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FAST Turnaround Swap - UPDATED!

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Swap Coordinator:gramsbuttonbox (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Art  Ephemera 
Number of people in swap:33
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:January 2, 2009
Date items must be sent by:January 31, 2009
Number of swap partners:2

UPDATE - see below!

I have hosted some round robin journal swaps, that are only open to "experienced" swappers (those WITH a good rating) - and I have been contacted by many 'newbies' asking if they can join.

I've told them to find a "quick turnaround" swap, and get some excellent ratings, and then they would be most welcome!

Well, there just aren't that many "quickies" that are open to the newbies - and well, I remember when I was one myself.


this is for YOU, if you are brand new, or have not yet found a quick swap to get some good ratings. (maybe even a heart or two?)

This is an INTERNATIONAL swap, open to EVERYONE - even experienced swappers - (adding a couple '5' ratings would be good for anyone!)

Swap Details - *you will have TWO partners (that means you will get TWO ratings!)

*send FOUR different blank notecards with envelopes to each of your partners.

~~UPDATE~~ January 3 - it may be because it's just after the holidays, or who knows what the reason, but I have had some difficulty finding ANY "packets" with different cards in each - and so, everyone, the "rule" has changed, to say that if you want to send cards with the SAME design, that is fine -

And as you RECEIVE your swaps, please note this accordingly, and rate your partner with this in mind. Thanks.

(That's eight notecards, total, which is usually one packet of notecards from the store)

This is a FAST swap (one week from signup to mailing)- so get your notecards right away, and get them in a mailing envie, even weigh it and attach the postage, all ready to mail.

(Remember, this is an int'l swap, so postage will be different if you have an int'l partner)

Swap partners will be assigned when the signup deadline comes, so all you will have to so, is put the address on the mailer, and get it in the mail.

About a week after the mailing deadline, you will have the chance to leave a rating for your partners - remember to DO THAT!

HOW DO I EARN A HEART? good question - a heart means that you have done something "above and beyond" the requirement - and in this case, that could mean sending some stickers, or maybe sending FIVE or even SIX note cards, or writing a nice little note about yourself....

IMPORTANT - include your own name in the swap, as well as your "swap id" - many of us use nicknames, and it's always nice to know who sent the packages.

HAVE FUN WITH THIS! and Good Luck!

(hope to maybe see some of you in my round robin swaps soon!)


AndreaJ 12/23/2008 #

I'd love this since I'm a newbie. My question is do these have to be handmade notecards? I'm not at all crafty.

gramsbuttonbox 12/26/2008 #

if you want to make them yourself, that would be wonderful, but this is meant to be EASY and FAST - so store-bought would be fine -

Also, each notecard should be different.

It would be fun to have a "hand-made" card swap - might just have to start one, hahaha


gramsbuttonbox 12/26/2008 #

partners will be assigned SOON - everyone, you can have your notecards all ready to send - I'll also be sending an email to everyone as a reminder, so be watching for it -

thanks for signing up, have FUN with it

gramsbuttonbox 12/28/2008 #

a VERY good lesson to learn here, in swap-bot, especially if you have an international swap partner -

if the deadline is a week past, and you have NOT received anything yet, PLEASE contact your partner FIRST, before leaving a bad rating - you may also check their profile, to see if they've been RATED by their other partner, which would tell you that they probably mailed both sets on the same day, and it MAY be "on the way".

international mail takes a little longer (duh) - so you might have to be patient.

That is why you certainly CAN (and maybe should) send your swaps immediately when you have your partners' names -

something to think about - Mary

Franstuff 12/29/2008 #

Thanks for hosting this swap for newbies! I am really wanting to get a few ratings under my belt so I can join more swaps! I will pick out my notecards tonight, as I have a stash.


gramsbuttonbox 12/29/2008 #

thanks, Fran, and welcome to the swap - I do hope you enjoy swapping - and I host a couple swaps that are open to newbies - you can find them on my profile, if you're interested -

good luck everyone, with your swapping! Mary

CraftDiva4 12/30/2008 #

I just signed up and I'm so excited. I doubt I'll get any sleep tonight. Thank you for creating this swap for newbies like me!!!

gramsbuttonbox 12/30/2008 #

You are very welcome - and I hope you enjoy the swap -

partners will be assigned SOON - I'll be sending out a reminder email as well, so be watching for it - get your cards sent right away, so your partners will have a good reason to give you a wonderful rating - and FAST!

have a good week, and happy New Year - keep it safe - Mary

gramsbuttonbox 12/30/2008 #

If anyone signs up for this swap, with a lower rating, I DO want to give them a chance to "make good" - if one of them is your partner, please remember to rate the person - and do it fairly - and quickly.


gramsbuttonbox 12/31/2008 #

I will re-send the email I sent a few days ago, now that we have more swappers - if you've already received it, just ignore it, but I do want to welcome everyone who has signed up for this swap, and wish you all very well in your swapping!

Have a happy new year also, Mary

gramsbuttonbox 01/ 1/2009 #

this note is maybe "mostly" for newbies, but a good reminder for everyone - -

in rating a swap partner, REMEMBER, you are to rate them with a 5 (top score) if they "fulfilled the requirements of the swap" - - - NOT "did they send you something you love?"

One of the joys of swap-bot is that there are so many surprises that come in the mail, nearly every day! Please do NOT expect to always receive something you absolutely adore - you might even not quite actually LIKE it - - BUT - - if the swap requirements were completely met, and in a timely manner - then you are responsible to rate that person for TRYING - and carrying through on their swap commitment!

Also, there is NO reason why you cannot turn around and swap back something (in a different swap), that you might not like.

Let's all be kind this year -

(climbs down from my soapbox)

gramsbuttonbox 01/ 1/2009 #

I will be running another swap, just like this one, once this one has closed to new members - if you are interested, be watching for it.

Have a good week, Mary

jqtoyou 01/ 2/2009 #

I was under the impression I was suppose to get my partner last night/this morning? I am ready to ship the package out and want to get a good rating, so I thought I would double check.

gramsbuttonbox 01/ 2/2009 #

my mistake, jqtoyou - the closing date means that the date shown is still available to sign up - the partners are assigned AFTER that date - I thought it closed the day before -

and good for you, getting everything ready to send right away!


gramsbuttonbox 01/ 3/2009 #

partners have been assigned for this swap, so please click on the link in the yellow box to the upper right of the page -

Get your notecards send right away, and please post here when you receive them, so we know - you can also click the link that says you've SENT your items.

Happy swapping, Mary

gramsbuttonbox 01/ 3/2009 #

I have messaged a couple people HERE in swap-bot, please respond immediately, here, or by message or email.

I've sent out emails to everyone, there is no reason to respond to those, but please do read them.

Have fun with this, and have a great weekend, Mary

gramsbuttonbox 01/ 4/2009 #

My swap items are going to be winging their cheerful way to Donna in Woodbridge, CT, and Kathy in Eden, GA tomorrow.

I do hope you enjoy them, and the little extra's as well.

PLEASE everyone, keep us informed here, when you've sent off your cards, and also when you receive them.

While there's no real time limit to rating partners, I know there are quite a few newbies who are eagerly awaiting some numbers by their names!

have a good week, everyone, Mary

lostdawill 01/ 5/2009 #

My cards went out on the 3rd to crazygirl and mboclair. I can hardly wait for something in the mailbox LOL

gramsbuttonbox 01/ 5/2009 #

Just to let you know - on swaps that I host, I do NOT click the "items sent" link, until the swap has completely closed - doing so, would move it from my dashboard page, and I want to keep these at the forefront of my mind.

I HAVE sent the items for this swap, even tho it still shows that I have not - just letting you know -


traderkat 01/ 5/2009 #

I sent my items today to dmcanepari and tooliesteaparty! The post office said they should be there in 3 days. I hope ya'll enjoy them!

jqtoyou 01/ 5/2009 #

mboclair and lostdawill, your packages are on the way as of 9am this morning!

CraftDiva4 01/ 5/2009 #

Ollie and Hedgehog your note cards are on their way. I just completed my first swap!!!

gramsbuttonbox 01/ 5/2009 #

As these cards are heading out "into the world", let's be sure to remember to rate our partners - I know there are quite a few newbies hoping to get some numbers by their names! There actually isn't a time limit to rate partners, but for this one, since we all signed up for it BECAUSE it is a FAST swap, let's get things all finished up soon.

hope you are having a good time, Mary

gramsbuttonbox 01/ 6/2009 #

please post here when you receive your swaps, so the people who sent them can know they arrived safely.

and remember to rate your partners. Mary

gramsbuttonbox 01/ 7/2009 #

almost everyone in the group has clicked the "Sent' button, so we are "on the way" - happy swapping everyone, and let's remember to RATE our partners


gramsbuttonbox 01/ 7/2009 #

received cute package and rated Angela in Cincy, OH - thanks dear heart!

mboclair 01/ 7/2009 #

I received my package from jqtoyou and it was wonderful!!! Thank you so much!

traderkat 01/ 8/2009 #

I received my package today from Angelan and I absolutely love them. There was some very cute handmade ones!

gramsbuttonbox 01/ 9/2009 #

there are still a couple people who have not marked that they've sent their swap - - sometimes people forget to click the link, I realize, so if you've gone ahead and sent them, just disregard this, otherwise, GET THEM SENT - - today is the deadline - - and I know that there are several swappers who are eagerly waiting to be rated for this swap.

If you do NOT receive your cards, within another week, you might want to check your swap partner's profile, to see if the other person has already rated them for this - and if so, then yours might be "on the way" as well - -

I think that two weeks from today is a pretty fair time frame to expect that you should receive your cards -

If you do NOT receive anything within TWO weeks, let me know - this swap can be angelled pretty inexpensively - -

but DO be sure to rate your partners - fairly, and honestly. These ratings can always be changed, if you rate them for non-receipt, and later, the item arrives -

lostdawill 01/ 9/2009 #

I received from jqtoyou today and it was fab! Thank you very much!

traderkat 01/ 9/2009 #

I got my package from gramsbuttonbox today. Thanks for the cards and the extras. I really love the little "swap card". I had read about them somewhere on the board and was wondering what they were and now I have to make some for my future swaps. Really cute!

gramsbuttonbox 01/10/2009 #

so glad you liked the items - - I am running a swap for "swap cards" in fact, you might want to check it out - and yes, it's open to newbies!


gramsbuttonbox 01/10/2009 #

According to the listing, EVERYONE has sent their ietms! So if you are still waiting, hopefully they will arrive SOON - - be sure to rate your partners.

Let's really try for 100% rating on this, so that these newbies can start to slough off that "title" hahaha

I hope you all had some fun with this, and thanks again, for joining this swap!

I also host several other swaps, most of them are open to newbies also - including the "swap card" swap.

Hope to see some of you "over there" also!


ocean11 01/13/2009 #

I just got the notecards from Ollie, they're really lovely and she has send some pretty extra "thank you"-cards too. A really great way to start swapping here!

ocean11 01/13/2009 #

swap from Ollie (it seems the gallery doesn't work and I already had taken the picture so I hope nobody minds me posting it here)

tooliesteaparty 01/14/2009 #

It's been so much fun swapping so far! I received beautiful handmade cards from dmcanepari, and a great assortment of cards from traderkat. Both envelopes came on Jan 11, with lovely little extras. I mailed out to my partners on 1/8/09 but have not heard from or got notice of receipt from Btryflymoominlvr87 or Jenann82. I sent both an assortment of cards and a letter. Hope they respond soon!

gramsbuttonbox 01/14/2009 #

I hope you hear something soon also - we are moving along really well, with ratings coming in, so I'm very optimistic about reaching 100% ratings!


pennywhistler 01/15/2009 #

Thanks to anevilladybug for my cards!

I would also say that international swappers should definitely give it more than two weeks to chase up their cards. I am finding my parcels to and from the USA are taking about 3-4 weeks at the moment.

gramsbuttonbox 01/16/2009 #

Thanks for letting us know - -

I sent emails to everyone - - everyone has a rating in this swap!

So thanks for being a part of this, and good luck to all of you in your swaps!

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