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Valentine's Day Matchbox Swap...

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Valentine's Day Matchbox Swap...
Swap Coordinator:OyeMichi (contact)
Swap categories: Themed  Crafts  Art 
Number of people in swap:56
Last day to signup/drop:January 9, 2007
Date items must be sent by:January 23, 2007
Number of swap partners:2

Hi! This swap is pretty simple. The theme is: Valentine’s Day.

You will fill up a matchbox (medium or small, you choose) with as many goodies as you can stuff with the Valentine’s Day theme kept in mind. You can add little hearts, stickers, buttons, etc. You will have two (2) swap partners and this is an international swap. Anyone can join as long as you have a good rating and if you’re new, please have your profile filled out (I will be checking). If you want to add extra goodies, go ahead.

In total, you will send out two (2) matchboxes…. One (1) per swap partner.

Have fun and be creative!


user5407 12/26/2006 #

How big is a typical small/medium sized matchbox?

OyeMichi 12/26/2006 #

A small sized matchbox is quite small... small stickers fit inside, or tiny charms. Check out this link: http://www.flickr.com/groups/kawaiimatchboxswap/

A medium sized matchbox is larger and usually fits about 200+ matches.

Hope that helps!

wigglywourms 12/29/2006 #

I found a template for a small matchbox. We could probably make our own and even resize the template to make it larger.


HTH, Marianne

WillowTree21 12/29/2006 #


Great web site for templates! Thank you so much!


Jill 01/ 2/2007 #

I found the basic match box at a gas station for .10 per box. They are really heavy duty boxes and for about .50 you can get a few to practice on.

wiccangal50 01/ 6/2007 #

This is an ace idea, im new to craft swaps and it looks like this is a great way to get started, count me in!


wiccangal50 01/ 6/2007 #

how or when do i find out who im swapping with?

OyeMichi 01/ 6/2007 #

Wiccangal50: swap bot automatically assigns everyone the partners. There will be a link "see your partners" when the deadline approaches. You will also be informed through email. Hope this helps!

creechilove 01/ 7/2007 #


I haven't celebrated Valentines day since umm... years!! So this is a fun twist on the celebration!

Can't wait to get started :)

wiccangal50 01/ 7/2007 #

a righty, thankyou xx

GlasgowLindsay 01/ 7/2007 #

Wigglywourms... thank you for that link what a great web site for templates etc. I love all the information and sharing that you get on swap-bot (as well as the swaps of course) Best Wishes, Lindsay

CarriePie 01/10/2007 #

is anyone having a problem with the "see the partners you send to link"??? when i click on it the page its blank! =( i'll try later & contact swap-bot if i can't get through.

WillowTree21 01/10/2007 #

I can't "see my partners". :(

WillowTree21 01/10/2007 #

I have them now :)

BUSYBEE 01/12/2007 #


WillowTree21 01/13/2007 #

Marianne, I got your swap today, I am already excited about what I am going to do with all of it :)

But, I don't know who you are on here, your user, name so I can give you the grade.


user1382 01/13/2007 #

Marianne, THANKS for the sweet matchbox & contents...I like everything very much! :-) Keisha aka Creative Change

WillowTree21 01/13/2007 #

I can't upload photos here so please go to my profile and then flickr to see the photos. Maybe someone can tell me if I am missing something in regards to loading pictures here.


1CrazyQuilter 01/15/2007 #

Hi Kate and Lorraine, I sent your Valentine matchbox off today. Hope you enjoy all the item.

niecedenise 01/15/2007 #

The web site wont let us rate each other ubtil ten days after the send by date.

WillowTree21 01/16/2007 #

Keisha aka Creative Change, Giggle ... Thank You! I felt so "girly" this morning! :)

Love from Me!, Willow Tree

MissKoolAid 01/18/2007 #

Sent my matchboxes to Drewzel and Noel today. Let me know when they arrive (long way from Canada!)

ae4me 01/19/2007 #

OH MY GOD!!! WIllOW TrEe!!!! I recieved the most perfect swap ever! yes I dare say ever! My mind was saying oh wow I like the parcel box hummmm... and then oh to laugh at your note of wrapping it... how special and the surprizes inside!! what a special elephant you took the time to create for me and the little packages and other elephant and froggie too thank-you so very much everything is so special! connie

WillowTree21 01/19/2007 #

:) Thats good therapy for me.

Love from Me, Willow Tree

1CrazyQuilter 01/19/2007 #

Jill, I got your package today, everything was so wonderful. I love all the little charms.

Thank you so much! Pam

4getmenot71 01/19/2007 #

To Natalie in California:

I received your AWESOME swap today! Thank you SOOO much! I absolutely love all the little goodies you stuffed inside the box! I am especially fond of the little irridescent confetti hearts, as I have never seen that confetti before! Thanks again! :) Melody

clementina 01/22/2007 #

i have one question, does everything in the matchbox be heart shaped or any shape easily related to valentines or can i also send, for example, red/pink ribbon and or buttons or beads, etc? would that be to much out of the theme?

wigglywourms 01/23/2007 #

veludo...if you look at my flickr page (link if you click on my name) you'll see what I sent to give you an idea. I also decided to put one on Etsy tonight....I put a few different things in it, including ribbon. Here's the address if you'd like to take a look: http://wigglywourms.etsy.com


wigglywourms 01/23/2007 #

Here's the address to the actual box and photos. If it doesn't link you can copy and paste it into your address bar.


wigglywourms 01/23/2007 #

Here's the address to the actual box and photos. If it doesn't link you can copy and paste it into your address bar.


wigglywourms 01/23/2007 #

Ooops...sorry I guess it wants to italisize when there are a couple of underscores. Wish I could erase the last two comments. Sorry everyone. http://wigglywourms.etsy.com does work though...you just have to copy and paste 'cuz it doesn't link.

user4401 01/23/2007 #

i have posted my packages off yesterday to creativechange and karisa let me know when you recieve them thanks ...Annmarie

kcfroglady 01/23/2007 #

sorry to be last minute - time got away from me - but my packages are going out tonight for Kathy and Bree. ~~~Karyn

na 01/23/2007 #

Just sent my 2 off today to medievalmayden + MissAmyO .. SO fun! hope you ladies enjoy!

akacreativity 01/24/2007 #

shelley and amy,

       Sent off your matchboxes today..you should be receiving them soon!   creativity
adifferentstory 01/24/2007 #

I received your beautiful little matchbox this morning serene_serenade. I tried to email you thanks and it got returned :( Thank you so much Melody.

WillowTree21 01/24/2007 #

Hello everyone,

Deadline is over so I will say now who I had. I sent Matchboxes to: Connie and Ellie Sturt.

I got my two Matchboxes from: Marianne and Keisha. Thank you ladies. :)

How does it work now that 9 people havent clicked "sent"? I was just wondering since today is the 24th.

Willow Tree

wigglywourms 01/24/2007 #

I don't know how that works, Willow Tree. Hopefully they will send them soon or perhaps they already have and haven't come here to click that they have sent them. It would be sad if people flaked out. I still haven't gotten mine yet but things seem to be taking a long time to get to me lately anyway. I'm just hoping they come before Valentine's Day...but no biggie if they don't. Swapbot won't let anyone give feedback until 10 days from now so I imagine that's how long they think it should take for mail to arrive.

Oooh let's hope they send them. That'd be 18 people who miss out if they don't since they have 2 partners, each.

~Marianne (not the same Marianne who sent you a matchbox...but perhaps someday we will get each other for swap partners)

PS...thank you for the sweet comments you've been leaving me on Flickr...it's nice to know someone is looking at the pictures I've put up there :o)

pumpkinvine 01/25/2007 #


Got my matchbox today! thanks!


BUSYBEE 01/25/2007 #

Anouk and Karyn I mailed out your packages yesterday. I hope you like...:)

BUSYBEE 01/25/2007 #

I hope that I get mine before Valentines Day...My daughter is getting excited, because that is her birthday, so she has just kinda taken over the mailbox duties to make sure that she does not miss any mail...I guess it was kinda early to get her started as she will be "4"

babblingpanda 01/25/2007 #

To Cheryl Andersen,

I received your swap and wow!!! You really went overoard!! I love everything. It seemed like stuff kept coming out of the box. Thank you soooo much!!!

user4401 01/25/2007 #

i have just recieved my package today from carla thankyou so much its lovely .... Annmarie

creechilove 01/26/2007 #

Waiting patiently for my package, sent mine off a few days ago..

Gimmee gimmee gimmee :)

user5325 01/26/2007 #

Sorry!! I sent mine I just havent had access to a computer to click sent!!!

Sorry !!

JaneR 01/26/2007 #

Sent mine to Caroline and lulabelle a few days ago.

Retromama 01/26/2007 #

Hey, Kara and Jill sent your package Monday, January 23rd. Hope you enjoy! Suzan

kcfroglady 01/26/2007 #

Melanie - I received your matchbox today! too cute with the Strawberry Shortcake stickers on the top! I am going to have to watch my neice doesn't try to take it! Thanks for all the goodies you tucked inside! ~~~Karyn

4getmenot71 01/27/2007 #

I received one of my matchboxes so far (from Denise). Thank you so much! I love it! :D

Have either of my partners received from me yet?

WillowTree21 01/27/2007 #

I'm worried. I sent mine out to Australia on 1/12/07 .. I sent it Australia - Air Parcel Post - $16.00 for 14.40 oz. It's been two weeks today. :( Does anyone know how long it takes to get there?

wigglywourms 01/27/2007 #

Mine both went to foreign countries and I they both have gotten there. I can't remember when I mailed them but it was soon after I got their names. I'd give it a little more time before I start worrying though...sometimes things take awhile to get to Canada, even. I still don't have either of mine here. Sigh...I'm getting tired of going to the post office and coming home with only bills. So far I've mail a lot of things and have only gotten one swap back. Someday I'm going to have a pretty good mail day...right? Sorry to rant (bad time of the month, I guess). Perhaps next week will be my week...with lots of mail and fewer hormones ;o)

WillowTree21 01/27/2007 #

LOL WIggly, I know the feeling, I'm afraid to type for fear of mispelled words. I'm so tired. I have mailed out 2 Valentine mathbox swaps and got one in return, mailed out yarn ball, but not sure if she got it and got one in return, mailed out yoyos and not sure if she got them and got one in return .. I could go one and on. I guess I just wait. I have the receipts of the postal mail that went out. Wonder why people dont post telling us they got it? I hope you get tons of Maill wiggly .. if I had you addy I would send you something :) Email me maybe and I can get it that way. I'd love to send you something, what, I am not sure but I know I want to!

Rebecca aka Willow Tree

clementina 01/27/2007 #

bunniecute i am glad it arrived and that you liked what i sent you
i got the two matchboxes, one from wigglywourms and other from adifferentstory . thank you both, i love everything you sent me.

wiccangal50 01/29/2007 #

hey there, would like to thank Kristina Oliverez and Simone Burki, both of you matchboxes where beautiful, thankyou again. xx

kcfroglady 01/29/2007 #

I got my box from Anouk - it was really neat done up like some Valentine's lingerie! My husband liked it LOL! Great assortment inside too - thank you so much! ~~~ Karyn

akacreativity 01/30/2007 #


 Wow! How cute is that? I loved the matchbox just the perfect combination of pretty/cute. I also liked the punk rock hello kitty tape on the envelope..it brightened my day. Thanks so much. Happy Valentines' day! Creatiivty aka Valarie
niecedenise 01/30/2007 #

Wigglelywourms- I hopr youve gotten yours by now. I sent it out way last week. If nothing shows up by the 2nd let me know so i can send another. I dont want anyone left out. Ive gotten both of mine and they have so much itty stuff in them. Thank you both so much.

LunaGirl 01/30/2007 #

Mudtears and Tammy - I received my packages from you both. REALLY nice job both of you. Thanks SO much ... you both went way above and beyond. I'll take pics soon. Thanks again!

My partners are BOTH from Finland and the post office said it may take more than a week to get to you. Hang in there ... they're coming. :-)

na 01/30/2007 #

medievalmayde + MissAmyO --- have you received your matchboxes?

threesweetpeas 01/30/2007 #

sophie and michelle, just a note that i am still waiting, but mail can be slow to sweden,' no worries though

WillowTree21 01/31/2007 #

18 days and counting! Ellie did you get it yet? :)

MissKoolAid 01/31/2007 #

I'm still waiting for both of mine. I know that one was sent late but no clue about the other one. Noel, keep in mind that I was sending from Canada so it might take a while. If you don't ever receive it, contact me and I'll send another one, this time ExpressPost!

BUSYBEE 01/31/2007 #

I too have not rec'd anything

creechilove 02/ 1/2007 #

still waiting for mine as well :(

wiccangal50 02/ 5/2007 #

you really should get something soon melanie as i sent it at the same time as my other person and they've recieved their package. sorry it's taking so long.

iona xx

wigglywourms 02/ 6/2007 #

Serene Serenade and niecedenise I received the matchboxes from both of you...thank you!

Melody....sorry I didn't let you know sooner. I picked up yours from the PO on Friday after being out of town for a week...my dad is dying of cancer and I had to go and be with my mom and dad. Anyway I was pretty stressed when I got home and didn't really have the energy to post that I'd gotten it. It was a very welcome little surprise in my mailbox though....I LOVED everything inside. You did a beautiful job of decorating the box (I especially love the wooden heart on the top with my name...how sweet!) The contents of the box were wonderful as well. My little girl was quick to ask for everything (she loved it as well) but I was able to save a few things for myself...lol. Thanks again!

Denise, I got yours yesterday and I have to say that you really outdid yourself. When I saw that HUGE matchbox I was so surprised (pleasantly I'll add). I called all the little kids around and shared (aren't I nice?) My 4 year old got the sucker, my 7 year old got the braclet, my 9 year old got the large elastic with the lips on it, my 10 year old got the sweet little heart guy, and my 12 year old got the animal valentine cards. I was able to eat the smarties (in Canada they are called rockets...our smarties are like m&m's)...they are one of my favourite candies :o) I always scoop them from the kid's halloween bags ;o) and I got all the neat heart confetti and the heart stickers. Just wanted you to know that you not only made my day a fun one but you also made 5 kids very happy as well. Thank you :o)


4getmenot71 02/ 9/2007 #

To wigglywourms~

Dear Marianne; I am SO sorry to hear about your Dad. :( I lost mine back in 1993 so I know what you are going through. Hugs

Thank you for letting me know you got my swap. I am so glad you liked it and that it could cheer you up a bit. :)

Take care, dear! Melody

1CrazyQuilter 02/11/2007 #

Kara I got my package today. thanks for sending 2 pink matchboxes they are so cute.

threesweetpeas 02/11/2007 #

ahhhhhhh, no matchboxes for me.........sigh^~~~~~

also wondering if my partners got theirs yet???????? that would be susan and stephanie??????????

i really hope they come soon........please let me know when they arrive :)

threesweetpeas 02/11/2007 #

wiggly, (((((((((((higs))))))))) i went thru the same thing with my grandfather, we were very close, i also worked hospice for some time....

i wish you peace and strength........ u r in my thoughts and prayers, noel

threesweetpeas 02/11/2007 #

of course that was typo language for hugs duh!!!!!!

WillowTree21 02/12/2007 #

Did anyone else send to Ellie Sturt and know if she got your package or didn't? and or not been graded by her?

I really would like to know if she got my box or if customs got ahold of it. Then perhaps I would know if I needed to send another.

I haven't gotten any feed back and would like to move on with other swaps and this not be on my mind.

I noticed she hasn't been graded as well.

Thank you, Rebecca

MissKoolAid 02/12/2007 #

Noel and Drewzel, don't dispair... I just realized I had sent your packages by land mail not airmail as I had first thought. They were mailed on Jan 18th so hopefully they will arrive sometime this week or next week.

Retromama 02/13/2007 #

Noel and Drewzel, I have received both of your very nice matchboxes!! I have rated both of you and there is a heart waiting for each. Thank you very much, Suzan

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