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Birthday: July 16
Country: United States
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Favorite Crafts

The very first thing I would like to ask.... is..... Ever you don't receive something from me, and I am your partner...please send me a messege and I will resend. I know lots of stuff out there gets lost through snail mail. Thank you for this consideration.... I very much want to keep my current score and ratings. Thank you

I really love to work on crafts, and enjoy them after....but with me, when I do make something...I always give it as a gift, and I don't seem to keep for myself... but I do love to surprise people with my creativity....and I have made things such as hand braided rugs, and even won a second place at my home states biggest fair....I still have the states fair price, in check form....they gave to me as a prize. Its in a photo album...

Favorite Music

My favorite music is New Age.... I can get so lost in listening to this... some of the music I listen to...is David Arkenstone, and also.. Enya, Yanni.... and I do have to admit...I like country...and have gone to see many of the country music singers...themselves.I have collected scarves from many of the country singers, and once I went to see Willie Nelson, to see the legend...and he handed me the scarf he was wearing.... It had his DNA on it, as it was saturated from...going on stage.... I still have it, and all folded just as he gave it to me... I am not really a fan...like I said just to see the legend..... but I like some of his music, as he tends to write beautifully.

Favorite Books

Some of my most favorite books...are information books.... such as trivia... and common sense... in life, and ideas to help you live your life to be the best possible person you can be... I truly enjoy... learning all types of tidbits... of information, and also quotes. Sometimes...I will play trivia pursuit in the car with freinds or even my husband...just to learn some of the little things in life.... Tidbits that don't mean anything...are well worth knowing.

Favorite Television

Television..... I don't watch much of... My life is very busy.... and If I can watch TV...I love to watch a good movie, as this is very entertaining to me. I don't try to keep up with all the stars....because I don't have enough time in my life to do so....I love to watch NCIS....and Law and Order when I have the time...mostly from bed..... but I always enjoy Project Runway, as I think this show is hysterical....

About Me


I adopted a tiny (4 lbs) chorkee, from Maine, and she is just so awesome. Scared to death of people, but luvs all in the family who all pay a lot of attention to her. I bought two more puppies to help this little girl become a puppy as I was the fourth owner in her first five months of life... So sad.. but she is calming down, and. becoming more trusting...

I used to own my own horse, and did a lot of trail riding.... won a ribbon twice..... I have always loved horses, and had a great respect for them.... Magnificent animals....

I work full time.... and I also go to work... very early so I can work out...at the gym...that we have at work... I truly believe working out gives a person... a new life... and it is just incredible at how much better one can feel working out. You don't know that you don't feel good...until you start working out. Just my opinion of course... What a difference.

The company I work for is into Aerospace...and we do a lot of unbelievable work.... for our country...and world. I love my job, and I have mucho respect for the work that we do.

I own my own home...and have lived here for 15 years... I bought my house on my birthday.. a big Happy Birthday to me.

We have a wonderful pond that we had dug, and I have a pond full of goldfish, and also blue crayfish, can you imagine? We have a blue heron that loves to visit...and I think he collects up the frogs....and crayfish when he can find them...but also.... the fish hide under the lilypads...so I am glad of that. We have had many of natures wonderful creatures vist our pond, including the moose that trampers through at various times....and my husband has seen him/her but I have not... just the footprints. We only have one neighbor.....and they are not even within screaming distance.... Its great...to have all the wild around us..... but we live fairly close to the road. We have added 11 Guinea Fowl, and they are so funny... and extremely entertaining birds. They are monogomous birds, and don't wonder... to much. Its all because I captured one after living three months in our parking lot at work. Couldn't imagine him survviving out in the cold and snow. They are awesome.

I love photography.... I don't ever leave home without my camera.... as you just never know what you will see. I have been quite surprised at times...and very happy to have had it with me...

I am a regular person, no airs.....and very down to earth.... I love to think of others...before myself... and I get all my rewards from this...in my life...as well as the relationship with my husband. My best freind.

Happy Swapping.....

More about me....

My favorite types of things....are earthy things....earthy colors, and in postcards...I love animals.... and also map cards...and why (?) because I am a postcrosser... I have visited Australia..(Penpal) ..and also Canada..(another penpal), and Germany of course.... where I have quite a few penpals...that have adopted me as family.... We are all so very close... Its awesome. I just love reaching out to the world..... I think people are awesome.... and there is good in everyone.

Also.....food, I love it..... and drinks for me have to be de-caffinated.... I have ringing in the ears, and medically the caffiene makes it worse. Thank you ahead of time for this consideration...

Happy lives to you all....and much success to you.

Some favorite things

I love all kinds of things...... but am partial...to a few things that I will list for you, , as I am older, and don't need a lot of nicky nack things at all.

gifts, crafts, and things of this sort.... I would prefer: I luv Stickers unusal is great also!

Stickers....but NOT the kind with monsters, spiderman , Superman, that sort of thing... I love the simple stickers, and friendly ones... Garfield is great.... goofy.... dogs stickers....etc. Hearts, smilies, and the easy ones.... I really don't like the Hello Kitty Stickers.....

I love tea...but it needs to be decaffinated.....I don't drink a lot of coffee...

I love everything Welsh Corgi style as I had five before this new set...for whom lived out their entire lives with me. ..... of course...

I love map postcards...of any type...

Thank you cards, notes cards, of any type....as I have many penpals....and love to send them notes, and letters.....new please.... (Lately I have received a plufora of new old notecards...that look like they have come out of a closet somewhere..... that was packed fifty years ago..... ) But most cards...are Ok too.... I love to collect landyards, from other countries..... or states, even from your work.... I collect many of them, and just have them all hanging off my mirrors in my truck etc...

Its almost sounding like I am picky...but at this time of my life...these things will definetely be loved, and used..... no sense giving away something you sent to me, if it isn't anything I can use myself... I don't want to do that..... I really am super easy to get along with,...... and want to keep for myself everything everyone sends to me.... Take care and Happy Swapping.... thank you so very much.

CANDY! My ultimate passion is gummie bears... and M&M's all mixed together.. a bit of salt and sweet... its great...and I would rather eat these than anything... Thank you

Socks.... I wear trouser socks all year long.... always black and plain, and no design. This is what I like.

My favorite colors are Purple and green together..... they were also my wedding colors...09-09-09 ME

About Me

I swap with Swap-bot! I also take a lot of pride, sending out my swaps. I always add extras, and try to make each send special. I always hope you enjoy what I send, and if not... please send me a private messege, and I will make good of what you think I didn't do right. Thank you and thank you always for rating.


Comment: Thanks for everything! The puzzles are beautiful!!
ajmay rated for Small Tea Swap #10 on Jul 26, 2020
Comment: Hi Patricia, I received your package. It's amazing! Thank you so much for all the goodies and all the time you put into it. I love it and really appreciate it. -Ana
Sweetrose0706 rated for Christmas in July: Card Swap on Aug 12, 2019
Comment: Beautiful. Thank you.
neecie rated for One UGLY postcard swap on Jul 19, 2019
Comment: :0 you totally rocked the ugly ... ewww. whyyyy??? > yay swap-bot for giving purpose to our stashes!!
Zanet rated for Christmas in July: Card Swap on Jul 2, 2019
Comment: Dear Pat, thanks a lot, I like all the things you sent and really had great fun reading threw paraprosdokians!
lou rated for Private Potluck! on Jun 29, 2019
Comment: Yea!! Thanks for a fun fun swap!!!!
Response: Thank you Lou, I hope you enjoy everything I have enclosed for you... I had forgotten to put a little note inside, and was going to text you...but been so busy, and had to work all this weekend... at work now... Thank you for the awesome rating.
Comment: Love the New Hampshire postcards, the other 3 cards are all signed and ready to pass on in the next round. #happyswapping 😁
Response: Thank you so so very much so happy you liked the card...
Linda52156 rated for 50 Nice stickers- USA on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: Love all the stickers you sent. Thank you.
Response: Thank you so so much so nice to swap with you again....
Ryleighsmom rated for 50 Nice Stickers- International on Sep 18, 2017
Comment: So many great stickers! Thank you!!
Response: I thank you so very much for the awesome rating... thank you
candybeads rated for Sticker "E" LAST ONE on Sep 11, 2017
Comment: Lovely swap. Forgot to save my rating. Tho thowwy. 😐 💗💛💝
Comment: Many thanks for the extra cards. I love them
Response: thank you so so very much..so happy for the great rate, and happy you liked the cards...
candybeads rated for Sticker Game "M" on Jun 28, 2017
Comment: What a great swap, from S-E. Thanks a lot. Forgot to save this, so sorry.
Response: no worries....and thank you for hanging in there with us... and participating... thank you for the great rate...
Comment: Thank you for the postcards :0) happy swapping!
Response: and I especially thank you for the great rating.... so many are so reluctant to give hearts for a postcard... I don't get it...but I surely do thank you
Linda52156 rated for Sticker Game "A" on Jun 12, 2017
Comment: Love the stickers, This has been fun
Response: Thank you so so much... for joining... thank you so so much for the great rate!
Linda52156 rated for Sticker Game "E" on Jun 4, 2017
Comment: Again loved the stickers. And the extras.
Response: Thank you Thank you I surely do like hearts... and appreciate the rating
Linda52156 rated for Sticker Game "G" on Jun 4, 2017
Comment: I loved all the stickers. It is always nice swapping with you.
Response: Thank you so so much for the great rate...so happy you liked what I sent to you...always a pleasure
candybeads rated for Sticker Game "R" on Jun 4, 2017
Comment: This has been a fun swap. Thanks for all the goodies. Roses were cute, loved it all. Thanks for the great rating.
Response: Thank you so much for the awesome rating....so happy you were pleased...
candybeads rated for Sticker Game "K" on May 27, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much. The small sheet with the Camel is sooo cute.
Response: Thank you so much for the great rating...appreciate it very much...
zurdoswifey rated for Sticker Game "C" on May 23, 2017
Comment: Thanks for all the lovely stickers ...the cupcakes are fantastic
Response: Wonderful thank you so much the heart is fantastic...thank you
suemick15 rated for Hi Friend on May 22, 2017
Comment: What a darling ATC! I love those "shaker" stickers. Your atc's always have such a sweetness about them. I also like the stickers and paper and look forward to using them. Thank you for everything. Sue
Response: Thank you Sue.... luv swapping with you, hope your trip away went very well.... Thank you for the awesome rate... thank you thank you

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lou on Jul 27, 2019:

Happy Birthday Month!

reauk on Jun 19, 2019:

lovely to see you back take care Andrea x

meeltje57 on Dec 27, 2017:

Dear Pat,

Thank you for your lovely Christmas surprise. Hope you get a very healthy and happy 2018.

bb2 on Jul 16, 2017:

Hope it was the best yet. Hugs from the CF group.

piglet59645 on Jan 23, 2017:

Oh Agnes........I sure hope you get swaps from me on this snowy day. lol ;)

Mimi7 on Sep 2, 2016:

Happy Labor Day Weekend :)

Julez13 on Aug 30, 2016:

reauk on Jul 16, 2016:

happy birthday pat hope we can do a swap soon big hugs Andrea x

piglet59645 on Mar 3, 2016:

I am so sorry for the loss of your s.i.l. It amazes me how you kept up with swaps through it all , even throughout a time of travels and pain. That is not easy to do. You are in my prayers. God Bless You.

Snuggles555 on Sep 10, 2015:

Pat: Thank you so much for the pretty birthday card. Yep, tomorrow is the big 5-0! Wow how time flies when having fun! ;-)

Hugs & Love,

Susan ♥

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