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Birthday: January 29, 1981
Country: Netherlands
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About Me

Hello there, my name is Marianne, I'm 39 years old and live in the lovely city 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. Because of a chronic illness I'm not able to work as I did for years. I worked with disabled children and I loved to do that and I still hope that someday I will be able to do my work (or any other work) again. My hobbies are: Sending and receiving postcards and letters, I've started Postcrossing over 3 years ago. I also like drawing (mostly Zentangles, ZIA's Zendalas, ATC but I also like to make mandala's and a sort of cartoonish drawings), painting (I like to use acrylics and aqaurel and mix it with other things like pictures I found in magazines), making cards, and reading (mostly fantasy and thrillers) I also like to watch TV series and movies. I also like singing and I sing in a ladies choir.

I may be kind of new to Swap-Bot but I've been swapping for some years now on facebook and the postcrossing forum and have send lots of swaps allready. Please contact me first before rating me a 1 if it takes too long for my swap to arrive. Sometimes it takes a few days, but most of the times it takes a few weeks or sometimes a few months for mail to arrive in countries overseas, but also to countries like Russia. I'm always sending my swaps in time, if not I wil contact you to let you know and the reason why it will be send out late.

Our postal system doesn't empty mailboxes from saterday until monday, so if I have marked a swap sent on a saterday or sunday, or even on a friday if I posted it after the mailbox was emtied that day it will be postmarked after the weekend.

Favorite Music

When I was a teenager I was a huge fan of Bon Jovi. I still like to listen to Bon Jovi but not as often as I did then. Now I do love Laïs, three Belgium women with beautifull voices who sing folk music, I like it when they sing A-capella. I also like Musicals and Cabaret songs. But I also like to listen to bands as Apocalyptica, System of a down and Metallica.

Favorite Books

I love to read mostly fantasy and thrillers but I also like true stories, especially from world war 2. Some of my favourite authors are: Stephen King, Raymond E. Feist, Terry Prattchett, Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan, Julliet Marrilier, Tess Gerritsen, Simone van der Vlugt, Agatha Christie, Camilla Lackberg, Elisabeth george, Paulo Coelho, Torey Hayden, Virginia Andrews, J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien

Favorite Movies

Here I also like fantasy and thrillers but also science fiction and true stories. And I really like Disney movies.

Favorite Television

I like to watch crime series as CSI, Castle, Law&Order, The mentalist etc. But I also like series as Doctor Who, Lost, Supernatural, The X-files, Charmed, Rome, Game of Thrones, Grey's Anatomy, ER, House. I like a lot of tv series and sometimes I look for something a little lighter than the ones I mentioned above then I like to watch series as Friends, being Erica and The big bang theorie

Favorite Crafts

Well I like a lot of things. I used to make a lot of little puppets out of felt, and I also liked crocheting, knitting, quilting and cross-stitching. But unfortunately I had to give all these things up not because I didn't like it anymore but because my fingers and hands will not do what I want to do because of my illness. But I have found a new hobby now I make drawings, like Zentangles or Zentangle inspirited things, I do like mandala's and Zendala's. One of the artists who inspires me is Joanne Fink, she makes beautiful things. I also discoverd snailmail, it's the perfect combination of my postrelated and crafting hobbies. I also love to make ATC's and my own postcards using all kinds of techniques. I love mixed media, stamping, collaging (just started to do more collaging in my projects) and I love to watch youtube tutorials and follow them to make the project or learn a new technique.

Postcards and related things

My other addiction is Postcrossing, I used to send cards to friends and people I met on the internet in peer support groups. But since Januari this year I've started Postcrossing. I collect all sorts of cards, but what I like the most are the things peopale write on the back, little stories about them selves, what they are doing where they are living etc.

For Swaps with postcards: You can make me happy with subjects as: - Fantasy (elves, fairies, gnomes, dragons, etc) - Sci-fi (like Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star wars...) - Fairytales - Animals - Nature - Flowers - Butterflies - Owls - Elephants - Cats - city skylines - Landscapes - Churches, temples, castles and other beautiful old buildings - Things that are typical for your country or city - Art - Spirituality - Maps of your country, region or city - Cartoons - Animations - Manga - Winnie the pooh - Childrens books illustrations - Dick Bruna (Dutch illustrator) - Jip and Janneke or other drawings from Fiep Westendorp (Dutch illustrator) - Cornelis Jetses (Duthch illustrator) - Anton Pieck - M.C. Escher - Josephine Wall - Thomas Kinkade - Cards of Inge Löök, Lali, Jetoy, Limoon, Gorjuss, Silke Leffler, Jolinne, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Linda Peltola, Christl Vogl, Judy Mastrangelo, Oxana Zaika - Vintage - Steampunk art - Selfmade art (If you are creative and like to make your own cards they're welcome too) - Poëtry (with translation in English please)

As you see I do like a lot of things. I like postcards written and stamped, or if necessary in an envelope, and some selfwritten words on the back.

I scan all the cards I receive and put them in albums please check to avoid doubles. You can check my collection in the link to my Flickr photo's on the top of my profile.

Other things I like besides pc

of course there are many more things I like besides postcards, I also really like

  • ATC
  • Handcrafted postcards
  • Zentangles
  • ZIA's
  • drawings and paintings
  • mixed media
  • washi tape
  • stickers
  • stamps (not the postal ones but the clear and rubber stamps for crafting)
  • pretty papers
  • wooden embellishments
  • little charms
  • sharpies
  • pens
  • notebooks
  • fridge magnets
  • keychains
  • earrings, I prefer silver and not to long or big, colourfull is okay.
  • fantasy related things
  • die cuts
  • Vintage related craft stuff
  • Steampunk themed embelishments
  • doilies
  • dreamcatchers
  • quotes and poems
  • green, purple, teal, Black&white, Rainbows
  • Other things related to one of the themes I mentioned under my favourite postcards
  • Tea (I only drink green, rooibos and herbal and the pure fruit infusion tea's I can't drink black tea because it makes me ill)
  • pure dark chocolate

And there is much more I like but that would make a huge list :-D


I just love to drink tea. But I only drink green, red, white, herbal and none black pure fruit infusion tea's. I'll try every kind of flavour and always in for something new. I participate in factory sealed only swaps and loose tea swaps.

As you can see I drink almost every kind of tea but the black ones. I have some kind of intolerance for the caffeine in the black tea's if I drink it I get ill. But don't panic if you don't have enough other then black or only black tea's. I won't rate you down if you send me black tea. I just don't drink them myself but will give them to my friends when they come to visit me or will pass them through to another tea lover in another tea swap.

When you send me tea without English, German or Dutch description on the packaging please write me a translation in English (or German or Dutch) and write if it is black tea or not.

My allergies and dislikes

Things I don't like that much, that will be a short list :-) But please read this because I have some allergies both food as non food related ones.

  • Black tea (I get ill if I drink it but when I do receive black tea I pass it through to someone who likes it)
  • Coffee, I'm sort of allergic for caffeine.
  • Things to eat besides the dark chocolate, I'm allergic for lot of things. I must eat gluten, wheat and lactose free for medical reasons. And I'm allergic for everything that contains apple doesn't matter in what form (except for tea with apple flavour that is okay). But when you have something you are sure it is gluten, wheat, lactose and apple free it will be very welcome if there is a list of ingredients on or send with it so I can check :-D Other eatable things that are sent to me I will give to my friends and family.
  • cosmetics, shampoo and other stuff like that I'm allergic for parfumes and can't wear make-up because it gives me some kind of allergic reaction.
  • bracelets, I can't wear them because of the splints I wear, but wen you got me one I pass it through to someone else who can wear it.
  • the same for rings, I can't wear them because of my silver ring splints I wear for medical reasons on all my fingers.But again If you send me one I pass it through to someone else who can wear them.


Savannah76 rated for AMA: Intl- With One Image -ApR on Apr 20, 2021
Comment: Thank you for your nice PC, I like the color and the draw :)
MiekeC rated for NS: Teamwork PC # 41 on Mar 12, 2021
Comment: Dank je wel voor de kaart.
Poftoffel rated for NS: Mystery supply mail art #7 on Feb 27, 2021
Comment: Oh wow Marianne, wat een SUPER kaart heb je voor mij gemaakt!!! Echt, ik vind hem zo mooi... en wat lief dat je hem op mijn profiel hebt gebaseerd?! Ik ben er zo blij mee, hij gaat meteen op de muur in de hobbykamer! Dank je wel!!!!
Response: Heel graag gedaan vond het super leuk om te maken en ben blij dat je hem zo mooi vind.
uiltje rated for NS: Teamwork PC # 40 on Feb 18, 2021
Comment: De 1e ronde was al mooi, de 2e is echt schitterend. Dat wordt behoorlijk verzinnen, na mij komt nog iemand.......... Dank je wel!
Response: Dank je wel vond hem ook al erg mooi zo, veel succes megverzinnen maar dat gaat vast wel goed komen
Poftoffel rated for NS: ATC #3 on Jan 26, 2021
Comment: Oehhhh dank je wel voor de super leuke atc’s! Wat zijn ze mooi getekend! Ik ben inderdaad nieuw in de groep ^^ Bedankt voor de vrolijke post vandaag!
Response: Heel graag gedaan! Ben blij dat je ze mooi vind, heb er met veel plezier aan gewerkt.
Tessssssa rated for NS: Mystery supply mail art #6 on Jan 23, 2021
Comment: Bednkt voor je macis iris, super leuk gedaan voor de eerste keer! En die thee ruikt heerlijk, ga ik vanavond eens uitproberen
Response: Graag gedaan, vond het ook super leuk om te maken. Zowel de magic iris als de thee enveloppe. Geniet van de heerlijke thee.
Tessssssa rated for NS: Teamwork PC # 39 on Jan 23, 2021
Comment: Bedankt voor de potscard, ik maak hem afven stuur hem naar jose
Response: Graag gedaan
Tessssssa rated for NS: Teamwork PC # 38 on Jan 5, 2021
Comment: Bedankt voor de pc, eens zien wat ik hier aan toe ga voegen :)
Tessssssa rated for Journal page vogel on Jan 5, 2021
Comment: Bedankt voor de mooie pagina, deze stijl is helemaal mijn ding. En ben benieuwd wat je met de Magic iris gaat doen :)
Response: Heel graag gedaan! Daar ben ik zelf ook benieuwd naar, hahaha, heb wel al filmpjes bekeken hiervan. Nu nog bedenken welk thema en welke stijl ik ga gebruiken.
Tessssssa rated for NS:Teamwork PC #37 on Dec 22, 2020
Comment: Bedankt voor de flower fairy. En dat kaartje is een mooi begin, eens zien wat ik daar van ga maken.
IrisDrissen rated for NS: Teamwork PC #36 on Nov 24, 2020
Comment: Oh, wat is ie al mooi! Gauw afmaken en terugsturen!!
MiekeC rated for NS: Mystery supply mail art #5 on Nov 21, 2020
Comment: Wat een leuke toepassing om te blaadjes te gebruiken. Ik word helemaal herfst-vrolijk van je tag. Bedankt. Ook voor je kaartje van Winnie de Pooh.
IrisDrissen rated for NS: Teamwork PC #35 on Nov 14, 2020
Comment: Wat is ie al mooi geworden!! Eens kijken hoe ik hem kan afmaken!!
AmyMarie rated for Doctor Who PC Swap #1 on Nov 1, 2020
Comment: Thank you for picking out a River Song postcard for me. I appreciate the extra effort. I hope you are doing well and staying safe.
Response: You're very welcome! Stay safe too
Comment: Thank you so much. This is one of the cutest postcards ever. Great job drawing your werewolf.
Response: Ah thank you so much for the compliment. I think all my monsters turned out cute instead of scary 😅
Comment: I absolutely love this Marianne! It is fantastic!! Thank you so much for the great postcard!!
Response: Thanks again, this series was so much fun making. I missed a few but joined all I could.
Comment: Oh my goodness! The postcard is absolutely fantastic! I love it! Thank you so much for a wonderful swap!!!
Response: Oh I'm so happy this one found your mailbox at last! Thanks and you're welcome, I really enjoyed making it for you.
uiltje rated for NS: Teamwork PC #34 on Oct 15, 2020
Comment: Oh, dank je wel voor deze ronde. Hij doet lente-achtig aan, maar ik vond het vandaag maar koud. We moeten er weer aan wennen. Ik ben gelijk weer geïnspireerd om mijn naaimachine weer te gebruiken. Ik stuur de kaart weer terug naar huis. Pas goed op jezelf!
Response: Thanks jij ook, het zijn maar vreemde tijden met veel onzekerheid. Maar we maken er maar het beste van.
IrisDrissen rated for NS: Mystery supply mail art #3 on Oct 11, 2020
Comment: Marianne, hij is prachtig geworden met het stukje kant. Prachtige herfstkleuren, past nu helemaal bij deze tijd. Dankt je wel!
Response: Heel graag gedaan!
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful pc! You did such a great job with the drawing! I love it!!
Response: Thanks and you're welcome!

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wolfeagle on Dec 30, 2020:


YooperHill on Sep 8, 2020:

Mystery supply swap 7.20 very clever! I always love a good mermaid! Thank you for playing!

YooperHill on Aug 17, 2020:

I received your mystery supply swap 6.20 today! Thank you for a nice piece of art & playing!

Tessssssa on Aug 8, 2020:

Bedankt voor je postcard met de zwarte krullen voor de mystery supply swap. Super mooi gedaan!

choke on Feb 21, 2020:

Hi Marianne! Thank you so much for trading with me, the altered rolos are incredible! I especially love the monkey one of course! And the map too, they are both so perfect for me. I appreciate you taking the time to write the materials used on the back. It gives such a nice added touch. The fairy postcard is also beautiful as well :-) I know what you mean about swapping, I go through ebbs and flows as well. I hope that you are finding craft mojo even if it is not on swap-bot. Thanks again for swapping!

YooperHill on Nov 21, 2019:

Mystery supply swap, star received! Love it. Thank you!

Itti on Nov 20, 2019:

Hiya, I saw you like dragons so I sent you an invite to the Scales 'n' Tails group. Would be lovely to have you join us!

You can accept or decline your group invites from the groups tab in the top left. (Or you can go straight to the group link I posted above and click 'Join'.)

wolfeagle on Oct 1, 2019:

Thank you so much for the postcard for the AMA:Mystery Supply swap. I love how you made the owl from the stencil. And you are right, the saying is perfect with it.

YooperHill on Sep 11, 2019:

Mystery supply swap,Yo! LOVE, LOVE,LOVE IT!

Thank you for playing and being so clever!

LizzyJo on Jul 9, 2019:

Thanks for sending home my TUT Twinchie postcard (started Nov. 11, 2018). I like that it made it all the way to the Netherlands. :-)

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