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I'm Cam, I'm thirty two years old and I'm a total homebody. I like to spend my free time making things, playing tabletop games and daydreaming. I share my life with my boyfriend who I care for and two dogs, Cassie and Louis. I have anxiety so I can come across a bit awkward...but it's really not you, it's just my brain being ridiculous. I manage my anxiety through medication, mindfulness and therapy.

This year I've started belly dance (which I adore!), playing Pokémon Go with my boyfriend (I've caught all the legendary birds) and started watercolour painting. I like to visit art museums, walk my dogs and try new things. I have an interest in the darker side of human nature, the psychology of control - cults, dictatorships, etc. I would love to receive a postcard from someone in North Korea talking about their life but that's very unlikely. : /

I wouldn't describe myself as religious (maybe agnostic?) but I do have a witchy side. I enjoy lenormand and I'm slowly drilling myself on the Tarot. I'm hoping to get my first oracle deck soon! I collect gemstones and crystals, female icons and anything to do with the moon.

I try to be as positive and kind as possible but don't mistake it for naivety. :D

Swaps/Private Swaps/Wishlist

About my swaps: I use recycling packaging whenever possible for my swaps and I always put a value on the customs forms but I make sure this is reflective of the actual value of the package! I always label them as gifts. I'm based in the UK so things tend to take 5 - 7 days to arrive overseas. If you haven't received in a couple of weeks, please message me and I'll resend which chasing it up on my end.

What I'd like to swap privately: handmade stuff! Alternatively, anything from my wishlist below in return for anything I can send from the UK (I know some people really like the M&S Percy Pig sweets...). I'd like to do some swaps that are usually US based only due to weight - whimsy jars, etc. I'm happy to do food swaps and bath/body swaps. I’d love to do profile based swaps. Moore patch swaps are always welcome!


  • micron pens (these are super difficult to get where I live!).

  • green tea flavoured anything.

  • pinback badges/enamel pins.

  • anything bellydance, Lucky Neko, Moomin,

  • unusual rubber stamps (handcarved or not).

  • popcorn flavour/topping shakers. They don't sell these in the UK and I love popcorn!

  • white coffee filters (I can't find these where I live and I'd love some for watercolouring!)

My Dogs

I'm lucky to share my life with two dogs, hopefully there'll be some swaps for them so I'll talk a little about them here:

Cassie is a sprollie (border collie/spaniel mix) though she definitely favours her spaniel side. She's definitely a papa's girl. I adore her, she's very gentle and loving.

Louis is our recent addition, he's a cocker spaniel and food obsessed. I would love any little bow ties to go on his collar as he's quite the dapper gentleman. Naturally, he's a mama's boy.

They both love treats, chewy things like bones/rawhide (not plastic chewy sticks) and soft squeaky toys - about the size of your fist and no bigger two fists. Bandanas are welcome for both of them.

Both our dogs are rescues and cost us nothing to adopt but have enriched our lives so much I can never fully repay them.

Louis Theroux made a documentary about street dogs of L.A. and ended it with this as he accompanied a dog that was being put to sleep:

"Dogs love us too much and know us too little."

Please support your shelters and have your dogs spayed!

Favorite Crafts

Sewing: I enjoy handsewing Teesha Moore patches and hexies. I like the portability of those crafts. I'm also starting on yo-yo's to make a quilt. When I machine sew I tend to make bags, pouches and simple clothing.

Knitting: I'm all about quick gratification in knitting. I can knit, purl and do very basic lace. I've knit hats, wraps, cowls and fingerless gloves and I'm hoping to make my first jumper soon. I'm a bit of a yarn snob as I don't knit as much as I'd like so when I do, I like to work with the good stuff!

Needlework: I love embroidery and like to decorate household items that way. I love the sublime stitching patterns. I have a few Japanese x-stitch books and I love the Frosted Pumpkin style of x-stitch. I've recently started needlepoint and I'm making a basic cushion patterned on 16 square quilt patterns. I love all folk art style needlework!

Quilting/patchwork: I love scrappy blocks! I'm working on making 12.5" scrappy blocks, a 12.5" quilt as you go scrappy blocks with extra embellishments and I like modern quilt patterns.

Paper: I like making one or two ring junk journals, origami and simple books. I'd like to start making homemade cards and envies at some point. I do keep journals but I tend to use notebooks from here and there, I prefer plain paper or squared/grid paper in my journals.

Paint: I've just started watercolour and I keep an art journal. I'd like to branch out into mixed media intuitive painting. I do some Lino style printing occasionally and would like to try gelli printing.

Misc: I love using rubber stamps and beads, making home decor stuff and decoupage.

Favourite Media

Television: Father Ted, Steven Universe, Stranger Things, The Amazing Adventures of Gumball, Rick and Morty, American Dad, Lucha Undergound, Freaks and Geeks, Red Dwarf, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and anything by the League of Gentleman crew. I love magical girl anime (except for Pretty Cure, just can't get into it...) with my favourites being Card Captor Sakura and PMMM.

Films: Labyrinth (who doesn't love that film!?), Godzilla vs Mothra, Castle of Cagliostro (my all time favourite film), Star Wars, Lost in Translation, Rushmore, Perfect Blue, The Royal Tenenbaums, PMMM: Rebellion, Kiki's Delivery Service. I also like watching truly terrible films like The Room, American Ninja, Samurai Cop...

Video Games: I'm a huge Yume Nikki fan, I also like Neko Atsume, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and Pokémon. Typically the oldest version of each of these games though.

Music: Shonen Knife, Of Montreal, Matt and Kim, Bikini Kill, Pixies, Nirvana, chiptune music, retro Asian pop, classical piano and cello, soundtracks like the Amelie and Rushmore ones, relaxing music for meditation.

Podcasts/Online Media: I love OSW and Botchamania. Sometimes it's just what I need to lift my spirits! I really enjoy the true crime podcast Casefiles as it's informative and not ghoulish. I love The History Chicks and History of England. I highly recommend both!

Favorite Books

My favourite authors are Angela Carter and Kazuo Ishiguro but my favourite book is The Last Unicorn.

I enjoy reading biographies of historical female figures, books about feminism in media, anything about textiles/clothing, Indian vegetarian cookbooks and anything about mindfulness/self-compassion.

I love the Cloth Paper Scissors, Modern Patchwork and Bust magazine. I'm very open to private swaps for these.

Favourite Foods

Tea: I'm drowning in tea at the moment so please don't send anymore! Only exceptions are dirty chai, brown rice green tea and hot chocolates. Sorry but I have so much of everything else!

Chocolate: I love chocolate with salt, kinder chocolate, white chocolate combined with things like cardomon or green tea, chocolate with nuts...it'll be easier to say what I don't like: raisins, coffee and chilli.

Sweets: I can't eat gummy sweets or marshmallows as they tend not to be veggie friendly. I love mints and I adore fudge, especially with sea salt. I don't care for liquorice.

Snacks: I love BBQ, chipotle, sour cream and onion, garlic, chilli...salty and tangy is always a good bet with me! Snack bars such as Luna bars, nakd are more than welcome. I love pretzels! Dried fruit apart from raisins/sultanas.

Misc: I love Indian and Japanese food so sauces/spices/etc related to them are welcome. I bake a lot from scratch and make my dog treats so cookie cutters would be awesome. I love tonkatsu sauce and sriracha sauce. Green tea powder for baking would be amazing - it's impossible to get where I live. : /



Scents: Peppermint is my favourite scent of all. I also like fig, vanilla, plum, rose and neroli. My favourite Lush item of all time was Tramp shower gel so things like that would be wonderful. I don't like candy scented candles but I'm okay with candy scented products.

Animals and birds: magpies (my absolute favourite animal), moths, cats, elephants, deer, ravens, sparrows, dogs (particularly sprollies and cocker spaniels), bears, goats, rabbits, koi fish, goldfish, frogs, narwhals and whales.

Spooky/mythological stuff: UFO/aliens, monsters on the cute/awkward side, classic movie monsters, kaiju, mermaids, eyeballs, Mothman, Greek mythological beings (satyrs and nymphs especially), ghosts, witches and pumpkins. I like video game creepypasta and Japanese creepypasta (like Saya in Underworld). No spiders at all please.

Jewellery: I don't wear earrings. I like bold, chunky necklaces. I prefer silver to gold. I love bracelets, brooches, hair accessories and I collect enamel pins.

Paper: smash book stuff, foreign magazines, fortune cookie fortunes, interesting playing cards, stickers (no teacher reward ones or puffy ones please) and patterned tissue paper. Funky envelopes.

Fabric: I love all fabrics but particularly those in bright and bold colours or patterns, scandinaivan style prints, Alexander Henry and super especially anything with cats on - even ugly fabric. I love cat fabric! Halloween/Christmas themed fabric. I love Cotton and Steel fabrics.

Yarn: I like greys, purples, black, green and red/pink but I'm open to other colours too. I love varigated yarn and tend to work with fingering weight to worsted/aran weight. Sugar and Cream yarn would be much appreciated!

Craft supplies: ribbon, interesting trims, unique buttons and sequins, fabric scraps, coloured/metallic leather scraps, white coffee filter papers, washi tape, sashiko threads or patterns, needlepoint stuff (needles, tapestry thread, etc).

Accessories: I love knee high socks (especially striped!) but I don't care for trainer style/ankle ones. I wear a UK size 6. I use fabric scarves to brighten up my outfits a lot and like them big enough to wear bandana style. I wear glasses all the time so have no use for sunglasses.

Cosmetics/toiletries: My facial skin is pretty tempermental so no makeup please. I love lipbalms, shower gels, foot scrubs/lotions and bath bombs. I also love handmade/artisan bar soap. I would like to receive items not tested on animals.

Kawaii: Gudetama is my favourite character but I'm open to all kawaii characters. I also especially like Hello Kitty, Sentimental Circus and Twin Stars.

Tabletop Gaming: It'd be easier to say I don't play games that require figurines like Warhammer. I particularly like Machi Koro, Star Wars Destiny, Letter Tycoon, Catan, Love Letter and Dixit but I'll play anything once!

Art styles/themes: retro tattoos, the circus, kitschy Japan, scandinavian, celestial objects, dia de los muertos, luchador, kimono.

Misc: Zines, tea lights and wax melts, anything with dala horses or lucky neko on it, furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth, storebrought or homemade), tapestry wools, biscuit/cookie cutters.


Please don't send...

-colouring pages, I have no use for these.

-anything with spiders on it.


-heavily glittered items.

-nail varnish (I don't wear it)

-no earrings (I don't have pierced ears).

-sports stuff apart from wrestling/lucha.

-political things.

-religious items, I have no use for them.

Charity Crafting

I knit twiddlemuffs for people suffering from dementia and would really appreciate things that can go on these or bits of worsted/double knit wool (minimum 10 yards/meters please) in bright colours to make them super stripy! Eyelash yarn is awesome for these because it creates texture. Twiddly bits must be safe to handle so nothing with sharp edges please. If you do send items for twiddlemuffs please label them as such.

I also knit cat toys for Battersea Cats and Dogs home and knit squares for the knit a square project. I'm currently cutting out bags for beads of courage and hope to start working on reusuable pads for the days for girls project.

All these causes are really wonderful and well worth your support!


Jaymmers rated for Quilters fat quarter swap on Feb 13, 2018
Comment: I love them!! Thank you so very much for the extras. They are all very cute.
Comment: Thank you so much for the block. I love how we are given an idea an everyone’s interpretation is so different. The extra fabric goodies will be put to good use. What are you making using your block? I’d love a photo I’d you get the chance please.
BennysMumma rated for Simple Profile Based Patch on Jan 4, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the great Shamrock patch! And thank you for the extra patches and hedgie fabric, love it!
Comment: I couldn't wait til Christmas. ..I opened it today! Thank you for all the goodies! I love the Spidey keyring, and the shower gel smells fantastic. The chocolate looks taste too, but I'll hold off with that one until after the holidays, if I can ... Thanks, and Merry Christmas!
emmajane rated for Send a Vegan Treat on Nov 27, 2017
Comment: I loved the treats! I loved the wrapping you chose as well! Thank you! :)
Churchmouse70 rated for Weekend Postcard Project on Nov 6, 2017
Comment: Oh my goodness!! You are so sweet!! I can't believe you sent my babies some doggie treats!! And all the way across the ocean!! Thank you so much!! You put such a big smile on my face!! The postcards and the stamp are wonderful!! ❤️❤️❤️
Response: What can I say? I can’t deny dogs anything - clearly puppy dog eyes work across oceans. :D I hope they enjoy their treats! Thank you!
samjowers rated for Teesha Christmas Patch Ornament on Aug 24, 2016
Comment: What a wonderful snowman Globe patch. I love it so much! it's going to look great on my tree skirt. thank you for not putting the hanger on it
MariaW rated for I love my pet! on Jul 26, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the great cat items. I can tell you put a lot of thought into it and the cat tissue paper was awesome. Amelia started playing with the mouse immediately. Great package!
ladyjbug rated for Cute Washi Swaps (Whole Roll) on Jul 17, 2016
Comment: You picked such adorable washi tapes for me. I love them. :) Thank you!
craftwiz rated for Unusual Holidays Patch ~ July on Jul 15, 2016
Comment: What a super cut Alien patch!! I almost picked the same theme! Love it!
Pei04 rated for Profile based swap on Jul 7, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for the package I got from you! I love all the items, and I'm pretty sure my "kids" will love the treats too :) The bag is awesome! Good job! :) Thanks once again for a great package! By the way, I love the candy ;)
karry rated for QUICK craft paper swap #82 on Jun 14, 2016
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful, and beautifully wrapped, papers, and for the amazing washing tape! What a wonderful surprise in my mailbox!
coleenfranks rated for QUICK Rubber stamp swap #159 on Jun 11, 2016
Comment: Camille, thanks for the lovely stamps and the extras. Sure appreciate those pretties.
kacka rated for spread some tea love #2 on Jun 5, 2016
Comment: hank you for nice selection:)
developpeople rated for QC 16 patch block on Jun 4, 2016
Comment: Camille, thanks for the beautiful blocks, I loved the color choices. The hexie so we're so cute. I love receiving international mail, because it's like I've traveled there to collect the treasures.
mitsugi rated for spread some tea love #2 on Jun 1, 2016
reinerose rated for Small Chocolate Swap =) on Jun 1, 2016
Comment: Thanks so much for the wonderful chocolate :)
craftwiz rated for Unusual Holidays Patch ~ June on May 26, 2016
Comment: Super creative and I don't care for sushi but this patch is adorable!!
Creeny rated for spread some tea love #2 on May 25, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the yummy teas :) Never had the buttermint tea before, so I will try this one first. Have a wonderful week!
Magali rated for spread some tea love #2 on May 20, 2016
Comment: Thanks a lot for the lovely teas you sent me - you chose perfectly, I know I'll love drinking them!

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ChrisAnne on Jan 3, 2018:

Thank you o much for the great fabric from your destash RAK. The french fry fabric is just too cute!

sherba31 on Nov 27, 2017:

Thanks so much for the lovely mix of fabric from your RAK of fabric scrap destash. Lots of fun prints that I definitely don't have. I appreciate your kindness and wish you well.

pianoheart on Nov 22, 2017:

Cam, Mahalo for the nice fabric from your forum RAK.. I love the purple koi and I am adding it to my current quilting project. Aloha, Malia

judgedbyabookscover on Nov 18, 2017:

LOVE the fabric scrap RAK that you sent me!! Thanks so much. I am adding pieces to some handmade gifts for a couple kids in need. They will be so grateful.

mgallardo68 on Nov 17, 2017:

I love, love, love the scraps I received from you!! Thank you so much for this fantastic RAK!!!!

wolviechick121 on Jun 25, 2016:

Welcome to the Mermaid Lovers Unite swap group! Please feel free to join any current swaps. If you see a swap you would like to see hosted again or would like to host any nautical/mermaid-themed swaps in the group, please feel free to reach out to any of the founders of the group! Jump on in to the group forum, too! There are a few giveaways going on as well as birthday topics for each month and some great discussion topics! Enjoy the group, and happy swapping!!!

kiddomerriweather on May 18, 2016:

Thank you for the awesomely cute mercat Teesha Moore inspired patch from the tag game in the Crazy About Teesha group. I love it!

chaari on May 2, 2016:

Welcome to the Electronic swaps Group! I hope you'll have fun joining the swaps and visiting the forum ^^

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