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Rainbow swap--EDITED!

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Rainbow swap--EDITED!
Swap Coordinator:ElizabethObviously (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Miscellaneous  Accessories 
Number of people in swap:59
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:March 15, 2007
Date items must be sent by:May 7, 2007
Number of swap partners:1

Since April showers bring May flowers...and usually rainbows, I am starting a swap where we will swap the colors of the rainbow! You will send your partner 1 iem for each color= red, orange,yellow,green, blue, purple and rainbow. The items can be small, cheap but please make them functional and fun. Only NEW items please! Do NOT send items you would not like yourself! And please do not send items your partner can not use! Do not send an item like a red paper plate JUST because it is red. Send fun stuff like a red hairbrush, green socks, etc.

RULES: This is an international swap

Newbies Allowed but pleasemessage me and give me a reference- maybe your ebay name, a past swap on here you have done and your partner. Not too hard!

Feedback muct be 4.5 or above. If you have NUMEROUS ( meaning 3 or more) no sents, you will be removed from my swap! If you have an explainaton for your low feedback, contact me and we will discuss you particpation! I am very lenient when it comes to people joining!

Price limit is about $2-3 per item. Fairly cheap! This is NOT a secret swap so if you need to ask your partner a question, like ring size or shoe size...ask them!

You can not ask for specific things Your partner will surprise you with what to send. They can of course ( and hopefully will) check your profile for ideas.

** I have edited the last day to send out so people are disability can join! I was informed when they get paid so I have changed my date so they can join!**


LMM 02/ 5/2007 #

Aren't you missing a color? Roy G. Biv...Indigo!

ElizabethObviously 02/ 5/2007 #

lol..i was going to put indigo but violet and indigo are pretty much both purple...Maybe i will add something RAINBOW also...

gem 02/ 5/2007 #

Yayyyy! Thank you so much for hosting this, I have been wanting to join a color-themed goody swap and here ya have it all rainbow style, nice! ~ gem ~

TerryF 02/ 5/2007 #

elizabeth4510: IMHO, I think you are being a bit harsh about absolutely no "no sends" to join. Many of us have at least 1 no send rating through no fault of our own. There are a number of swappers who are very impatient and gladly hand out 1 ratings if they don't receive their swaps within 2 weeks, which is just not realistic, and they are spoiling people's ratings. In other cases, they are trying to remedy the situation by sending replacement swaps. For example, I have mailed 2 parcels to Italy (same swap, same partner) since November that have never been received. I don't know what else I can do other than spend $100 to courier a $5 item. Just a suggestion, but you might want to consider people with only a few 1 ratings and mostly 5s on a case by case basis - if they generally have mostly 5s, they are probably not slackers. At least give them a chance to explain. You might end up with an unfair one rating yourself one day...

ElizabethObviously 02/ 5/2007 #

Well of course if they explain their situation. I am mainly talking about people with numerous no sends!

TerryF 02/ 6/2007 #

That's great - thanks elizabeth4510!

macati 02/ 7/2007 #

oh god! I love rainbows so I'M IN! Love this idea

TerryF 02/17/2007 #

To be fair, shopinc has only one swap rating so far, and it is a 3, which means she did send the swap. She has no \"no sends\", so, technically, she may still be able to participate. I host a lot of swaps and, personally, would not ban her on the basis of a single 3 rating. In this case I really think it is at our host\'s discretion to ban or not.

Farruska 02/17/2007 #

Will the participants ratings be checked before the swap stard date ? I'm asking because there is already a rating 3 ...

glolinde 02/18/2007 #

Hi! My name is Grace. You can pretty much find the stuff I like on my profile.

If you want to know what my size in shoes, ring, etc. are, feel free to ask!

I am a girly girl however...LOL!!!

ElizabethObviously 02/18/2007 #

well this swap still has some time before it starts so maybe her rating will go up by then. she HAS contacted me though about the rating

DarkSkullMistress42 02/23/2007 #

Hi, I'm sorry you feel that way about newbies especially just because of 1 person. you should not judge all newbies by that 1 person. I have no ratings yet but have joined 4 swaps and 3 have ended and on 2 I sent packages next day and on the other I'm still collecting stuff for Easter basket,and will send out next week way before time is up to send. You may find that there are alot of good newbies out there. Just a thought.

MStarr 02/24/2007 #

Hi, I'm Michelle. I'm new to Swap-Bot. I normally do my swaps on LaundroMATiC.net. I love rainbows!

ElizabethObviously 02/24/2007 #

i have changed it so newbies CA join but they need to suply references...like what swaps oyu have joined and your partners name..so i can check to see if you have sent, or other sites you swap on...:D

glolinde 02/27/2007 #

I just PM you, asking if I could join. I have been part of three different swaps before I joined this one. I have three swaps (and possiably more) that are ending before your date for joining. Is it a deal? Pretty Please???

lamazon 03/ 1/2007 #

Tip :If you have to send a package to Europe please wright the 7 with an extra line in the middle . Offently postmen take the overseas 7 for a 1 !

Little question : If possible can you put real stamps on the packages ? Not those ugly white postoffice things :o))) I know many stamp collectors overhere and real stamps are very rarely this days .


user6651 03/ 1/2007 #

Hi. I'm a newbie but you can check out my feedback ratings on ebay under seller name, jmculver_gallery. I've also joined other swaps on here, and am already getting the packages ready. :)

Is it ok for some of the items to be handmade as well, or do they all have to be store bought?

Thanks! This should be a fun swap.


ElizabethObviously 03/ 1/2007 #

Some items can be handmade but not like all! A Variety!

And Lamazon- it might be hard for people to use real stamps on the package because thse might be a bit heavy to send...hopefully your partner will though! If they can!

lamazon 03/ 2/2007 #

Hi Elizabeth Overhere whatever the weight of a package is you can put stamps on it . Isn't this possible in your country ? If not : sorry I asked I didn't know it . Miet

ElizabethObviously 03/ 4/2007 #

i think it is possible...but if a package is heavy you have to get it weighted at the post office and they just print out a large post office stamp

unknownname 03/10/2007 #

im a noobie. :x but i have feedback on laundromatic asylumchild i pmed you also feedback on lj. unknownasylum

AshleyShea 03/10/2007 #

In the U.S., even if you bring a package to the post office, you can put stamps on it. You can either put the stamps on it before you get to the post office and just turn it in when you get there (they will double check that you put enough postage on it), or you can put stamps on it at the post office after they weigh it. You can bring stamps with you and buy when you get there. You can always buy 1 of this stamp and 2 of that stamp, etc., to get enough for the package.

I, too, enjoy getting packages that come with real stamps, rather than just the printed labels, so I try to send out my packages with real stamps as often as possible.

AshleyShea 03/10/2007 #

I LOVE this swap -- so much that I made a second one, with a couple of differences. The major difference is that it is also a "detective" swap. In addition to sending things of all the colors of the rainbow, you check your partner's profile, snoop their blogs or photo albums, and get an idea of things they would really enjoy BEFORE buying the items. I also set it for U.S. only for people who have trouble paying for international postage.

This is not meant to put down THIS swap at all. Just thought I would let you all know about it in case you'd like to be in another rainbow swap. The Rainbow Detective swap is at http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/2428

gem 03/11/2007 #

It's a great idea Ashley, really! -- I just think most of us swappers already do that, automatically ;) without being told -wink-. But US only is always welcome especially with postage being so high - so good luck with your swap! I'm sure everyone will have fun.

~ gem ~

beegirl 03/14/2007 #

thanks a lot!!!! beautiful swap!!! ___

ElizabethObviously 03/15/2007 #

oy vay.....i wish they let me do partners....

Chic 03/21/2007 #

Sent mine off today! To the U.S!

sarachattom 03/21/2007 #

I just sent mine off today - to Germany, from the U.S.!

Ooohhh... I hope whoever was assigned to me was from another country, too!

1CrazyQuilter 03/21/2007 #

onestrangekitten I sent your package out today.

user6217 03/23/2007 #

ozrob I sent your package today.

user6217 03/23/2007 #

ozrob I sent your package today.

beegirl 03/26/2007 #

I forgot to write here when I sent it! 21st march from Italy to USA...to Gem....you have to be patient with Italian Post Offices :)

beegirl 03/28/2007 #

seems like my package already arrived safe in the US to my partner. I am so happy :)

Nathalie 03/29/2007 #

Jellybaby, your package is in the mail to sweden

Chic 03/29/2007 #

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :o)

gem 03/29/2007 #

Got my swap from beegirl a couple days ago (so fast!) - and it was AWESOME! Nicely boxed & wrapped, cute note, niceely chosen items ... and a "tiny tiny extra gift" that was perfect and so thoughtful, THANKS so much, Teresa!

I tried to upload a pic here but not looking like it worked (?) so if you want to see just check out my flick'r - link in my profile :)

~ gem ~

beegirl 03/30/2007 #

I am so happy you liked it! :) it was a very funny way to start swapping!!! ^^

user6447 03/31/2007 #

WOW! I received such a wonderful pkg. from Karolina "jellybaby"! Thank you so much for for all the wonderful things that will be put to good use. THANKS! :)

Chic 04/ 2/2007 #

Niecy - Glad you liked the package! :o) and glad it arrived safely!

Kat 04/ 2/2007 #

lamazon, your is in the mail to Belgium from the US.

ozrob 04/ 5/2007 #

wanderer - where did you send from? your package to me hasn't arrived yet, I thought it would be here be now.

user6217 04/ 6/2007 #

ozrob I sent from the usa

zanylady 04/ 6/2007 #

What a fun swap! Great to go on a treasure hunt for items in the appropriate color.

Hope you enjoy my choices, wigglywourms...sent them taody via airmail.



user5585 04/ 7/2007 #

I got my package today and I loved it! This was definitely the best swap of gotten since joining etsy! I would like to thank my partner but I don't knoww her user name. Her first name is Colleen! Thanks Colleen!

BTW, my dad is from Memphis so the magnet is perfect!

Melissa (cor-de-rosa)

lamazon 04/ 9/2007 #

Kat I'm looking forward to see your package :o) . i'll let you know when it arrives !

Mummybear 04/10/2007 #

jmculver - your package is in the mail. From the uk to the US. Hope it arrives safely - Mummybear.

gem 04/10/2007 #

Okay I think I finally scored my last item - the red one was stumping me but! today I found what I think is the perfect thing so I'll be packing this all up and sending out by week's end ... I have an overseas partner (someonewhosentmeapostcardinanotherswap-wink-) so be patient, but on the lookout - and I hope you like your gifts!

~ gem ~

lamazon 04/12/2007 #

Got a big package today !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippieeeeeee!! this time I got a very fine swapartner :o))) I'm so glad because I missed several swap lately . Kat THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the lovely items . You didn't made my day but my whole week :o)))

Kat 04/14/2007 #

I received yesterday! Thank you JMP2cute4u. I especially love the candle (what a GREAT smell!).

ceske 04/18/2007 #

Sent mine this morning!

ozrob 04/19/2007 #

still no package - I think it may have dissappeared!

lamazon 04/19/2007 #

Elizabeth did you see the profile from accidents has been deleted !!!! The person whom she has to send to isn't going to get a package . Perhaps your just in time to assign the one who has to send to her to the partner of accidents ?

lamazon 04/19/2007 #

Ozrob it depends on how she send it : by plane about 10 days:o) , by boat about 3 -4 weeks :o(( !!!

beegirl 04/19/2007 #

OHMYGOD! Lamazon got your package today....I really can't say how much I loved it!!!! Thank you so much!

tvstar 04/19/2007 #

Sleeping Traveler: I sent off your package today. I hope you enjoy it:)

lamazon 04/19/2007 #

Beegirl thank you for letting me know my package arrived safe and well . I'm so glad you liked what I've choosen for you !!! :o)))

gem 04/19/2007 #

UPDATE: My swappees package is going out tomorrow (Apr 20) I got sidetracked and it's been sitting here waiting for me to add a note so I can send it off - sorry!

~ gem ~

tvstar 04/19/2007 #

Whoops! I posted the wrong name. I meant to post LASTSTRAWS..I sent off your package today. Sorry!!

ozrob 04/22/2007 #

my partner said it was sent by airmail but I still haven't received it. Was sent on 23rd March. I'm puzzled! I've received other packages from USA that were posted on 14th April.

ElizabethObviously 04/22/2007 #

yah accidents partner has already been angelled

Chic 04/23/2007 #

Nathalie, I yet haven´t recieved your package :( Hope it didn´t get lost in the post..

user6217 04/25/2007 #

ceska I receive your package. great stuff.especially like the book of places to visit.

glolinde 04/25/2007 #

who has me? I haven't recieved anything. Oh, RockeyMtMommey, I hope you like yours! I had a lot of fun putting it together!! :)

Chic 04/25/2007 #

Nathalie - it has arrived now. Thank you so much! Cute little things :)

ceske 04/26/2007 #

wanderer So glad it arrived there okay and you liked what I choose. I really want a copy of that book for me and I really wanted to keep the soap dish for myself... this was a hard one to send.

Nathalie 04/27/2007 #

Jellybaby, Ouf almost panicked happy you liked it ; )

Nathalie 04/27/2007 #

Almost a month to take it overseas is quite a long time

birdbeth 04/28/2007 #

thanks Cor-de-rosa! Your package arrived today - a big red box filled with colorful goodies, even some Indian food (yum)!!

user6941 05/ 6/2007 #

I received a package from Linda who was angeling. It is a most wonderful package and I would like to let her know that it arrived. She wrote her e-mail down, but I'm having trouble reading it. There was no swap-bot name either, so I have no clue how to get a hold of her. I would like to thank her very much! Elizabeth-Your package will go out on Monday. Sorry it's taking so long...I had to wait to get paid on Friday in order to afford shipping costs.

birdbeth 05/ 7/2007 #

serie nova

your is finally going out today! sorry it's so last minute!

asmom 05/ 7/2007 #

Clayshaper, I mailed your package today, sent it parcel post. They said you should receive it in 7 days. Made the deadline!! Whew!! asmom

ozrob 05/ 8/2007 #

Still nothing! what do I do?

macati 05/ 9/2007 #

me too...nothing...

Nathalie 05/12/2007 #

Nothing here either but I'm patient a little longer

Nathalie 05/12/2007 #

Checked the no sent list 3 '1' -raters, should one of these be my swappartner?

fairykiss 05/15/2007 #

Nathalie, I was your partner and it was sent out forever ago. I don't think the post office person (a temp) did the tracking right, but that shouldn't have changed anything. I have pictures of what I sent you up on my flickr account and I hope you get it soon. Please let me know!!

Clayshaper 05/19/2007 #

WOW, asmom... you HUMBLE me with your package... just amazing. It was like a holiday around here, opening up all that AWESOME stuff!!! You should know that is one of those things that totally was WAY above and beyond the scope of the swap, and was also COMPLETELY stunning to us- just amazing... what a wonderful, thoughtful package! It wasn't just colours you included, but the very scents and textures of that rainbow! AMAZING! You rock. :)

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