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Birthday: June 17
Country: Bulgaria
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If something that you send me (thats if you're outside EU) goes to customs I'll contact you a lot, and I'll need your help and patience, so I can get my things from this hellish place.

About Me

Hello all!


My name is Rossi I'm 21 yo girl born and raised in Bulgaria. I'm currently studying in the National Art Academy, (Mural painting speciality) and I'm FINALLY IN VACATION! Hello summer.

I support anything handmade no matter what, because art is art and I love when people express themselves through art.

Naked Postcards for now please.


incomin Incomings

outgoings Outgoings



A : Art Supplies, ATCs, Aesthetic, Aromatic things, Arctic Monkeys, Astrology

B : Books, Blue

C : Cats, Comic books, Coffee, Coasters, Choo

D : Dragons, Disney

E : Emily Browning

F : Fluffy things, French Potatoes, Flowers, Facemasks

G : Glitter, Gravity Falls (TV Show)

H : Hufflepuff, Hugs, Handmade Postcards, Heroes of Might and Magic III

I : Italian everything, Ice cream

J : Journeys, Japan, Jetoy

K : Katie McGrath

L : Lunch box ideas, Lime

M : Merlin (TV Show) MARVEL Universe, Mugs, Marshmallow, Make-up Pallets

N : Nature

O : Ocean, Oil Paintings

P : Planner, Purple, Polaroids, Pin-up girls

Q :

R : Roses, Recipes

S : Succulents, Sea, Stickers, Stationery things, Spicy things, Swing

T : (Any kind of) Tea, Taika Waititi, Tarot

U : Urban Fantasy (book genre)

V : Van Gogh

W : Wine, Watermelon, Wolfs, Witchy things, Wes Anderson

X :

Y : Yarn, Yellow

Z : Zazzle Postcards


Simple list:

  • Bugs
  • Violence
  • Mushrooms
  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Parsley
  • Winnie the Pooh

I don't have any allergies

Favorite Books

I read a lot of random books. Like music, I have no problem with genres, give me book and I'll start reading it in the moment. It's just I've always been curious about stories, and the way the author describes different things, so I could learn from them.

Anyways let's not get off topic, my favorite books are everything Percy Jackson related. Godbless Uncle Rick


Favorite Movies

Having a Favorite Movie is a tough choice for me. I'll put two lists here. One is with top 5 favorite movies, and the second one is with the last 5 movies I watched through 2018 and the rating I have. I hope this will be helpful.

Top 5 Favorite movies:

  1. Wall-E
  2. Anastasia
  3. How To train your Dragon
  4. The Road To El Dorado
  5. The Man from U.N.C.L.E

Recommending Max&Mary for all pen pal lovers.


Last 5 Movies I watched:

  1. Evolution 2001 7/10
  2. Furious 7 2015 6/10
  3. Angels and Demons 2009 8/10
  4. Set it Up 2018 7/10
  5. Hot Fuzz 2007 10/10


Favorite Television

TV Shows are a big part of my life. I'll do the same listing as the lists at my Movie section (hope you have checked that!)

Top 5 Favorite TV Shows:

  1. Merlin
  2. Gravity Falls
  3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  4. Steven Universe
  5. Sense8

Also I love Avatar: TLA and Korra


Last 5 TV Shows I watched:

  1. Being Human s2 7.5/10
  2. Breaking Bad s3 9/10
  3. Teen Wolf s3 3/10
  4. Defenders 4/10
  5. Friends s2 7/10


Favorite Music

I don't have favorite genre, because I listen to everything, and i don't have a problem with any kind of music.

Here is my current top 10

  1. Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to Love
  2. ZHU & Karnaval Blues - Still Want U (Costa D Remix)
  4. Taladego - La Isla Bonita
  5. Charlotte - Les interdis
  6. Camilla Cabello, Grey - Crown (from Bright: the Album)
  7. MARUV & BOOSIN - Drunk Groove
  8. ZHU - Chasing Marakech
  10. Worakls - Coeur de la Nuit


Cosplay & Crafts

Let me tell you something. I'm a Cosplayer. A really, really lazy Cosplayer. I do one Cosplay every two years, and that happens only if I have a group to play with. BUT that doesn't mean I don't craft. I craft a lot, so every little thing, no matter what it is I can use it for something good. And I really like little things, they make me happy.



FLAKERS These people have flaked on swaps I have hosted or I just joined. I have angeled them for the partners that had them, or have been angeled by other people.

@Fehbomfim for Tea for the Cold Night . // Not send by the user [Angeled to @thelocalman ]

@lacedrawers for favourite song lyrics journal // Not send by the user


Email Dessert recipes: @mvanrh11


miia rated for CALG : Postcard Penpals 2 on Jul 11, 2018
Comment: Thank you for your beautiful postcard and stamps and stickers on it! ♥︎ I'll send you a postcard soon!
Response: Can't wait for it, to arrive. I can't belive you got it for only 10 Days!
littlemissme84 rated for Dream Closet Pinterest Swap on Jul 11, 2018
Comment: Awesome board. Thank you
Response: Thank you too
MCGalaxy rated for Art lovers - newbie friendly on Jul 9, 2018
Comment: .Thanks for the image. I really like that painting
Response: Yay, thanks for the heart
porpie5 rated for Cardboard swap intl on Jul 7, 2018
Comment: Yum - looks like fig jam in a finger roll. I would like these! Thank you! I liked the stamps you used!
Response: Yes, I suppose it's something like that. These stamps were more special, they don't sell them in the Post Office, but in a different place. I just found out that.
Comment: Thank you for everything! Be prepared for the dog photos spam now xd
Response: I can't wait dear
KSENiA rated for Art lovers - newbie friendly on Jul 3, 2018
Comment: Thank you for sharing. I love the painting and I was lucky to see the original :)
Response: Really! That's amazing
elkalsa rated for Art lovers - newbie friendly on Jul 2, 2018
Comment: Thanks for sharing! It's indeed like a photograph
Response: He was so capable!
Pdxmommy rated for Cardboard swap intl on Jun 30, 2018
Comment: My neighbor had been holding onto my cardboard! :( But.... I got it!!! I love the stamp. This is the coolest piece of cardboard I've gotten to date! Thank you!
Response: Ooh poor thing, why would they do such a thing? I'm happy you got it ^^
SannyBunny rated for Eyes closed swap 20 on Jun 28, 2018
Comment: Thank you!
Ganjaprincess rated for Dream Closet Pinterest Swap on Jun 22, 2018
Comment: thank you for sharing your dream closet i loved so much!!! thanks for joining my swap as well! I adore your closet!!! so much in common!!!
Response: You're welcome and yes this swap was fun to do.
Makiechan rated for Dream Closet Pinterest Swap on Jun 22, 2018
Comment: A lot of things you pinned are also on my wishlist XD
Response: yess, I knew it ^^
CassandraP rated for Swap a Dream INTL #2 on Jun 20, 2018
Comment: Thank you for sharing your dream with me! You did not bore me and I understood your English perfectly :) the PC and handmade envelope are wonderful!
Response: I'm happy you did understand me. I got lost in words at some point. Glad you liked them~
Comment: Some really interesting pieces you chose i was impressed
Response: Thank you
pinkrenegade rated for MFC: STRAWBERRIES INTERNATIONAL on Jun 14, 2018
Comment: Hi Rosi ~ I got your swap today. The recipe certainly sounds interesting. Can I use graham wafer crumbs? I always have that in the house over the summer. Thank you for the cute stickers as well. :o)
Response: Yes, it's really cool for the hot weather ^^ . We don't have Graham Wafer Crumbs in Bulgaria, but as I see the Google Images, I think it'll do the same magic. By the way, I sometimes add honey randomly on any row.
Comment: i like the songs you choose!
Response: Cool!
Comment: thank you for the great profile pictures
Response: Thank you for the nice rating
Comment: These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I hope you do get to go to London one day. It's my favorite city in the world.
Response: yes me too *w*

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polvodestrella on Jul 5, 2018:

![EU Happy Swaps(https://i.imgur.com/MmDVDt9.jpg?1) Welcome to EU Happy Swaps!

Millia on Jul 3, 2018:

Cy Twombly - Leda and the Swan

A painting from one of my favorite artists. Somehow his artworks really speak to me... I think that the way he combines colors & drawing in his works is simply beautiful.

{Art lovers - newbie}

KRPW1181 on Jul 1, 2018:

Hello! Swap: Art lovers - Newbie Friendly

The Great Wave off Kanagawa, also known as The Great Wave or simply The Wave, is a woodblock print by the Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai. I have always been a fan of the water since I was younger and to me, this image conjures up emotions of contentment of being in the water but fear of the unknown below it.

The Great Wave

lycheeSpoons on Jun 4, 2018:

Rural Japan:

alt text

alt text

alt text

CurioussCass on Jun 3, 2018:

places i'd like to visit profile pictures


greenery lights town

khronicole on Jun 3, 2018:

[places i'd like to visit profile photos]


  1. BERAT

astrodogg on Jun 3, 2018:

Swap: Places I'd Like To Visit Profile Photos

Mail Deadline: Jun 9, 2018

ID: astrodogg







draco on Jun 3, 2018:

places i'd like to visit profile pictures





Wildchild on Apr 24, 2018:

Profile Swap: Things that make you happy.

1: Swap-bot: Without it I would have no outside contact as I do not socialize with my neighbours and my family is always busy

2: Roses: partially because my first husband called me Gypsy Rose and I think it describes me well but mainly because they were my dads passion

3: Reading: I read things that take me to other places and times, it appeals to my imagination

4: Yellow: It is the brightest and happiest colour I know and the sight of it always gives my spirit a lift.

5: Lilacs: When I see its purple and white flowers I know that winter is finally over.

6: My Computer: It is where I start and end my days, it holds images to trigger my creative juices and words to keep my brain active and sounds that can soothe or get me moving

7: My grandchildren: Their energy always rubs off on me and makes me more active than I would be otherwise and their laughter brightens any day

8: Creating something: It gives me a smile when I see something I've made and when someone says how much they liked it my heart soars

9: Sunshine after days of grey skies

10: A thunder storm: Actually the flashes of lightening that causes the thunder something about Mother Natures power always makes me laugh with awe.

A few things that make me happy but most of all sharing with someone else is the biggest happy ever.

GypsyCat on Apr 23, 2018:

Hello I'm your partner Gypsycatandcrafts for the swap called 10 Things that makes me happy.

  1. Reading books makes me happy. I love a good book because it will capture my imagination. With books I can travel the world without ever leaving my home or bed. Discover new hobbies and recipes to experiment with. With books there are no limits to the fun adventures one can get lost in. Reading is of my favorite pass times.

  2. Singing makes me happy. Even thou I have the voice of a toad instead of a lovely goddess. I still love to sing loud and proud. Nope I'm always in the front row singing to the mountain tops.

  3. Crafting makes me happy. There's no feeling like when you just tackled a complicated project , and it turned out great. It boosts your self-esteem and motivate you to push harder to reach new limits of creativity. Also crafting is a great way to relieve stress and create unique gifts for your love ones. Are just that silly cat that lives next door.

  4. Treating myself makes me happy. Treating myself to a special spa day at home is always a great start to make me happy. Add a couple of bath bombs, some bath salt and some scented candles. Plus some nice soothing music and turn on the heat to keep the room nice and warm. Also a nice moisturizing face mask and deep conditioning hair cream also keep me happy. Soaking in the tub for at least an hour or two and then when searching up my favorite snack. Then wrapping up in my blankets with my favorite book and that is how I treat myself and make myself happy.

  5. Dutch apple pie makes me happy. It brings back memories of my father baking in the kitchen when I was a child and a picky eater.

  6. Hunting for the perfect skein of yarn makes me happy. I love roaming through yarn shops and craft stores looking for that perfect roll of yarn. That will turn into the perfect project that will turn into the perfect gift for someone special.

  7. Spring time makes me happy. I enjoy sitting back and looking at all the colorful wild flowers that randomly blossoms all over the city.

  8. Toe socks make me happy. Toe socks are just comfortable and colorful to wear. Sometging I will never grew out of.

  9. Orange Bang the drink makes me happy. I love this tasty Frosty delicious Spanish drink. I enjoyed reading it all times of day I think it's the best way to have orange juice.

  10. Being myself makes me happy most of all. There nothing else really can compare with making me happy like being myself, and being allowed to be myself. That's what really makes me happy.

That's my list of 10 things that makes me happy.

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