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Date Joined: March 4, 2013
Last Online: June 1, 2020
Birthday: November 8
Country: United States
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About Me

Hello! I'm Janie, a 30-year-old lady living in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my best friend and two cats, Ava and Nora. I am single and childless, both by choice, and plan to remain so indefinitely.

I love mail and have been penpalling for 10+ years. I joined swapbot to get a bit more into the swapping/theme-mail side of snail mail and am really loving it!

I visited Egypt in January 2019 - the one and only real item on my bucket list! I can’t wait to go back.

Swaps and Rating

I try to always send out swaps as soon as possible after partners are assigned, and I never send late. If for any reason you have not received a swap from me, it comes damaged, has postage due, or you're unsatisfied, please message me before rating. I would be more than happy to resend.

I always rate immediately after receiving swaps. If a reasonable time has passed and I still haven't rated you, please don't hesitate to contact me.

If I do not receive a swap, I will always contact my partner before rating. I realize life happens (and that the postal service is fallible) and would rather not give out 3s and 1s. If something comes up and you know your swap will be late, please tell me ahead of time.

I typically join domestic swaps (because of postage costs). These days I almost exclusively participate in group swaps, which is why I am in so many groups!

Likes and Interests

I love being surprised and will appreciate anything you send. But since I do occasionally join profile-based swaps, here’s a list of some of the things I particularly enjoy:

˖ colors: green, purple, blue, grey, silver, gold, rose gold

˖ tea - all kinds, but black is preferred (I also happily accept loose-leaf/non-factory packaged teas as long as they are neatly wrapped and labelled, even if the swap calls for packaged tea)

˖ washi tape

˖ cats, and especially stuff where the cats resemble mine - Ava is a medium haired calico and Nora is a short haired mostly-black tortie

˖ touristy things from your town/area - I love learning about where people live

˖ the moon

˖ flowers & florals

˖ Pre-Raphaelite art

˖ ancient Egypt

˖ mythology, folklore, legends, & tall tales

˖ Halloween

˖ clear stamps - I just started my collection and will gladly take donations

˖ ephemera

˖ postage stamps

˖ pocket letters

˖ flip books

˖ ATCs

˖ zines

˖ stickers - I would particularly appreciate any tiny alphabet stickers

˖ libraries & books

˖ velvet

˖ feminism

˖ singing - I'm a member of a wonderful local women's choir

˖ essential oils & perfumes (and other good smelling things as long as they aren't too artificially scented)

˖ candles

˖ Scandinavian anything

˖ forests & lakes

˖ corny jokes

˖ self-help/self-improvement, especially stuff about habits (think Gretchen Rubin, James Clear)

˖ glam rock

˖ lilacs & lavender

˖ occult/witchy stuff - especially tarot, astrology, crystals, and basic herbalism

˖ crosswords

˖ the paranormal & anything spooky - send me your personal ghost story!

˖ tattoos (both temporary and permanent)

˖ castles

˖ cemeteries & graveyards

˖ I’m fine receiving things that are a little risqué/provocative (e.g., curse words, tasteful nudity, dirty jokes)


I'm really not picky at all, and even if I'm sent something I don't personally care for, I'll just send it along to someone else. That being said, I thought I'd try to make a list just to be helpful.

˖ coffee
˖ foam stickers
˖ anything that needs to be sent on (fbs, etc.)
˖ lotion or skincare, as I’m very particular
˖ Christian items (I celebrate Christian holidays but am not interested in any religious material)

Favorite Crafts

I'm a chronic craft dabbler!

In terms of mail art, I've recently gotten really into flip books, pocket letters, and ATCs. I'm still very new to these and they are kind of outside of my comfort zone, so please be gentle - but I'd love any productive feedback you have!

I can't draw to save my life, so my artsier crafts are mostly collage/mixed media/abstract.

Other crafts I enjoy include sewing (primarily clothing), cross stitch, embroidery, and crochet.

Favorite Books

I'm an avid reader - recommendations are always welcome!

My favorite genres are fantasy, magical realism, feminist fiction, and anything that utilizes mythology in a compelling way.

Some of my favorite authors include: Angela Carter ˖ Alice Hoffman ˖ Neil Gaiman ˖ Ursula K. Le Guin ˖ Octavia Butler ˖ N.K. Jemisin ˖ Frances Hodgson Burnett ˖ Elizabeth Peters ˖ Margaret Atwood ˖ Shirley Jackson ˖ Nora Roberts

Favorite Podcasts

I'm a podcast junkie and am subscribed to ~35! (I finally freed myself from the self-set expectation to listen to every single episode of every single one; now I just listen if the description sounds appealing.) I'm always open to suggestions and recommendations! Some of my favorite topics/specific podcasts:

˖ self-help/self-improvement (Happier with Gretchen Rubin, By the Book, The Lazy Genius Podcast, Organize 365)
˖ personal finance (Choose FI, Afford Anything, Frugal Friends, Her Money, How To Money, YNAB)
˖ general educational (99% Invisible, The History of Egypt)
˖ pop culture (Pop Culture Happy Hour, Reply All, Satellite Sisters)


ArtyBeth3 rated for UHM: Mini Penpal Challenge on Apr 14, 2020
Comment: Cats, cats, & cats. I loved reading about the personalities of your two cats!! Thanks for the cool goodies. I’m especially grateful for the tea, as I’m not getting out to shop often. I’ll write back & “talk cat.” 🐈 Stay safe.
Tessssssa rated for YTPC: Let's Make a Zine! on Apr 5, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the lovely zine you made!
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful letter and little extras.
Artstamper rated for YTPC: Let's Make a Zine! on Mar 24, 2020
Comment: Thank you for this beautiful zine. I love the vintage look of it.
Response: So happy you liked it - thanks for rating and for the heart! :)
isabellasnow rated for YTPC: Let's Make a Zine! on Mar 24, 2020
Comment: Janie!! I have really missed swapping together! Your 'zine is so pretty; I love the images you chose. Each page is more beautiful than the last. LOVE that doily on the back cover. Your little notecard and matching envie are so pretty as well. Thanks for joining; hope we get to swap together again soon!
Response: Aw, I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it, Kristy! Always a joy to swap with you - hopefully we can again soon!
warheart rated for CPG Flipbook Swap - US Only on Mar 11, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the lovely flipbook and the fun goodies! Your handwriting is so pretty and the shaker window on the back is adorable!!
Response: I’m so glad you liked it! Thanks for rating and the generous heart. :)
Comment: Utterly fabulous! Lettersets, a bookmark, tea, unused postage, washi samples, a be happy fortune (“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” Ralph Waldo Emerson) all in themes I love. Plus, your lovely, very neatly scribed letter (What an inspiration you are with your ambitious, but “well worth it” goals for this new year! It’s something everyone should strive for.) Thanks for making my day. 😀 💜 P.S. Thanks for the tip about the free printable stationery website. The one you chose for me (cat theme) was super cute.
Response: I'm so glad you liked it, Beth! It's been a while since I've done a profile-based swap and you were so fun to pick things out for. :) Thank you for the thoughtful rating and the heart!
Autist rated for Novel - TEA Swap #2 on Jan 25, 2020
Comment: What a lovely letter!! Thank you for the letter and the tea. Can’t wait to try it! Cheers
Response: I’m so glad you liked it! And thank you for the heart. :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the pocket letter. I just loved it. I also loved the goodies.
Response: I’m glad it made it to you safely and that you liked it! Thanks for rating.
ccgigglebox rated for YTPC: Scrap Samplers on Apr 20, 2019
Comment: I can't wait to use them
Artstamper rated for YTPC: Scrap Samplers on Mar 23, 2019
Comment: Wow that is a fantastic selection of "scraps". They look better than scraps to me. Thanks for this generous swap!
Kalalinga rated for Celestial pocket letter on Mar 20, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful pocket letter. I love your idea. Thanks for the mystery writer's name to check out too.
Response: I’m so glad you liked it because I had a lot of fun making it! Thanks for the heart. :)
bluehairedmary rated for Bookish Letter & a Cup of Tea on Mar 19, 2019
Comment: Thank you for your lovely letter and the teas you included! I'm amazed that I haven't heard of many of the titles and authors you wrote about! Lol! It's not such a small reading world after all! A new Sci-Fi book that hasn't even been released yet that I'm interested in is called One Word Kill. Kind of a fantasy-sci-fi-young adult book reminiscent of Stranger Things, the tv show. Anyway, I'll get my letter out to you soon! Thanks for a great swap!
Response: So glad you liked the letter and that I was able to recommend some unread books! :) I'll have to check out One Word Kill when it comes out - sounds super interesting.
Tifflovestocraft rated for 10 Page Letter With Prompts on Mar 14, 2019
Comment: I enjoyed reading your letter. I wish we had that many community education classes. Maybe we do and I don't realize it. I am looking into it tomorrow. I would really enjoy taking a few. Thank you for the washi tape! Love them! Best washi I have had sent to me in a long time. I love the planets and constellations.
Response: I'm glad you liked the letter and washi, and I hope you're able to find some classes! If you don't have a strong community education program, I've also had some great luck with classes through locally-owned stores. :)
nnair rated for Pocket Letter , Books & Tea on Feb 26, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the lovely PL, Janie!
ByJQ rated for BTH: Celebrating Abundance Gift Package on Aug 16, 2018
Comment: What a lovely box to open. Thank you so much! Palo Santo is my fave!!! And I'm excited to try out the other items also. I can tell you put good energy into packaging it up... much appreciated. I wish we could give more than 1 heart. ♡♡♡
Response: I am so thrilled you liked it! I had so much fun shopping for you and hope you get good use out of the items. Happy Lammas!
bb2 rated for SMSUSA: Happy Mail August 2018 on Aug 9, 2018
Comment: Your letter is an inspiration for me to get more organized too. I love the vintage inspired goodies. Thanks for a nice swap.
ScrappyCEW rated for BS&S: Witchy Pocket Letter on Aug 3, 2018
Comment: Wow - what a wonderful surprise today when I opened the Witchy Pocket Letter! Very clever, and the gifts included are well appreciated!!!!
Response: I’m so happy you liked it and glad it arrived safely (and speedily too!). Thanks again for hosting such a fun swap!
Zefaniya rated for UHM: Washi Tape Sample Swap on Aug 2, 2018
Comment: Thanks!
mylove4craft rated for SMSUSA: Happy Mail June 2018 on Jun 25, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the fun extras! Hope you have an amazing time in Egypt!