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Hello fellow swapper!? Nama saya Rika (my name is Rika). Apa kabar? (How are you?). Senang bertemu anda (I'm happy to meet you). Terima kasih (Thank you).

I am Indonesian nationality, an event designer who previously working for Universal Studios Singapore but now I'm back to my hometown, Jakarta, Indonesia (and still working as a designer. haha)

Sending a package to Indonesia is not easy. Best if you could register it before sending it to me.

Meanwhile, I will find the best way to send package oversea too, because it is very expensive to send package from here.

My Family

I married a man who is Gundam-geek and have a two years old son who (at the moment) loves Elmo.

My apartment is so tiny and I dont have enough space for my crafty hobby, haha....I have been saving to buy a house and back to my crafty hobby.

Current WISH LIST...

I like lots of things in my life but there are things that I like/need more lately, and here is my long wish list. Well...Sorry for being random at the moment.

(1) Your city/country/region stickers like the one on the car. Some of it I would like to put on my luggage surface. It can be any design,any color and any shapes. Pretty pretty please...Send me this and I will be extremely happy. My goal is to collect as many stickers as possible :)

(So far I already have Portugal, Czech, Netherlands, Holland, Apeldoorn, Philippines, Malaysia, Selangor, Johor , Sarawak, Germany, Berlin, USA, Texas, Lake Placid, New York, North Carolina, Australia, Croatia, Denver, Colorade and Slovenia

(2) Coin purse. Okay. I admit I never get enough of them. Never.

(3) Land O Lakes chocolate drinks. Awww...They are delicious.

(4) Stikers & any Japanese kawaii items. I love Japan so much.

(5) Any items related to Russian dolls (matryoshka) or Babushka. One of my dream is to visit Russia one day.

(6) Did I mentioned TINS? Oh yeah.. I love them :) Cutest tins, vintage tins, unique biscuit tins, chocolate tins, candy tins, kawaii tins, I heard TINS! TINS! and TINS! :)

(7) Elmo. Elmo. Elmo

(8) Been craving for Kool-Aid lately

(9) Do u have a local theme park/Disney theme park around your area? Well, a map or a little souvenir is something I would like to swap!!!! I love theme park, esp Disney!!

LIKES Section

I can say that I like too many things in my life. I have several hobbies and too many collections. People might see my room like a big mess with too many stuff (which they often said useless) ; but for me they are all my tiny bitty precious treasures in life to adore :) Just...Not many people know how to appreciate it.

So, here is the long list of stuff that I like:

  • All items mentioned at the Current WISH LIST Section.
  • Vintage plastic toy/small play set room, like the one you can find at http://www.tinythingsarecute.com/
  • OWLS. Any items related to OWLS.
  • Nautical related items.
  • Russian dolls&friends.
  • Blank notecard with envelope. The vintage the better, but any design are welcome :)
  • Any Bath and Body Work products. Like I mentioned, sadly, we don't have that brand at here :(
  • Sticker sheet. I would like a full sticker sheet without the missing sticker. It breaks my heart if I receive missing sticker in a sticker sheet.
  • Paper dolls. Ohhh, they are so adorable!
  • Neat lettersets (2 sheets and 1 envelope) without torn/bend edges.
  • Amigurumis. I have no talent to make it, but I always adore them and I wish I could make it one day :)
  • Vintage items. The older the better.
  • Any items for scrap booking.
  • Rubber or wood stamps.
  • Never get enough of stationaries. Cute pen, unsharpened pencils, beautiful papers...
  • Lucky Parcel
  • Circus theme
  • Birds and cage
  • Alice in Wonderland related items! I love all the characters, from the rabbit to mad hatter.
  • Cupcakes.Nyummm....
  • Cute robot
  • Cutesy things. Cutesy handmade. Cutesy vintage.
  • Kitschy items
  • Kawaii items : Sentimental Circus, my Melody, Kerropi, Badz Maru. No fake kawaii please. I can't keep them.
  • Sesame Street. Ernie is my fave!
  • Kawaii memo pad (prefer not loose)
  • Kawaii sticker flakes (prefer full sets)
  • TIKI/Hawaiian theme inspired items. Aloha!!!! Love love love it!
  • Cute and funky ring
  • Washi tape.
  • Big red mushroom.
  • Woodland theme.
  • Charlie and the chocolate factory.
  • Kiddish band aids.
  • Used postage stamps from other countries.It is okay if it is still stick on the paper/envies. I don't really like USA stamps (because I can't peel them off from the paper. Anyone has suggestion how to do it??).
  • Postage stamp book. I can only find boring design here and very difficult to find. Not cool. I guess nobody has this kind of hobby nowadays anymore.
  • Rain rain and the smell after the rain
  • Rainbow
  • Board games.
  • Soap bar.
  • I would like to try local drink sachet from your country/city. Hot chocolate drink/ milk/ juice/ anything.


Please don't send me these items... I don't need them or I have no use of them. I hope you understand. Thank you :)

  • Something related to SNAIL, SLUGS and that kind of thing (I’m afraid to death of them).
  • Something related to SNAKE.
  • Religious Stuff.
  • Daisho stuff. It is very easy to find Daisho at here, so I will go and buy by myself if I need it.
  • SEWING STUFF ( Anyway, I don't know how to do sewing. Cute buttons and cute fabric are still okay, but yarn, needles, and so on. I don't need them)
  • Erasers. I have too much of them. Too much to use until the end of my life I think.
  • Earings. I don't have ear piercing.
  • Tea, I’m not a tea drinker, and I don't like tea, unless it is green tea.
  • Candy. I don't like and I don't eat candy.
  • Keychain. I don't know what to do with it.
  • Postcard, especially the one with city at the background. I really have no use of it and I don't collect them too. Sorry, but I like the cute and vintage postcard! ;)

Please & Thank You.

  • A partner who read through the partner's profile before really send something nice for them.. It won't takes you that long to read it, so please do.

  • Let me know if you are going to be late in sending the swap. I will understand.

  • Send nice things and no junk. Don't send me something I don't like/has no use. Really. You better pass it to someone else who can appreciate it.

  • If you send me something, especially something breakable, or soft material or paper, example like lettersets/paper, please put a hard paper behind it, so it will stay neat when it reach me. Thank you : )

  • I would be very happy, if you could send the package with real stamps (not the printed one) because it will add into my collections :)

  • In return, I will take care of your package carefully; so you won't missed anything when you received it ;) I will let my partner know as well if I will be late for the swap.

  • Sometimes I recycle packaging, I hope you don't mind. I don't mind to receive recycle envelope/box, so please do the recycle :)

Flakers and Angel

It is sad to admit that I have been cheated (quite many times) by the list of this person (I write it down so u will be extremely careful if you know one of them!). Don't add yourself to this list of FLAKERS please...

  1. The very easy soap swap - INTERNATIONAL! Flaked by @emilyrodentstein and angel by @Pookiepooka who is also the coordinator of the swap :) Many thanks darling!!!!!!!!

  2. Private Mini Lucky Parcel flaked by @Mom22HeartBreakers It is our first private swap, and Im helping her out as a newbie. Very dissapointing with this member...

  3. ♥ I Love Coin Purses ♥ flaked by @channon16 - - which now the member is no longer at Swap-bot Sigh

  4. Hair Accessories Swap! flaked by @badromance , and she is the coordinator as well for that lovely swap What a shamed!

  5. Double Surprise Packages flaked by @marylen and ANGEL by @rexypants (Thank you so much for my angel. She sent me a very beautiful package!)


mrsD rated for Blind Envelope - International #10 on Sep 26, 2017
Comment: oh my gosh! what a wonderful package of goodies! i love everything - the tapes, stickers, paper goodies and especially the star trek pin! thank you so very much xxooo
Response: oh dear, im so glad it finally arrived to ur door!!!!! thank u so much and thank u for being extremely patient with the package... u r the best!
GirlFriday rated for A Small Package on Sep 17, 2013
Comment: I love the package!! Thank you so much!!
kittylover rated for Happy package is coming to town! on Aug 8, 2013
Comment: Oh, Rika - once again I'm speechless with your wonderful & generous package in front of me. I have a new favorite purse full of darling letter sets, sticker flakes, candies and a beautiful brooch from your vacation. I love everything you've sent again but even just one of these things would have made my day. You went way above what I would expect and that's why you're such an awesome swap partner and host!
Jadelynn rated for Surprise packet on Jul 28, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome package!!! :)
reginale rated for Craft Paper and Paper Scraps on Jul 22, 2013
Comment: Hi Rika! Thank you so much for the paper. I'm sure I'll be able to put them to good use. Thanks and happy swapping!
ranicka rated for Surprise packet on Jul 11, 2013
kittylover rated for Patricia&Rika Happy Package Swap on Jul 7, 2013
Comment: Now it's my turn to have every holiday wrapped into one! I was so excited to receive this amazingly HUGE package of love you put together for me. So many sweets, drink packets, a cute cupcake notepad, sticker flakes! You're such a sweet swap partner and friend. I can't even think of the words to thank you for everything so I'll just say thank you for being YOU!
Comment: My goodness! I forgot to rate. I received your package Thursday. It was very nice! There were so many different things to choose from! I love the little hard candies. The cherry will always be my favorite! The little cubed ones were also very delicious! I had never had plum flavored candy before. Now, I want some fresh plums!! My husband loved the green covered Pocky sticks! So much to take in on this package. Oh, and I love your Christmas wrapping paper. Thank you so very much and Ashley was so excited to get this package. Oh, and the honey lemon drops were good, too! Where is the multiple heart button at??!!
marge rated for Rika&Marge Private Swap Round 3 on Jun 5, 2013
Comment: FINALLY a HAPPY MAIL again from you. Rika...i got your FAB stuffs. Thank you as always for preparing a very thoughtful package. :) I love and appreciates every single thing. :) Hope to swap with you again or just a plain flat mail from you would do hahah :) :) :) A bunch of big fat HEARTS for you!!! :) Stay safe and blessed. May our friendship be forever as well. :)
Popsicle rated for Random Envie Swap #5 on Mar 20, 2013
Comment: Your package really made my day. I love everything. Thank you so much!
Tinkerbell1982 rated for Tinkerbell1982/Showniez on Mar 15, 2013
Comment: Paketnya DATANGGG~ Just revived from suddenly died of cuteness. Very berry cute...can't express with word, terima kasih banyak >_< koleksi postcard saya? hem ratusan bawah..hihi 116 include from you <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Hasna bilang: terima kasih ^^
Response: U r welcome :) next time i will send u more postcard yahh... Hope u like the package! Till out next swap then!
pne rated for Give A Start for Handmade... on Mar 7, 2013
Comment: Thank you for your wonderful package! Thank you not only for the crafts themselves (the bookmarks and the Little Red Riding Hood pouch) but also for the letter explaining them! Perhaps the pouch is not perfect but this swap is for starting things -- and it's certainly a lot better than anything I could make now! I'm very un-crafty. Thank you again!
Response: Phillip! U r welcome :) and sorry. I didnt know u r a man. U didnt state in ur profile before. Right? Or i just missed it? If i knew. I would make something more "man"ly for u. Thank y for the rating!
orange0208 rated for Surprise in a envelope #2 on Feb 26, 2013
Comment: hello rika, thank you for all
kessia rated for Surprise in a envelope #2 on Feb 24, 2013
Comment: OMG, everything you've send is so awesome. I wish I could give you more hearts. Thank you!! xx
davinci1331 rated for 5 Band-aids + 1 Surprise on Feb 13, 2013
Comment: This was by far the most adorable package. I loved all of it. THANK YOU!! <3 Makes me want to move there ;D
tagorlily1 rated for National Handwriting Day on Feb 11, 2013
Comment: Your writing is so clear it's a pleasure to read. Thanks so much for your charming letter and for the lovely papers.
kureopatora rated for 5 Band-aids + 1 Surprise on Jan 22, 2013
Comment: I just opened your package now, I wish I could give you a million hearts! I'm so touched by your thoughtfulness and generosity. The bento picks are so charming, the origami paper is beautiful and I love everything! Thanks you so much! <3
Comment: Everything finally arrived! Thank you! I love it all, and packaged so nicely! And you have very nice handwriting by the way :)

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anicka22 on Feb 4, 2017:

Hello dear Rika, how are you?

OrigamiGrace on Jul 31, 2016:


From Cheap Postage Group!

anicka22 on Jul 9, 2016:

How great to see your back! Miss you too and hope you are doing well.

anicka22 on Feb 24, 2015:

Just wanted to say I miss you and your lovely letters. Hugs, Anicka

Candyn29 on Dec 14, 2014:


dolcxvita on Dec 2, 2014:

Hi there! Just sent you an invite to the new and active Creative Mail Asia group. Do join in so we can swap with in our region! :)

anicka22 on Sep 8, 2014:

Helló, did you receive my letter? Hugs, Anicka

anicka22 on Jul 19, 2014:

Thank you! Received your letter today! Going to reply soon :) hugs, Anicka

anicka22 on Jul 1, 2014:

O, I missed you sweetie! Sending my adress by pm. Can yous end me the adress I can send to as well? Hugs

mariadastrouxas on Apr 24, 2014:

Hello showniez. Send your application email to Rachel to be the Singaporean Swap-bot Ambassador until 9th May! See more information on swap-bot blog :)

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