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*Show me your country*

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*Show me your country*
Swap Coordinator:dolcxvita (contact)
Swap categories: Themed  Miscellaneous  Mail Art 
Number of people in swap:34
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:January 21, 2011
Date items must be sent by:January 31, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

Hello & welcome to the 'Show me your country swap'. I love traveling and learning about other cultures- if you are like me, you will enjoy this swap. It is fairly simple.

You will have to send 1 partner, an envelope OR packet with atleast 6 minimum items and 15 maximum items. The theme is 'your country/ culture'. The items have to be specific to your country or culture or follow the theme.

For example, If you are from Japan, You can send:

  • -a pen with sakura flower pattern on it
  • -a notebook with a woodblock print on the front
  • -a coin purse with a sumo wrestler on it
  • -a post card with a picture of a Japanese celeb
  • -a japanese geisha type hair ornament/combs
  • -a packet of japanese instant noodles/ ramen
  • -a packet of nori seaweed
  • -a small folding fan
  • -a sheet of Kawaii stickers
  • -a badge with Japanese typography
  • -a maneki-neko charm for mobile phones/bags
  • -a miniature food replica sushi keychain (Sampuru)
  • -a pair of chopsticks
  • -a buddhist/ white lotus bookmark
  • -a Japanese shrine/pagoda fridge magnet
  • -a Kokeshi doll or koma/kendama toys
  • -Japanese tea (matcha)
  • -a Japanese kite print scarf
  • -a samurai sword brooch
  • -a mini paper lantern
  • -a small furin windchime
  • -a drinking straw with a miniature japanese umberella (wagasa)
  • -a Japanese recipe
  • -a Japanese flag ATC
  • -a pretty tin box with mount Fuji image on it

....I'm sure you get some idea now! basically little souvenirs.

Write a small note about where you are from, explanation of the items (if needed), your swap id, date. You can decorate the envelope as well (keep in mind the theme). Also, Please... check your partners profile for dislikes.

Newbies with atleast two non electronic swaps can join. Everyone must have a good rating.

Please leave the name of your country as a comment.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Happy swapping! Enjoy!

EDIT: I am making this swap two per country!!

If your country is already listed twice in the comments below, you can still join this swap if:

  • -you are able to do a theme with countries other than where you live (it shouldn't be already listed) ie. you live in USA but you have lots of items from Spain, you can do a Spanish theme, if Spain hasnt already been chosen twice

Remember this is the Show Me Your Country swap.. not state/town/region.. you can include something from your state/city but keep the theme to country!


junieandj 01/12/2011 #

I'm from the United States

TwistedHorologe 01/12/2011 #


dolcxvita 01/12/2011 #


Aria 01/12/2011 #


hunnybunny1020 01/12/2011 #

I'm USA as well! I will make my package pertaining to my state, though - Louisiana.

hjshort72 01/13/2011 #

can i possibly join this one i am from usa but i am in pa i could do that state

Xandoz 01/13/2011 #

South Africa

indigorose 01/13/2011 #


freyacz 01/13/2011 #

Czech Republic :)

roogirl 01/13/2011 #

i like to join this swap but you already have one from australia is there any way i can join please pm thanks

Musette 01/13/2011 #

UK :)

Musette 01/13/2011 #

Please could you set a budget? because you could get 6 items for very little or a lot, and it should be reasonably equal I think :) Thanks!

dolcxvita 01/13/2011 #

@hunnybunny1020 - Since I have made the swap 2 per country, you can now send items with a USA theme, rather than a Louisiana only theme (as this is the show me your Country swap! )

@roogirl - yes you can now join.

@Musette - its really upto you, as long as the items are typical of your country - besides with the different currencies, it will be hard to fix an amount. Personally i'd say 6-9 pounds

@hjshort72 - we have two from USA.. could you do a theme from some another country - perhaps somewhere you visited recently?

athanasiasmile 01/14/2011 #

Greece :)

Fitrah 01/15/2011 #

Malaysia =)

onlyincambodia 01/15/2011 #

Hello host, I'm interested in joining because I can represent Cambodia, but telling people that they can earn hearts by doing something specific is not actually allowed on Swap-Bot because hearts are completely up to the receiver, not any swap guidelines.

You can check out the FAQs for the details. I'll include the part that explains about hearts and guidelines:

*Swap coordinators should never dictate when hearts should be given. Also, swap participants should never demand that they receive a heart for their sent swap items. Hearts are only to be given at the discretion of each swap recipient. *

dolcxvita 01/15/2011 #

@onlyincambodia ..hi! thank you for letting me know :) . This is the first swap I am hosting, so I am still learning.. What I meant to say was, You MIGHT get hearts if you decorate the envelope- completely up to the sender and receiver... its just an idea that you can decorate the envelope as well. I will rephrase the sentence!

So no compulsions! Please do join, It will be wonderful if you can share Cambodian culture through the swap :)

dolcxvita 01/15/2011 #

@athanasiasmile @Anniehall @NaomiRisa @Fitrah > Thanks for joining! :D

ninta 01/16/2011 #

Germany :)

yourkitty 01/16/2011 #

France =)

onlyincambodia 01/17/2011 #

Cambodia's in!

girl0in0aki 01/17/2011 #

Alright. Japan's in too.

Pastini 01/17/2011 #

@1teaspoonsugar I'd love to join this swap (Canada) but I'm just in the process of sending my first 2 real swaps out (will be sending them tomorrow, need to go get another envelope) so even though they're going to the US I doubt they'll be there by the 21st. Would I be able to send you pictures of the 2 swaps I'm sending (as in everything that's inside) so I can join? :) If not that's fine. Thanks- Lauren

Anniehall 01/17/2011 #

I must drop. I'm very sorry :(

Inishini 01/17/2011 #

Costa Rica!! :D

latinmermaid 01/17/2011 #

Ireland :)

debe 01/17/2011 #

can't believe i am the first from Canada

Altkins 01/18/2011 #

China is here. We have the largest poplulation on the earth, so we can not be absent from this friendly cultural activity. :)

chincho 01/18/2011 #

Israel is here. And we are so tiny.....

anooshka 01/18/2011 #

Ok :) Cyprus is here!

dolcxvita 01/18/2011 #

Awesome :)

@Altkins - haha you are right .. thanks for joining Welcome @anooshka & @chincho :)

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that please check your partners profile before sending- if they don't like keychains, dont send them that.. or if they are allergic to nuts, don't send them food items with nuts in it ..If they like collecting stamps from other countries.. try sending them stamps... and so on... :)

dolcxvita 01/18/2011 #

Also, this swap is 2 per country ... there is still room for more!

mulle86 01/18/2011 #


dolcxvita 01/18/2011 #

@wandaibenitez is from Puerto Rico

fnu 01/18/2011 #


Tanika 01/18/2011 #

Belgium :-)

SJandHS 01/18/2011 #

South Korea taken!

SJandHS 01/18/2011 #

Oh I just realized that I got a rating from online swap only...then sadly I cannot join...! :(

MrsHonniB 01/18/2011 #

The Netherlands are in!

dolcxvita 01/18/2011 #

Wow!.. so many countries... Now I wish I had made this 2 partners! :)

Aminomama 01/18/2011 #

Japan is still open, right? I live in US now but originally from Japan.

AmiMelody 01/18/2011 #

Soo...here's my question: My family and I are from Hawaii and I know Hawaii is a state NOW, but it WAS a kingdom its self and it still posseses a rich culture unique to any other part of the US and the world...so is it possible (please?) to come in as the "kingdon of Hawaii"? :D

dolcxvita 01/18/2011 #

@Aminomama > yes it is! welcome to the swap :) , @AmiMelody > yes you may join :)

janetblythe 01/18/2011 #


Pastini 01/18/2011 #


omandarine 01/18/2011 #

im living in canada (Quebec french part) and i was wondering if i can do something with french culture is it working . im also french so is it working ? thx to let me know :)

GerrySingapore 01/19/2011 #

Yoo Hoo, soo many people in this interesting swap. I'm the 2nd person from Singapore.

jjcob 01/19/2011 #

Hi everyone! I'm signing up for New Zealand!

anicka22 01/19/2011 #

I'm from the netherlands

karinus 01/19/2011 #

Denmark here :-)

karinus 01/19/2011 #

What if my swap partner is from the same country as me? Can we have another one then or?

evary 01/19/2011 #

Peru :)

dolcxvita 01/19/2011 #

@karinus yes you can join .. 2 people are allowed form one country! :) but we are left at the mercy of the great swap-bot who will decide who our partners will be.. just hoping partners won't be assigned from the same country!

newrule 01/19/2011 #

Another Malaysian here! :-)

MzAurii 01/20/2011 #

Hi all, I'm signing up as the 2nd from New Zealand :)

dolcxvita 01/20/2011 #

@omandarine .. u could do a french themed swap as we only have one from france

kacka 01/20/2011 #

if Czech Republic is free still I am joining. thank you for your invitation.

fawnscrafts 01/21/2011 #

I am from the USA, but I may be able to do a Mexico theme.

Let me look at the goodies I still have left over. If I have enough, then I will join. Unless two others from Mexico show up first.

dolcxvita 01/21/2011 #

@kacka yes it is! @fawnscrafts a Mexico theme will be great! :)

mimfox 01/21/2011 #

I'd like to join from Australia (I think that's ok as there's only one other Australian?) but I'm a newbie and am still waiting for the rating for my second swap (both were non- electronic though). Can I still join?

theitalianvoice 01/21/2011 #

I'm an Italiang girl, scrapper, but never played in a RAK and now I'd really like to participate, but I'm a newbie here, is it possible for me?

Another little thing: in my Country it's not allowed to decorate the envelope to send :(

Thanks in advance!

theitalianvoice 01/21/2011 #

Another question: my partner is one who is subsequent to me?

vertiigo 01/21/2011 #


nellswell 01/21/2011 #

I'm not sure if I'll be allowed (yet), but I went ahead and tentatively joined the swap. I'm a newbie, but I have one established and completed non-electronic swap, plus a few others that are either in the mail or should be arriving any day now. Does that count?

If I am allowed to take part -- I'm from the USA, but I could do Germany.

latinmermaid 01/21/2011 #

Just a note on the monetary budget of 6-9 pounds for 6 items...for example, a simple key chain here costs รขโ€šยฌ2.99, a bookmark is รขโ€šยฌ1.50....etc.i'm almost on the minimum and with only 2 things. If I stick to that, I would not be able to actually send anything nice/worth while, so maybe it should be increased a bit? Plus then there's shipping..which would definitely not be covered by the 6-9 pounds.

latinmermaid 01/21/2011 #

Also, I'm not sure people that don't actually live in a country or are from that country should send from a foreign country they might only have visited briefly...I don't think it would be fair to us as it would seem like we'd get reused/unwanted souveniers when we'd actually go out and shop specifically to show our country?

latinmermaid 01/21/2011 #

...and it would not be representative of the country as a whole..forgot that bit (con't of the above). Don't mean to sound rude...I was recently burnt on here and really disappointed by a swap partner when I put so much time and effort on my swap...so I just wanted to put these things out there :D I think this is a great swap and fun...so thanks for setting it up.

onlyincambodia 01/21/2011 #

Cambodia's leaving this swap. Too many questionable participants. Sorry, not risking a high dollar investment.

anicka22 01/22/2011 #

I'm sorry because I have to agree with onlyincambodia...

nellswell 01/22/2011 #

I'm going to have to drop from this one, too -- 1.) I'm still not sure if I even qualify what with having some of my first swaps still in transit, and 2.) I see what others pointed out about trying to represent a country that the sender is not really from. Granted, I do have some items from Germany (and several of the Scandinavian countries... Sweden was my second choice) but not enough to make the swap as authentic as someone who's actually from Germany or Sweden could make it.

Otherwise, it would have been fun to receive a package ... great idea for a swap!

debe 01/22/2011 #

anyone want to switch partners...i am sending to another Canadian and that doesn't seem fair to me for her.....

dolcxvita 01/22/2011 #

@onlyincambodia & @anicka22 >pity you dropped as all the nonrated/ low rated/only only electonic-mail swappers have been dropped from the swap anyway. I have put a lot of effort looking at profiles and getting swappers to send pictures of thier 'sent' swaps! Oh well.. no problem.. maybe there will be another swap like this which you can join :)

@thaskett > i will host something similar to this soon, so you can join if you have enough swaps by then.

@latinmermaid > I said 'personally' 6-9 pounds.. I am doing an India themed swap and you can get very nice things for 6-9 (excluding postage)..pounds including things with semi precious stones..!! So thats not a monetary budget thats been 'set.. '(I havent mentioned any budget in the swap itself) Its really upto you..as long as you sincerely send nice things.. big or small..I also mentioned costs will be different in different countries. yes, now that you say it.,maybe thats a little less for other countries..I dont know what postage costs in other countries but overall I am not dont think I am expecting anyone to spend over maybe 16 pounds for this swap..! Besides, If people want to send bad swaps they will anyway-- budget or choice of country won't stop them.. I dont think there are people in this swap who have just "visited" another country and sending swaps from there.. they either have thier origin there or its from the country of residence.. the two or three who have said they are from X but can do a swap from Y.. They havent even signed up..! ( @thaskett )

with that said.. I really hope there are no flakers and everyone gets nice stuff which makes them happy! :)

latinmermaid 01/22/2011 #

I was more mentioning the cost because, for example, Ireland is really expensive. 6-9 pounds won't get you very far in my little village..no way we could get semi-precious stones for that much! Either way, my personal budget will be much higher. I plan to send things that I would enjoy receiving as well, which I hope my partner enjoys very much :) I had a fun time shopping for things to send, so thanks for setting this swap up!

birdiepoop 02/11/2011 #

damn, wish id heard about this swap sooner, as there doesnt appear to be a scottish candidate :P lx

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