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Swap Coordinator:monstermansmum05 (contact)
Swap categories: Postcards 
Number of people in swap:168
Last day to signup/drop:February 24, 2008
Date items must be sent by:March 9, 2008
Number of swap partners:3


I collect postcards, and I know there are alot of others out there that do , too!

~You will have 3 partners to send one postcard to, so 3 postcards in all. So that we are clear 1 postcard to 3 people so you will buy or make 3 postcards!

~They can be anything, your state, your city, nature, animals,etc.. there is no certian kind you have to get.

~This will be weathered(written on and stampped).No postcards sent in envies!!!

~It's simple, just write a hello on the back. You can write a qoute, alittle about you or whatever on the back, but please don't be offensive. You may want to wait til you are assigned partners to make sure you don't write something they find offensive.

~Have a 4.5 or higher rating

~No recent no sends or ones(within 3 months), if you have a recent one, please write me or I WILL ban you!!!!.

~newbies are welcomed, but have your profile filled out, more than one sentence or I will ban

~Make sure they are nice postcards(new if bought) or if handmade please make it good so it doesn't fall apart, b/c it will be a mailed for the weathered effect, so no envies.

~If you have any questions pm me and I will get back to you ASAP.

~I believe that's it! Just remember to have fun!!!


Shirley 01/11/2008 #


bcdebinbc 01/11/2008 #

I think it's the same description as last time, so the line about Christmas was just recopied in. ;-)

anapinkfairy 01/15/2008 #

I love the first one.. i'm joining this one too :)

monstermansmum05 01/17/2008 #

Opps!lol! yes, I just copied from last one, thanks for letting me know so I can edit it!

Glad to know you enjoyed it:D

Happy Swapping:D

bundabergsangel 01/19/2008 #

To my partners, I'd prefer if my p/c was in an envie please!

yume 01/19/2008 #

I love postcards about places (country)

monstermansmum05 01/20/2008 #

bundabergsangel, in the description I have: ~This will be weathered(written on and stampped).No postcards sent in envies!!!

I'm sorry I'm not trying to be mean, but I do have it written up there and it's been there from day one of this swap, the only thing I have changed was taking the Christmas holiday stuff I had written about out.

I will say it won't hurt to ask your partners nicley once I assign them to see if they would, BUT if they don't you can't get mad at them about it b/c I did state no envies!

monstermansmum05 01/20/2008 #

If anyone has questions feel free to ask me...

yume 01/20/2008 #

Hi more people would like talk what postcards would like receveid.

monstermansmum05 01/21/2008 #

yume, hey in the description I have: '~They can be anything, your state, your city, nature, animals,etc.. there is no certian kind you have to get.'

As I said about the envies, you are welcomed to ask your partner once they are assigned, alot of people don't mind, and will try and send what you ask for, all I can say is make sure you have it in your profile, alot of swappers will check your profile before sending to see if they have something you will like. Now that I said that just b/c you ask doesn't mean it will happen, so please do not be mad at your partner if they don't send what you ask for, b/c in the description it has anything goes.

I'm not trying to be mean about pointing this out, but thats the point of being a host is to set guidelines and try to get everyone to follow them. Anybody is more than welcomed to start your own swap, if you perfer certian postcards or them just being sent in envies. I'm not trying to pick on someone or start trouble, just pointing out the facts.

Hopefully if you do want just certian stuff your partner might be willing to send what you want, BUT if it doesn't happen, you will still have to rate a 5, as long as you recieve a postcard. Thats the only real guideline is to send one postcard to your 3 different partners, so as long as that happens you should rate a 5, unless of course it's sent late than thats up to you or not sent at all, than you rate how you feel you should.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask me, I will be more than happy to answer if I can:)

Happy Swapping, your host, Brittany aka monstermansmum05

monstermansmum05 01/25/2008 #

YAY everyone, we are in the top 10 swaps!!! Thanks for helping this swap get there:D

Happy Swapping, your host,Brittany aka monstermansmum05

Missysmom 01/26/2008 #

COOL- I saw an ad at the side of this site for moo.com where you can make your own postcards. I think I will look at that when I get back from holidays. And I can join this swap as I will be home before it is due out. I picked up some very different P.C.'s from Value Village on the "bagged stuff wall" for cheap. I get a bit bored with the usual cards- I like different or handmade or altered myself. BTW- this is not a request for specific cards- just an observation.

NineThousandElves 01/31/2008 #

Thanks so much for co-ordinating this swap. I'm fairly new to this (my friend told me about it over dinner one night at a Mexican restaurant), but I just love it! I love sending cards out to the universe to a friend I haven't met yet and I especially like that there is quite a long time between signing up and posting. It means that I can be on the lookout for something special to send. Cheers xoxo

monstermansmum05 02/ 5/2008 #

NTE- I'm glad you will enjoy it:)

aubry14 02/ 8/2008 #

country postcard? or funny postcard (different styles, colors & designs?)

monstermansmum05 02/ 9/2008 #

aubry14 in the description I have: '~They can be anything, your state, your city, nature, animals,etc.. there is no certian kind you have to get.' So anything you want to send works. You can always take a look at your partners profile(after they are assigned) and try sending something they would like:)

czenina 02/10/2008 #

No recent no sends or ones(within 3 months), if you have a recent one, please write me or I WILL ban you!!!!.

i dont get this part. can someone please explain it to me?

Lucky 02/12/2008 #

I realy love postcards swaps :D I enjoyd the last one, to bad that I did not get rated on it :( I hope everybody remembers to rate your swap partners.

yume 02/13/2008 #

One question, I send only the postcard or postcard inside of envelope!?!?! thanks

monstermansmum05 02/13/2008 #

czenina , this applies to swappers with ratings. If a swapper has a one rating than I have the right as a hostess to ban them. I want to be fair, so I give those who have a one rating a chance to write to me explaining why they got it. Some sent but their partner just hasn't received it yet, or there are other reasons. Hope that helps.

Lucky I understand, I hate not being rated. I'm going to be sending out another email Feb. 29th( for #1, not this one), asking everyone to rate if they haven't and also for angels incase some need it. Hopefully they will rate you soon. Also you might want to pm them and ask to make sure they have received, I've done that and a lot of the time, and they say they just forgot to rate and will go do it. Just a thought:)

yume , I'm not sure what you are asking.... If your asking for yours to be sent in envelope, as I stated above, you are welcomed to ask your partners once they have been assigned, but they are not required to b/c I have in the description, that they are suppose to be weathered, meaning no envelope. But as I said you are welcomed to pm your partners and ask for them to be sent in a envelope.

Or are you saying you only send them in envelopes? I for one don't like mine sent in a envelope, I will take my chances on the postal tearing it, b/c I liked the weathered look. I know there are a lot of us swappers that like it that way to.

OK with that being said, in this postcard swap you are not suppose to send in a envelope, unless your partner has pmed you and requested it. Even so it's still up to the sender whether they send it in envelope or not.

I'm sorry I'm not trying to be mean, but I set the rules with no envelopes, as I said if you want it sent in a envelope you are welcomed to ask your partners nicely, but it is not required of them to do so. Once rules are set, I stick to them otherwise it causes confusion, so honestly if you don't want to go by my rules, than please drop out of my swap. I don't want trouble, and I am not trying to start it. In the description is the rules for this swap, so everyone please read them and if you do not agree, than please drop from this swap. And if you do I honestly hope you find one more to your liking. As I said I am not trying to be mean or start trouble just stating facts.

Now I hope everyone has a nice day! And Happy Swapping.

Your hostess, Brittany

carolhiggy 02/13/2008 #

I love postcards of any type. A nice hello is always appreciated.

yume 02/14/2008 #

I ask about need or not envelopes send togheter with postcard, Monstermansmum you answer my question, thanks so much xD~

monstermansmum05 02/14/2008 #

I'm glad I answered your question :D

Just wanted to say:

Happy Valentines to everyone:)

lindall 02/16/2008 #

cheers to the hostess for holding her ground! postcards are meant to mailed as postcards. if you make or buy a card and put it in an envelope, it's not a postcard!!

and i don't think you need to apologize for sticking to your position. you stated very clearly in the guidelines the rules of the swap. the person requesting theirs come in an envelope is out of line. it's not appropriate to join a swap and then ask for someone to do something other that what the guidelines state.

cori431 02/17/2008 #

I totally agree with lindall!

PixelParadox 02/18/2008 #

Gosh, there are lots of participants in this swap. Hello! Betting there are lots of postcard collectors too. If you'd like some idea of the wide range of modern postcards available today, you might like to visit my website at: www.changingworld.com You will find over 1,200 postcards all sorted by topic, including Humor, Art, Musical Giants, Politics, Ecology, Wild & Weird, Animals, Spiritual, International, Feminist, Children and so much more. We think just a glance at the range available can be inspiring. I'm also hoping my swap parters give some idea of their preferences in their profiles, so I can pick out a really good one to send.
I'm not going to touch the envelope question. Happy swapping!

gulnabi 02/18/2008 #


gulnabi 02/18/2008 #

From the land in the sky!I have all types of postcards for trade. Ask me about your requirements. Luck

monstermansmum05 02/20/2008 #

lindall & cori431, Thanks :D

coolwicca 02/20/2008 #

I have to drop just because I have over-extended myself. I would love to stay in your swap, but I don't want to do less than my best. I can tell with so many people signed up that you will have a great swap!

mcall 02/20/2008 #

I LOVE crazy, retro,weird postcardsIEEEEEEEE!

Molimo 02/21/2008 #

Thank You for accepting newbies! I promise to be a good swapper.

monstermansmum05 02/25/2008 #

Hey, everyone, partners have been assigned! I went over everyone, some do have a recent one rateings, but they did write to me and explain,and honestly alot were from swappers rateing to soon, or missing mail(which does happen). With this said, since this is international, please give the postcards a chance to reach you, and please pm your partners if it's not recieved by a certian deadline before rateing! That way they have the chance to explian and make up for it. Ok now I hope everyone enjoys the swap.


hippofairy 02/25/2008 #

i'd prefer a postcard from places where you work/live... and a nice hello is always appreciated! :) thanks!

crmc 02/25/2008 #

Justmeth81, elizabeth13 & Amy528 - I mailed your postcards today! crmc

Karenay 02/25/2008 #

I prefer postcards NOT in envelopes, too. No paper cuts!

soutxcc 02/25/2008 #

(dragnfly), (07251987), (Gusti) I mailed cards out late this afternoon. Gusti, yours will take a little longer to reach you in Austria. Hope you enjoy. Pam

iamlillian 02/26/2008 #

Domino, Camkin & Anapinkfairy, your postcards on the way to u!

rlicul 02/27/2008 #

redleppard, Merry120, Dellie - your postcards are on the way. Please, be patience because croatian post cen be sometimes little slow.

TerryF 02/27/2008 #

Postcards were mailed today to marineko, nauheimer and SwtxSarah!

twobluecrows 02/27/2008 #

Merrie, Ruthann and Lianna's cards are in the mail!


lauraj78 02/28/2008 #

angellise97, chamsie & nolagirl I sent yours on 28/02/07.

Laura :)

Whimsicality 02/29/2008 #

Hey, just posted the P.C for: winniethepooh, Baccarita, Ystarr,

monstermansmum05 02/29/2008 #

Sent mine off to liregudesigns, hippofairy, and bonitacoons, so be on the look out! Hope you all enjoy!

SarahLiz 03/ 1/2008 #

I sent mine off early in the week but forgot to mark 'em! Flowerlily64, leathomp & paperdolls, yours are almost to you I'd bet!

twobluecrows 03/ 1/2008 #

I got a really nice postcard from the monastery of Wat Suan Dok, Chiang Mai, Thailand today, but no name of the swapper! It's postmarked Sacramento, CA, so if you sent this to me, thanks, but I need your name to rate you for it! LOL


kraftytanya 03/ 2/2008 #

I got a great postcard of St John's Co-Cathedral Valletta-Malta today but was unsigned so I dont know who to rate for it mine is also postmarked Sacramento CA

ninanner 03/ 3/2008 #

Dropped mine in the mailbox this evening! Simplysarah, PostMuse, and nextvangoh, your postcards are on the way :)

carolhiggy 03/ 4/2008 #

I sent my postcards out last week. I think on the 29th.

mcall 03/ 4/2008 #

Sent mine out 3-3-08 to Joani, Farhana and Lillian

kylieee 03/ 6/2008 #

i sent map postcards to my partners!!

ninanner 03/ 7/2008 #

I received a nice handmade postcard yesterday, it has a pretty multi-colored fabric and Winnie the Pooh. It doesn't say who it is from or what swap. If it is you, let me know please so I can rate :)

nextvangogh 03/ 8/2008 #

Ninanner and Merrie, I received your postcards yesterday! Thank you... mine were sent off last week. I hope they have arrived at their destinations!

girlafraid06 03/10/2008 #

I've sent mine out 2 days ago! Sorry it says I'm late but I had no internet this week!

lindall 03/14/2008 #

perhaps i am the third recipient of the swapper with no name! i got a funny pc of "oliville" for this swap but no swapper name. i want to rate!

monstermansmum05 03/26/2008 #

If for some reason there is no name on the postcard, and no one has come forward yet, you may want to pm your partners to see which one sent it!

I will be sending out emails around April 9th. Everyone should have sent out by than, and most should have recieved. Since this is international, it may take longer to reach some! So if you have not recieved please give it more time before rateing!

If you have any questions feel free to pm me!

Thanks, Brittany

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