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★Hey! I'm Rebecca.★

A big part of life is how you look at the things you experience; I'm not saying a positive mindset will solve all your problems, but it will help you to see the things that you can change to make those problems better. I like that idea. And I like to spread my positive mindset to you and everyone I encounter on Swap-bot. I hope that shows, and I hope that if you've swapped with me, or will swap with me, that you have experienced that.

The world is filled with so many human creations, things that are often vital to modern day living, like running water, air conditioning, etc. I feel it is so imperative to know how things work (in order to fix them), and I like to push myself to learn (youtube is such a great tool).

I love to laugh, organize, play outside, challenge myself to be a better person, learn new stuff, go on outdoor adventures, exercise, travel, eat, write, and make stuff. I love trying new things whether it be a sport, a food, or a way of thinking.

I am learning Spanish and Dutch on a free website called Duolingo, and also learning guitar.

★I like...★

☆ Kawaii stuff ☆ Cool paper stuff, elaborate origami ☆ Colors: aqua (my favorite), silver, grey (the sort of mixed grey, like a cotton t-shirt), anything brightly colored ☆ Scents: vanilla, strawberry, sweet/fruity stuff ☆ Humor, laughing, jokes, satire, sarcasm ☆ Science, technology, physics, mechanics ☆ Animals, plants, gardening ☆ Dreaming, sleeping ☆ Thinking, philosophy, psychology ☆ Refined/detailed artwork ☆ Music, sounds of violins, violas ☆ Reading ☆ Food ☆ Running, biking, swimming, volleyball, jump roping, sailing, sailboarding, hiking ☆

★Send me...★

☆ Tea ☆ Japanese/Kawaii- letter sets, memo pads stickers, envelopes, etc. ☆ Survival gear! ☆ Postcards/thoughtful letters or notes ☆ Anchor designs/nautical themed stuff ☆ Delicious foods/candies from different places or countries ☆ Handmade - Charms, plushies, matchboxes, envelopes, anything quality that you made ☆ Something unique, amazing, or surprising ☆ Something you think would make me laugh ☆ Bath items/soaps ☆ Journals/writing supplies ☆

★Don't send me...★

☆ Items customized with my name on it ☆ The scent Sweet Pea ☆ A large quantity of paper scraps, like magazine cut outs, recipes, random ads, etc. ☆ Disney, Didl themes ☆ Drinking coffee (although it smells good) ☆

☆ **NOTE: I'm not allergic to anything.☆

★Swap Things★

☆ RATINGS: People are imperfect; we all make mistakes, arrive places late, and mess up swaps occasionally. Swap-bot is meant to be a fun, non-stressful community. So before rating a 3 or a 1, put yourself in their shoes, and ask yourself if rating them low is really the right choice (and if it is, then don't give them an undeserved 5). Ask yourself what you would expect from a fellow swapper if you were in their situation. Always message someone before rating if you have an issue. Practice the courtesy that you want other swappers to practice. Remember that your rating will be on their profile forever, effecting all aspects of their swapping. ☆

☆ MAIL: If I say I sent an item out on a Sunday, that just means it is in the mail, and will be shipped the following Monday. ☆

☆ PLEDGE: I will always rate for every swap, and I will put my best effort into everything I send out. If you ever feel like I should receive a 3 or a 1, please message me before rating, and I will be glad to work with you. ☆


If you've read this far and you still want more, here is the bonus section, which are all my strange thoughts.

I call it, "If I were Allowed to Quote Myself." Please take a seat and fasten your seat belt. Keep all arms and legs inside the cabin for the duration of the scroll. Enjoy!

☆ My Life Motto: "If people have done it, it can be done and if it can be done, then I can do it."

☆ "There's not enough lines In ridiculous Haikus To say what I mean."

☆ "Having a negative attitude=overlooking small chances to make things better."

☆ "Fortune Cookie: Quiet the tendencies that were stirred up in you by others, and make way for the tendencies that lead you where you actually want to go."

☆ "One of my sunflowers smells exactly like a tootsie roll."

☆ "Envy breeds discontent, admiration promotes happiness."

☆ "One day, you won't exist. But today you do. What are you gonna do about it?"

☆ "Hammocks are definitely cradles for adults."

☆ "Dirt is nature's graffiti."

☆ "There's something about the contained looseness of writing that typing could never surpass in satisfaction."

☆ "Combine oranges and peanuts: tastes like grass."

☆ "Laziness is the propellant of a mindless, sleepy daze."

☆"You go through life, you work, learn, play, dream, and everything is magnified in front of you. You see the ingredients that make up your world, but only the ones in closest proximity. And then there are the rare moments when, you Stop. And you see everything differently. Where even are we, as humans? You look past the paved roads and bright lights, the internet and tv screens. You see the night, the stars, other galaxies within view, you see something bigger than yourself, bigger than anything you or anyone else knows, and you're filled with wonder rather than uncertainty. You find a piece of the universe that tells you your surroundings are silly. You feel the actual sights of the world itself, and not the stuff that humans put on it. At least, that's what happens to me."


Comment: Hi Rebecca- I love the handmade PC you sent- it's beautiful! Thank you so much! Robert😃
Response: Awesome! Glad you enjoyed receiving as much as I did making/sending it.
Comment: How do astronomers organize a party? THEY PLANET! hahahahaha That was my fave corny joke in the card! Oh, and the throat comfort tea was RIGHT ON TIME. I had been having a sore throat off and on throughout the day. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! PS. I attended St. Edward's University on Congress Ave in South Austin. Such a cool city. I recommend seeing the bats in the fall.
Response: Yes, I really want to see the bats! But my boyfriend is like, "...They're just bats, what's there to see?" Hahah I'm glad you enjoyed everything and that the tea could be of good use to you.
Comment: Thank you for the Wonderful postcard. Love it and What's it's made of. Thanks again
Response: Excellent! I'm glad it got to you in one piece...Thank you for the heart!
acharlene123 rated for There's an App for That! on Jul 5, 2016
Comment: Thank you Rebecca, you were very descriptive, I'm looking forward to trying some of these😊
Response: Cool! Hope you find some keepers. Thanks!
Magpieandluna rated for There's an App for That! on Jul 4, 2016
mellyrose89 rated for There's an App for That! on Jul 2, 2016
Comment: Thank you for sharing!
Response: Thank you for your kind rating, I hope you found the list useful!
Annabell123 rated for Scripture Notecard Swap on Jun 29, 2016
Comment: Thank you! I love the verse you chose, and why it stands out to you. Thank you for the extra goodies too!
Response: Glad you enjoyed! I enjoyed writing you.
jessske rated for Any Tea Simple Swap (International) on Mar 9, 2016
Comment: Your tea has arrived here in the Netherlands :) I'm going to try it tonight. Very creative and matching envelope by the way, I like it a lot! Of course I like to write with you, altough it could take a little while for my letter to arrive, because I'm a little busy at the moment. We are completely renovating the livingroom. So my house is a complete mess at the moment :D Have a nice day, greetings Jessika
Response: Excellent! I am glad you liked it and thanks for rating!
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful bright envelope full of tea, drink mix, and motivational notes! The Jim Rohr on the green sheet was especially helpful for me yesterday/this morning :)
Response: :D Awesome, I'm glad you liked it all.
Comment: What a great idea! I was flaked on once. I was lucky to have an awesome angel. You may get some people to join your association.
Response: Hahah, it's a pretty sweet deal :P It's really easy to get flaked on if you join a complicated swap that has no rating requirement...I wish it wasn't that way, though. Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Thank you for your letter. I tried to learn the guitar once but I gave up a week later. I hope you keep it up!
Response: Try again, you can do it! (:
bytekel rated for The Swap (EDITED 12/1/12) on May 3, 2013
Comment: I got your amazing package this morning!! I absolutely love everything in the box!! The cups you made are awesome and my girls are so super jealous of all the charms :) Thank you for a fun swap!!
Response: Yaaay, I'm glad you like it all! And its great that the charms went to the right person hahah.
Soph rated for Fun Origami Swap on Dec 28, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for your most lovely letter! No doubt, your efforts and care deserve much more than only one heart!
Response: Well thank you kindly! Glad you enjoyed.
rngstgstll rated for Epiphany in a Letter (US) on Nov 17, 2012
Comment: First, thanks for the cool fish -- love it! This was an interesting swap, and I agree that it is cool to be so "wired," and yet distressing at the same time. I am going to think about it (and see the movie that inspired your letter) ...
Response: Awesome, I'm glad someone can appreciate my random idea. Tell me when you do see the movie! [:
frazzled rated for Super Quick Postcards (US) on Nov 12, 2012
Comment: zebras are nifty. i also enjoyed the doodle!
Response: I agree. Are they black stripes on white, or white stripes on black? I'll never know.
schin rated for Super Quick Postcards (US) on Nov 12, 2012
Comment: Great postcard, thanks so much :)
Response: Cool, thank you for the heart and for joining the swap!
LisaLisa3 rated for Super Quick Postcards (US) on Nov 8, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the great luck postcard!!! I love it. : )
Response: Glad you did, and thanks for joining the swap!
Nightwolf899 rated for Decorate My Profile #2 on Jun 17, 2012
Comment: Wow thank you so much for the profile pic I loveeeeeeeeee it!!! ^---^ So pretty. Thanks for taking the time to look for it, its mega kick ass. You rawk dude! :D xxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Yay and thanks for joining the swap! [;
melstar93 rated for Send ANYTHING #Four on Jun 15, 2012
Comment: Loved everything i received! The book light will come in handy a lot! Thank you so much!
Response: I'm glad you did! Happy reading! [:
grover38 rated for Decorate My Profile #2 on Jun 8, 2012
Comment: That guitar is insane! So amazing! Thanks for sharing that! I totally appreciate your effort in finding something special for me - that's awesome. :)
Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the heart!

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Omnomidon on Jun 28, 2016:

Thank you for getting me curious about posting images, and for the lovely space picture :) Here's something blue for your trouble ^_^ Starry Night Over the Rhone

Omnomidon on Jun 27, 2016:

Thank you for the warm welcome :)

thatsnotmyname on May 2, 2016:

I went to pick up your package today.. I absolutely didn't expect to receive anything, let alone such an amazing RAK so I would like to take a minute to thank you for it! I was blown away by your kind and very generous selection and I'm not gonna lie, it almost made me cry. Everything you've sent matches my profile so well & is nicer than any swap I've received yet. It's been a rough week so coming home to your package really brightened my day ♥ Needless to say that I am sheer over the moon! So thank you for everything!! 🌸

Ilovesurprises2 on Feb 13, 2016:

Thanks for the card and goodie for my mom. She loved it! She was very surprised. I love that you sent a thank you card, that's awesome!

Reallusionista on Nov 19, 2012:

gorgeous photo!! Thank you :)

ju671ne on Nov 11, 2012:

HAHA. oh god! that comment was a surprise! thank you so much for the pic of sailor jupiter! :D

RyeRye on Jun 23, 2012:

I received the plantable card RAK! So nicely made. Can I wait till fall to plant it? Thank you so much~

grover38 on Jun 13, 2012:

Decorate My Profile #2

You have such a pretty profile! I just wanna add to the pretty.♥ I hope you like these images, I think they're your style. :)

Nightwolf899 on Jun 11, 2012:

Hi was funky reading your profile, I feel like this photo best describes it. Hes so cute I wanna hug him so bad lol

Also this is for the decorate my profile swap :)


abbyaguas on Apr 28, 2012:

Hi Rebecca :) I saw that you like anchor, and the color blue.. so I got this image for your profile. There are some things that we share in common: the color blue, kawaii, reading and knowledge, paper stuff... and lots more! Thank you for creating this swap :D

~Electronic: Decorate my Profile

Have an enjoyable time, and Smile Always! It brings beauty to the soul, as what I have heard.

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