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About Me

~•~ ~•~ Please use real stamps if possible. For the USA swappers; I would be very happy if you could use Harry Potter stamps. Thank you! ~•~ ~•~

Hello world! I go by Tovan for the most part, a nickname the love of my life gave me for the simple reason of my hair always being tangled (someone please send me a brush, haha)

Together we have created (you are welcome for the visual) three beautiful children. We are also parents to three furballs, so heads up, there may be one or two fur bristle in my swaps, or a few kg's - you never know, haha. I do do my best for that not to happen!

I am a bit crazy with a good sense of humor - my man would disagree with me on this one, but his is even wors than mine - I tend to make people laugh. I would consider that being a good quality, right?

I am here to spice up my otherwize robotic life as a parent of three (very wild) children. Mail has always brought a smile on my face, well, not all mail. I would rather not recieve bills!

I am always up for private swaps! See what I have to offer in the ''private swaps box''. Please don't hesitate to send me a message. On my blog you can see swaps I've done so far and if anything interesting catches your eyes we can do it!

Thank you for taking the time to read through my profile, I appreciate it!

Favorite Books

I prefer to read books based on real life.

I read in Swedish, Finnish and English. I prefer English books though.

I decided to delete my favorite book section as it keeps changing so much.

Any book from my wishlist will be much appreciated!

My likes and dislikes

Me and my mailbox likes:

☆ Books - not expencive ones, used are fine! Preferably in good condition!

☆ Children's books, in Swedish, Finnish or English - same goes here, used are fine!

☆ Bookmarks - handmade or store bought, both goes! But I love all things handmade!

☆ Stickers - no children's stickers unless it's for the kids!

☆ Glossy pictures - for my 5 and 8 year old

☆ Stationery

☆ Any sort of tapes - love washi!

☆ Pens - any kind of pens

☆ Buttons - any color, size and shape.

☆ Silk ribbons and sticky ribbon

☆ Note cards

☆ Notepads

☆ Stars

☆ Anchors

☆ Seaside themes of anything

☆ Angels - Not too religious ones!

☆ Old rusty keys - to decorate with and to do crafting.

☆ Owls

☆ Ghost stories - Castles, manors, graveyards..

☆ Old history of castles, manors, graveyards and such - I have a bad habit of scaring myself and not sleeping for days! But it's so worth it, haha.

☆ Anything handmade

☆ Anything white, blue, ice blue, turquoise or silver - LOVE marine blue

☆ Embroidery floss would make me very happy, as would other cross stitch supplies.

☆ Any jewelry - Silver! Nothing to flashy, and no long dingly ones, they doesn't look good on me! I have nickel allergy!!

☆ Touristy magnets from your country

☆ Touristy postcars, blank or written

What I dislike:

☆ Mint flavour

☆ Cherry flavour

☆ Anything liquorice

☆ Dark chocolate (unless it's good quality for baking)

☆ Dirty or broken items

☆ Religious things, angels I love!

☆ Children's stuff - Unless it is for the children! (8, 6, 5 year olds)

☆ Cigarette smoke!! It will bring on a migraine!!

☆ Other strong smells. I have a VERY sensitive nose (my hubby says it's better than a hunting dogs!)


I love anything sour or crunchy. Lemon, lime, rhubarb, redcurrant, blackcurrant, peach, mango and blueberries are my favorite flavours.

My favorite drink in fall is a good cup of hot tea! I a.d.o.r.e blackcurrant tea but there are only two brands here - Twinings and Lipton - I would like to try other brands too! I haven't stumbled across redcurrant tea yet, is there such a tea? I would love some if there is! Kiwi would be interesting. I like honey, lemongrass, mango, peach, blackcurrant, blueberry (only had Blueberry Night), citron and lime. I am however open for any flavor!

I always said I would NEVER start drinking coffee, but I have. I would really like to recieve coffee from all over the world!

Flavors I DON'T want: Vanilla, Mint, Cherry, Coconut, Plum or Orange!


I am always open for private swaps!

At this moment I am cutting back on swaps. I will only do light ones (but if the right offer comes along I will concider doing a heavier one). Keep that in mind if you want to do a private swap with me, thank you!

I can offer, for example, Moomin tea. Other Moomin items and Finnish Fazer candy and chocolate as well as Swedish Marabou chocolate.

Please check my blogg to see other private, and public, swaps I've done and contact me if you want to do a swap with me. Which you know you want too ;)

Non raters and Flakers

I would very much appreciate it if I wouldn't have to hunt you down for a rating!

Please know that you will be removed from my list once you rate or when I get the swap items. This is for me to keep track!

Non raters:

@mustadahlia Swap: Int'l tell me about your username pc. Sent her a message on Aug 23 -14. It is still marked unread. She hasn't logged in since Sep 2. Very disappointing since this was the first swap I signed up for. 2014

@greenworld90 Swap: Candy & tea #1 December. I have tried to contact her but have not recieved a reply, the message is marked unread. 2015


@spangleuk Swap: Winter bookmark. Deleted profile. 2015 ~ angeled by @Aletta74

My resends:

Post issues

I send my light letters and postcards as first class, as for packages I choose the economy option to keep postage down. It takes a bit longer but it'll get there!

I reuse envelopes!

I save all receipts for bigger swaps I send, as well as taking a picture of the content, so I can prove I sent it if a problem occurs! I also post a picture of the recipe on my blogg once I sent the item(s). I hope you won't hold me responsible for postal mistakes!

If you do not receive a swap from me within a reasonable time or you feel like the swap didn't meet the swap requirments: Please contact me before rating! I'll be happy to resend!


tatntole rated for BCS: Shape it - bookmark on Mar 5, 2018
Comment: I have been so sick I forgot to rate. I am so sorry.
reauk rated for Dream~catcher October on Nov 14, 2017
Comment: Hi tove thank you for the swap I’m saving it for Christmas 🎄😀❤️⭐️
DebR rated for Advent Sunday Swap on Nov 7, 2017
Comment: Thank you, I am looking forward to opening these
Mimosagirl rated for Dream~catcher on Oct 17, 2017
Comment: Wow! So pretty! Thank you very much for the beautiful card and Dream-Catcher ❤️😍
Yoko rated for 6 gifts 1 theme - #178 - Pretty tape on Oct 10, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much!! :)
Comment: thank you so much, the first things for my stocking filler.
Comment: Tove! Thank you SO MUCH! I got your resend a week or more ago (I'm sorry I'm so late with the rating!). The first one you sent is still lost in space somewhere, but the second one arrived and I loved it! :-) Thank you so much for sharing!
Response: I'm glad it found you! I have had the worst luck with flat envelopes lately. It's not even funny 😢 I'm glad you liked it. Maybe the first one will show up soon, a letter (within Europe) took five months to reach me! That's crazy!
WoodlandBanshee rated for Letters from Beyond on Sep 27, 2017
Comment: Very cool stories! I absolutely adore that you used actual before and after photos of the home and made the photos and other papers into a pocket letter. What a treat! I have just joined 2 pocket letter swaps and have not started them yet, so this is the first pocket letter I have ever gotten. Good inspiration for me. Thank you so much!
Response: Oh yay! Glad to hear it! I have fallen in love with making pocket lettets! It's so addictive and so much fun! You're soon addicted too, I'm sure of it 😉 Thank you so much for the heart ❤
reauk rated for SHARING FOR CHRISTMAS on Sep 24, 2017
Comment: thank-you for a fabulous selection
Response: Thank you for this kind rating! Please contact me if you want to do the private swap! Maybe a cross stitched ornament? I found a pattern I'm dying to stitch! 😁
KathyB rated for Interest me No. 50 on Sep 18, 2017
Response: Thank you ❤
vgirlygirl rated for Interest me No. 50 on Sep 18, 2017
Comment: Many of us here in the US watched that trial, it was truly captivating.
Response: I bet! Can't believe she walked free! Thank you so much for the ❤
Comment: Not opening these right away is just soooo haaaaaaard! =)
Response: I knooooooow 😫 Thank you so much for rating me with a heart on both swaps ❤ Already preparing for the upcoming ones!
Lexidh rated for 6 gifts 1 theme - #177 - Random flat on Sep 11, 2017
Comment: Thank you =) So pretty!
Response: Thank you! You got me in to the Christmas spirit with these swaps so I felt I had to decorate the envies accordingly 🎅🤶
Comment: Nice letter, thanks!
Response: You're welcome. I hope you liked the envelope too, I had a hard time letting it go, haha. Thank you for the heart ❤
Comment: Wow, Tove. I am blown away by the presentation of your letter! I love that you made it into a book! Unfortunately, I probably will never read Leap Into Darkness. You see, I visited Auschwitz and Birkenau, almost 20 years ago (at the end of this month and it will have been 20 years ago!), and the history of the place, especially at Birkenau, was so THERE. I don't think I could read a memoir about someone who was meant to be sent there, even if he did manage to escape that fate. I still remember the sadness and despair I felt, even standing outside the gates to Birkenau, so I just can't face reading real-life stories about it. I feel like I lived it, you see. But thank you for sharing! And the bookmark you included! It's 3D? I LOVE it! :-) Thank you so much!
TexyDeb rated for August 2017- Hand Crafted Book Mark on Aug 31, 2017
Comment: If I could I would give you an extra heart. It's a fantastic bookmark. I feel honored to have it. Thank you sweetie. The extra's you enclosed are adorable. I have never seen such a thing(s)!
Response: You made me sooo happy with this rating, you can't even imagine! You know I was a bit panic-y, haha. Thank you so, so, so much for this great rating and kind words ❤
Lazykavi rated for NH: Happy mail flat swap - Int'l on Aug 31, 2017
Comment: Thank you for your hard work ;D i loved it! is it alright that i send something back to you? - Lazykavi -
Response: Oh I'm sooo relieved you liked it! I thought that maybe it would be to boring x) No need to send me anything back! Unless you want to do a private swap? Thank you so much for rating me with a heart ❤
Kake rated for Interest me No. 49 on Aug 28, 2017
Comment: Thank you for going to the trouble of sending both book pages, very appreciated! Looks like an interesting read.
Response: No troubble at all! I'm glad it's appreciated, it makes me really glad. Thank you for the kind rating and the ❤
Avi rated for Blind Envelope - International #10 on Aug 22, 2017
Comment: Thank you for all the lovely stuff!
Response: You are most welcome. Enjoy! And thank you for the heart ❤
riftvegan rated for Interest me No. 49 on Aug 20, 2017
Comment: Absolutely awesome how you've set up your book pages. Thank you so much... but you're evil, what happens next in Mother of Ten??!
Response: Haha, thank you for noticing my evilness 😈 I strongly recommend you buying these books, so no spoilers for you! Sorry 😇 Thank you so much for the heart ❤

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