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Date Joined: October 8, 2009
Last Online: November 3, 2013
Birthday: March 1, 1989
Country: United States
My blogger blog :)
Oh yeah, I have a facebook :o
This is where you ask the questions...

I am Bwittany.

AND... I really need to update this thing. Been a couple years. Thank you all for yer patience ;}

I make funny noises rather then enunciate my words, I was un-schooled my whole life and am now attending college and like it, a lot, I eat constantly and have big boobs, I dislike them most days, I list silly things, I am always up for an adventure, and my favorite category is "delicious."

My goal in life is to make ordinary things interesting.
Nice to meet you :)

You will find me...

Eating, hugging, zoning out, knitting, drawing on things that aren't paper, writing incoherent thoughts inside my journal, reading, baking, particularly cookies, making nonchalant lists on scraps of paper you leave out, trying to figure things out, in funny attire, watching a movie, whilst smiling throughout :)

In crafting, sharable forms...

I love to upcycle as much as I can! I feel horrible when I buy new paper products and go to (sometimes tedious) lengths to ensure minimal usage. Your acceptance of my handiwork is greatly appreciated :) I'll appreciate any of yours even more!

ATC's (heavily deco-ed, oh yes), knitting (not super at it yet though), journaling, radical package design, cut and paste, thinking processes, unusual/found object jewelry, baking! Cookie swaps!!
I LOVE pen pals! I don't join pen pal swaps though because I'm a hard kid to match general interests with, so if you get an itch to send along a letter with one of your swaps or randomly find me amusing I'd be SO FRIGGEN HAPPY. Just sayin.

Favorite Books

I'm not good at listing favorites....

I like reading just about anything though. Horror, fantasy, quick wit, those that make you deeply ponder, things hard to believe, and anything that teaches me something new are fun to acquire though :)

Favorite Movies

I have far too many to even remember, I don't have a specific genre, I just like movies, a lot.

Some...... Benny and Joon, American Beauty, Secretary, Bug, Clerks, Amelie, Howl's Moving Castle, Donnie Darko, Natural born killers, Fight Club, Spirited Away, Ghost World, Indian in the Cupboard, Pulp Fiction, The Emperors New Groove, Hard Candy, Princess Mononoke, The Blues Brothers, Repo Man, Love Ludlow, Spun, Party Monster, E.T., Casper, Goonies, Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind, Harold and Kumar go to white castle, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ferngully, Labyrinth, The Neverending Story, Shawshank Redemption, The Brothers Bloom...


Top 3 subjects guaranteed to make me happy with just about any medium: Trees, Turtles, and Filigree.

I also like absolutely random things, they really make me smile, old childhood toys, those pictures that only you and your family or friends would understand, water, hugs, cartoons from the 90's, PIKACHU! He is tattooed on my calf :D, feeling productive, intimate HUMAN ANATOMY, GORE, MORBID objects, I collect dead insects and the like that I find about, but I also love cutesy little things, even in their irony against my personality, ribbon bows for my hair, cheap bracelets, funky earrings, I LOVE ASYMMETRICAL WAYS, mismatched earrings and socks ect, I LOVE SOCKS! stickers of all shapes, sizes, and genres, especially animal (dinosaurs and turtles!) and food (cakes, chicken, and eggs!) stickers, I love reading other peoples thoughts on just about anything, babies and marveling at their being a tiny creation, ANYTHING vintage, PATCHES, totally random fabric for sewing and/or patches, especially furry fabric! "grandma" sweaters, SPIRALS, COILS, tee shirts meant for little boys, cutting my hair, GOOD chocolate, science, and clashing flashes of color, which reminds me. I have NO color preference, I've never had a favorite color. Anything with a story, anything that you put love into, thats neat.

I collect...

Identification cards (especially high school I.D.'s!), human hair, broken change (halves, chunks/chips missing, smooshed, etcetera), signs from or meant for establishments ("please wash hands", "caution", etcetera :D), dead insects, coffee mugs with usual sayings that seem unusual or funny, adorable scenes and/or sayings, socks, tiny quality furniture or dishes (like for inside a dollhouse yet sturdy and quite well made), ANYTHING Pikachu, Peewee Herman, penguins, or Rugrats, ridiculous T-shirts, pictures of people I don't know, and STICKERS!


I don't like being dehydrated, ticks, people not sticking up for themselves, my car making weird noises, or unsatisfying meals.

Don't send me:
A BUNCH of kawaii I'm NOT opposed to it, but it isn't going to win over my heart, generic candy (I am beginning a resolution to only include GOODgood chocolate), unnecessary packaging, crafts void of effort, packages without a hello, cheap make-up, MOST lip products, my exception is lip stains or lip blushes and natural/organic lip balms :D

Swap notice business.....

I am very serious about my swaps and working hard on them, if you do not receive something, I would be more then happy to resend!

My life is full of more then the usual unexpected moments, I go to college, I watch the 5 of my younger siblings here at my Dad's house as employment for weeks at a time, I keep house, and my mind wanders a lot. If I am going to be a little late with a swap I will do my best to message you. So PLEASE message me before you give me a bad rating and lets try to work something out, I think communicating is awesome :)


BTim rated for NOV: Mail-Art: Add and Pass #7 on Nov 26, 2013
Comment: I received it today in the mail in perfect condition. I will have to think about what It will add to it to make it even more interesting. Hmmm. Happy Swapping! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Comment: Thank you!! The envelope is just GORGEOUS!!!!! I feel so honored to be the one to send it home :)
Comment: Thank you for passing along the postcard. I will ensure it makes it home. Hugs, Mona
ReaderChris rated for APR: *Add and Pass! Round 3* on Apr 17, 2013
Comment: Got it - hmmmm, not sure what I'm gonna do with my space......
Cirsium rated for MAR: *Mail-Art, add and pass! R2* on Apr 2, 2013
Comment: Thank you :)
snout rated for Mail-art, fill and pass! : Round 1 on Mar 3, 2013
Comment: Heehee...this will be fun to add to. Thanks for the letter too! (Will write back)
Response: Awesome, I can't wait!
catestalkergc rated for Rambling letter on Mar 1, 2013
Comment: I loved the way you made the letter so poetic. You will get a reply soon.
Response: I couldn't help it.... haha. Glad you enjoyed it! I look forward to your response.
BuniGrrl rated for JAN: Write a letter! on Feb 8, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the lovely letter! I bet we'd get along famously in person :)
Response: Awww, yay!
Comment: It seems like it was a good thing for you to let the compass go. Thanks for the little extras!
Response: No problem, I'm glad you liked them, it was fun looking for things that would fit AND that I thought you would like! And yes, thank you for taking it :))
mskadie rated for Dumpster Divers and Treasure Finders on Aug 12, 2011
Comment: Love the fabric!!!! Must find something super awesome to turn it into! Maybe an apron? Can't believe you found it in an abandoned house, that's so cool! Sorry for the late rating, I've been away for a long time.. thanks again and all the best on your future treasure hunting! :)
Response: Ah! Glad you liked it, thank YOU for appreciating it. That is all I was aiming for :)
namelessgirl rated for JULY: Naked Mail on Jul 27, 2011
Comment: Love the toy - thanks so much!!!
Response: You're welcome! I'm glad he made it through!
Comment: very rad envelope. I will be writing back soon, but not too soon. speaking of needing more green in my city life... my girlfriend and I are taking a second apartment in nashville tn!! we move at the end of the month. suffice to say my life is crazy bananas right now. when I begin to know which way is up I will shoot you some tunes and words and junk. peace.
Response: Ahhh, excellent. I will be looking forward to it! And good luck and calm vibes for the moving.
luluvision rated for Silly things on a string #2 on Jul 1, 2011
Comment: Ha! Thanks for the fun and silly things on a string! The gorilla earrings crack.me.up!!
Response: Ah! Yes! I'm glad you liked them! I cannot wear them myself (stretched lobes), so I sent them to a good home! Thanks for the heart :D
Pjevsen rated for Gorey Alphabet ATC -Letter G on Jun 25, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much for the fantastic ATC - Love it! Thank you also for all the extras and the wonderful envelope with your own drawings on it. I did open it very carefully, and have now put it on display on my shelves :-)
Response: Ah! I'm really glad you liked it. I had fun making it and putting the envelope together :D
Kessie rated for Home Movies! on Jun 23, 2011
Comment: Hi Brittany, thanks for the two links - I really got an idea of how close you and your family are from them! I didn't know much about Rainbow Gatherings so I had to google it to try and understand about being quiet at Main circle etc. So, is Forest your brother? I would have named my daughter that if she had been a boy, but she was a girl, so I named her Skye. I've just been looking at your profile and think you sound like a really interesting person! :-)
Response: His whole name is actually Indigo Rainforest Sky! Skye is such a pretty name :) Thanks for the heart!
smilesalot7 rated for Home Movies! on Jun 19, 2011
Comment: Tank you for the home movies :o)
Response: No problem, thanks for the heart!
heidivee rated for Positive Postcard Swap on Jun 9, 2011
Comment: thanks for taking the time to put your own drawing on the pc.
FoxyMoron rated for Positive Postcard Swap on Jun 7, 2011
Comment: Very nice PC! :-) Thank you
Response: Ah, glad you liked it! You're welcome!
pengrafyx rated for MANIFESTO! on May 31, 2011
Comment: Loved the manifesto - gonna glue it in my journal and carry it around with me so I can read it over and over again. Thanks!
Response: Ahhhh, yes! I'm really happy you enjoyed it :)

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hellblazer on Sep 23, 2013:

Welcome to the Student Society!
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YooperHill on Jun 9, 2013:

Thank you for working on my mail art fill & pass: round 1! I am thrilled with how it turned out! Well done.

snout on Apr 30, 2013:

Hey you! I know it's been ages, but wanted to let you know that I finally sent a reply letter your way!

ZzMonstruozZ on Apr 4, 2013:

new swap

I'm sure you were waiting for a new swap in our The Butterfly Anarchists group!
Come in and take a look to our new E-swap about Street Art!
We're all waiting for you!

AndrewLips on Aug 8, 2011:

hey! i've accepted you into Can't Sleep. But i think i'm going to leave it! Do you want to become officer? x

egalite on Jun 4, 2011:

Hey, I am going to be your sending partner for Dumpster Divers and Treasure Finders. Just wanted you to know I've got my magpie glasses on for you... have a great day!

studiomnivorous on Dec 31, 2010:

Hey friend! If you're up for an online challenge, check out the new swap I posted =)

Hope you are well!


studiomnivorous on Dec 31, 2010:

Hey friend! If you're up for an online challenge, check out the new swap I posted =)

Hope you are well!


GingerChewRaccoon on Jun 24, 2010:

Hello Friend, did you get my letter yet? Hope so! <3

50DaysOfSummer on Jun 9, 2010:

someone has a letter coming! no fork but insane rambling :D

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