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Date Joined: January 17, 2011
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Birthday: January 25, 1952
Country: Canada
Independent Watkins Consultant
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I have become an Independent Watkins Consultant and am very proud to be a part of this company which began in 1868 in the United States of America and has since grown all across Canada. It's a home based business with the highest quality products, and you can put in as little or as much time into it as you would like, and simply enjoy yourself and the people you meet.

Visit my page at fb.me/patletkemann52 and like my page (and/or join my team)! Across Canada we are in need of Representatives in Nova Scotia, Quebec, and the Yukon, and everyone across North America is welcome! All communities should have Watkins products available to them. I invite you to check out my website as this no pressure home business may well be for you. :o)

MUSIC: I like a variety of genres for music; pop, contemporary, rock. And the best is praise and worship. To name a few, I like Audio Adrenaline, Brian Doerkson, Michael W Smith, Messianic Praise & Worship (Galilee of The nations), Newsong, Newsboys, Newworldson (kind of Jamaican/blues/worship) Nicole Sponberg, Paul Coleman.

BOOKS: Sons of Encouragement by Francine Rivers, Ted Dekker books, authors Robert Liparulo, Lynn Austin, Terri Blackstock, Joel C Rosenberg for all his political and prophetic books, Chuck Coleson, Max Lucado and Terry Law. I like the thrillers, fictional, historical, Biblical, comedy, and faith line of books. I rarely read a secular book... I do have some wonderful classics like Uncle Tom's Cabin, Huckleberry Finn, Cheaper By The Dozen, War and Peace, and so on... :o)

MOVIES: I like mostly the older movies; Girl in White, The Glenn Miller Story, and Little Women with June Allyson, MacArthur with Gregory Peck, but I also love the Lord of The Rings trilogy. We do have one Johnny Depp movie called Finding Neverland, but that's it. I like Three Cheers For the Irish with Dennis Morgan. I really like some movies with Loretta Young and Barbara Stanwyck (Stella Dallas) as well.

TV: I sometimes get to watch Murdoch Mysteries or the Geographic channel. I do have some of the tv series Murdoch Mysteries, all of Sue Thomas FBEye, and some of the Flashpoint series. I watch our local news and CTV News when I can. I like Person of Interest (have all that series) and some of Elementary and Blue Bloods.

ABOUT MYSELF: I live on the prairies (but in the city) pretty much in the middle of Canada. I enjoy all our seasons but definitely not the bitter cold winter days when it's clear and sunny. I like forests, nature, waterfalls and mountains. I accepted Jesus Christ (Christ meaning the Annointed One) as my Lord and Savior in winter of '97. He has always been there for me. In Him and through Him all things were made. He is my Redeemer, my Warrior, my Glorious One. Through Jesus I have chosen a narrower path on this place called earth yet it is the path of total freedom, from the ways of this world, the god of this world, the darkness and oppression that abounds here. With Him I have a true sense of belonging, a true sense of joy no matter the situation. Being a Christian is a person who follows the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Being His disciple means you are a disciplined follower of Jesus. I trust Him with my life and through His work on the cross I am made righteous before the Father (not at all of my own doing).

♥ I am pro-Israel ♥ ..I have the most gorgeous set of coasters from Zambia ♥ I love a warm hug ♥ I love things in white and grey/white ~ I like red, deep greens, muted greens, pink, pastel blue, purple ..most colours :) ♥ orange, and white daisies ♥ carnations and roses * there are so many beautiful flowers ..sigh ♥ mmm...freshly caught pickerel (walleye) cooked over an open fire with bannock ♥ cardinals /goldfinches / beautiful songbirds ♥ sunsets and sunrises ♥ fog over the water in the early morning ♥ mountains and waterfalls ♥ tea related things ♥ milk chocolate ♥ stickers, embellishments ♥ as much as I love angels, both ministering and warrior, I don't care for anything the stores have to offer in the way of pictures or figurines as they are represented as females only.. there are no female angels in the Bible.. if someone knows of a verse telling us about females ones, I would like to know of it ♥ Snoopy by Charles Schultz ♥ the smell of newly cut grass ♥

I love writing letters and have been writing since I was a child starting with my maternal gramma and I've had the same pen pals for years now. I enjoy baking and cooking and the outdoors to relax, walk, and garden. I like to sit out back on the deck in the morning with a coffee and read or visit with my neighbour. I enjoy tea in the evening or afternoon. :o) I also like packets of nice hot milk chocolate and hot apple cider. I like putting together meals with a celebration in mind like having a Mexican or Italian or German potluck and decorating the house. It's fun to have people come over with all these new dishes to try. I prefer scratch baking and cooking and implement as little as possible anything that is boxed or canned. I have finally mastered making a flaky pie crust ~ I love pies :o) When baking breads and buns I do not like caraway seeds but then one doesn't have to add them in anyway. Otherwise I can't think of a bread or bun recipe I wouldn't like other than sourdough (love a good pumpernickel).

I am of French and Ukranian descent. My maternal great-grandparents were from Crookston Minnesota and my grandparents were from Grand Rapids. Both my parents were born in Fisher Branch MB.

There was a time when I was so frightened by thunderstorms but now I love them, and we don't get that many. I also love a good blizzard which we don't get too much of either. Those are good times to have tea or a pop and popcorn, or play a board game like RISK or Monopoly!

I collect envelopes of all sizes and colours, except those little mini ones. Sometimes I make some.

LIKES: I love pastel colors, purple, deep or muted greens and even lime green, red, shades of grey, white and lemon yellow. I don't like 'busy' patterns, but I like striking colour matches.

I like candles (both household candles and the PAPYRUS line of birthday candles as well as their stationary and cards), mugs, and snowmen, clocks and watches and tea, coffee, hot chocolate and chocolate (Lindt is nice, and Purdy's which is a company in British Columbia and Alberta, also our own Laura Secord), some tins, fruit, vegetables, writing paper, mugs and stickers (food, desserts, pretty woodland creatures, bunnies, frogs, ladybugs, deer, fox, Christian and holiday themed). I love note paper, note cards, pens, and bookmarks, strawberries and blueberries and mango, cranberries and wild rice, lemons, kitchen things (I love dishes). I would love a couple 4x6 blank recipe cards ♥ ...

I like flavoured teas and coffees but dislike Chai teas and no ginger tea, fennel, green teas or white teas, nor do I like pomegranate flavoured tea ~ thank you :o) I buy new teas all the time. I do not send out old teas.

I really like Bigelow & Pickwick teas as well as Twinings and some Stash. If anyone has any Pickwick Yoghurt teas ..that would be great! please do not send me loose tea leaves unless they are bagged from the manufacturer ~ thank you

I like holiday themed cards or paper but NOT any halloween or gothic or gory.

I like lemon, apple, pumpkin, and strawberry/rhubarb pies. Love homemade orange angel food cake and cookies and shortbread, and homemade puddings. Cupcakes are not only cute to look at but wonderful to eat! I like anything cupcake related. I love strawberry things whether they be stickers, note paper, strawberry scented pens, etc. I have a small teapot with strawberries on it. :o)

I enjoy fresh peas, carrots, tomatoes, and all the other yummy veggies from the garden like beets and squash. We eat mostly chicken and fish but I also like a great steak or roast, soups, salads and side dishes.

I would be very interested in exchanging recipes. :o) I don't mind them being typed out or photocopied from the magazine or book they are from.

If you should happen to have any extra postcards lying around, I wouldn't mind one or two of those! I'm not finding much for selection around here. For example: seasons, doors, clocks, recipe postcards, chocolates, breads, military, Lord of The Rings, historical sites. Thank you. :o) All postcards in an envelope please as they stay clean and the edges are not bent.

I like both the Lancome and Merle Norman skin care and seem to be easing my way more into the Merle Norman. This is just useless info ~ I'm not expecting anything from anyone!

TRAVEL/PEOPLE/COUNTRIES: I haven't done much traveling. Been to all the provinces west of us and to one province east of us. I would like to one day see all of Canada. I been been down as far as North Carolina and really liked it. Would like to see Kentucky, Connecticut, Phillidelphia and a few others. As far as International goes I would like to see Ireland, Israel, the UK, Russia, Austria and Belgium. Seeing everything and everywhere would be wonderful! I would very much like to go to Belgium for its sites, chocolate, and lace.

People are so incredibly interesting. We are so different and so much the same. I wish we all had more compassion and patience with each other. I wish we were more comfortable with each other and what we need are more hearty laughs and bear hugs!

DISLIKES: no glitter on cards ~ I dislike that shiny stuff all over my face, floor, and everywhere I don't like anything to do with The Simpsons, Mr Bean, skulls or halloween or Harry Potter. Nothing to do with Buddhism, New Age, astrology, wiccan, nor do I 'worship' things that have been created as they were made for our enjoyment only. I can't say that I like multi-view postcards or cartoon themed things (I like Snoopy and Peanuts) and I don't like the smell of cigarette or cigar smoke either ~ tho I won't overreact about it as I did smoke for 30 years. But it does bother me now. No dotee dolls or dolls of any kind. I don't like hard candies or gummies, but funny thing is I do like our maple candies and jelly beans :o). I DON'T LIKE walnuts. :o) no Chai teas, no pomegranate, no ginger or jasmine tea no shrimp or squid or lobster recipes ~ my family won't eat that so I won't cook with it ..thanks! :o) no glitter

WISH LIST: ** fruity teas, lemon, orange, raspberry ~ I like Stash and Twinings brand names among others ** anything to do with strawberries, lemons, oranges, raspberries, as in stationery, envelopes, teas, etc ** Christian anything ** polar bears, fruit, kitchen, camping, tea cup or teapot related, outdoors - pretty much any stickers except for teacher ones or numbers/alphabet ** cupcake recipes, stationery or note cards and envelopes ** love things Canadian and red and white ** a lot of what would be in my wishlist is also in my likes list **

Some of you people are so incredibly artistic and creative. I'm not there but I will enjoy doing some crafting.

If anyone is interested, I'm up for private swaps. :o)

!! Everyone, please rate your partners !!


agneslyra rated for CHWH - Quick stationery swap on Aug 18, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for this swap and the cute stickers you sent me. Have a nice day!
Comment: Thanks for the fun swap!! I will make use of everything you sent!! ❤
Response: You're very welcome. :o) Thank you for the rating and heart!
frogginghappy rated for TAlk About your Town or City on Aug 12, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful letter, accompanying postcards and pretty stickers. I loved reading about Winnipeg and I do wear my helmet properly and follow the rules of the road when cycling 😉. It sounds like a wonderful place to live, even if I have heard it referred to as Winterpeg, lol. I hope both your daughters had great birthdays and you enjoyed your time together! Have a great day 😁
Response: I'm so glad you use a helmet when riding. When we told our kids they had to, once it became a by-law so long ago, they all quit riding. Childlike dumb or what? Yes, we sure do refer to this city as winterpeg (but that's ok!). Husband, daughters, and I did enjoy our time together ~ thank you for that, and your kind rating and the heart. :o)
justmesks rated for PH: Send 4 Postcards #4 on Aug 10, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the awesome cards and for including an extra one.
Response: You're welcome Sandy. Thank you so much for the heart. :o)
TakenByChance rated for 30 gram Envelope #3 on Aug 9, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the lovely envelope of goodies! These telegram sheets are so neat! And I was just talking to my mom last week about how we both wanted to see the Cavalia Odeysseo show, but never made it happen...thank you for the lovely postcard of that. I'm thankful that I do not have any health issues that would be agrivated by the air quality! Many people around here and the evacuation locations are not so fortunante. I hope you are also enjoying your summer (and that our poor air quality is reaching you! It has traveled quite the distance!!)
Comment: Thank you for the great postcards and extra stickers!! I can't see the Mountains from where I am.. I'm about 3 hours east. But I'm hoping to move closer to them within the next year or two!! :) Have a wonderful day! Shelley
Response: Thank you very much for the heart Shelley! That would be great if you could move closer. And it's such nice driving through there too. Go for a picnic!
shtrqueen rated for 30 gram Envelope #3 on Aug 4, 2017
Comment: It's so nice to get a swap from you. I love the Canada 150 napkins and will make good use of the stickers, labels and stamps. Thanks so much. Have a wonderful day. Happy Swapping!
Response: Thank you for the great rating and the heart. It's so nice to hear you can make use of the items. :o)
zilliah rated for Scavenger Hunt - July on Jul 20, 2017
Comment: I loved everything you sent, thank you! (Particularly the wave stickers - those are gorgeous!)
Response: I'm so glad it was a good one! Thank you for the kind rating and the heart. I like those stickers too!
sleepingrover2010 rated for Christian Notecard #1 on Jun 7, 2017
Comment: Hello Pat, Thank you for the lovely Christian card you sent me for this swap. I also appreciate the additional card and note papers. I will be able to use all of them. Your note was lovely, so lovely, that I read it twice. Barb sleepingrover2010
Response: How sweet of you! I think more than I deserve. Thank you so much for the rating and the heart. ♥
shtrqueen rated for Spring Letter on Jun 7, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much for the lovely letter - I enjoyed hearing what you've been up to. I'm looking forward to trying the tea and using the notecards. Have a wonderful day. Happy Swapping!
Response: Thank you so much Kim for the rating and the heart!
mb58ca rated for Send Anything - May on Jun 6, 2017
Comment: No worries wondering to send ;) Love the notecard and stickers and bookmark and well, everything. I was only expecting one goody. And look what I ended up with! Thanks for the sends.
Response: Aaw...thank you Monique! Have a terrific weekend!
zilliah rated for Send Anything - May on Jun 6, 2017
Comment: I love the goodies you sent, thank you! Especially those awesome umbrella stickers.
Response: Hi Kerry! Glad you liked your items! Thank you for the heart!
mejulia rated for WIYM - Penfriend Letter Swap on May 30, 2017
Comment: I so enjoyed your letter and will definitely answer soon.
Response: Hi Julia! Thanks so much for the rating and the heart. Looking forward to hearing from you!
tatntole rated for PPWAH Letter swap round 2 on May 11, 2017
Comment: My goodness, I am so sorry to rate late. Thank you.
Response: No worries! Thank you very much for the heart. :o)
SarahCD rated for Send Anything #1 - Canada on Apr 22, 2017
Comment: It's funny that in "send anything" we both sent the exact same thing!
Response: LOL!! Thank you so much for the heart ♥
mb58ca rated for Send Anything #1 - Canada on Apr 21, 2017
Comment: Lovely papyrus cards. They're my favourite brand. And thanks for the stickers too!
Response: So glad you like the cards. Papyrus is a favourite of mine too. Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Never disappointed when I open your mail :) Love the pen, stickers (cause I love 3d things) and pcs. Much appreciated.
Response: How kind of you! Thanks Monique! And thank you for the heart ♥
Cariboocarol rated for Happy First Day of Spring on Apr 3, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcard! We woke to fresh snow today but it is melting already.
Response: Thank you so much for the heart! Glad to hear our snow didn't last. We had some yesterday, Easter, but it too is gone.
miablancs rated for Happy First Day of Spring on Mar 28, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for your beautiful mountain view pc. I especially love the stamp that you have on it. I too am looking forward to flower planting =D. Happy Spring to you !
Response: Thank you so much for the rating and the heart. It's another cloudy day. I keep looking up for a peek of sun... I will soon be starting flower and tomato seeds in the house. Enjoy your day!
slckad rated for PPWAH`Intro letter on Mar 17, 2017
Comment: Loved reading your Intro letter! Thank you for the notecard and tea as well! I will be writing back to you in the next couple of days!
Response: Thanks so much for rating me! Will watch for you in the mail.

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Evelynswap on Aug 5, 2017:

Hi! I'd like to send you a preview from the 3 Notecards/Envelope to 1 partner swap I am making for you :)


miablancs on Mar 11, 2017:

Welcome to the group Joy of Penpalling Canada. Please could you go to the group forum section of the group and fill out the Questionnaire. Thank you and Happy Swapping!

LittleRed on Aug 20, 2015:

There is a Stuff a Smarties Box Swap -Fall/ Autumn themed in the Canadian Swappers Group. We'd love to have you join!! Come by the Canadian Swappers Group and have a look:)

2bneat on Mar 10, 2015:

Thank you so much for all the extra scripture postcards and notecards you sent my way. They will all get used.♥

Elliepatterson on Dec 24, 2014:


A Very Merry Christmas to you!!!

BlueberryLady on Sep 7, 2014:

Love the Bread Recipes you sent.. Came in Yesterday's mail- We just got back from a out of Town Wedding this afternoon and I got your CCD Profile Surprise with the Happy Letter .....

rexypants on Apr 17, 2014:

Glad the washi tape samples made found their way to you. It was my pleasure :)

clutterfree on Mar 7, 2014:

Happy March Pat...Just a note to let you know I'm thinking about you. Hope your new year is off to a good start!! I have stopped all international swaps for now...moved to NY this past year and I am so ready for WINTER to be over!! Hugs and blessings...Charlene

ginabee on Dec 25, 2013:

Merry Christmas, Pat! Hope you are warm and happy. Hugs.

ginabee on Sep 22, 2013:

Thanks for sending me the card and note! You are a sweet friend. I will write you back, soon.

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