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Scavenger Hunt Themed Whimsey Jar

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Swap Coordinator:catnipitis (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Challenges  Whimsey Jars 
Number of people in swap:108
Location:Regional - USA only
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.90 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:February 10, 2012
Date items must be sent by:March 2, 2012
Number of swap partners:1

This is the third of (hopefully) many 'themed' whimsey jars I'll be hosting.

For this one, find a jar (the size is going to depend on what items you decide to fill it with). Below will be the list of items you'll be on the hunt for. Some items will ask for multiple items, but that will still constitute one item (i.e. 5 buttons equals 1 item). Some items may fall into more than one catagory (i.e. a length of red ribbon may fall into a color catagory and a ribbon catagory--if this is the case, it can only be one or the other, not both).

You will need to find at least 10 of the following items. It can be more, but the minimum is 10.

  • A writing utensil (a pen, a pencil, a sharpie--regular sized or mini--etc.)
  • 1 hi-liter(regular sized or mini)
  • A game piece (Scrabble tile, a die etc.)
  • Something purple
  • Something blue
  • 1 medium sized rubber stamp or 2 small rubber stamps (may be new or gently used)
  • 1 small ink pad
  • 5 lengths of ribbon (all must be at least 12" in length and all 5 must be different)
  • 1 new in package small tin of mints (think mini sized altoids)
  • 5 individually wrapped pieces of candy (if you have any allergies please list in comment section)
  • 1 small profile surprise
  • 1 glitter type item
  • 1 spring related item
  • Something Black
  • Something rainbow (any thing with all the colors of the rainbow on it)
  • Something flower (it can be something like a silk flower or something with a flower on it)
  • Beads (1 small package=1 Item. No seed/pony beads)
  • Buttons (10 buttons=1 item--can be all one color or different)
  • 2 packets individual drinks (Crystal lite, coffee, tea etc)

Misc. Notes: Items are senders choice except where noted (ie candy if allergies are listed). Even though this is senders choice, do a quick profile check to see if your partner will actually like(hopefully at least) all the things you decide to include. USA only due to shipping. All welcome with a 4.9+ ratings. Newbies welcome with a well filled out profile. No recent 1's or 3's (within last 6 months) I reserve the right to ban anyone who may seem iffy. Normal rating paramaters apply.


art3osb 12/10/2011 #

I'm new and would like to join this swap, but what is a whimsy jar? Is it like a canning jar? I wanted to ask you if I can join before I join.

art3osb 12/11/2011 #

I know now. I'm going to join now if that is okay:)

catnipitis 12/13/2011 #

yes :)

Artstamper 12/19/2011 #

I've never done this before and was wondering if the jar must be glass or is plastic OK? I have both but was concerned about breakage. Thanks.

catnipitis 12/19/2011 #

Either is fine.

stamparose 12/20/2011 #

I have never done a whimsey jar before, but this sounds like a lot of fun..I have seen a few and they are cool, I hope this isn't a dumb question but, What I need to know is how do you mail them?
thanks, Rose

PurpleDragonFlies1126 12/21/2011 #

I too would like to know how you mail the jars?

catnipitis 12/22/2011 #

the ones I have done in the past, I've packed them with bubble wrap and made sure that they are snug in the box. I also mark them fragile.

catnipitis 12/22/2011 #

also, I don't think it was a dumb question :)

stamparose 12/23/2011 #

thank you.

catnipitis 12/23/2011 #

:) welcome :)

cozycrafter 12/26/2011 #

This sounds like a lot of fun, but still being new to all this was wondering.... do you decroate the outside of the jar or just fill it with the items? Sorry for the dumb question :)

catnipitis 12/26/2011 #

Not a dumb question at all--I have seen some where the actual jar was decorated, some that were not. The lid must be decorated though.

BambooBailey 12/30/2011 #

Whimsy Jar Hope these instructiosn and pictures help some!

BambooBailey 12/30/2011 #

That should have been instructions! LOL

JulieJustWandering 01/ 2/2012 #

:O this looks like an amazing first swap! I am going to sign up and see if i am allowed. This is my first day on the site :P

catnipitis 01/ 2/2012 #

@JulieJustWandering Welcome to Swapbot and to my swap!

JulieJustWandering 01/ 3/2012 #

:D thank you! im so excited! yayayayayayay! jumps up and down

nikiankh 01/ 4/2012 #

I am new, and have never done/seen a whimsey jar, either. I will put it on my watch list as I assemble the jar. :)

nikiankh 01/ 4/2012 #

Just to make sure: The size of the jar doesn't matter so long as it fits the items, correct?

manders2280 01/ 4/2012 #

Spring as in the season after winter and before summer or spring as in a helical metal coil?

funkhoup 01/ 5/2012 #

Does it need a theme of the one we make (decorate)??? I've never made one either. Great idea!!

catnipitis 01/ 5/2012 #

@nikiankh -correct. @manders2280 -spring the season @funkhoup -the jar does not have to be decorated, but if you want to decorate it, there doesn't have to be a theme, I'll leave that up to everybodys own creativity!

angellarae 01/ 5/2012 #

What a great swap! This is my 1st whimsey jar, so I'm super excited! :)

nikiankh 01/ 5/2012 #

Thanks, Manders! Those are so cool! I think I may just make mine themed. :)

EbonyMoon 01/ 6/2012 #

Aw I wish I lived in the USA, I really want to do a whimsey jar!

catnipitis 01/ 6/2012 #

@EbonyMoon -I'll gladly do a private whimsey jar swap with you

crosss1angel 01/ 6/2012 #

This sounds like a lot of fun...thank you for leaving it open to people that are just starting out. I cant wait to start my scavenger hunt!

EbonyMoon 01/ 9/2012 #

@catnipitis ooh I would love that! I'll message you :)

pmills747 01/12/2012 #

I'm new to swap bot and so excited! Thanks for letting newbies join!!!!

topshelf43 01/13/2012 #

Okay, I'm in! I made a list of what I know I can do and as soon as I know what my partner will like, I'm good to go. I love it! ;o) I agree... thanks for letting newbies join!

mjshop711 01/13/2012 #

Hi - I'm new to swap-bot. Finally decided to join because my sis and mom are forever raving about how much fun it is. Thank you for allowing us newbies to enter your swap! - My question... are we assigned partners... or pick?

catnipitis 01/14/2012 #

@mjshop711 -partners will be assigned. Welcome to swapbot!

GrammaSherry 01/17/2012 #

Wish some of these would include Canada - postage is not much different........

GrammaSherry 01/19/2012 #

I ABSOLUTELY loved this idea so I created one for US and Canada.. Thank so much to Catnipitis for the great inspiration!!!!!! Hopefully some of you can join me. "RED" WHIMSEY BOX SWAP

catnipitis 01/19/2012 #

I'm so happy I gave you some inspiration!

JillianN 01/19/2012 #

Ok I am new here but not to swaps .lol How much do I need to fill out my profile? I will join but if I can not then let me know Thanks

catnipitis 01/19/2012 #

@JillianN -as for profile suggestions--movies? books? music? more on your grandkids?

carileigh 01/20/2012 #

Mine is already ready! My first and I hope my partner enjoys it!!

Jlovell2 01/21/2012 #

What do you mean by a profile surprise?

sugarskull 01/21/2012 #

i am supes excited to try a whimsey jar (not that i already collect jars...) so i'm watchlisting just to make sure i can gather enough materials!

hlwolfe72 01/22/2012 #

I am new to swapbot and whimsey jars; however, after checking out the pictures I think this will be a fun and interesting swap.

Please let me know if I need to add more to my profile!

sherig47 01/22/2012 #

Can a decorated new paint can be used?

catnipitis 01/23/2012 #

@Jlovell2 -a profile surprise--Lets say that you got me as a partner. It says on my profile that I like cats. If you found a small cat figurine and decided to add that to the jar, that would be considered to be a 'profile surprise'.

@sugarskull -I do hope that you decide to join!

@hlwolf72 -welcome to swapbot and to my swap. Profile ideas--movies? books? music?

@sherig47 -Yes!!!!

roguewench 01/23/2012 #

Hi there, I am new to swap-bot and would love to participate in this Whimsey jar swap. Count me in that's if you'll take this newbie and there are still openings. Let me know. Thanks!! - Lisa

catnipitis 01/23/2012 #

@roguewench -welcome to swapbot and my swap! Of course I still have room for you!

bobsmom 01/25/2012 #

Dear Catnipitis, I would like to thank you for allowing newbies! I finally figured out how to do a profile!! I am not the brightest crayon in the box, but even mute colors have their place! ha ha! I am excited about this swap!! Thank you so much!!

catnipitis 01/25/2012 #

@bobsmom -yayness! welcome to swapbot and to my swap! I do hope that you enjoy this and many more swaps here!

ksalcewi 01/25/2012 #

I'm new to swapping :) I'm very excited to join this swap! I know I have to fill out my profile first. This will be fun! Hope everyone is having a great day!

ksalcewi 01/25/2012 #

Okay, I've filled out my profile and have signed up for this swap. Please, let me know if I need to add more to my profile. I'm very excited about this swap :) yay!

catnipitis 01/26/2012 #

@ksalcewi -welcome to swapbot and to my swap! Your profile works for me! :)

LyndenMomof2 01/28/2012 #

I filled out my profile...I am a newbie to this site but would love to join! Thanks! This swap sounds like so much fun! And most of the items are already around me!

catnipitis 01/29/2012 #

@LyndenMomof2 -Welcome to my swap!

Rocktopus 01/31/2012 #

found everything! went over 10 and added some fun extras!

catnipitis 02/ 1/2012 #


drgngirl 02/ 1/2012 #

This sounds like fun. I'm glad newbies can join. I have done swaps on other forums, but not quite like this. Now to find a jar... :)

catnipitis 02/ 2/2012 #

@drgngirl -Thanks for joing my swap!

JillianN 02/ 3/2012 #

I have the jar all but ready to go waiting for the signup deadline and my partner so I can make it more personal.Hugz

drgngirl 02/ 3/2012 #

Quick question. Should small items such as the buttons and beads be put in a small bag to keep them together or is it ok to have them just floating around in the jar? Sorry if that sounds kinda dumb, but I've never done a whimsy jar before and I want to get it right. :)

catnipitis 02/ 3/2012 #

@drgngirl -it doesn't sound dumb to me. as for buttons and beads--I've seen them loose and I've seen them packaged together. I'll leave that up to you.

roguewench 02/ 6/2012 #

Woohoo! My jar is ready to ship. Now waiting for further instruction :-)

whytewillow 02/ 6/2012 #

Almost filled, waiting for recipient to add something special for her and to decorate the jar. I know, that's optional...but hey...why not?

catnipitis 02/ 6/2012 #

Less than a week til partners are assigned. Mine is almost ready to go too! :)

Crunchysews 02/ 9/2012 #

I've done my scavenger hunt, now waiting to see who my partner is so I can try to add something a little bit personalized!

zibbity 02/ 9/2012 #

Gluten & Dairy allergy in this house. Thanks. Very excited to participate!

bluerose3 02/10/2012 #

Getting things together. First whimsey jar swap for me :)

leeannpatt1 02/10/2012 #

Looks like fun! This will be my first swap, I can't wait! I have a ton of cute canning jars!

Americanrose 02/11/2012 #

Can we add other things not on the list, or just things on the list?

artisticsole 02/13/2012 #

My whimsey jar is postal to my partner! What fun this has been!! :)

KraftyKaren 02/13/2012 #

This was my first time doing a whimsy jar and I enjoyed it so much. Can't wait to do more. Mine was sent to my partner today. :)

adkjek 02/14/2012 #

Whomever has me as their partner, and has not mailed out my package yet, please note my address change in my profile. Thank you. P.S. I've already started collecting and can't wait to put it all together!

birdsandbeads 02/15/2012 #

I received my jar today from American rose...and you all would be so jealous!!! It is soooo pretty, covered in pink rhinestones with a blingy E on top. Filled to the top with great stuff, it totally made my day. This is what swapping is all about! I will post picks on my flickr!

whytewillow 02/17/2012 #

At last...payday n I can mail out my scavenger hunt Whimsey jar. After reading a few posts...ya'll are over the top! Hope my jar meets with my partners approval.

drgngirl 02/17/2012 #

Another quick question- Does everything have to fit into the jar? I have something that fits the requirements, but doesn't fit inside the jar. Is it ok if I put it in the box itself?

Americanrose 02/23/2012 #

I got my whimsey jar today. So much fun! I loved both making and receiving the jars. Can't wait to do another. Thanks for letting newbies in!

catnipitis 02/25/2012 #

prefer that they all fit in the jar...but if not, you might want to ask your partner if they mind.

whitmanaz 03/ 2/2012 #

sent yesterday!!

AnnetteG 03/ 9/2012 #

How long should we give it before we assume we may not be getting anything?

AnnetteG 03/10/2012 #

Never mind:)

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