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Date Joined: July 13, 2010
Last Online: April 29, 2021
Birthday: August 19, 1966
Country: United States
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Jan 2020 I plan on coming back more regular on bot. Had a bad half of 2018, but I'm doing better and I will be back.

03/2017 I love to swap and I swap for fun. As of late I am swapping in smaller friendlier groups. I really do not enjoy swapping in situations where one is critiqued to the point of needing an over the top swap every time to be happy. I always send above the minimum, but sometimes I probably do better than others at getting it perfectly right. :) ~ And I really do not like mean people very much. lol

Valentines Day 2015...I haven't updated anything in a while,. :) We are having a mild winter for a Montana February. That is enlightening, in itself.

05/24/14 I actually saw/felt sunshine for a couple of days this spring finally. lol

~Oct 5 2013 We have had snow already. uugh. Nothing like Montana. lol

~July 2013...Slowly getting back into things. We finally have some summer temps. June felt like fall in Montana. lol

:) April-----To all of my friends and group members on here. I am still here and I am still logging on. I am having some "moments" and am slowing way down on swapping for now only as to not let anyone down. But I will be back full force and will still answer messages. Just on slow down mode, that is all. PM me with any questions.

10-23-12 Home late last night and we are soooo happy to be here. Now to help him recover. I Thank God that we are back safe and are able to heal. 03/18/17 I really enjoy swapping. But, I really do not like petty critique, so I have resorted to smaller groups lately. I dislike when people think that a swap that is not over the top in their mind act as if the world is ending. ~ That said, I always send more than the minimum and am one that does this for fun. ;)

10-14-12 Okay 10-15 will be last log on til home from sons surgery. Hope not to be gone longer than 7 days total. Less would be nicer. lol I will have someone keep an eye on things on bot for me til I return. If you are not rated asap for anything, that is why and you will be as soon as I return.

10-04-12 ...I will be gone for a while mid -Octoberish. I will have most of my swaps tied up before then and I will not sign for any ending at a time that does not work for me. I have had a blast with some of you by joining and hosting excess ATC swaps.... esp lately, it takes your mind off things and is therapeutic. :D At the same time, I have had a few down moments with people who do not appreciate. When I come back I am not sure how many public swaps I will be doing due to that. :( Maybe I will get over the let down by then and look at it differently. Idk. ~ Rest assured, I will not stop the Peanuts ATC series, they will continue on. They are too fun. :D

O9-12-12 ......It has been a while since I updated.....so I will do so now.....Had a great summer, lots of golf and family time. Looks like another surgery in the family...........but just not scheduled yet.

While I was rushing around the other day trying to get swaps together a midst my crafty mess, lol, it brought me back to Kindergarten report card memories. And I'm thinking I might get an S- on "uses time wisely." lol

I got home and caught up on ratings even. I had a few to do. :)

I Temporarily will be mia from the bot from June 15 til June 18. I will try to check in, but not sure I will be able too. Have a great weekend. I will log on by monday night if not before.

I will ALWAYS send my swaps, if you never receive it PLEASE message me. I will fix it. :)

About hearts.....Just my opinion.... I hope everyone considers swap quality, friendliness, neatness, (time spent) ,swiftness and even generousity when rating. I personally try to make all of my outgoing mail fun to recieve. :) I try to consider second chances when it seems reasonable too. Please do not abuse this.

Added 06-09-11---We are free of the cast and the sling, now we just need to finish healing. :)

Added 5-1-11---HOME sweet home. Apparently I did not have enough stress so I broke my left arm near my shoulder in three places while getting things ready for my sons surgery. Seems unbelievable I know, but I should have no trouble getting swaps out even considering I did not plan on a broken arm.....haha....Son is doing esp better this morning.

~ I am from Montana- My name is Kimberly.I am a married Christian mom to four and Gram to quite a few :) ~ I do a lot of swapping and penpal mail on my own and have for years. I Love this hobby. ~I like anything to do with writing letters. I have a pen, stationery , notecard and sticker fettish. I have and use rubber stamps. (I have tons...lol) I collect postage stamps and pigs,mice and ladybug things. Love woodstock, Tweety, precious moments, anne Geddes, Betsy Clark and Holly Hobbie type things, Pastels and the color blue. (there really is not a color I dislike) I like snowmen, raggedys and so much more,~ I enjoy doing stickerbooks, esp the category type ones where you put a sticker on each page, but actually do any kind. I do Decos and slams as well.~I like almost any type stationery and notecard things, as long as they are in nice condition. I like house plants and everything at home in general.It is my favorite place to hang out. ~I love mouse designs, anything with mice, like Diddl and house mouse ect.~I collect miniature figurines, tiny ones of mainly pigs and mice.I love the little bone china hagen renakers .I have a small collection of dollhouse miniatures of dishes and food too.I just love teeny tiny things. I also collect thimbles, piggy banks and music boxes. I collect "cute" shape buttons.~Love to golf, weather permitting,:) We are pretty much golfing whenever we have spare time in the summer. We even made our cart wheelchair accessible, lol. I will answer any questions about interests that anyone has.~ Note* I am just a regular all American SAHM Mom (I have one in a wheelchair, so there is plenty of work to do here:) , who loves to write and loves my penpals and loves people persons, I am not prissy nor picky and I am actually fairly simple. :) I am only on swapbot for fun and that is what I hope to have here.~

Favorite Books

Historical Romances and stories of people's lives mainly. I do love to read, but sometimes hard to find the time. I enjoy Danielle Steele and Lavyrle Spencer books. I have read the notebook.

Favorite Television

I watch House, Gray's, Desperate Housewives, bachelor and bachlorette and American Idol. And cnn, and Nancy Grace.~As a child I loved Little House on the Prairie and the Waltons.

looking for.....

I am looking for accessory stickers, like household stickers and kitchen stickers of misc items.~Pictures of "cute" pigs or mice to make decos ect with and piggy stickers of any kind are great too.~For stickers, I do not mind the school or praise ones that are shaped and you can trim the words off, or extra adorable ones,(with cute pics) I can use them in stickerbooks.~I have no problem with holiday stickers either as I use those, seasonal , on penpal mail and in sb's too. Cartoons are fine as well, I am really not very picky, I just love most all stickers. Just so they are cute and not meaningless. Christian faith stickers are welcome here too. :) ~~I love tiny earrings,(the tinier the better) posts and hoops, but I can only wear nickel free ones. They need not be expensive, just nickel free.(I have three holes in each ear)~~ I Love scentsy, both foods and other scents that smell pretty.

Favorite Crafts

Rubberstamping is a favorite and I have been in a few homemade card exchanges, I will try most paper craft things. I have numerous totes of wooden stamps, tho you can never have too many....well...maybe not...lol. Have done some simple beading, simple crochet, quilts (though I have not made one in forever) , felt ornaments, and cross stitch to name a few. (I am trying to learn the quilling with paper.) I have some interest too in sculpey clay. I like doing decos and stickerbooks. In addition to collecting shape buttons, or buttons with pics on them,.... I use flat buttons for crafts.


For anyone sensitive to smells or with allergies.......................I try to keep my things in containers and not yellowed, wrinkled or looking like they have been ran over by a mack truck. I try to keep things neat and clean, but....................I do have a cat and a woodstove, and anyone allergic or super sensitive to cigarette smell might not be a good match for me. Some of my things were kept in containers with candles and smoking has not been allowed in the house for some time. The last thing I want to do is offend anyone. ~If anyone does have a huge problem with anything I send, I would appreciate a private message, rather than a shocking post, lol :) My ratings show that I am not a problem to most. :) Thankyou


Things I dislike are few, tho' I do not use anything gothic theme & am not into the witchcraft things or real dark type themes. I could trade such things back with one who does like them though.~ Christian theme is always welcome.~I guess the main dislike I have is ritzy, prude people, who are judgemental and picky, but more so than that, those who stereotype. I am just an ordinary gal from Montana who is accepting to most anyone with values. I do not judge anyone by what they do, but rather by how they treat me.

stationery themes favs ect

In addition to anything I listed above as favs, on stationery, note cards, and paper, I also like chocolate, candy, icecream, cupcake, ect. food theme, I like baby angels, hearts, forest critters, cute animals, anything warm and fuzzy and designs of little kids....Pigs, ladybugs, and mice are a given, as well as peanuts (esp woodstock, I love him), and tweety. And all tiny designs, with flowers, ect. Also like strawberry, cherry and picnic theme. (I am trying to get strawberry things in my kitchen) Susan branch and sewing theme is cute too.~Also love gingham and dots....... and......... cutsie snails and bugs- ~chipmunks~cartoon giraffes & Elephant (&noahs ark themes) I love dumbo- daisies , pansies, violets- cute frogs -n- turtles- cute ducks -n- geese country kid themes- mambi kids- bubble gum kids- piglet -n- Eeyore- sunbonnet kids- ruth moorehead designs- gingerbread men- tea time themes- vera mouse- pretty much all hallmark themes- joan walsh anglund- Christian and Dayspring themes welcome- I even like some prim designs- scarecrows are cute- sea theme and cute sea creatures- love rosebuds on anything- pretty butterflies- ~rocking horses ~soda shop designs _I love the little people and foods in Kawaii-I love Amy and Tim, and I love the diary decoration stickers- Lately I am really thinking fuzzy little realistic looking yellow geese and/or ducks are sooo cute.- I like cute looking mooses too! P.S. About my pen fettish........in regular pens I do not like the thick fat barrels as well, because I write against the wrong finger, lol, and black ink is my favorite for a regular pen, but I will accept and even like any kind of pen. :) Colored ones are fun for decorating things too. And I collect papermate heart and Parker click pens. ~~~~~


kafekafe rated for U.P.S. Group: Merry Christmas! on Jan 10, 2018
Comment: Dear Kimberly, I got your envelope today - thank you for the lovely card and the very cute stickers! I LOVE the teddy bear ones. Hope you had wonderful holidays!
courtmm11 rated for Sticker Game "R" on Jun 6, 2017
Comment: Thank you so very much for the lovely stickers... wishing you all the best...
candybeads rated for Sticker Game "G" on Jun 3, 2017
Comment: Loved my swap. The glow in the dark were cute and the butterflies so pretty. Thanks a lot.
zurdoswifey rated for Sticker Game "T" on May 28, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the stickers and labels ...always a pleasureful swap
zurdoswifey rated for Sticker Game "I" on May 27, 2017
Comment: Lovely as always ...thanks for the swap
courtmm11 rated for Sticker Game swap on May 20, 2017
Comment: Thank you so very much for the wonderful stickers... Great selection
Response: I am happy that you like what I chose.
Comment: Thank you so much, Kim
Response: You are very welcome.
courtmm11 rated for Small PO Box filled on May 8, 2017
Comment: Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful...collection of very useful items... buttons, stickers write on papers, craft paper....beautiful, and I am very thankful for all. Great swap..I luv it all.
Response: Good! Hope you truly liked. Wow that mailed fast. lol
courtmm11 rated for Flower ATC on May 6, 2017
Comment: Mailed the 25th, and arrives May 5th???? Why so long... within the USA.. There is a lot to be said about the PO...not always positive. Thank you for the sweet swap... and of course the labels... luv your talents.
Response: I don't understand the postal sometimes ..the speed part...hmmm. Im confused. But HAPPY it arrived! You are welcome and thanks for the sweeeet rating.
courtmm11 rated for Pastels~ATC on May 4, 2017
Comment: Awesome...little pastel ATC.... thank you so so very much for it, so sweet... and the awesome labels my favorites... always... beautful
Response: Thank you so much for the nice comments.
Comment: Thank you! The panda stickers are so cute!
Response: You are welcome. I like the pandas too. :)
Linda52156 rated for In the Bag~ Scavenger Hunt on May 2, 2017
Comment: Loved them all and of course the return address labels. Thank you so much.
Response: You are most welcome. Thank you for the rating.
annielou rated for Bears n Bees ATC's on May 1, 2017
Comment: I seriously got tears in my eyes when I looked at these beautiful ATCs. Thank you for the wonderful cards an generous extras! Out of this world!!! Hope to join more of your swaps soon!!
Response: What an inspiring rating and comments. I am happy that you enjoyed this swap so much!
courtmm11 rated for Write On on Apr 29, 2017
Comment: Very special and very nice thank you I luv it.... Corgi paper...Woweeee....thank you and a pen against Breast cancer so very nice... thank you for all
Response: I am happy that you liked what I chose to send to you. I love those pens too and the corgi paper was going to you no matter what, but since I got you for this swap, it departed even sooner from my clutches, lol
Comment: Wonderful supply of stickers..... all varieties...thank you so so very much for all Luv it....
Response: Thank for the rating! ;)
Kraftylady777 rated for Food Theme~20 on Apr 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much
Response: You are so welcome, I hope you can use what I sent. ;)
Comment: Thank you so much
Response: You are welcome!
BeeMGee rated for Bicycle ATC on Apr 19, 2017
Comment: Finally arrived. Cute card. Thanks
Response: Garsh, that took it's sweet time. Thank you for a kind rating.
courtmm11 rated for ATC w/rub-ons on Apr 18, 2017
Comment: Lov this it was brilliant.... thank you I liked it very much.... thank you
Response: It was a little crazy. ;)
courtmm11 rated for Summertime~ATC on Apr 18, 2017
Comment: Such a cute job... and labels to match woweeee.... Luv it all
Response: Thank you. I love the mambi stick people. It was the rub ons too, like the ones that I sent you.

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kafekafe on Apr 6, 2017:

Kimberly, when you have another modules swap in the group, can you please poke me... I'm rarely on swapbot these days but I'd love to join another of those.

candybeads on Aug 19, 2015:

Hope you have a healthy, happy birthday. May you have butter suns, pastel skies and wildflower afternoon every day. Candy

TryshaH81 on Jun 22, 2015:

Thank you for the 3 sheets of angeled stickers

candybeads on Mar 9, 2015:
courtmm11 on Jan 13, 2015:

Oh Happy Day is wished for you every day.... Hello!!

courtmm11 on Aug 19, 2014:

Kimberly, Have a Super Super Birthday, You deserve it!


StarMouse on Feb 4, 2014:

stampnMT on Jan 28, 2014:

Hello to you from another Montana girl:-) I saw you left a note on my profile quite awhile back and I hadn't been here for a long time but I wanted to stop by and say Hi. Hope you are having a great day! It's beautiful over here today-sunny and blue sky. I am near Missoula and Helena:-) kind of in between both of them.

Tiam1980 on Jan 22, 2014:

Thank you so much for the awesome package!!

ebgroovy on Jan 10, 2014:


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