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Beginners Inchie Swap #3

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Beginners Inchie Swap #3
Swap Coordinator:dreamgrlsd (contact)
Swap categories: Inchies 
Number of people in swap:75
Last day to signup/drop:June 1, 2009
Date items must be sent by:June 20, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

Hi Everyone,

Since there has been a good response to this swap I am going to hold them on a regular basis!

Since receiving a craft magazine highlighting inchies (April 2009, Scrap & Stamp Arts magazine), I thought I would do a swap for beginners like me. I have not really dabbled in the inchie world so I am willing to give it a shot.

This will be a simple and fun swap. You will have 1 partner to send to.

You will send 4 inchies sender’s choice. They can be of any theme (keep it clean). You can use any type of embellishments, sticker, paint, and marker, mixed media whatever you choose. Just do not send an inchie that is not decorated. Please put a little bit of time into creating your inchies. I know this is for beginners but a sticker on an inchie is not done. Think of them as little pieces of art.

If you are expecting to receive something very artsy then this swap may not be for you. This is a beginner’s swap for people who are new to the craft or people who want to try a hand at it. Seasoned pros are more than welcome to join. Maybe you can share a little insight for us beginners.

Now for the fun part.

For seasoned swappers you must have at least a 4.8 rating in order to participate. No no-sends or 1s within the last 3 months. -Newbies are welcomed, as long as you have a filled out profile so we can get to know you. I reserve the right to ban anyone that I think is questionable.

Happy Swapping!!


kimpulse 05/ 5/2009 #

this sounds like fun ^^

what exactly are inchies and what are they for? ^^;;

auntjudy 05/ 5/2009 #

I signed up for both swaps. I really do want to be in both.


dreamgrlsd 05/ 7/2009 #

@sugarbun inchies are 1 inch square that are creted the same way an ATC is. Basically they are little pieces of art. People create them and swap them others. I know some people place magnets on the back of them and use them for decorations and such.

@auntjudy LOL for some reason when i was creating the swap the system doubled it. :o) There will be another one next month too!

IngridRijnen 05/ 8/2009 #

I just finished my first inchies. And I can say that I´m addicted now .-) I would love to join again !

dreamgrlsd 05/ 8/2009 #

@IngridRijnen I know what you mean! Please join us in the fun!

Bewara 05/ 8/2009 #

I have never made an inchie before but I am dying to make and trade some!! Thank you for holding newbie swaps!!

Bewara 05/ 8/2009 #

what do you use to clear coat/varnish the top to protect the artwork?

angelak 05/ 9/2009 #

Okay, I have signed up but I am a newbie. I have filled in my profile though, so I hope I can still play. Regardless, I'm off to make some inchies right now!

dreamgrlsd 05/10/2009 #

@Bewara I think some people use diamond glaze or mode podge.

Bewara 05/11/2009 #

thanks for the info! Will there be a place we can post photos of our inchies (made and received?) Sorry for all the noobish questions, I'm new here!

lucymaep 05/11/2009 #

Wow! I've never made inchies before, but I am excited to do so. What can I do with them?

dreamgrlsd 05/11/2009 #

@Bewara I didn't even think about that?? I'm not sure on how to create one. Does anyone know how to create a place to post pictures???

@lucymaep The creativity is up to you. Think of them as little pieces of art. I think of mine as a miniture ATC and try to create from there. The inchies I received from my partner from round #2 had little magnets on the back of them. I thought that was a really cool idea.

malmow 05/13/2009 #

I recognize the inchies in the picture. :) I might sign up for this one.

Fritosmom 05/13/2009 #

I have never made an ATC or an Inchie. Can I use the backside of index cards?

dreamgrlsd 05/14/2009 #

@Fritosmom When creating inchies or ATCs must people will start with cardstock or some other material that is sturdy. Then they create from there. Some will use scrapbooking paper and apply them to a backing. In creating my inchies, if I think they are to flimsy I will attach them to a backing. I usually use pasta boxes or sometimes I am able to get this cardboard stuff from the reproduction company we at work that has about the same thickness to attach my inchies and ATCs to.

EvaCVincent 05/14/2009 #

I am excited to do this. They can be used as embellishments on a scrapbook page.

dreamgrlsd 05/15/2009 #

@EvaCVincent That is a really cool idea. I didn't think of that one! :o)

lucymaep 05/18/2009 #

That is a cool idea! If anyone else has some ideas of uses, I would love to hear them.

CroLaneyL 05/20/2009 #

The whole subject of ATC's is very exciting and interesting. I'm guilty, I'm new to this, but have alot of ideas and hopeful to make someone happy. lol. What I need to know is how to we sign the backs of them? What info do we put?

scottishlass 05/21/2009 #

I had so much fun with my first one's that I'm joining again. Thanks for this.

dreamgrlsd 05/23/2009 #

@autumnbrezzz On mine I just put my name and month/year. It took me a few times to figure out how to do it. I know someone from the last round used photoshop to create the back for theirs, but I don't know how to do it (I tried but it didn't work).

Anyone else have any other ideas???

@scottishlass I am glad you really liked the swap last time. I am finding that I really like making inchies too!

ladydy5 05/23/2009 #

I never did inchies before. I just did some that were 1 1/2inchies, is that okay? along with some that are 1 inch.

ladyrn 05/24/2009 #

I just got an inchie from a pen pal. I think it is so cute and love it and would like to start somewhere. I have this on my watch list and will join closer. So we are not going to be laughed at with our first inchie right?

rabredt 05/25/2009 #

Oh, I'm so excited. :3

But how are parteners assigned, and how will we know who we get?

dreamgrlsd 05/25/2009 #

@ladydy5 I think if you send the 1 1/2 inchies as extras then that would be fine. The swap is set-up for 4 inchies. So you would have to send at least the 4 inchies to complete the swap requirements.

@ladyrn No you won't be laughed at. This swap is set-up for beginners so we can get our feet wet and learn a new craft. :o)

@rabredt partners are assigned my SB. The day after the sign-up date I will request partners be assigned and you will automatically be notified by SB of who your partners are. Once the partners are assigned you can click on the rightside of the swap information where it says see who you send to and find out who you are to send your swap to.

grimmlynn 05/26/2009 #

I am excited about this swap, just like I am all inchie swaps!
If anyone needs blank inchies, let me know and I will definitely throw some in. I invested in a 1" square punch, so I am happy to share.

dreamgrlsd 05/26/2009 #

@grimmlynn Thank you for your offer! I have ben eyeing a punk at JoAnn's for a while. I think I will finally invest in it. :o)

CroLaneyL 05/26/2009 #

I made some inchies and I have to say, I'm alittle nervous, lol. Such a tiny work area, but like it was mentioned we'll see as we get our inchies we'll learn more. God knows I need the help.:O)

Chrystallinya 05/27/2009 #

Can you also make a bead embroidered fabric inchie, or are these just paint and paper crafted?

FROGGY42 05/27/2009 #

I am a beginner and am not sure about this "fabric" question. My guess would be that it's okay if it's glued or fastened somehow onto cardboard or something else stiff. I would love to get one made with beaded fabric. Sounds really pretty.

ffrenchie00girl 05/28/2009 #

So glad to have found this site through Card Maker Magazine1:) I'm a newbie also but have been cardmaking for 8 years, crocheting for 26 years and cross stitching for 28 ! I retired on diability 5 years so all I have is time to play:) I have had 2 inchie stamp sets since winter and have had no idea what to do with them til now! This is going to be fun. I'll do my very best to not disapoint anyone. I also have been there-it's not fun. frenchie00girl

dreamgrlsd 05/28/2009 #

@autumnbreezzz I know what you mean. Now that I have done them a couple of times I think I am getting a little better.

@Chrystallinya You can create them using any type crafting items. Just please make sure you put a sturdy backing on them. I had a partner embroider a picture and them glued it a cardstock backing.

@froggy42 I agree with you! It does sound really cool. I think I might give it a shot! :o)

@ffrenchie00girl I am glad you decided to play with us!! Don't worry this is a learning experience for all of us!

SouthWestMoonUnit 05/28/2009 #

I am new here and would like to join this swap. It sounds like a lot of fun!

nottameable 05/29/2009 #

I have created a yahoo group for newbies and anyone wanting to learn and have fun with altered art of every kind. I posted some tutorials and I would like to start some round robins I think will be fun and you will be able to post pics too.http://groups.yahoo.com/group/alteredhearts/ I am looking for moderators and cool ideas.

nottameable 05/29/2009 #

P.S. its under my alter ego name djkozykrafts. :)

ladydy5 05/29/2009 #

I am a sewing freak so I hope it will be okay if mine are done on a fabric base.

KimberlyJDC 05/29/2009 #

I've done a lot of ATC's but for some reason I've been afraid of inchies until now (it's such a small surface)... since this is a group for newbies I don't feel as intimidated. I am really looking forward to this swap!

ladyrn 05/30/2009 #

I can't believe I am doing this. I hope I can be creative and get a few done. I am committed now to the swap. I have been thinking about it for a week and am really excited.

JoyAnne 05/30/2009 #

I would love to participate! This sounds great.

Kathi 05/31/2009 #

This sounds like a lot of fun! I'd love to join in. I have that Scrap and Stamp magazine issue with the Inchies on the cover you mentioned and have been intrigued ever since checking out the article. A friend of mine (Hi Joyce!) mentioned joining the swap here and so I decided to join in too. I LOVE anything paper and am always looking for some new things to try. Gotta have a good reason for buying all this papercraft stuff that I seem to be addicted to anyway. LOL Can't wait to get started trying out Inchies!

dreamgrlsd 06/ 1/2009 #

@tysmomie That is a nice thing to do . Thank you for inviting us.

@ladydy5 I would love to see one that is sewn! :o) I picked-up a DIY at my local craft store to create quilted ones. I'm going to try to do it this weekend.

@KimberlyJDC Be careful they are addicting! lol I'm always looking for small things that I can fit on an inchie now!

@ladyrn LOL don't worry this swap is for beginners and people who are learning how to do this or who want to get better at doing them. I think whatever we create it will be a great experience.

@Kathi LOL I know what you mean. I keep looking at the magazine thinking I think I can do that! I've been looking for different magazines that might have articles on inchies.

ladydy5 06/ 1/2009 #

So fun to do. I just miscalculated on the size via my sewing machine and they ended up being 1 1/2 inches. But cute. If who ever gets mine feels I didn't send what was suppose to be sent then let me know and I will do it again but at 1 inch size. Sorry.

lucymaep 06/ 3/2009 #

I'm excited about this swap, but I feel somewhat uninspired... I suppose I'll have to do some digging around in my craft room- see what I can find!

kimberlyrose 06/ 3/2009 #

So I had all my inchies lined up and ready to go, and one's missing. I assume it got knocked off the cabinet, but can't find it. So much for advance planning, I'll have to make another one tomorrow!

lucymaep 06/ 7/2009 #

Yay! I'm finished with my inchies and going to send them off tomorrow. Great swap! Thanx dreamgrlsd!

rabredt 06/ 8/2009 #

I finished mine! <3 First ones ever; I'm so excited!

dreamgrlsd 06/ 8/2009 #

I hope al of you are enjoying making your inchies. I finished mine over the weekend and I am mailing out this morning.

lucymaep 06/ 8/2009 #

How do I know when my partner has sent mine? I looked on her profile and her list of current swaps did not include this one... Does that mean she sent them, or did she just drop out?

dreamgrlsd 06/19/2009 #

@lucymaep that means she has already sent her swap. :o)

KrazyFiberKat 06/28/2009 #

Mine are finally finished. I think I over thought this whole process.:-)

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