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I always send my swaps out, but if for some reason you have not received a swap from me, please let me know ASAP!

Hi! I'm a mom to one 11 year old boy, need I say more! lol! I was married but sadly he passed away Jan. 8th 2015. It has not been easy for me or my son, but we are strong and have a great support system. I was married for 9 and 1/2 years. We live in Tennessee, b/t Memphis and Jackson! Born and raised here! Love it! I live on the Hatchie river, well not on, beside! lol! We live on a bluff so no worries about flooding! I'm a fun, loving, and easy going person, for the most part. I love to spend time with my family and friends. I try not judge a person by "their cover". I've met some great people that way. My sign is Capricorn.

DarkSkullMistress42 DarkSkullMistress42,is my mom. She is the one who introduced this site to me, and now I'm as addicted as she is!! Love ya mum! (her icon is clickable, it will take you to her profile!)

I am giving everyone permission, to re-swap stuff I send. I don't mind. Including ATC's, but please leave my name on them.

I love postcards! Seeing as most of the swaps I do now are for postcards, I thought to make a section just for postcards!

*Perfer them weathered;meaning no envie; unless of course you would like to send more than one, lol!

Kind I like:

.Historical ones, like castles, ruins, or places with that are famous or/and old!

.Ones about where you live or places around you!

.Funny ones(I'm not offended easily, so send them on!)

.Mythical ones, like ones with Unicorns, dragons, or etc...

.Ones with Vampires, witches, or that kind of stuff!

.Holiday ones.

.The ones that have legends or stories on the front!

.Any kind that have like forces of natures on them, like tornado, raining, snowing, and etc..

.Super hero or cartoon ones.

.Any kind really! lol! I love postcards!

(these are in no specific order!)

~Even if the swap is for me, you can put something in there for my son(he's likes are listed below) that would be great!(don't have to be extra, can count for what you are sending me)~

~my fav. colors are any shades of red, blue and pink!

~Unicorns (anything to do with them is a HUGE plus)~

~any mythical creature (dragons, fairies, and so forth)~

~~Vampire stuff. I have always been fascinated with vampires. ~

~local stuff from where you live, state or city (like magnets, keychains, shotglasses, deck of playing cards, T-shirt(size:XL), or etc..)

~MAGNETS!!! I love magnets! Would be awesome to have a theme I like, but if not thats ok, just send me some!!

~any kind of writing pens(I like the ones that are different, not so plain)~

~any kind of paper (note pads, memo pads, sticky notes or etc...)~

~Bleach, anything! (The anime Bleach, I love it, so does Taylor!)

~Anime, having mentioned I love Bleach, Inuyasha, Vampire Knight, & Peach Girl. I'm always looking for a new anime to get hooked on!!

~Comics/super hero: I love Loki and Thor, X-Men, any of the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, just about all of them really! DC and Marvel rocks!

~pirate stuff(love the ships!)~

~Medieval stuff (like knights or castles) Medieval is one of my fav. time periods!~

~Celestial stuff~

~ATCs (Any theme listed on here would be great!)~

~Socks: size 9 USA (I don't like plain socks, I like bright, fun, and funky colors; toe socks are a plus)

~handmade stuff(dotee, stuffies,or really anything!)~

~Candy, love it! lol! I loveeeee white chocolate, like the white kitkat or just plain white chocolate, yummy! Peanut M&M's, anything with white chocolate or peanuts/peanut butter is a fave to me! lol!~

~Christmas & Halloween themed stuff (I love the holidays, of course I like the other holidays too, but those two are my fave! I really enjoy celebrating all holidays, b/c I want my son to experiance them, and have the memories of growing up with them, like I did!)~

~Polka dots (love em)!~

~Kawaii stuff, not picky, anything cute is cool!~

~funny stuff (I love to laugh! So funny stuff is great I like all kinds so send it, don't feel afraid to offend me, unless it's clowns or ostriches hate them, lol)

~Books any kind of romance, vampire, werewolf, witchy(fiction or non fiction), romance book, or history on stuff I like(Pirates, witches, Mythical stuff, or places) and I will love you forever! lol! Used is perfectly good!

~I would love to visit Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Scotland, Egypt, Japan, and Australia (so anything from there or dealing with them is a plus)~

~Games (as in card games or board games). I do game days with family and friends, it is were we will play card games and board games. We have a lot but are always wanting new cards games, some of my favorites are Hate your neighbor, pounce, speed, London rummy, Spoons, and so forth, theses are used with just normal decks of cards. So with that said decks of cards would be great, like from your city or state, or anything cool! Rules to a card game would be awesome too! ~



*Clowns, they creep me out!

*Ostriches, don't ask....

*Real Spiders, eeewwww! I like cartoon spiders, like for Halloween, but not real ones! Matter a fact I wanted to do a black widow theme for my car. So I'm weird as long as their not real I like them! lol!

*snakes, not big on them.

Send me something from this list and I will send one of my little penguin friends to you ;p

~Love to make ATCs(wouldn't mind recieving them, hint hint)

~Bleach(anime show, LOVE IT!!)~Swamp People~American PIckers~Akward~Big Time Rush~Swamp Loggers~Snapped~Naruto~The Vampire Diaries~True Blood~Moonlight~Ghost Hunters~Avatar: The Last Airbender~Inuyasha~WWE or Smackdown(Love wrestling)~Hells Kitchen~Impractical Jokers~lots of different Reality shows(TV junkie here!)

~Iris Johansen~Anne Rice~Jane Feather~Kat Martin~Amanda Quick~Linda L. Miller~Leigh Greenwood~Christine Feehan~Anna Leigh~

~Harry Potter series~Sookie Stakhouse series(True Blood) by Charlaine Harris~Hunger Games series~

~Also like stuff about history(fiction or non-fiction), like on pirates, or the Medieval ages or anything on any of my likes would be cool too! Or any kind of books on vampires, ghosts,or witches! I love to read, so send me a book!!!!

Used is fine by me! I love to read!

~Princess Bride (#1)~Pitch Black~Queen of the Damned~Kindergarten Cop~Mr Nice Guy~Walk the Line~Die Hard all of them~Cars~Little Mermaid~Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them)~Game Plan~ Without A Paddle~A Time to Kill~Harry Potter movies~Howl's Moving Castle~Hairspray~27 Dresses~Grease~The Mummy (all of them)~Romancing the Stone~Employee of the Month~Transformers~Indiana Jones movies~ Robin Hood: Men in Tights~A knight's Tale~Dragons Sword~Kate and Leopold~Shooter~ Taken~The Underworld Trilogy(all 3 movies)~Pacifier~Guardians of the Galaxy~Purge liked the 2nd one better ~Wreck it Ralph~Despicable Me all of them~ Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1&2~(I could keep going, lol!)

I love all types of music, but some of my fav.s are:

~Aerosmith~Linkin Park~Reba M.~Tina Turner~Godsmack~Hinder~Fuel~Conway Twitty~Toby Keith~Saliva~3 Doors Down~Big Time Rush~Imagine Dragons~Carrie Underwood~Lifehouse~Bruno Mars~Katy Perry~Chevelle~Lorde~Miley Cyrus~Maroon 5~Blake Shelton~One Repulic~Puddle of Mud~Paramore~Taproot~

Can swap for any of the following:

*Would love to do a profile swap!

*I can easliy get Elvis or Tennessee stuff, if anyone is interested!



*Anything else you may think would interest me :)

**I try and do RAK when I can. Not just on swap-bot, but in everyday life. I believe in karma, and feel RAK up my chances, lol! **

I'm doing some of these swaps for my 11 year old son, Taylor is a all out boy! Loves to play rough and be outside or inside on the computer or his game systems! Only stops if he is sleeping! So if you see something you think he will like send it on, he loves getting mail! He is a mini tractor puller, that is him above on one of our tractors, The Creeper. He lives and breathes tractor pulling!!! He also loves getting postcards! He also is like his mommy and loves to read, mangas(from his favorite animes(listed below), comics(mostly westerns), and he likes chapter books(Spirit Animals, Dairy of a Wimpy Kids, and etc..). He likes any of the following:(any that are a bold dark black are his faves at the moment)

~Anything to do with the Civil War, World War 1 and World War 2 (history about it, fun facts, and the weapons of course, lol)~Blue Exorcist(anime)~One Piece(anime)~Monster Jam~Dragon Ball (all of them Z, GT and regular)~Bleach(anime)~Super Mario brothers)he is a huge Mario fan!)~Anything kind of truck, tractor, train, car, plane, boat, or etc... He also loves cowboys! So anything to do with a cowboy, he will love! He loves to watch the old westerns! Also as mentioned above he has a live of the wars in history, he is also a weapon collector, we just bought a Mosin Russian Rifle (Really awesome!) He loves the history behind them(me too!).~

He plans to be a game maker(as in video games) and mechanic when he grows up!

He thinks he is a "grown up". He is my big little helper :) So if you find something not listed but you think he will love it send it on :D

We have 8 fur babies! 7 cats and one dog!

So with that said, sending cat toys, would be lovely. As far as dog toys go, Zoey can destroy just about anything so I have to buy he extra strength rubber toys that are nearly impossible to destroy! I prefer no treats, just because I am picky on what kind they get, from all these food scares with animals foods as of late. Unless you buy a brand that is USA made only and is something you would trust feeding to your own fur babies.

Okay I know your thinking WHAT!?! Well let me just say, I have a passion and love for classic cars! My hubby got me for mothers day and our 8th anniversary one of my cars I have wanted!!! PJ(yes she is named) is a 1965 Ford Custom 500, and she is all original! I hope to be adding to my obsession soon :D

Bye-Bye & Happy Swapping:


DarkSkullMistress42 rated for DOLLAR Scavenger Hunt on Jul 22, 2017
Comment: BIG thanks! Loved everything!
Comment: Awesome as always! Loved it!
Comment: Oh my gosh - me too! You named 2 of my pet peeves too, esp. having to repeat myself. I don't mind if someone truly didn't hear, but when they're just not paying attention...UGH!
Comment: Thanks for the Sydney card, Brittany! Wish our friends at the Post Office hadn't postmarked the wrong side of the card, but oh well -- they just don't make postal workers the way they used to, huh?!
Comment: Thank you for the card!
Comment: Beautiful card, I was looking up where this might be, got it narrowed down to somewhere in wisconsin. Love you!
squince rated for Any Postcard 1 on Oct 21, 2016
Comment: Have fun in Branson! I would like to go back and visit Silver Dollar City again!
dawnakaulen rated for Postcard Scavenger Hunt 1 on Oct 12, 2016
Comment: All great choices, thank you!
Tinker60 rated for Beautiful Postcard 1 on Sep 25, 2016
Comment: What a breathtaking PC of the Washington coast! I've been to Washington but have never been to the coast -- it looks absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful PC ~~
mamajoy rated for ⭐Easy Postcard Swap US #5⭐ on Sep 24, 2016
Comment: Thank you. Great card!
Comment: thanks for sending
DarkSkullMistress42 rated for Deck-O-Playing Cards on Sep 10, 2016
Comment: Awesome cards! love them and thanks for the extra decks!
ContraryHousewife rated for B&W PCs week 34 on Sep 5, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the lovely card.
Comment: Love the Elvis pC !
Comment: Thank you for the Casey Jones card and facts.
Comment: Love your letter, pocket letter and goodies. Thanks so much.
Shuntixx rated for January: Postcards, pretty please! on Nov 20, 2015
maxbenleo rated for Send 3 State or Country Items... on Oct 16, 2015
Comment: Thank you for your swap and all the extra information!! Have a great weekend😋
TexyDeb rated for Monthly Postcard Swap-August on Oct 3, 2015
Comment: Coffee and related to Hawaii, thank you very much.
Comment: Thank you very much for the re-send. I'm sad the first card didn't arrive, but you were nice enough to send another one quickly! Cheers!! :)

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CurlyTea on Jan 2, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

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And I'm Thanking you back for the cool & a bit spooky view of the Concert Hall at the Winter Palace, Leningrad postcard you sent to me. Yes, Florida has views, & I'm searching for more PC's with those views. - Kathy

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Hi Brittany - Hope you had a nice birthday on the 2nd. We swapped in I Must Be Crazy PC Swap.

Have a great year.


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