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About Me

I welcome any private swaps! Just PM me!

Profile has been updated as of June 8, 2017! I've been doing more mail art/letter writing swaps lately vs. the packaged swaps. Taking a little break from the packaged swaps so as to not obtain more 'stuff' but to use up current supplies. My likes are mainly for the packaged swaps so if you are sending me mail art, I much prefer you send me what's in your style and perhaps just using my likes as a starting off point (if need be). I really enjoy being exposed to other people's tastes and creativity. I'm leaving my likes and such because I'm sure I will go back or do an occasional package swap. I like ready people's profiles and prefer when they are lengthy so therefore, mine is lengthy too!

I don't understand postcard swaps that allow store bought postcards and/or handmade postcards as long as the handmade postcards are nice! Soooo store bought postcards can be ugly and unappealing but handmade ones have to be nice??? If you are making a handmade postcard, I'm sure it's not your intention to make an ugly postcard! Am I right?

I pledge to rate all swaps received! If you sent me a swap and I have not rated you within a reasonable time from you mailing the package, please contact me in case I never received it! Or I could have very well forgotten! Life happens!I ask that my partners do the same for my swaps as well. Thank you! I also re-use packaging and I don't mind if you do too!

Alt text what I pledged

I also pledge to communicate with my partner if I am going to be late with a swap. Life happens and I have no problem if you send a swap late but please just let me know! Thank you! I also tend to send swaps right on their send by dates. That's just the way I am. Once in awhile I will send early!

I'm a Brooklyn, NY native, married to a wonderful man since 2001 and gave birth to a beautiful daughter in 2007 we named Sienna. We also have a fat cat named Neo (after the Matrix) and an adorable yorkie named Skippy (we took him in from my in-laws). Update: Skippy passed away on April 14, 2014. :-( He lived a wonderful life of at least 16 years. Neo passed away on June 22, 2014. 2 months after Skippy. I would like to think he missed him and wanted to see him (although he did not like him when he was living!)

LOVE to make things to send in swaps so therefore I LOVE to receive handmade items in swaps. I appreciate partners that read my profile and I like it when people have their profiles filled out. It makes things a lot easier! If you are not crafty, that's ok! I like people to buy me things too (especially things listed in my wish list below)!! ;-) And if you are going to buy me something, I prefer quality over quantity. In other words, I rather you buy one nice item vs. a bunch of stuff from the dollar store.

I do re-send items I get in a swap that I may not be able to use. This doesn't mean I don't appreciate what you have sent me (handmade or bought) but if I can't use it, I rather send it to someone that will. If this is a problem for you, please let me know. I don't mind if you do the same of anything I send you.

I won't join swaps that misspell the word stationEry! That's a pet peeve of mine!

I'm not a fan of anything religious or political! I enjoy most scents except baby powder and patouchli scented stuff. I'm addicted to lip balm (organic). I would prefer NOT to receive ATCs as I used to make and trade them so I have a ton of them already that I just don't know what to do with! I am not a big fan of dotee dolls.

I like/love/obsess

I enjoy taking photos (although I haven't been doing much lately). I enjoy the instant gratification of digital but I still love using film cameras. I mostly use toy cameras such as my beloved Holga and lubitel. I also like vintage cameras (Afga, Brownies) and other specialty film cameras (Horizon 202). I'm addicted to posting on and viewing Instagram!

I love music and going to concerts. My favorite music/bands are listed below.

I love all colors but faves are color orange, pink and lime green; fall colors would be burgundy, olive green, purples, blues - generally jewel tones. As for jewelry, I love silver, not a gold person (jewelry and as a color) although I don't mind the matte gold or antique gold if you must! I also like gunmetal, antique silver, antique brass and copper.

I like quirky, eclectic, bright, kitschy vintage (think red velvet art and Danielle Thompson), retro and mod styles. I tend not to like country or folk styles. And I always seem to like anything Japanese! They just have amazing stuff! (I am not a fan of anime so please no anime! Kawaii is ok!)

I like humor, all kinds, especially sarcastic, dry wit and tongue in cheek. Sexual content does not offend me. I don't mind artistic nudes but straight out porn isn't my thing.

I am drawn to designs with:

Bridges! love bridges! I don't know why I didn't write this before. I'm a true city girl! Brooklyn Bridge being my favorite but I also like Golden Gate, Bay Bridge, Verrazano, Manhattan, etc...

ampersands, tree branches and birds, birch trees and the tree of life, cherry blossoms, woodland creatures (bunnies, owls, foxes, mushrooms, gnomes, etc), PANDAS, giraffes, monkeys, elephants, unicorns

circus and carnival (the kitschy, state fair type) themes, pulp comics and noir styles ("She tried to be good" or "Attack of the 50 ft woman.") Also gypsy and fortune teller type images, fairies, Le Petit Prince

galaxy the moon and stars, planets, space, hearts (especially anatomical hearts), sunsets,

the sea mermaids, seahorses, jellyfish, crabs (cuz I'm a cancer!), dolphins, whales, narwhals

cassette tapes and vinyl records, vintage and toy cameras, and skulls (cutesy, eclectic, sugar, etc.). And ouija boards!

I like big eyed girls and boys (art from the 70's) and cute things like Hello Kitty (a super soft spot for My Melody and Little Twin Stars but PLEASE don't bother sending fake Hello Kitty!), Sentimental Circus! and Kawaii but I prefer more practical things than just figures (I'm trying not to be a pack rat/dust collector-I do well enough on the crap I buy!)

I also like creepy kinds of stuff like vampires, zombies and monsters too!

I consider myself a bit of a geek and enjoy puzzles and word games on IPad (play me in Words with Friends!). I love the retro video games as well especially Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong Jr., Asteroids, Centerpede, Q-bert! I would love any crafts/items related to them!

I am mainly a coffee drinker but have been drinking a lot of chai tea and any tea with mint. I also like fruit teas! My current favorite tea is Trader Joe's Ruby Red Chai Tea. YUM! I am currently following a low carb lifestyle so if you come across any low carb snacks, I'd love to try it!

I have been following a low carb lifestyle and it's working out very well for me! So currently would not want any food items in my swaps. Unless you have a favorite low carb snack you want to share with me! With that said, I am a big CHOCOHOLIC but I am trying to avoid soy! A lot of chocolate has soy in it but if you can find some without it, I'd love you! I love dark chocolate most but never turn down milk chocolate. I love it with nuts, fruit, mint, wacky stuff (like bacon!). Other favorites are nougat candy (Ferrara's), chocolate from overseas, Hi chews from Japan and those flavored Kit Kats not sold in the US! MMM! I love the Jelly Belly Dips, dark chocolate covered jelly bellys! MMM! Oh and while we are at it, chocolate covered gummy bears too! I really try to stay away from high fructose corn syrup and artificial colorings. Artificial colorings are banned in Europe so that should say something! Exceptions are Jelly Belly Dips and chocolate covered gummy bears but once in awhile won't hurt! I also stay away from typical drug store candy like M&M's, Snickers, etc. I would prefer you didn't buy me these types. Save your money!

Favorite Music

alternative, indie, brit pop

Ben Harper, Morrissey, The Smiths, Ryan Adams, Old 97s, Spoon, Interpol, The White Stripes, British Sea Power, Davรญd Garza, Gene, Pulp, Blur, Ben Folds Five, Jeff Buckley, French Kicks, Tegan and Sara, Ted Leo, M.I.A., The Kills, Of Montreal, We Are Scientists, Jamie Lidell, Stellastar*, Editors, The Decemberists, Vampire Weekend, Cold War Kids

Favorite Crafts

Current craft addiction: rubber stamping and making cards and mail art, lettering and watercoloring (coloring images NOT creating images from it.)

The crafts I like to do are (in no particular order) crochet, sewing (mostly bags and home decor-haven't ventured into clothing yet!), printing (GOCCO!, stenciling on fabric), embroidery, block carving and jewelry making. I like to incorporate my photography in my crafts like making pendants, microscope slide jewelry and decoupage. I have a Silhouette Cameo (digital die cutter) that I love to use (mostly heat vinyl for fabric, vinyl for walls and objects and jewelry making)

I love all those craft video sites such as Craftsy, Craft Daily, Skillshare and currently belong to Creativebug.

I like to dabble in a lot of things, just making something in general is very fulfilling so I've tried lots of crafts such as mosaics, precious metal clay (silver art clay) and beading to name a few.

I'd love the try my hand at tatting!

Wish List

In no particular order

MARKERS! I love markers! Copics are always a favorite! Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush markers (I have the 24 set so colors not in that set would be great!), Tombow markers, I LOVE Uni Posca paint markers. They write very well and currently I only have the orange and green colors. Permanent markers (not black or blue), colorful pens (I also have a wishlist on jetpens.com!) Would love microns in different colors in 08 size.

I'm officially part of the planner community! I gifted myself a beautiful orange Carpe Diem A5 planner! So any cute stickers and things like that for my planner is cool!

Lindy's Stamp Gang products. Love their sprays and magicals. Haven't tried their embossing powders yet!

Washi tape! Or any fun tape with a design - masking tape, packing tape, duct tape...

I wear earrings! ;-) (Please nothing bright gold!) I have multiple holes in my ears so I can always use the small earrings as well as big ones. Ring size is about 9/10. I guess bracelets are average size and I prefer longer necklaces.

I like funky cotton socks (size 9-11).

I love glow in the dark anything!

enamel pins

Dies! Love to add more to my collection. Right now I have a lot of the thick Sizzix ones but love those thin ones that a lot of companies are making. Also the sets that match the rubber stamp and dies! If there is some you are growing tired of and want to find a new home for them, I am totally up for a private swap!

Anything from my Etsy favorites list! Checking out my favs should give you a good sense of my style.

I haven't been sewing much so I'm not really looking for these things but I would not turn it down either! Good quality sewing machine thread (all colors but white/black/beige/gray are always more useful), Interfacing (all weights), D hooks, swivel hooks, bias tape maker (and tips on working with bias tape), stabilizer, applique stuff and of course fabric! I totally love bright, colorful fabrics as well as kawaii, cupcakes, owls and other woodland creatures. I love all the modern designers (Bailey, Ross, Moore, Kaufman, FreeSpirit, etc.). I actually NEED complementary fabrics such as solids and batiks to go with all the prints I have!

My daughter,Sienna, is 10 and loves to read! She loves writing stories and songs so anything to do with creative writing she would love (lined notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, creative prompts) She likes Legos, Goosebumps, Young Justice, Super Girl, Wonder Woman and The Powerpuff Girls, Scooby Doo. She also loves super heroes! We watch Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Bob's Burgers (she does a great Bob impression!) together as a family. She also loved Stranger Things and admires Milly Bobby Brown (Eleven.) Her favorite colors are green, blue, pink, red and yellow. Feel free to send anything for her! Please refrain from sending any stuffed animals! She has too many already! She loves reading, mostly mysteries, and enjoys chapter books as well as graphic novels! I'm so proud that the very first fan letter she wrote was to the author of her favorite series, Kazu Kibuishi, who wrote the Amulet series. Her favorite animal is a pig!

My hubby got spoiled by a few special swappers that sent him butterscotch disc candies, he likes the generic kind from Wal-mart or Hobby Lobby! LOL You can also spoil him with chocolate with nuts! :-) He's also a soccer fan and his favorite team is Leicester City. If you send him anything with that, that would be impressive! :-)

Favorite Movies

Almost Famous, Amelie, The Warriors, Saturday Night Fever, Triplets of Belleville, Sixteen Candles, Rushmore, The Professional, Galaxy Quest, Pride and Prejudice, Once, Iron Man, Shaun of the Dead, Atonement, X-Men First Class, Water for Elephants (altho I enjoyed the book better! But I don't have a book section.), The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Way, Way Back

Favorite Television

The Twilight Zone, Arrested Development, Project Runway, Top Chef, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Weeds, Spaced (LOVE! anything Simon Pegg), Fringe, 30 Rock, Mad Men, Modern Family, True Blood, The Walking Dead, Revenge, American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, Nurse Jackie, Orphan Black, Silicon Valley, The Mindy Project, How to Get Away With Murder, Sons of Anarchy, The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Bob's Burgers, Game of Thrones

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SuZignomeMoM rated for Mostly Gold on Oct 13, 2017
Comment: โ™ฅ Thank you for the creative postcard. Successful foiling depends on the adhesive you use and how it is laid on. Very effective for dragon fire. Thanks again.
Comment: They're soo cute. Hehe. Where did you buy your zombie stamps? Thank you for the cool swap!
Kalalinga rated for MAE - Autumn colors on Oct 4, 2017
Comment: Loved your pumpkin artwork!! Thanks for the nice envelopes and neat extras. I love Autumn too. ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚
Lady rated for MA: Public Service Announcement on Oct 3, 2017
Comment: Can I send this on to my kid? The one at college needs the reminder more than the one at home :)
Darida rated for MA: Monochrome Orange PC on Oct 2, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for beautiful card! I see many techniques but recognized only embossing and stamp. not sure how did you do background? Thanks
bjmonroe rated for HMPC: Dog Day postcard on Oct 2, 2017
Comment: This postcard is so darn cute. I am a dog lover myself. Thank you for making it just for me.
SilverD rated for Halloween Mail ART on Sep 29, 2017
Comment: ๐Ÿ–ค ๐Ÿ•ท๏ธ ๐ŸŽƒ ๐Ÿ•ท๏ธ ๐Ÿ–ค I love it! I sent my partner a spider as well. Too funny! Thank you for such an awesome postcard! Very well done and I'm impressed that you stamped it and then cut around including the frame, very thought out. The background and spider/spider web "sequins" are both really creative touches. Thank you again!
Response: You are welcome! So happy you enjoyed it and that it made it to you intact! I hadn't planned on cutting around the spider and making a frame! It just worked out that way! I lucked out! Thank you for the heart!
bbsporty rated for HMPC: Handmade Halloween Postcard on Sep 26, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the gorgeous postcard! How did you get the coloring on the background and moon so nice? It looks almost like airbrushing.
Response: You are so welcome! So glad you liked it so much! I used a blending tool and archival ink and just kept blending and blending! Thank you for the heart!
mjhaertling rated for 1 + 1 September on Sep 23, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the awesome card. I love how the embossing on the skeleton makes it so shiny. This was a fun swap to do.
Response: You're welcome! I'm so happy you love it! Thanks for the heart!
shinyserra rated for Outer Space Handmade Postcard on Sep 20, 2017
Comment: I love it so much!!! Thank you :)
Response: Great! I'm so glad! Thank you for the heart!
mermaidery rated for Swaps Brief Summer letter on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the letter. I'll be writing back shortly. PS. I love the Silverball Museum. I live about 5 minutes from it and had my 30th birthday there like the giant child I am inside. Pinball and booze.. I mean.. how could you not? lol.
Response: Yay! Looking forward to it! And man, if I lived 5 minutes away from Silverball, I would GO ALL THE TIME!! And hell, yeah have my birthday there!! Thanks for the heart!
LisaE rated for HMPC: Altered Postcard #4 on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: Great card!
Response: Thanks! Thanks for rating!
Lady rated for Mostly Red on Sep 15, 2017
Comment: Love the foil work
Response: Thank you for rating!
tweetyiscool29 rated for Summer Reading Program on Sep 15, 2017
Comment: Thanks for sharing! There's at least one on there that's got my interest that I'll be adding to my own reading list :)
Response: Thanks great! Thanks for rating!
foxyroxy912 rated for MAE - I Spy the Beach on Aug 15, 2017
Comment: Beautiful work. Thanks so much
Response: You're welcome! So happy you enjoyed them! Thanks for the heart!
smmarrty rated for FCMA: Shark Mail Art on Aug 10, 2017
Comment: Ha ha! I love it - poor Nemo! Thanks.
Response: You are welcome! Thanks for the heart!
skinny52 rated for FCMA: Postcard with map paper on Aug 8, 2017
Comment: Very very cool...I really like how the flower circular flower shapes soften the map grid...and your NYC stamps are great fun! Thanks so much!
Response: So glad you enjoyed it! You are very welcome! Thank you for the heart!
roosje rated for AMMM: A Musemum in May on Aug 8, 2017
Comment: Hi Lisa, I'm sorry your postcard didn't make it to me...but thanks for the effort! I loved the way it looked on the photograph and it sounds like you are (still) enjoying the exhibit..
Response: I'm also sorry the postcard did not make it to you. Maybe one day it will show up?! Thank you for rating me based on the photo of the postcard! And for giving me a heart!
dawnielynn rated for WIYM: Handmade PC Swap -USA- on Aug 7, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the HP postcard :) Have a great time visiting HP world!
Response: We had a great time! Thanks! And thanks for the heart!
MamaMangrove rated for MA: Mostly Green Postcard on Aug 5, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the funny snake charmer you created. The herpetologist I worked with in India was recently here in Florida with a couple of aboriginal tribals & I got to go wit them on a hunt for the pythons that are breeding in the Everglades.
Response: Wow! That sounds very exciting! I'm glad you enjoyed my card. Thanks for the heart!

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dawnielynn on Sep 24, 2017:

Thanks so much for the un-Birthday goodies! Love it.

CurlyTea on Sep 6, 2017:

Seriously, I am envious of your stamp collection. Thank you so much for all the amazing images and for stamping them on different types of paper for me to experiment on. So freaking amaze-balls! Thanks!

Lady on Jul 13, 2017:

so agree with your profile statement that "I don't understand postcard swaps that allow store bought postcards and/or handmade postcards as long as the handmade postcards are nice!"

interestingly seems like when I send a handmade card in those swaps I am so much less likely to get a heart.

pkpeace on Jul 11, 2017:

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kittyhahahotbot on Jul 10, 2017:

Let me be the first lest I forget. Happy Unbirthday friend!

bbsporty on Jun 23, 2017:

Thank you for the May muse of you color it stickers! I haven't tried the coloring craze yet and this is a great way to try my hands at it!

mgallardo68 on May 24, 2017:

Thank you!!! โ™ฅ

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