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Country: Australia
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18 JUNE 2017 All swaps that have been received have been rated!

Hi! Greetings from Australia! I’m 28, currently on a break from studying design, and am a mummy to my beautiful four (almost five!) year old bunny, Cuddles ♥. She lives in my room, which is just the best!

I love snail mail, all things paper, and brightening someone’s day, which is why I love swapping! Putting together little happy packages for people around the world based on their profile makes my day! I love private swaps, so if you have anything in mind I’d love to hear from you!

I am a very visual person, and my world revolves around colour, design, stationery, patterns, illustration, painting, interior styling and crafts! I am an introvert and a homebody, but I love animals, nature and the outdoors.

Random things about me:

• I'm an Introvert with a capital I

• I love organization, yet I think I am more creative when my work space is messy

• I’ve never travelled outside of Australia

• I’m a champion procrastinator

• I'm an HSP - highly sensitive person




I always comprehensively read my swap partner's profile before putting together a swap and always do my best to send something I think matches their likes, or at least avoids their dislikes/do not sends.

I’m here to send and receive happy mail, not to count how many hearts I have. I almost always include extras with my swaps (or in the case of naked postcards, I put a lot of effort into decorating the naked side), not because I’m fishing for hearts, but because I think what I send will make my partner happy and maybe put a smile on their face. Hearts are lovely to receive and always appreciated, but they are not my goal.

If you are my partner for a swap and don't receive anything from me within a few weeks after a swap deadline please message me before rating and I will happily re-send. Please keep in mind that I live in Australia and it can sometimes take a few weeks for mail to arrive overseas.



If I don’t receive a swap a few weeks after the deadline I will always contact my partner, not just rate them a 1. I hate rating a 1, and will give my partner every chance to send the swap. I will only ever rate a swapper a 1 if a very long time has passed (months) since the swap deadline and I haven't received the swap or any communication.

I’m pretty liberal when giving out hearts, but sending extras, while appreciated, does not guarantee a heart. It’s about the quality of the swap. If something makes me smile/I see effort has been put into it/someone’s read my profile and tailored a swap to something I like, then I will give a heart.

If possible, I’d appreciate real postage stamps on swaps rather than the printout label from the post office that is often used instead. I’m not a true stamp collector, but I do love stamps and love seeing all the different ones from around the world. I keep all the pretty ones I receive. Thank you in advance :)


One final note...

I take swapping seriously and will always send out swaps that I have signed up for and rate my partners in a timely fashion. However, swapping isn’t a life or death situation…it’s meant to be FUN! If I am late in sending a swap for any reason, I will always message my partner/s.


Stuff I ♥


♥ anything cute/happy/uplifting

♥ COLOUR! Rainbow colours, especially pastels, pinks, berry, greens, blues, greys, rose gold, silver, yellow, orange. Not big on red or purple. I like everything from bright/vibrant/pastels/neons...just not into very dark/murky colours.

My fave colour combos are pink+grey, pink+green, pink+yellow, pink+orange, pink+yellow+orange, pink+blue, pink+purple.

♥ PAPER! Decorative, patterned, scrapbooking,

♥ cute things/kawaii/things with cute faces

♥ things that sparkle, shimmer and shine!

♥ washi tape (I love samples, I don’t expect anyone to send me a whole roll)


♥ glitter

♥ confetti

♥ planner supplies/stickers

♥ gift wrapping supplies

♥ craft supplies

♥ flowers - specifically love: tulips, peonies, freesias, sweet peas, muscari, orchids, pink roses, waxflowers, hyacinths, lavender, hydrangeas, anemones, blushing brides, cornflowers, cosmos, calla lilies, forget-me-nots, proteas, red flowering gum, lisianthus, cherry blossoms, poppy pods, daffodils, jonquils, erlicheer, lilacs, lilies of the valley, snowdrops, iris, delphinium, gloriosa lily, viburnum, hypercium berries, alliums, hellebores, forsythia, violets

♥ greenery - cacti, succulents, ferns, palms, monsteras, fiddle leaf fig, all plants

♥ nature

♥ animals

♥ 80s and 90s pop culture/childhood nostalgia

♥ California

♥ quotes

♥ stationery

♥ greeting cards with envelopes

♥ letter sets

♥ pretty ribbons

♥ embellishments

♥ quality and/or unusual envelopes

♥ Sanrio - Little Twin Stars + My Melody

♥ the seasons

♥ beaches, jungles, forests, prairies, meadows, desert, rivers, lakes, waterfalls

♥ snowflakes

♥ animals (ALL animals but I have a soft spot for: all baby animals, rabbits, dogs, horses, elephants, polar bears, snow leopards, hedgehogs, gorillas, narwhals, seals and unicorns ;) )

♥ dinosaurs (stegosaurus forever!)

♥ great white sharks (JAWS geek!)

♥ Betty & Veronica comics (vintage or new)

♥ Zodiac related items - Scorpio

♥ anything from kikki.K, Sanrio, Studio Calico, Madison Park Greetings, Galison

Christmas + Halloween

Cards, postcards, stickers, paper, decorations, ribbons, tape – love it all!

CHRISTMAS themes/motifs I ♥: traditional "white Christmas", snowflakes, stars, rocking horse, bells, angels, reindeer, snow globes, woodland animals, teddy bears, bells, wreaths, holly, Christmas trees, snowmen, ice-skates, mittens, baubles, stockings, toys, Santa's workshop...not too keen on Santa himself though. Christmas colours I love: red, green, gold, silver + white.

HALLOWEEN themes/motifs I ♥: pumpkins, spiders, spiderwebs, ghosts - anything that’s not overly gory or gruesome - more kawaii! Oh, and please no witches!

Postcard Wishlist

♥ US state map postcards

I’m collecting map postcards from all 50 US states...so far I have 45/50...only 5 states away!

STILL LOOKING FOR...Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont.

If you can help me out, message me and we can set up a private swap! If you have a state map postcard not on this list, I'm still interested, as it may be a different card than what I have. Thank you in advance :)

♥ Nature - beautiful landscapes, country views, jungles, prairies, animals, greenery, plants, flowers

♥ Kawaii

♥ Cute illustrations

♥ Colourful/patterned

♥ Unique handmade postcards

♥ Anything relating to my 'Stuff I ♥' list!

I ♥ my postcards sent naked + stamped (unless otherwise indicated in the swap requirements), and decorated with stickers, washi tape, etc. I love the decoration of the written side of the postcard almost more than the picture side!

Film + TV

♥ My favourite childhood and all-time favourite movie is Jurassic Park! Other films I love include: The Hateful Eight, Django Unchained, Inglourious Basterds, Death Proof, Kill Bill: Vol. 2, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Jaws, Grease, The Lost World, Home Alone 1 + 2, No Country For Old Men, Paper Moon, The Breakfast Club, Clueless, The Big Lebowski.

♥ Films that will never fail to make me laugh out loud: Dumb and Dumber, Liar Liar, Ace Venture, Anchorman, There's Something About Mary, Wet Hot American Summer, Wayne's World, Napoleon Dynamite, Step Brothers, Twins, Superbad.

♥ My favourite TV shows: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Will & Grace, Family Guy, Arrested Development, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Office (US), Parks and Recreation, Star Trek VOYAGER, Star Trek DS9, LOST, the original 90s The Baby-Sitter's Club series. My guilty pleasure show is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

No thanks...

I've tried not to make this list too long, but please note that Australia has very strict rules for what can and can’t be mailed here! Please do not send any magnets/anything magnetized, animal products, or any perishable foodstuffs. Also please do not send any food in general, including gum, tea, chocolate, etc.

I would also prefer not to receive the following:

• items that smell of cigarette smoke

• scented products - candles, soaps, perfumes, make-up (they initiate migraines)

• items with LOOSE glitter (I LOVE glitter, but I’d like to prevent a glitter shower when opening my mail ;) )

• themes: hunting, clowns, the circus, pirates, goblins, gnomes, witches, wizards, magic, gothic, owls (sorry owl lovers!), army/military, war, overly "dark" themes

• colours: murky colours, browns, dark greens, or mustard.


Comment: Thank you for the beautiful bird Valentine's Card, washi tape and stickies. Love it all! Much appreciated! From Writercat/Cathy
Response: Really happy you enjoyed everything, Cathy! Was a pleasure to put together for you.Thanks for the rating + heart! :)
Comment: Thank you for such a nicely decorated card! I'm not into touristic ones but the back is so nice I will keep it in my collection!
Response: You're welcome! I know, I realised that after I read your profile, but it was the only card I had on hand! At least you liked the back! :) Thanks for the rating + heart!
fairypretty7 rated for CPG Red & Pink Envie - Global on Jan 23, 2019
Comment: Thank you for all the great items, they will suit my planner to a tea for next month.
Response: My pleasure, so glad you liked and will use the items! Thanks for the heart! :)
crystalite rated for WIYM: Another Magpie Journal on Jul 10, 2017
Comment: Wow! What an awesome journal...I'm enjoying it so much. Thank you for good communication and for the extra bits and bobs tucked in several places!
Response: So happy to hear that the journal reached you safely and that you're enjoying it! You're most welcome, it was a lot of fun to create! Thank you for the lovely rating + ❤ :-)
IrishPixie rated for Private Swap - 250g of GOODIES! on Jun 16, 2017
Comment: Oh my gosh!!! Maggie you spoiled me rotten you sent me sooooooo much more than I sent you! THANK YOU!! I love everything soo much. I was ooohing and awwwhing at everything hahah! Even how you decorated the envelope was so nice! Thank you so much it was an amazing surprise I feel so sick today and now I'm all happy and excited lol! I would give you more stars if i could hahah <33333
Response: You're more than welcome, Karen! I'm so glad that the package arrived safely and that you loved everything! I'm glad that it was able to brighten your day :-) Glad that you liked the envelope too ;) Thank you so much for the lovely rating & ❤, and thank you for swapping with me! Best wishes, Maggie xoxo
ultrameganerd rated for Washi Washi! 4 on Jun 12, 2017
Comment: I loved everything you sent me, the envelope was beautiful !!! Thank you so much for everything. Very nice details and yes! We have many things in common, so I have a private swap or if you want we can be penpal: D just write a dm. thanks again <3 <3
Response: Yay, I'm so happy that you enjoyed the swap, Carolina! I loved decorating the envelope for you, I'm so happy that you liked it :) You're very welcome, it was my pleasure. At the moment I'm taking a break from swapping, but if/when I'm ready to swap again I'll msg you! Thank you for the rating + heart ❤! Take care, Margarita xo
EllieBeth8 rated for TPW- Map from Your County on Jun 9, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the great postcard! Have a nice day! Shelley
Response: You're very welcome Shelley, happy that you liked it :-) Thanks for the rating + heart! Happy swapping!
phillaine rated for Mail Art: Rubber Stamps on Jun 5, 2017
Comment: Hello Margarita! :) I was very excited to receive your delightful envelope of goodness today--SO pretty and fun! I'd forgotten about this swap and was just admiring your stamps right away anyway--the "have a wonderful day" stamp and the hello stamp and the air mail stamp are my favorites. I like how you included other paper and sticker elements to make it colorful and add some dimension, and you know how I love those forest creatures! Thanks for the beautiful papers in some of my favorite themes, the little extras and the neat joker playing cards (my first all-plastic, and a new design to me). I always am very happy to find something from you in my mailbox!
Response: Phillaine, I'm so happy that you enjoyed the stamped envelope! It was so much fun choosing the stamps to decorate it for you, and getting to use some forest stickers to personalise it ;) Glad you liked the goodies inside, too! You're very welcome, it was my pleasure to put this swap together. What a sweet comment that you're always happy to find something from me in your mailbox! Thanks so much for your lovely words, rating + heart ❤ xo
Comment: What a gorgeous PC and the stamps are just awesome -- thank you so much. Hope to see you in future swaps ~~
Response: You're very welcome Gloria, I'm so happy that you enjoyed the PC and the stamps :) Hope to see you in future swaps, too. Thanks so much for the lovely rating + heart ❤
Comment: Great cards! And such a happy fun envie! Love the elie! Thank you so much!
Response: Yay, happy that you enjoyed the cards, and the envie :) You're very welcome, it was fun putting together this swap for you! Thanks so much for the rating + heart ❤
simcoe54 rated for Private - Map Postcards #2 on May 17, 2017
Comment: Both packs of map postcards arrived today. Thanks for doing this private swap.
Response: Yay, happy that they arrived together :) You're welcome, thank you for swapping with me, too! Thanks for the rating + heart ❤
Comment: Thanks for the great map postcard.
Response: You're welcome Maxine, thanks for the rating + heart ❤
ToujoursMoi rated for Happy Mail, Yay! #14 on May 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you so so much for this very cute and special envelope. So many things I love and so much thought you have put into it which made it a very special swap. Thank you.
Response: You're very welcome Nina, I'm really happy that you thought it was a special swap, that's so lovely to hear! It was a lot of fun to put it together for you. Thanks so much for your kind words, rating + heart ❤
Comment: Pretty!
Response: Glad you liked it, thanks for the rating + heart ❤
Comment: Thank you so much for the gift of making such a cool Ocean on my envie! Its soooooo pretty! The selection of papers & stamps were just the icing on the cake!!!!!!!!!!!! You really, really, made my day! Youre so kind and thoughtful! Its all so gorguss! Hearts and hugs!!!
Response: You're most welcome, it was super fun to make for you! I'm stoked that you enjoyed everything, and to say that it made your day is so nice to hear :) Thanks so much for your lovely words, rating + heart ❤ xo
Comment: Beautiful sunset card!! Thank you!
Response: You're welcome Sarah, happy you liked it :) Thanks so much for the rating + heart ❤
mrsD rated for 5+ Stamps on Envelope on May 16, 2017
Comment: so many terrific nature stamps all the way from Australia! thank you for the great postcards and your cheery note too :) xo
Response: You're very welcome, I'm so happy that you enjoyed the stamps and the postcards (and the note!) :) Thanks so much for the lovely rating + heart ❤ xo
tristitia rated for 5+ Stamps on Envelope on May 16, 2017
Comment: Love the shiny green envelope and the Australian animal stamps! Also really love the postcards! Especially the rat :) Where do you get your postcards from? Thank you so much!!
Response: You're very welcome, Jen! Super happy that you enjoyed the swap...I was hoping you'd like the animal stamps on the green envie ;) :) Unfortunately I can't remember exactly which cards I sent you, but I remember the rat card was one I'd received in another swap. I usually buy my cards from tourist shops in my city. If you send me a photo of the other cards I’ll be able to tell you where they’re from. Thanks so much for the lovely rating + heart ❤
Sissi rated for Washi Washi! 4 on May 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for your lovely swap and everything you enclosed :)
Response: You're welcome, it was my pleasure! Thanks for the lovely rating + heart ❤
Comment: Thank you sooo much for the lovely postcard oh my gosh all the neon pink and cuteness on the back is so nice.. love the front too it's actually one of my fave postcards I've gotten so far! !
Response: You're very welcome Karen, I'm so glad you liked it! I thought you'd enjoy the back of the card too ;) So happy that it's one of your fave cards received! Thanks for the lovely rating + heart ❤

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IrishPixie on Jun 16, 2017:


phillaine on May 31, 2017:

Thank you for the delightful little bundle of surprises you sent me for the April IFM WTA. I appreciate the time and care you put into choosing things especially for me, and your GORGEOUS mail art is just breathtaking. I very much like everything you sent, and I know just the place for that glittery rainbow uni-kitten: it's the perfect birthday card for my college roommate! It does make me smile and smile. You're such a sweetie--thanks again!

mgallardo68 on May 20, 2017:

Margarita! I got another of the paper packages!! ♥

susieq11 on May 11, 2017:

Thank you!!! It has been great so far!!! xo

theaterfan23 on Apr 17, 2017:

Thank you so much for the fun stickers and washi!!!

theevidenceisme on Apr 2, 2017:

Thank you so much for the RAK of coloring postcards! I was running low and these are perfect to keep me going. Also thank you for the RAK of air mail stickers to use in my crafting...these will be fun!

susieq11 on May 13, 2016:

Thank you for the birthday wishes!!! Hope you've gotten my letter. I sent it late March! xxx

susieq11 on Nov 15, 2015:

Happy Birthday!!!! XOXO

susieq11 on Aug 28, 2015:

SO HAPPY to see you're back!!! xoxo

susieq11 on Apr 17, 2015:

Sent you mail today!! xoxo

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