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Birthday: November 23, 1991
Country: Hungary
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About Me

I'm Dori, a 27 years old girl from Hungary.

I thought that swapping is not good, as I send something for someone, I get something from someone, but I'll never talk to those people anymore. Eventually I registered, as I want to swap some writing papers. Unfortunately snail mailling in Hungary isn't popular anymore, so nice writing papers are hard to find :( or I already have the nice writing papers :D So, if we meet at writing paper swapping, don't be afraid of sending more from 1 kind of paper. I have a collection, where I put 1, above that I like sending them for my penpals (for them I write more pages, so if you send about 5 or more, it won't be a problem for me!)

I like surfing on the Internet, I almost hang on it all the time. If you write me an e-mail, or a message here, be sure that I'll answer in a super short time :) In my free time I also like listening to music, watching documentaries, traveling and snail mailing. Therefore, if you're looking for penpals, I'm your person! :) I have been exchanging letters since I'm 9 or 10, so snail mailling became a part of my life and I'm sure I will die with it. I always feel something is missing from my life when I cannot write a letter for days.

If I am your partner....

In every swaps (except for e-mail swaps, but it depends) I write for my partner, if I sent the letter or the package. If you don't get it, please write me firstly, and don't give me a '1', as it won't be my mistake. If I'm going to be late, I also contact with my partners beforehand. I'm a maximalist person, and my favourite number is also the "5", so I don't want to see anything different at my rating, haha

FOR OVERSEA SWAPPERS: please note that I'm in Europe, and mailing time can be long if I need to send something to a non-European country. Therefore, please don't start panicking if you haven't received anything in 3 weeks after I sent my swap, as that's normal. Please let me know if you have received nothing after 2 months, because then we can be almost sure it got lost. So I can resend the swap.


Favorite Music

I listen to all kind of music... really! :) The songs I'm listening to depend on my mood - sometimes I listen to rock, then rap, and sometimes pop, and dance music - like now :D I nor have a favourite artist, as favourite mean only 1 thing... but I have many :)

I really love j-pop with Ayumi Hamasaki, and I love the Finnish language, so if you could send me some Finnish songs from Finnish bands, it would be very good! :) I know Korpiklaani, Nightwish and Indica mainly.

Favorite Books

Nowadays I like reading books about other cultures, other countries. I love books about the Islam culture and the books about Geishas, especially the "Memoirs of a Geisha" by Arthur Golden. I also like true stories that happened in the past. One of my favourite journalist, Vujity Trvtko has several books I love, where he writes about his stories from those counties where noone would go. These books are in Hungarian and Slovakian, sadly I guess it's not translated into English.

Favourite sports

I'm not like most of the girls who are going to the shopping centres and do some kind of girly stuffs: I love watching football and Formula 1.

In football my favourite team is Chelsea FC, about the countries, I support England.

In Formula 1 I'm a veteran Michael Schumacher fan, I also like Sebastian Vettel, Felipe Massa and Nico Rosberg. I used to have a Formula 1 wall in my room.

I collect every kind of stuffs from them: once I found a Honda badge on the street, I took it and I put it out to my wall :)

Favorite Television

I loooove Friends with Joey!! :)

Nowadays I also watch too much National Geography channel. I love Air Crash Investigations. I love aviation!

What do I like and dislike?

I like:

  • animals, especially tigers and snakes
  • coffee (if you send any, please make sure it doesn't contains sugar)
  • everything with tiger, zebra and leopard pattern
  • coins
  • other languages, language books
  • blue colour
  • letter sets
  • spicy foods
  • teas
  • Chinese, Italian, Indian, Turkish Mexican cuisine
  • postcards (blank please)
  • stamps
  • flags, not paper one
  • aviation

If any of the swaps says you can send me a sock, then please send me the size 41 (in Europe).

I really like chocholate and sweets, but I have insulin resistance, therefore I cannot eat anything that contains sugar. Therefore, if you want to send me any sweets, please send me sugar-free ones. Thank you:)

I dislike:

  • spiders
  • poppy seed
  • pink
  • walnut
  • vanilla taste - but a mixture with any fruit is good!
  • coconut
  • camomile
  • cinnamon - but a mixture with any fruit is good!
  • chai tea


paintwithcharm rated for Mail Tag Swap #9 on Aug 22, 2019
Comment: Hi Dorcii! Thank you for your letter and for the St. Patty's themed stickers! :)
Response: You're very welcome :)
kittyfun rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #157 on Aug 21, 2019
Comment: Sounds like it was a great weekend with your sister! Thank you for the letter.
Response: You're welcome :)
pattiairel rated for Filled envelop #2 on Aug 21, 2019
Comment: thanks for an awesome swapβ™₯3β™₯
Response: You're very welcome, thanks for the rating and the heart <3
Comment: Thanks for answer
Response: You're welcome :)
renmagpie rated for OMG WHAT A LONG SURVEY on Aug 20, 2019
Comment: Your wonderful letter arrived today! I really loved reading your answers (and yes, you do have lovely handwriting!) - and I'd be happy to correspond with you via snail mail too. Thank you so much for sharing your candid responses with me! xoxo
Response: Awww, thank you soo much for your lovely comment and rating, and of course the heart! Feel free to reply back to the address that is on my envelope! :)
Comment: Hi Dori, thanks for your email! I loved hearing about your book shop. I would love to visit Budapest someday! Have fun with their new sales! Hope you have a great day, Micaela
Response: Budapest is an amazing city, so I can definitely suggest you going there!! :) Also the rest of Hungary has a lot of beautiful gems. Thanks a lot for your lovely rating, and thanks for the heart as well <3
agirlnamedfriday rated for What's in Your Purse? on Aug 19, 2019
Comment: Thank you! That is a very pretty bag, that style is very popular here too :)
Response: Thanks a lot for your rating and the heart! :) I bought this bag 2 years ago in the Czech Republic, and I like it sooo much! When I was a kid I really liked Pocahontas and everything Indian, so the tufted clothes and stuff are my favourites since then <3
1OldfoolPlanner rated for Memes & GIFs email swap on Aug 19, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much! I really enjoyed this swap! Jill
porpie5 rated for Memes & GIFs email swap on Aug 19, 2019
Comment: Loved the GIFs! You picked some good ones!
Response: Yes, I tried to look for more specials than picking the first one from the results :) This swap was so much fun! Thanks a lot for your fast rating and the heart as well <3
dalbright rated for Photo from your house on Aug 16, 2019
Comment: DΓ³ra, I enjoyed your email so very much! As a soon to be xpat living in Peru South America it’s so fascinating to see how living spaces are In other areas of the world! Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with me! πŸ’Œβ™₯️Debbie, Iowa USA
Response: Wow, an expat in Peru? I'm sure you will love it! In the beginning it will be very strange, but after a while you will get used to it!! :) For how long are you going there and when are you leaving? Thanks a lot for your rating and the heart <3
kelliegirl6 rated for My Playlist in July 2019 on Aug 16, 2019
Comment: Thanks for sharing your music. I hope I find something new to listen to!
Response: You're welcome! :) I'm sure there will be some new music, especially the Romanian ones :) Thanks a lot for the rating and the heart <3
Janevey rated for My Playlist in July 2019 on Aug 16, 2019
Comment: Thank you! I have heard some of them before but also new songs to listen. Linkin park is love!!
Response: I'm glad to hear you found some new songs :) Thanks a lot for telling me to resend the email, and thanks a lot for the rating with the heart! :)
madebymilla rated for Bookworm Corner: July 2019 on Aug 15, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the letter! Will reply shortly!
Response: You're welcome! :) I can't wait to hear back from you! :)
karenh77 rated for My Playlist in July 2019 on Aug 14, 2019
Comment: thank you
Response: You're welcome :) Thanks for the rating and the heart as well.
MrsCrafty rated for My Playlist in July 2019 on Aug 14, 2019
Comment: Thanks for sharing your playlist! I'm familiar with a few of these songs but Ill have to look up a few of them! Thanks again and have a great week!
Response: Thanks a lot for the fast rating, have a great week as well! :)
HappyMom rated for ESG: Scattergories Email Swap on Aug 13, 2019
Comment: Very clever answers!
Response: Thanks a lot! :) I'm glad to see you liked them, it was a challenge to get words to every category! :) Thanks a lot for the heart rating, and many thanks for organizing this swap! :)
kasa rated for ESG: Scattergories Email Swap on Aug 13, 2019
Comment: Thank you for sharing your answers with me. Got to learn a new Hungarian word Kerozin. Happy swapping.
Response: Ahhahha, I'm glad to hear you liked it :) Happy swapping for you too!
kelliegirl6 rated for What's in Your Purse? on Aug 12, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the peek inside your bag, all the pictures, and descriptions!
Response: You're welcome! :) Thanks a lot for the rating and the heart <3

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polvodestrella on Feb 25, 2018:

Welcome to EU Happy Swaps, thanks for joining!

yvonne401 on Feb 3, 2018:

Welcome to Cold Hands Warm Hearts! It's great to have you here!



pandagigante on Jul 23, 2015:

Hi Dori, I'm currently hosting a Meet My Country Swap and would like to show you the thread, I'm looking for international swappers who would like to take part :) Here is the link: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/204542 - you are welcome to join!

sugaraddict on May 27, 2013:

Hi Hi!! I'm hosting a Foodie Pen Pal Swap which I thought might interest you :) Do swing by and check it out yea.. We would love to have you swap with us! :) Thanks!!

Lisanne on Apr 17, 2013:

Hi! I'm not every day on swapbot but still active :-)

Johkup on Apr 8, 2013:

No worries :) I have no hurry in here... I'm late with my letters time to time too for one reason or another. It's ok :)

Johkup on Apr 8, 2013:

Thanks for your letter :)

hobbitmom on Mar 24, 2013:

Hello, any advice for this site?? I am new to it. Site learning navigating around here :)

hobbitmom on Mar 17, 2013:

I would love to swap :) I make FB's also. I am new to this site. But have been swapping for a while. Just don't have to many swappers yet.

ShaundaDixon on Mar 11, 2013:

Hi, this comment is for the swap on swapbot. I gotta say, I am such a spoiled American that when you said football I thought you meant our version with the old style pigskin oval. However now that I realize you are speaking of our term of soccer, I gotta say, I watch a lot more of it in the last year than I ever have. I think it is because I have a few good friends that at from Mexico and they LOVE it. Take care and happy swapping.

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