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Tote Bag Swap

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Tote Bag Swap
Swap Coordinator:robotgranny (contact)
Swap categories: Handbags  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:83
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:June 22, 2010
Date items must be sent by:July 1, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

Back for another swap! I keep getting ideas out of nowhere, tempted to swap and its not helping that my exams are nearing! Therefore, instead of my usual I-WANT-A-QUICK-SWAP, this will take longer.

Last sign up date: 22nd June Date to send: 1st July

This swap is a tote bag swap. Tote bag of any size, shape, material! You can handmade it or get it from the departmental store, thrift store. Sender's choice but still, best if you send what your partner like to receive!

There will be 1 partner for everyone. Newbies with filled out profiles are welcome. If you got 3s or 4s, please pm me and explain.

If this turns out good, i may series it. I love tote bags and I angel all my swaps =] Oh, its international.


Stefanija 06/ 8/2010 #

I like the idea of this swap but many wont join when you tell them to give a heart as long as they get the swap.. just a heads up, you may want to edit this if you wish more to join.

Ashley83 06/ 8/2010 #

Quoted directly from the "Create a Swap" page:

IMPORTANT: A swap coordinator can help their users determine how to rate a swap accurately, but they should not make specific rules about when to give a heart.

candigirl 06/ 8/2010 #

I love tote bags..too bad that there are no restrictions on this swap..I won't join a swap that openly invites those with ratings of 1.

If you ever do another swap like this, and you put some restrictions on it, I would be thrilled to join...

robotgranny 06/ 8/2010 #

i actually mean to help people get their ratings back but since im getting not good feedbacks, im willing to edit =]

camelsamba 06/ 8/2010 #

Hey robotgranny, there are thousands of members on swapbot - you don't have to change your whole plan (e.g. allowing people with 1s) just because one person says they won't join a swap! But it appears you have edited it already, because I don't see either thing that people are objecting to.

My husband says I should sign up for swaps where I send off more bags than I receive - our bags must be mating behind our backs, because it seems like we have more every day! :^)

nannie8 06/ 8/2010 #

I wish this for the usa

Naeco 06/ 8/2010 #

Yes, I would love to join this but shipping would be too much for international. If you could make a USA version, that would be awesome! (=

ficklefaerie 06/ 9/2010 #

I am pretty sure a basic tote will be flat enough to go flat in a bubbler for only a couple of bucks to canada as well as USA...International would only be 4 or 5 dollars. It would be nice to include everyone when this is an inexpensive shipping rate.

robotgranny 06/ 9/2010 #

@camelsamba I guess most people do not have the trust for people with 1s and since im still new at organizing swaps, i dont want to offend anyone =] I have a mountain of bags in my room , my mum complains so half of my goodies goes into the bf's house. Now hes starting to complain.

Sorry guys but im from Singapore so I wouldnt do a USA only swap and like what @ficklefaerie says it wont be too expensive .

pritishirname 06/ 9/2010 #

I would love to join this.I am from India & had an etsy shop for Indian purses.Had to close it because Indian bags take long time to complete even one!!!! This will be a great oppurtunity for me to see international purses.But I am seeing lots of apprehensiopns here,so I guess for now I will join the watch list & jump in at the end!!!!!

stacyalong 06/ 9/2010 #

Great Swap Robotgranny! I am very excited.....I love totes!

robotgranny 06/10/2010 #

@pritishirname Here in Singapore, we have little india and I LOVE GOING THERE TO SEE BAGS! and to get indian sweets. the one i love to eat has sliver on it and its milk based.

@stacyalong great! tote bags are awesomely great!

pritishirname 06/15/2010 #

thanx robotgranny:) yup..........they are traditional Indian sweets:) I guess I will join the swap:)

algodao 06/15/2010 #

hi every one i would like to join this swap. i'm from portugal, and we got lovelly and cute cotton fabric. just wonder what is a "Tote bag"??? is just a fabric bag or is something more constructed? thanks

LeftHandedGoth 06/16/2010 #

I make shopping bags! This is great for me. I like to use bags for shopping that can fold up kinda small, it doesn't matter if they are handmade or commercial as long as they hold groceries. I can also use zippers to make zipper bags so if you have a bunch of coin purses or zipper bags that are worn out but the zipper is OK I would like those.

katiewoo 06/19/2010 #

@robotgranny - go for it! I am really excited about this swap, all my swaps have to be international too because I live in England. Sometimes it seems I spend a fortune on postage but then I rein in my swapping...simples!

lameyxx 06/19/2010 #

really good to see a swap where i don't have to have been here for ages to be able participate in. i'll be watching it until i can see how much it would cost for postage as funds are a little low right now. (: x

HappyEarthling 06/20/2010 #

Hi RobotGranny! Thank you so much for making this an international swap! I'm a Canadian living in South Korea right now, and I can't tell you how frustrating it is to be cut off from so many swaps, and ignored by so many vendors on Etsy. Shipping, even to Korea, should only be a couple of bucks in a bubble mailer, and there are SO MANY cute things in Korea!!! People who exclude international swappers are really limiting their scope. This is a great swap, and I'm really looking forward to it!!! :)

MommyKnows 06/20/2010 #

"Tote bag of any size, shape, material! You can handmade it or get it from the departmental store, thrift store. Sender's choice "

I'm IN! I'm always too worried about the requirements of most bag swaps so I hesitate to join. This one is just right for me!

lameyxx 06/20/2010 #

at the main post office in my town they don't put stamps on the parcels/letters anymore - would you want everyone to use stamps or is that sort of delivery okay? i mean i can use stamps its just i'd have to buy them in advance. (: x

chilady61 06/20/2010 #

I would join but international postage is just too costly now and this swap with no restrictions invites flakers and unsavory swappers sorry im done with flakers !!!

LuvinMamaof4Girls 06/20/2010 #

I'm in! I love tote bags. Last time I joined a tote swap I was flaked but I was happy to know my partner loved hers. :( Luckily when I bought my partner her tote, I bought one for myself as well. :)

robotgranny 06/20/2010 #

@lameyxx as long as your partner receives the package, I think whichever is fine =]

@phonelady61 i angel swaps and i feel i should not leave them out just because. in a basket of good eggs, theres bound to be one bad egg but hey, its a basket of good eggs.

@luvinMamaof4Girls if you are flaked on again, email me. So far, all my swaps are open to everyone and its okay. No one flaked... yet.

@MommyKnows YAY YOU!


@algodao , google tote bags. the default picture of this swap is a tote bag.

DeidreArt 06/20/2010 #

Can this be a bag that may have gotten some use, but still in great condition?? I have tons of totes that don't always see as much use as others. Also ones I have gotten from businesses and such that may have not seen any.

Dibrittain 06/20/2010 #

Only problem is the cost. I can get a cheap bag for 99 cents that is from some dept. store or I can buy a cute one for 3.99 at bed bath and beyond. I just don't want to spend more than I would receive. I like to use totes with wide bottoms in them. If you make a price on this I would have joined. Right now I will just wait and see.

robotgranny 06/21/2010 #

@DeidreArt you could send a MSG to your partner once it's given and ask if she minds!

@Dibrittain there are many ways to do this. People who handmade might get a storebought one. The package meant to be a surprise before you open it no? Just make sure it's something you will like to receive. I bet everyone here sends stuff they will like their partner to enjoy :) hence the ratings! If you have gotten a tote you don't fancy, we can private swap the bag !

Sariah8 06/21/2010 #

I love tote bags. I have tons all over my house! I probably buy about 2 or 3 a month because I think they are cute and they end up hanging in my closet because I don't have a use for them (YET!). I love this swap idea!

lindasusanna 06/21/2010 #

ohhh I love totebags,, <3<3 put If I may ask, please can the handle be so long that I can carry the bag on my shoulder ? :) thanks :) (my profile may help you finding totebag to me :) )


chickenscratcher 06/21/2010 #

Thanks, thanks, thanks, I am so excited to be able to join one of yours swaps!!! I am a newbie and its kinda hard to get any type of a ratings history when you cant join any of these great swaps!!! I am an honest., considerate, good person, and I find that when you join these groups you should be the same to others as you would want for yourself!!! So come on everybody lets have some FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Letje 06/21/2010 #

Iร‚ยดm in :) I'd love to join. I make tote bags myself so I hope the receiver would love that. I would love to get a handmade one myself, but I would love a realy nice tote bag from Korea or India :) Anyway, this is a nice swap and I'm glad it's international


EddyG 06/21/2010 #

This looks great.
I love bags - even store bought ones Even the cotton "bag for life" type from supermarkets with the logo on.
I'm hoping for an international partner cross fingers

infiernodeashly 06/22/2010 #

I'm always looking for new bags, but they do start piling up. So, it's nice to have a way to get new bags while getting rid of old ones. ^^

fleasha 06/22/2010 #

I really don't get why people have to comment on swaps that they have no intention of joining... but whatever...

Anyway, glad I came on to SB today. Just in time to join this swap. I love totes. I make tote bags of all sorts. So whoever is my partner, you're getting a handmade tote!

As for me, I'm into reusable bags. I love handmade, but anything is fine. I prefer not to receive Wal-Mart totes or totes from any of the major US retailers (as I live in a big city and can get them here myself...). Local/Regional retailers/grocers are fine. It would be perfect if you're international.

PostMuse 06/22/2010 #

Kudos to @robotgranny for doing her part towards making Swap-Bot a welcoming spot on the Internet! I am in the US but get so frustrated by all the US only swaps, and the flake complainers.

I don't have much in the way of tote bags at the moment, but if I did, I'd be so all over this swap, just because of @robotgranny

robotgranny 06/23/2010 #

@PostMuse thank you so much <3

@fleasha I am sure your partner will love your bag. enjoy!

@infiernodeashly that was my intention when i created this but i saw cute tote bags while window shopping today. guess my partner is getting a new one!

@EddyG good luck! partners are assigned!

robotgranny 06/23/2010 #

@PostMuse thank you so much <3

@fleasha I am sure your partner will love your bag. enjoy!

@infiernodeashly that was my intention when i created this but i saw cute tote bags while window shopping today. guess my partner is getting a new one!

@EddyG good luck! partners are assigned!

Mom2Alex2008 06/23/2010 #

I really like large totes with at least 1 zippered area inside. I do not care if it is handmade or store bought, or used as long as it is cute and functional. LARGE PLEASE.... thanks so much! I will love whatever you send

Craftyscrapygirl 07/ 3/2010 #

Who's my partner?

Lanie 07/ 3/2010 #

http://www.swap-bot.com/user:JuiceeJewels has not logged on since the 23rd and was to hit sent by the 26th on another swap which it has not been done. Just a heads up to keep an eye on her. Something could have happen but no one knows.

robotgranny 07/ 4/2010 #

@ReduceReuseRepurpose Thank you for the heads up. Ive already sent her email and message on SB. Will inform her partner and angel the swap.

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