Vlaanderen met taart is hier een kleine traditie geworden. Veel liefs💌♥️💌

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