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Swap Coordinator:AmericanHeiress (contact)
Swap categories: Journals 
Number of people in swap:19
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:September 24, 2017
Date items must be sent by:October 1, 2017
Number of swap partners:1


OK SWAPPERS: We are almost back in business there were 8 of us either without a journal or had their journal compromised, bc of that stupid catfish posing as 2 different identities ((Makes me so mad)) and 1 Flaker, plus two swappers wanting opt out. I AM PUSHING BACK THE SIGN UP AND SEND DATE BACK ONE MORE WEEK As a courtesy to those who want to still participate but need to remake a journal and send to those swappers who received nothing. I know if we were in their position we would appreciate that extra time to create and send out in time for this swap.

****SO FREAKING IMPORTANT***** For those of you swappers who DID NOT RECEIVE ANYTHING FROM THESE SWAPPERS: @NMDesertrose , @Erinmdono & @Miramorswife PLEASE RATE THEM A BIG FAT "1" for yourselves and for me having to make all these damn spreadsheets to track everything and everyone LOL.

AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO SENT ANYTHING TO THESE SWAPPERS: Please make sure to notate it somewhere on your profile page that you sent out your swap but were not rated for something the received and failed to rate.



IF YOU RECEIVE YOUR OWN JOURNAL BACK: Please follow these steps: 1. Write about a day in your life, 2. Decorate a page anyway you wish (stickers, drawing, wash tape, scrapbook, add pictures), 3. Add your question

Before we begin, let me just start by saying this is a LONG TERM COMMITMENT/MONEY SWAP & A HIGH QUALITY SWAP ((This means take your time enjoy it, even if its your journal make sure your partner would love to receive what you are sending)). If you can't make that commitment, this may not be the swap for you. If you don't want to be a part of this swap for 20 or more rounds (which could mean over $50 in postage by the time it is all over), this may not be the swap for you. If a year is too long to wait to finish a swap and get your journal back, this is not the swap for you. This swap is a COMMITMENT, and if you can't follow through for the LONG TERM, then perhaps you should pick another swap. I'm sorry to be blunt, but I also want to be honest, and up-front to protect the swappers who do join.


That being said, on to business If you have a journal you'd like to use from the original series of this swap, feel free to do so. This is the reboot of the series of shared journal swaps. Here's what happens:

** IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST ROUND.** 1. Obtain a journal/notebook/comp book with at least 80 pages. (Comp books MAY be too big for this swap as they take a lot of time to fill. Just a tip. You can still use them. But journals with slightly smaller proportions may work better.)

  1. On the inside front cover write who the journal belongs to - THIS INCLUDES YOUR SCREENNAME!

  2. On the back page (or inside back cover) write your name and address and where to send the journal home when it is full.

  3. Write a bio about yourself (about a page or so)

  4. Then write one journal entry about your day, yourself, your thoughts, life, the world, whatever comes to mind (All of the above?) that you want to write about. (more than a page, please!)

  5. On the next page you will then write one journal prompt for your partner to answer.

That's it; send it off to your partner! ((PLEASE DO NOT USE MEDIA MAIL TO MAIL YOUR JOURNAL, THANK YOU))

NOT YOUR FIRST ROUND: If this is not your first round, that means you have received a journal, and are ready to proceed. 1 Answer the prompt your partner provided. 1 page answer, at least. 2 Add your bio (at least a page) 3 Add your journal entry (MORE than a page!!!!!!!!) 4 Add a prompt for your partner to answer 5 Send it on its merry way! ((PLEASE DO NOT USE MEDIA MAIL TO MAIL YOUR JOURNAL, THANK YOU))

FOR THE FINE PRINT: *Required swaps: rated for at least 10 Type 3 swaps

*Rating 4.95

*Well filled-out profile

I will be going through everyone's ratings, etc, to check over and prevent any issues or flakers on this swap. ----- *ANY suspicious swappers will be removed. I have the final word. I'll be fair, but I'll be strict.

You will have two weeks to send out your journal. Feel free to PM me if there are any questions. **I will also angel if needed, but please only sign up if you are willing to participate, nobody likes a flaker.


USAFwife 08/31/2017 #

I have the journal belonging to @TraceyHepburn

TraceyHepburn 09/ 5/2017 #

I have the journal belong to @Taledo

AmericanHeiress 09/ 5/2017 #

I have @Candace journal. It has some beautiful stories so far enjoyed readying everyone's entry.

Karen07 09/ 7/2017 #

I have AZmom's #2 Image Prompt Journal here.

USAFwife 09/ 8/2017 #

I don't mean to be 'needy', but .... does anyone have mine? I haven't seen it listed since I originally sent to @AmericanHeeress Just curious. :)

MawBella 09/ 8/2017 #

I haven't seen mine either @USAwife

AmericanHeiress 09/ 8/2017 #

@USAFwife your journal is with @haleyxfandora who is currently in swap #5 no worries

USAFwife 09/10/2017 #

@AmericanHeiress thanks for the update. I know not everyone lists when they receieve here in the comments, i was just wondering.

tam2016 09/11/2017 #

@MawBella I have yours and it will be mailed out with the Shared Journal #5 once partners are assigned. BTW, it's a beautiful journal!!

AZmom875 09/12/2017 #

I don't have anyone's Journal. I didn't get a journal for round 3 nor round 4. I will sit out round 5, and hope to be back in action for round 6. But as you know I now have 2 journals going around. Looks like Shinsierra has my orginal. and Karen07 has my #2.

teresa110 09/13/2017 #

I have my own journal

denisedecker58 09/13/2017 #

I just mailed out Karen07's journal to Heather. I'm sorry I don't have the tracking info on it because my husband mailed it and he didn't get the tracking. I am hoping it arrives ok and should be there by Friday at the latest. If not, let me know and I will angel it. I currently don't have a journal for the 5th round. Do I start another?

denisedecker58 09/13/2017 #

I am more than willing to do an angel swap if needed

USAFwife 09/13/2017 #

@AmericanHeiress thank you for the list. It is comforting to see where everything is, and I cannot even imagine the amount of work that went into that! :)

As for ratings, I have changed my opinion of a person's rating. All it takes is ONE person handing out a rating to 'ruin' the rating. And what do you do if that person goes MIA and you can never make it up? I think the feedback on the ratings means more than the number or the amount of hearts. Anyway, my 2 cents worth there.

ChrisAnne 09/13/2017 #

I have not received a journal from the previous round. But with Irma, we have been without mail for a few days, so let's not panic yet. I will wait to see if I receive one from the previous round before signing up for this round.

ChrisAnne 09/13/2017 #

Update, I just checked and the swapper who was to send to me in #4 is not marked sent yet. Maybe I can angel a round here. Let me know!

AmericanHeiress 09/13/2017 #

Everyone please sit tight I am going to push the switch date for this upcoming Monday. I am working on getting a hold of 3 swappers that had their journals go AWOL give to the other 3 swappers who got flaked on so they have something to send this upcoming Round #5. Sorry for all the fuss but with a flaker, two swappers who wanted to opt out and a catfish on the loose. I have been trying to make sure everyone leaving received their journals back and that everyone has a journal to switch. Thanks so much for your coop.

MawBella 09/13/2017 #

You have done a great job @AmericanHeiress ❣

ChrisAnne 09/14/2017 #

@AmericanHeiress you are amazing! Thank you so much for all the hard work you do making this a great swap. I've only been in a round so far, and you are amazing!

AZmom875 09/14/2017 #

Thanks for the swap sign up change. I will let you know when I get the Journal from Denise. I will join if I get it in time. Like she said I might get it tomorrow.

MawBella 09/15/2017 #

@ChrisAnne your journal is actually on its way to you. I mailed it before I knew the date was set back a bit. It shows you may get it Monday ! Let me know please. Thanks.

lawchick 09/17/2017 #

Just curious..why can't it be sent Media Mail?

USAFwife 09/17/2017 #

Media mail rate is only for bound & printed books, not journals. The USPS is authorized to open & check anything marked media mail & they can either return to sender or charge the recipient the cost difference (this happened to me). When the USPS opens mail, they also tend to damage or loose items too & that stinks.

AZmom875 09/18/2017 #

I am ready, I have Hayelyxfandora's Journal.

AmericanHeiress 09/18/2017 #

Awesome thanks so much @USAFwife for explain the Media Mail Guidelines. And so glad your journal arrive @AZmom875 We are almost ready just a few more waiting to receive their journals so we can start swapping.

AmericanHeiress 09/18/2017 #

I am still on the hunt to figure out where @Karen07 's journal is? And @Kraftykj 's journal too? Contacted @Denisedecker58 regarding Karens. And Kraftykj I have reached out to but have not heard back from if she sent out Aspens or not......Also waiting to hear back from @Kdguard so she can get her journal back into circulation, bc her journal was compromised by a flaker. And she has Carolinecreations22 who also flaked and needs to be rated a 1 by Kdguard and then she can redo her journal send out #5. Almost read we got 3 days left before we switch. Holy crap this has been intense.

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET 09/18/2017 #

@shinyserra I mailed your journal back to you today, along with 2 other swaps. I also left a profile comment on her page. Your tracking # is 9500 1104 4427 7261 0852 97

Thursday delivery date

I can angel journal experience 5 if someone flakes, just messageme and let me know @AmericanHeriess

Mybeautyfullmess 09/19/2017 #

Hi! I'm just a little confused since this is my first round. How do I know whose journal I have? The name at the front of the journal or the back cover?

AmericanHeiress 09/19/2017 #

@CraftyMommaonaBudget thanks so much for the offer and keeping me updated. @Mybeautyfullmess look to see who introduced themselves in the very beginning of the journal and that should be your indicator. Looks like you have my journal ((Doesnt it have my name and Swap Name in the journal?))

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET 09/19/2017 #

This swap has been nothing but a hassle, now theirs a problem with the delivery of my journal. I will never again join any of these swap, especially when the host is allowing flakers into their swaps. Very poorly put together, SWAPPERS BEWARE.

MawBella 09/19/2017 #

@ChrisAnne have you got the journal I sent you? Is should have been there by Monday. Let me know when you get it. Thanks

Mybeautyfullmess 09/19/2017 #

Yes it does. Just wanted to be sure. I'm confused myself! Lol Screen name and name of swapper! Lol Sorry!

Chloeisfox 09/19/2017 #

I'll be watching this until I have enough ratings to join, seems like such a good idea!

AmericanHeiress 09/19/2017 #

@CraftyMommaonabudget I have gone above and beyond to make sure everyone gets their journals back and those that want to participate to make sure their journals are in circulation. Which btw they all still are. Keep it classy. Negative comments are not necessary.

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET 09/19/2017 #

Its a free country if you cannot handle the epnegetive feedback it shows what kind of person you really are.

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET 09/19/2017 #

You should angel all swaps and stop asking pp, to angel them for you, be a lil more careful abt who u allow into your swaps and you will not have any problems

USAFwife 09/19/2017 #

Hey, guys! Calm down! @AmericanHeiress was pretty clear in the first round of the swap that we might not get our journals back in the end, and every swap here on swap-bot is a chance of getting flaked on. You can't always tell a poor swapper by their ratings or their profile. Sometimes you have to take a chance. And when I had an issue with a round of this swap @AmericanHeiress was ready to angel it. Give her a break. She's dealing with hurricanes, regular life, AND trying to track down everyone's journals. Take a breath.

sometimes hosts have to take a chance on new swappers - give them a chance. Sometimes they're reliable and sometimes they aren't. That's just the chance you take. I got flaked on by the host of a 9 month journal a few years back. It's rotten, but not the end of the world.

@AmericanHeiress if you need an angel for this swap, let me know. I'm happy to help out. This has, for the most part, been fun. It's like the journal version of a Friendship Book, so beyond cool. :)

AmericanHeiress 09/19/2017 #

Again, some swappers just dont or cant read the directions. One minute they are offering to angel and the next they are "combatively" slinging mud everywhere. I will leave all this up so everyone can see whats happening here for themselves. And thats just what they have said publicly I have more in messages. Its not any different trust me. No one sees me freaking out this is my swap. And a swapper that decided to leave bc they couldnt follow directions and got frustrated has been swapping for 2 years btw, when I have been on the bot for 10 years is trying to tell me how to run my swap. Nice try. Keep it classy and most of all keep it moving. Your officially banned for life.

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET 09/20/2017 #


CraftyMommaonaBUDGET 09/20/2017 #

Hunny I dont need your high risk swaps, I deal with good standing swappers, so you can have it. I have groups with 100 good standing members. LOL funny though, I host my own journal swaps with trusted swappers. I am pissed off cause one of your swappers mailed my journal media mail, after your swap says no media mail? your a joke. Didnt you bite my ass off when I mailed media? You didnt even put that into the guidelines until after I did it. It it wasnt for me, you would have never known

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET 09/20/2017 #

I hosted way more swaps then you, your a mess

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET 09/22/2017 #

My journal should arrive today, ppl cannot follow a simple direction my journal was mailed media mail since the host didnt do her hosting the correct way. But she chewed my as out when i made a mistake in her swap. God forbid

ladydy5 09/24/2017 #

Wow! Lots of work for hostess! Got flaked on similar before by not getting it back to me so go for it and good luck !

AZmom875 09/24/2017 #

I have a group. and I have hosted swaps like this before. The thing is, even when you think all the player are safe people, that you have known for a while, the flaking happens. I think Shinyseirra can also attest to that when she hosted one that people who had known a long time got flaky.

USAFwife 09/24/2017 #

I agree @AZmom875 Ive had similar experiences in other swaps. Lots of working parts out of our control.

denisedecker58 09/25/2017 #

I mailed out Round #5. It was the newly started journal by Tam2016 and I mailed it out to Heather on Saturday.

MawBella 09/25/2017 #

Received my makeup journal from @ChrisAnne today that she Angeled. So will be getting it ready and will ship to my partner ASAP. ❣

taledo 09/26/2017 #

I have Denise Deckard journal

MawBella 09/27/2017 #

@teresa110 I mailed the journal off to you today! 😊

kraftykj 09/28/2017 #

I have Janine's (Mybeautyfullmess) journal!

tam2016 09/30/2017 #

Mailed out @MawBella journal I received to @Mybeautyfullmess today (9/30). @Mybeautyfullmess Your Tracking Number is 9405511899564689897296

aligurl75 10/ 2/2017 #

I just received @DeniseDeckers58 journal and will forward in round 6

AZmom875 10/ 5/2017 #

I got @Tam2016 's journal today from Denise Decker. I will start soon so it is ready for round 6.

denisedecker58 10/ 9/2017 #

I received a journal from Dawn Hoffman (craftymimi) on Saturday. Will work on it and send out for next round!

craftymimi 10/17/2017 #

I got Maw Bellas journal from Chris Anne Shultz. I will send it in round 6!

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