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About Me

I'm interested in a variety of artistic endeavors..enjoying the challenge of creating something to swap here at Swap-Bot. I love seeing how my partners create their art and hope they feel the same when they receive something I have created.

I currently live in North Carolina with my daughter and son-in-law, and Grace, the cat. We added to the family! Dogs...Jax and Sasha! Oops...another dog! Rocky came for a visit and stayed. I grew up in Southwest Ohio where I married and raised our family. The majority of my life I lived in rural areas. What's not to like about the country! Now I live on the outskirts of the capital with crazy traffic!

Favorite Crafts

I have been creating 'stuff' for some time. I can't say that I think I'm an artist, but I do like to create with paper, cloth, yarn, glass, jewels, and anything else that I come across. I have the time to indulge myself. I enjoy figuring out how something was made then making one or more.

What am I up to today????

'Tangles'! Boxes, cards, ATC's, 3.5 squares, and anything else with an open surface. For the past several months I have created a tangled postcard for a local police officer. This was a challenge from my church to thank an officer for the courage they display doing their job. So...I decided if one was nice, I would continue encouraging them. Fun for me. Wonder what they are doing with their postcards?

Stained glass! Pieces hangs in various places throughout the house. I also have created consignment pieces for others. Goal would be to sell the stained glass as there is just so much you can hang at home!

ATC's! Love doing ATC's. Prior to joining Swap-Bot I hadn't created many of these mini works of art. Not sure if mine can be called 'works of art', but I have fun making them.

Then there are.... post cards, water color, acrylic, pen and ink, needle work - crocheting, quilting (got to get back to this), paper folding, cards....well, you name it, I'll try it! But there are things I haven't tried. But I will! Someday.

I like to give of myself to people. I think that most people enjoy receiving something that you have taken the time to make. I hope you will too.

Favorite Books

There is always time for a good book - romance...mystery...comedy! It's all there if we just open the book and turn the pages. Now I have a kindle! Just a flick of the finger and the page has turned. I have a list of books to read.

Favorite Television

Television? Well, yes. That's what old people do. Watch television.

Again, here we go with the mysteries! Cops and Robbers are always a hit. I usually watch in the evenings. Busy the rest of the day doing fun stuff.

Things I like

I like blues, black and white combinations, pinks.

Who doesn't like chocolate!!!

Photos outdoors - How many pictures do I have of the water, trees, flowers, old barns, animals, doorways, old buildings, and naturally the family. More then I want to count.

Nature at its finest. The winged and four footed creatures around us.

Everytime I buy a candle, it's vanilla...must like that smell!

Jeans and a t-shirt, spikey hair, and comfortable shoes. Might be an old lady, but want to be a funky old lady!

Sitting in my chair, reading a good book or watching television with Gracie, my cat, asleep on my lap. Jax, Sasha, and Rockie, the dogs, asking to go out.

Vacation with friends to interesting places.

Learning to do something new. Even if I can't do it well. But I know I will try again.

Things I dislike

Spiders!!!!! Bugs!!!!! Crawlie things!!!!!

Not knowing how to fix things...car, dryer, roof, broken window...all those things my husband took care of.

Loss of loved ones, but knowing that this is all part of life. But I still don't have to like it!


Comment: Thanks for this beautiful tile? Can you tell me the names of the tangles you used? Did you use a .005 micron pen on this one? The lines are so very fine! Thanks too for the Zendala pattern! We are staying mostly at home, except to take supplies out to Amook Island. Stay safe and healthy! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: Thanks! I try to use some patterns I haven't used before. The"ribbon" isn't new. The other 2 are akoya and asleep (pattern.collections.com). Pen Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph 00/.30 they are refillable. price for the set, but I have enjoyed using them. Clog if not used often. Amazon and I've seen them at Jerry's Artarama (not sure if this is only local). I usually start with lite pencil lines and then erase. Right or wrong...I don't care, it makes me happy! Stay safe! Thanks for the rate and heart. See ya at the mail box.
LizzyJo rated for TUT~ Add something Springy on Apr 11, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the dimensional tile. It's the first time I've gotten one that wasn't flat. The crystal is an interesting touch. I like the embossed bunny card, too.
Response: You're welcome. I had glass crystals that were flatter, but I didn't think it would make it through the mail. I thought the crystal was the best way to keep the dried flower safe. Thanks for the heart and rate. See ya at the mail box.
Comment: I always love receiving a swap from you, Thank you so much! So lovely as all of yours seem to be.Hope all are well where you are.
Response: All's well in my world! May the flowers bloom in your world. Thanks for the sweet words, rate, and heart. See ya at the mail box. ;o)
elflady rated for TUT~ Add a heart on Mar 2, 2020
Comment: I love love this tile . Thanks so much for a wonderful effort. I love every thing about it. Thanks also for the picture of the template.elflady
Response: You're welcome. One never knows how the tangles will turn out! Glad you liked/loved it. Thanks for the rate and heart. See ya at the mail box.
Comment: Thanks for this beautiful tile! I love that you did all the borders in a tangle. Thanks too for the polar bear notes. I haven't seen those before. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: Welcome. It was fun to tangle all the lines with a tangle. Something I have never done before. Thanks for the rate and heart. See ya at the mail box.
AmookIslandCreations rated for TUT ~ Z tangle on Dec 20, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the wonderful "Z" tangle and the gift box too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: You're welcome. This was a fun series of swaps. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. See ya next year!
PrairieKittin rated for TUT ~ Y Tangle on Nov 13, 2019
Comment: Thank you! I love your tile. The coloring is exquisite. This is interesting.... I was watching the urban bunnies this morning, and was thinking I should make a shelter for them. I found just the right place for the shelter on my way to the mailbox. I opened your letter, and there was a notecard with a bunny on it!!
elflady rated for TUT ~ X Tangle on Oct 23, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the great tangled tile. You have done a great job. The tangles are so precise . I love it. elflady
Response: Glad you enjoyed the X! It's nice to learn new tangles. See ya at the mail box.
Artstamper rated for TUT ~ W Tangle on Sep 3, 2019
Comment: Beautiful tile!! Love the "W" tangles you used. Thank you very much.
Response: Thanks. It's been fun finding 'new' tangles to try! Thanks for the rate and heart. See ya at the mail box.
elflady rated for TUT ~ V Tangle on Jul 14, 2019
Comment: I love this zentangle and was so happy to get it. Two of the tangles were new to me. elflady
Response: Glad you enjoyed this tangle. New is good! Thanks for rate and heart. See ya at the mail box.
AmookIslandCreations rated for TUT ~ U Tangle on Jun 19, 2019
Comment: Thanks for this wonderful tile! I love the colors and how you incorporated other tangles into the umble! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: Thanks. Color is not my normal way to do tangles...but color was calling to me! Thanks for the rate and heart. See ya at the mail box.
elflady rated for TUT ~ T Tangle on May 14, 2019
Comment: Lovely tangles.I am blessed to receive your great work. Thanks so much for this card and also the extras. elflady
Response: Thanks. It's a blessing for me to be able to make something others enjoy. Thanks for the rate and heart. See ya at the mailbox.
Conniegirl rated for Outside the Lines postcard on May 8, 2019
Comment: Sorry for the late rating. I love your postcard. Very Christmassy. Thank you!
Response: Sometimes its better late than never! Thanks for the rate and heart. See ya at the mail box.
Comment: This tile is so beautiful! Thank you so much. I always love how your work always looks so organic. love it.
Response: Late with the thank you, but I'm glad you are enjoying the tangles. Thanks for the rate and heart. See ya at the mail box.
elflady rated for TUT ~ S Tangle on Apr 2, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the lovely S card. I love it. I also did a squid as my base. I am enjoying doing and receiving the creative pieces of zentangles. elflady
Response: I agree! I am also enjoying the interesting tangles with these swaps. Thanks for the rate and heart. See ya at the mail box.
Comment: Lovely zentangling. I am so impressed with it. Thanks so much. elflady
Response: Welcome. I enjoy tangling and have been doing it for several years. But when I look at some pieces that others do...I am amazed. Thanks for the rate and heart. See ya at the mail box.
LizzyJo rated for TUT ~ R Tangle on Feb 15, 2019
Comment: I love your R tile. It's beautiful. And I also like your drawing on the note card.
Response: Welcome. "R" was fun! We all need hearts and flowers in our lives! Thanks for the rate and heart. See ya at the mail box.
AmookIslandCreations rated for TUT ~ P Tangle on Feb 12, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the resend! It arrived today in perfect condition. I love the layout, like flowers along a brick path! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: Welcome for the resend. We will never know where the original one has gone! Oh well. So life goes.
Artstamper rated for Ribbon effect zentangle 3 on Jan 25, 2019
Comment: This is great! Love what you did with the ribbons. Not your usual style but awesome as well. Thank you so much.
Response: Not easy to do your "usual style" (whatever that is!) when you are challenged to think outside of your usual box. But it's good for the brain! Thanks for the heart and rate. See ya at the mail box.
PrairieKittin rated for TUT ~ Q Tangle on Jan 25, 2019
Comment: Ooohhhhh...... very pretty! Thank you!!!
Response: You're welcome. Thanks for hosting this series. I've enjoyed them. Thanks for the rate and heart. See ya at the mail box.

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CurlyTea on Mar 19, 2019:

Happy Birthday!

TC on Mar 4, 2015:

Susan, I apologize profusely that I never thanked you for sending the postage for that swap from months ago. Yes, it did arrive, and I really appreciate that you sent it.

ktk8 on Jul 11, 2014:

Hello my P & P no boundaries arrived home and I want to thank you for your part of it….. you added the map & highways and colored the flowers.. This card turned out GREAT and I am so happy to have it back HOME….. Happy Swapping….

LauraAust on Feb 6, 2014:

dobie256 on Sep 4, 2013:

I've added to my original rating. How very cool the dragonfly on my book was a photo you took. I have D-flys flitting all around my yard but I haven't snapped a good shot yet. The cover art on my book is now even better (and it was gorgeous before!)

Cristin91 on Jun 5, 2013:

Susan, thank you for sending me the "twin" that you completed. It's so different from the one I did, yet absolutely delightful. I loved the note that you included, too. It brightened my day.

charophyta on Jun 4, 2013:

Hey there! I wanted to stop by and say hi! You are the one who sent me my completed zentangle journal. It was such a surprise that the journal made it back home to me completely filled with so many tangles done by so many different artists around the world. I did receive it a while back but I don't think I took the time to thank you for returning it. Thanks again, this is really cool to have!!

Cristin91 on May 16, 2013:

Thank you for joining my Fraternal Twins Tangle Swap!

I saw the photo of the tiles you sent, and you do amazing work.

PinkLotus on Nov 9, 2012:

hey there!! thanks and Im glad you like it :) You actually should be able to rate me.. when you go into the swap my name should be the one rating you can give b/c it shows me as sending just to you. Check it out and let me know.

dobie256 on Nov 7, 2012:

So glad you liked your zen piece. It is exciting to see how the edges line up between the different artist's work! Looking forward to seeing a picture of your completed zentangle! <3

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