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1 Chocolate Bar Swap

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1 Chocolate Bar Swap
Swap Coordinator:user7636 (contact)
Swap categories: Food 
Number of people in swap:61
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:November 30, 2009
Date items must be sent by:December 16, 2009
Number of swap partners:2

You will send 2 partners 1 chocolate bar each.

Please list in the comment area as to what you dislike.

This is an INTERNATIONAL swap so be aware that you might need to send overseas.

Everyone with a 4.7 rating and no 3's or 1's within the last 2 months may join. Newbies are welcome as long as you have a filled out profile.

Any questions, please pm me and any swaps flaked on will be aneled by me as long as I am notified.


htmljenn 11/ 7/2009 #

I don't like fruit in my chocolate or white chocolate. Beyond that, I'm pretty open when it comes to chocolate. :-)

TryshaH81 11/ 7/2009 #

Please nothing with coconut or peanuts or fruit due to allergies.

pointypartyhat 11/ 7/2009 #

No generic American chocolates please!

user9548 11/ 7/2009 #

I don't like dark chocolate, orange, coconut and peanuts... white chocolate is very welcome.. :-)

sophiastar 11/ 7/2009 #

I don't like coffee flavoured chocolate or the milk chocolate hershey bars, anything else is ok

ladydy5 11/ 7/2009 #

pointypartyhat what do you mean by "generic American" chocolates.? Do you mean no Hersey bars? Snickers? BabeRuth? Would Godiva be okay with you? I think the coordinator should specify the chocolate bars as being upscale type don't you think?

karlupy 11/ 7/2009 #

i dont like dry fruits in chocolates, aa and the bitter ones, everything else y like, and i dont have allergies :)

user7636 11/ 8/2009 #

@ladydy5 it's really up to the sender what they want to send. If you want to send a gourmet chocolate bar that's really up to you. I can't say that everyone needs to spend the $$ for 1 chocolate bar because here in Hawaii if the chocolate bars aren't on sale they are close to a dollar each.

bringal 11/ 9/2009 #

I do not like fruits in my chocolate, prefer dark chocolates or milk chocolates. I don't mind American chocolates!

LenaCoelho 11/13/2009 #

I dont like dark chocolate, please nothing with peanuts.

cmtracy68 11/16/2009 #

anything except coffee or orang flavored chocolate...if u send dark no more then 35-40% cocoa!!!

RuadhGirl 11/17/2009 #

I only eat dark chocolate (70% or higher). The only nuts I like are peanuts and almonds (love both of them), and I can't stand coconut. :-)

kaikamahine 11/20/2009 #

I love dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Anything with chocolate and macadamia nuts or chocolate and raspberry - that's my favorite! :) I'm happy with anything though :)

sophiastar 11/21/2009 #

Is this senders choice? I'd love to be in this swap but if my partner requests a really specific chocolate (eg only 70% or higher) I might not be able to get that in a single sized bar so think I'll have to pass on this one. :(

user7636 11/22/2009 #

YAYYY!!! We have made the top 10 list!

user7636 11/22/2009 #

@sophias rhis is senders choice but mnembers may request a certain chocolateso please take a look at the comments so you know what they don't like. Thanks!

RazzDejaStar 11/22/2009 #

Yikes, everyone is so picky! Who would send someone a fruity chocolate? That's just yuckies...

papercrafter23 11/22/2009 #

I like chocolate with fruit in it. Think raspberry truffles or lemon truffles. Chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate covered cherries? Ooooh yeah! I also love chocolate with nuts like almonds or hazelnuts in it.

ladystumblindummy 11/22/2009 #

i would love to join your swap but I was unfairly rated a 3 last week. you may check my profile to see my record. I am nort a flaker ioce marshmellow and choc please consider me trhanks lsd

Chinita 11/22/2009 #

dark chocolate. anything with nuts. no milk or white please. raspberry is good too.


mikeyoki 11/23/2009 #

Hi may i know what counts for 1 chocolate bar ? i don't want to send wrong or unfair to my partner.Thanks!


girlpirate 11/23/2009 #

I'm pretty easy... I like plain ol' milk chocolate. Not a fan of dark. Allergic to nuts and coconut.

papercrafter23 11/23/2009 #

To my partners: I like any kind of dark or milk chocolate really. I can't stand white chocolate. I don't mind nuts or dried fruits or kind of off the wall flavors. I'm open to trying new things. I would specifically love if someone could find me a nice chocolate with coconut/coconut flavor in it! :-)

Stavroula 11/24/2009 #

jeez you are a picky bunch.... i'll try make my partners proud! i'll eat whatever i receive, chocolate is chocolate!

knitchick308 11/24/2009 #

I love dark chocolate. The only nut I like is almond and I am kind of liking cherries in my chocolate right now. I also like to try something that is local and different then what might be available to me locally- so a surprise is always nice!

recklessdreamer 11/25/2009 #

My only request is no dark chocolate.

hereinflnow 11/25/2009 #

Please no coconut or fruit in the chocolate. I'd prefer to get something besides the normal brand bars like Hershey etc.. but I know it's senders choice.

Paulinesmiles 11/25/2009 #

I don't really enjoy chocolate with nuts, so no nuts please! Thanks :-)

rox5car 11/25/2009 #

My favorite is dark chocolate. Peanut butter/chocolate is my next favorite. No chocolate is off limits. I'll eat any. Mint's not in my top 5, though.

user7636 11/26/2009 #

@RuadhGirl your partner may have a hard time finding a regular sized chocolate bar when you are requesting 70% or higher. Please do not be disappointed if you don't receive your request as this is for 1 regular sized chocolate bar.

user7636 11/26/2009 #

@mikeyoki this is for 1 regular sized chocolate bar you would by at your store, not the king sized ones.

user7636 11/26/2009 #

If at all possible, would prefer no white and no fruits. THANKS!

mikeyoki 11/26/2009 #

@user7636 may i know how many gram for a regular size? 40g?

user7636 11/26/2009 #

*mikeyoki I just checked 2 chocolate bars that I have here, and one was 39g and the other was 58,7g,

mikeyoki 11/27/2009 #

@user7636 thanks.

TheBigB 11/27/2009 #

I dig lots of nutty chocolate, especially almonds. Spicy chocolate is good too and if its dark, AWESOME but I really can't stand dark unless its of a GOOD quality. I like milk chocolate too. I don't like generic or white chocolate. I love fruit too :D I'm always up for trying weird or interesting things as well. I hope I made my selection large enough to still be SURPRISED. Oh, doubt this will be an issue but I don't eat beef or pork, so no chocolate covered bacon!

kathy881965 11/27/2009 #


MGD 11/27/2009 #

I don't like dark chocolate or fruit, Love milk chocolate, coconut and almonds/peanuts.

Polymath 11/28/2009 #

No white chocolate please. Anything else will be fine, especially dark chocolate bars.

pointypartyhat 11/28/2009 #

By generic American chocolate I mean the common types of chocolate that you can pick up in the checkout line of any grocery store. If my partner is in another country and those chocolates are uncommon to them then I will send them but if my partner is in the US chances are they can pick up a Snickers bar on their own.

evieroz 11/28/2009 #

I'm joining, but this sure is a picky bunch. I'll be happy with what I receive and I will send "Senders Choice".

Virou 11/29/2009 #

I don't like dark chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate with coconut nor vanilla. Love peanuts, caramel, mint, liquor-filled, but I will love anything else =)

Virou 11/29/2009 #

P.S. I love Cadbury's (which you cannot find in my Country) ;-)

amytheist 11/29/2009 #

To my partners: I'm joining the swap for my little girl [she loves chocolates] so anything is find.

Margih 11/29/2009 #

I´m allergic to nuts and I don´t like dark dark chocolate. Otherwise everything else is welcome :)

Nickel 11/29/2009 #

So is this senders Choice or not. It may be hard to feel some of the request on here. I don't care what I get as long as it is chocolate and not old.

chincho 11/30/2009 #

I do not like white chocolate, I frefer dark chocolate, but every quality chocolate is great.

wingedmuse 11/30/2009 #

i'm not fond of white chocolate or fruits.. but anything else is good to go :) dark chocolate is my fav!

renees 11/30/2009 #

only thing I don't like it Dark Choc. Anything else I'm open to!

amandapage 11/30/2009 #

I'm not a fan of coffee flavoured chocolate. Other than that, my main request would be for something regional. I like to try different things, and know that even in the US there's a huge variety of local/regional chocolate bars.

NurseToBe 11/30/2009 #

I love dark chocolate! Please no coconut or nuts :) Also anything with a smooth texture, or mousse is welcome!

SidewaysandShipwrecked 11/30/2009 #

No coconut, coffee or nuts please! I love dark chocolate, and don't mind a citrus flavored chocolate. No chocolate with fruits with seeds though!

AnnaLou 12/ 1/2009 #

It's Sender's Choice so suprise me please. No pickiness here! :)

AnnaLou 12/ 1/2009 #

oh yes, but I do collect candy wrappers with cartoon characters on them for my son :)

Stavroula 12/ 1/2009 #

whoo hoo! i got fabulous partners! sorry for those that got picky ones :-)

littlefec 12/ 1/2009 #

I should help my swappy partners out - I don't like fruit (although I have been known to suck the chocolate off when I'm desperate!) All else is chocolate gold!

weura686 12/ 1/2009 #

I am so excited...both of my chocolates are coming from overseas (Singapore and Chile) Please no peanut butter though! Thanks.

rainslick 12/ 9/2009 #

I love dark chocolate!

hereinflnow 12/15/2009 #

To my two partners.. I just mailed today est. delivery is 6-10 days from the US to your countries! Sorry had to wait to ship till now because I got two overseas so shipping was steep!!

karlupy 12/17/2009 #

to my partners! y will send the swap as soon as i can! dont worry

Bound 12/22/2009 #

to my partners I see you havent rated me yet. I sent out weeks ago whats up? Happy Holidays ;-) O and I havent gotten mine yet. Anybody wanna share ;-)

renees 12/28/2009 #

@Bound - your partners probably aren't going to check on here so if you're curious if they received you should PM them. Also, this was international so it can sometimes take Weeks to get where they're going, add in the holidays and it could take even longer. send by date was only 2 weeks ago so there's still a chance they're on their way

Bound 01/22/2010 #

Thanks renees. Got it all together now both international Spain and israel woot woot o wat fun! That I must say was a fun swap totally enjoyed it. I think the international part made it super awesome:)

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