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Date Joined: May 12, 2009
Last Online: April 15, 2022
Birthday: August 27
Country: United States
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Greater Birmingham National Organization for Women

About Me

Hello, I'm Jeni. Nice to meet you.

Update: 10/10/2104-I have a job! I was also recently made president of a local chapter of the National Organization for Women, so my swapping will be scarce while I deal with a very hectic schedule.

I am really bad at talking about myself, so please enjoy this list of 10 words and phrases that describe me and know that it took forever for me to compile this:

  • Generally happy
  • Animal activist
  • Feminist
  • Crafty
  • Avid Reader
  • Worrier (not to be confused with Warrior)
  • Compassionate
  • Hippie-ish
  • Introvert
  • Considerate

My Family

My family consists of myself, my husband, four cats, and a uromastyx. I love them all very much.


I love to craft. I am into all types of crafting.

Needlefelting I love living dangerously and a barbed needle, poked quickly and repeatedly into 'fluff'(wool) is crafting on the edge. Seriously, it is a lot of fun and I love any and all colors of wool roving.

Paper I am a shameless paper addict. I love all types of paper...fancy scrap book paper, book pages, ephemera.

Inchies You just cannot understand how much I absolutely love inchies. I will never have enough. Did you get inchies in a swap that weren't your style? I bet I know someone who would happily take them off your hands. It's me! I would.

Matchboxes This cute little craft is surprisingly addictive. Plus, it allows me to use stuff from my paper stash little by little.

Altered Art I like to glue stuff to stuff. Then paint it. Then glue some more.
I really like altered CDs and other things like that. I enjoy re-purposing things.

Embroidery This is my newest addiction. I really like it.

Other Crafts Sometimes I like to play with clay. I enjoy glass fusing. I love mixed media art works, too. I also like making jewelry, especially brooches.


Yes, please. I can't help it if I am a magpie.

Creative Style & Process

When I create something, it is usually at a slower pace than most. I often see handmade swaps that are profile based and look interesting, but know I will have trouble completing the item(s) on time. I work slowly, deliberately, and messily.

I won't bore you with my health issues, but I do have some that keep me from creating as often as I would like. So, on days when I feel up to creating, you can bet my house is a mess because I take full advantage of the times I feel well. Luckily, I have the best husband in the world and he usually helps me straighten up the damage caused by excessive crafting.


Here are some things I find entertaining.


I love poetry books, especially haikus. If you write poetry, feel free to send some my way. I like all styles and subject matter, but I have to say that teenage angst doesn't look good on adults. So, please consider that before sending anything filled with adolescent rage my way.

I visit the library regularly to check out and inspect their craft book selection. I am lucky to live near an amazing library that has great books.

My husband is into historical fiction, though I am not the biggest fan.


I love scary movies! The cheesier, the better. I watch SyFy movies quite regularly and am able to enjoy them. I also like droll comedies. For example, The Visioneers is a movie I liked a lot. If you have seen it, all I have to say to you is-
Happy Jeffers Morning!

I also enjoy MST3K.


Too much television will rot your mind.
Here are a few of the ways I rot my mind:

  • Archer
  • Doctor Who
  • Futurama
  • Adventure Time
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • Bob's Burgers
  • House
  • X-files
  • Parks and Recreations
  • Sherlock
  • Absolutely Fabulous
  • Haven

Likable Things

Here are a few of my favorite things.

  • Cats: Chaucer, Poe, Mini, and Fiona
  • Husband: Ben
  • Uromastyx: Sir Robin
  • Anything cat themed
  • Rainbows
  • Pictures of graves (location and date on the back)
  • Anything handmade to showcase your talent
  • Fabric
  • Totes
  • Rainy days
  • Thunderstorms
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Unicorns
  • Nail Polish
  • Matchboxes
  • Altered Art
  • Orange (color + the fruit)
  • Teal
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Green
  • Recycling
  • Arm warmers
  • Pin back buttons
  • Wrist cuffs
  • Tie dye
  • Ravens
  • Atheism
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Books
  • Regretsy
  • Poetry
  • Bats (the animal)
  • Halloween
  • Handmade washcloths
  • Quarter machine capsules

My husband can sometimes be a bit jealous of my swaps, so if you ever want to gear a swap towards his interests instead of mine, feel free.

The Husband

  • Doctor Who
  • Anything geeky
  • Pi (3.14)
  • Nerd humor
  • Foreign coins
  • Red Dwarf
  • Science
  • Computer related anything and everything

Random Notes

I don't really collect anything and my apartment doesn't really have a sense of style, so I am really not incredibly picky. I just like seeing what you make and enjoy swapping.

Now that being said I am a practical person and if you can send me something I can actually use versus something I can just look at, I will really enjoy it. For instance, if I am in a kitchen swap, I would much prefer a pretty potholder over a kitchen plaque. This won't fit in all cases and that's just fine. I know that many times I host and swap things that exist solely for the sake of being beautiful.

Oh, and I totally love when my cats get stuff in the mail. For whatever reason, it makes my day and they are always happy about it, too.

Things I Dislike

I am not really picky and won't freak out if you send something that does not suit my style.

  • Allergy Alert NO TREE NUTS PLEASE I have a severe allergy. I carry an Epi-pen. So, while I won't freak out, I could easily wind up in the hospital. For the record, peanuts are generally fine, though many times they are manufactured at the same facilities, so I am wary about eating them. This applies mainly to food swaps and in case I receive food without labeling in English.
  • Sunburns
  • Too much complaining (especially without offering solutions)
  • Religion (any type)
  • People who are mean for no reason

Quick Photo Break!





Me, speaking at a rally:

Swapping Style

I love swapping.

Please do not feel obligated to send extras that are random and not related to the swap. If you can't resist, though, I understand and won't hold it against you.

Please communicate with me if you are running late. I am not heartless and am more likely to rate you at least a '5' if you have told me it is going to be late. Communication goes a long way.

Don't send me bad quality please. I know the difference between slapped together and a valid effort. I would rather your swap be a little late than rushed and last minute. Don't panic if it is your first try at something, just make sure to actually try. I would love to see your first attempts at stuff, actually.

I like reading stuff you write. So, if you are concerned that I don't like extras, maybe include a nice note talking about the swap or your inspiration? I enjoy things like that.


Comment: I will rerate when I receive the swap.
mejulia rated for Swap-bot Haiku Postcard on Oct 15, 2014
Comment: I love it, thank you so much!!!
BeverlyGray rated for Halloween Pringle Can Swap on Oct 7, 2014
Comment: Love it. Thank you!
ChinaCat rated for 13 Days of Halloween on Oct 6, 2014
Comment: WHEEEE!!! My fun box arrived today and I'm itching to open something! I did plenty of squeezing and shaking - have not started tearing little bits of paper away and peeking underneath (yet). Thank you, times 13!! =)
glauren rated for Halloween Matchbox on Sep 30, 2014
Comment: Loved it!!! Happy Halloween!!!
Comment: Thank you so much for the whimsy pocket! This was my first one, too, and it was a lot of fun. All the goodies you stuffed in it were super! I'm not sure how you got it all in there. I dumped it out to look at it and couldn't get it all back in! Thank you so much!!!
Response: Thank you for the rating and the heart! As for all the stuff inside, I almost took it all out so I could get a picture of it, but then realized if I did that, I would never fit it all back again. I am super glad you liked everything!
Comment: Ow wow, I wish I could give you more hearts! This is one of my all time favorite things that I have ever gotten from a swap! My Halloween Dolphin in just awesome!!! Thank you so much. Your stitched dolphin rocks!
Response: I am so happy that you like your Halloween dolphin! I had quite the fun time hunting down a suitable image for this swap. I am thrilled that you like the dolphin so much!!! Thanks for hosting such a fun swap!
zoev1975 rated for TNW-ATC-Owl on Sep 20, 2014
Comment: Jeni, I love swapping with you! The pink owl is adorable, and thank you for the swap bot postcards - very cool!
Response: I love swapping with you, too, which is lucky because swap assignments always land us together! Thanks for hosting such a great swap!
DebR rated for Book Quote on a Postcard #1 on Sep 20, 2014
Comment: Thank you, I also love that quote. Debbie
Response: Thanks for the rating and the heart! I do love that quote because I find that my favorite books are ones that I can read an infinite number of times.
laurieburkett17 rated for Book Quote on a Postcard #1 on Sep 11, 2014
Comment: Thanks!
Response: You are very welcomed!
ChinaCat rated for SD - Destash a Handmade Object on Jul 31, 2014
Comment: I love the embroidered sugar skull ornament, Jeni! Thanks so much. I think your sewing skills are first-rate! =) The bracelet is nice and dark and Halloweeny...thank you. You sent so many cool things - I don't want to forget anything. LOVE the SB swag! And thanks much for the pretty flower stickers and owly tape for the WTA!!! As always, you rock, girl!
Response: I'm so happy you like everything! I had a lot of fun making that ornament. I love how colorful the skulls can be. Thanks for hosting this super fun swap!!
Comment: Your package was so much fun to open! It was obvious you put a lot of time and thought into it. Thanks so much! :)
Response: I'm very glad you had fun opening the package. I have been a Poe fan from a very early age and it was a super interesting way to revisit his writings. Thanks for the rating and the heart!
Comment: Eeeeee, I LOVE the grocery delivery/birthday theme you picked for the envelope. So cute! You also have *awesome* handwriting, and I enjoyed reading your note. Thanks, Jeni!
Response: I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks for joining the swap and for the heart rating! <3
hollycm6 rated for JUNE: page collage atc on Jul 7, 2014
Comment: Very nice!! They are kind of addictive, aren't they?? :-) thank you!!
Response: Thank you! Yes, they are quite addictive. I swear, I could spend days just on paper crafting. Thanks for hosting such a fun swap!
Comment: Lovely sparkly inchies - I love to see how everyone interprets the "brief" differently! Thanks so much - looking forward to more in the series :)
Response: Thank you! I had a lot of fun looking for something that was the 'perfect' shades of red and orange. I made some that didn't make the cut because the colors seemed to just muddle together. Thank you for participating in the swap!!
wunderland rated for Rachel's Easy Postcard Swap on Jul 3, 2014
Comment: ThinkGeek speaks to me, usually saying "buy this crap that you don't need" but whatever, i love dorky stuff! thanks for the resend :)
Response: Dorky stuff is the best stuff, always! Thanks for the rating!
Kathy821 rated for MM: Postcard with a Quote on Jun 27, 2014
Comment: Thank you very much for the adorable card. Great quote and a good reminder! Thank you for hosting!
Response: I am very happy you liked the card and quote. Thank you for joining the swap!
Teacake rated for Inchies: A Few of My Favorite Things on Jun 27, 2014
Response: Thank you for joining the swap! I hope you enjoyed making and receiving inchies!
Comment: Thank you for the very nice inchies
Response: You are very welcomed! Thank you for joining the swap!
lcjustme rated for TNW-Inchies on Jun 23, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the hand drawn inchies. I loved your jellyfish!
Response: I'm very glad you enjoyed them! The jellyfish was my favorite, too. I actually made quite a few of them because they were so fun. Thank you for the great rating and heart!

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drgngirl on Jan 22, 2015:

Will be removing you from US Tag Aficionados because of your recent 1. Please feel free to rejoin when you come back and the 1 is resolved.

ladydy5 on Jan 10, 2015:

Will be removing you from Artistically Inclined as I see how busy you are and your swapping may be a problem. Good luck with your new job etc.

Saristotle on Nov 6, 2014:

I hope everything is alright, but for now I have to remove you from Eff Your Beauty Standards until you take care of your 1. So sorry.

ChinaCat on Jul 31, 2014:

I'll send you photos of the sugar skull ornie and the bracelet this weekend, Jeni - thanks again! xoxo

bluehairedmary on Jun 25, 2014:

Consider joining my quote or stickers swaps in the Mailbox Mania group!

Tarabell150 on May 23, 2014:

Glad to see you are still here :) So many swappers that I loved to swap with before are no longer around so its always nice to see some familiar faces around here! How is rave barbie still doing? Lol

ladydy5 on Apr 16, 2014:

Welcome to Artistically Inclined group. Hope you will join in all the swaps. Happy Easter

cmdunderground on Apr 3, 2014:

I received your package today! Thank you for the awesome march wishes for the DS group! Those stamps are awesome, new ones for me!! Yay!!!

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