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FaveCrafts Valentine's Card Swap

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FaveCrafts Valentine's Card Swap
Swap Coordinator:FaveCrafts (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing  Card Making  Paper Crafts 
Number of people in swap:145
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:February 4, 2011
Date items must be sent by:February 11, 2011
Number of swap partners:3

How long has it been since you've made and exchanged Valentines? Get your crafty juices flowing this year by making and swapping homemade Valentines with your partners. Cards can be designed and made however you want, as long as they're homemade. This means die-cutting, sewing, photo-shopping, glitter, etc. Make sure the design you choose is easy enough to make multiples of, because you'll have to make 3. Happy swapping, and Happy Valentine's Day!


Mykatzrphat 01/13/2011 #

YAY! Very excited to do this! Now that I can use my hands fully since my recent operation, I am MOST happy to blow the dust off of the crafty place in my brain and break out my stash! Is there an approximate date to expect the info about our swap partners?

FaveCrafts 01/13/2011 #

You will receive your partners' information after February 4, which is the last day to sign up. Glad to have you in the swap!

Babytreese 01/19/2011 #

Woo hoo! Can't wait to get started! I love making new swap friends!

BeckyG56 01/20/2011 #

This is my first ever swap. Looking forward to it!!

maryannr1742 01/21/2011 #

I can hardly wait to give this a try. My first time doing this. maryannr1742

Momskii 01/21/2011 #

This is my first time here. I am in a regular card swap with 5 email friends that I met by other card swapping friends. we swap cards about 5 or 6 times a year, but have become real friends. I really miss those days when everyone exchanged valentines. Glad to be doing this.

peacegirl10 01/21/2011 #

My first time doing anything like this, I'm really excited. I can't wait to get started!!

beckycreates 01/22/2011 #

This is my first time here and I love Valentines so I can't wait.

ApathyOne 01/22/2011 #

I love this idea! I can't wait to make my cards this will be the first time I've ever done it!

craftsztergirl3 01/23/2011 #

Also my first time doing this. Very excited!

ajjcea 01/24/2011 #

This is a first for me as well! Usually the only Valentines I do are the ones I get ready for my kids to take to school, so this is going to be fun & interesting!

kindledwhimsy 01/24/2011 #

This is also my first swap, and I am MOST excited! :0)

pedal2u 01/25/2011 #

This is the first time I have done this particular swap. I have sent cards at multiple holidays to the Recovering SolidersC/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center,6900 Georgia Ave,NW Washington, DC 20307 -5001 along with the kids. That was great but I am looking forawrd tp this swap more than ever. Nancy

Stefenfetchit 01/25/2011 #

Awesome site, love the concept. Thank you Kris for recommending this link to me :) Very excited to swap valentines, gives me a reason to "stalk" my mailbox (lol) :)

klspeer1 01/25/2011 #

I am looking forward to making cards for my first swap. I will be watching the mailbox to receive cards on Valentine's Day.

ilove2knit 01/25/2011 #

This is my first swap! Sounds fun and I love FaveCrafts!

facinggiants1 01/25/2011 #

are we making this card for the other person? or is this a card that they can use to give someone else?

FaveCrafts 01/26/2011 #

You'll be making cards to give to your partners, so feel free to write a nice message inside :)

MissMillie 01/27/2011 #

Fun! Fun! Fun! I am super excited to get something LOVEish. Yippy! Glitter.

vibrantautumn 01/28/2011 #

I've never been to this site before. Sounds like fun and I'm thrilled to try my hand at card making. I've purchased my supplies for this swap. Hope I can do another swap. My forte is crochet.

jlynne59 01/28/2011 #

Can't wait to get started waiting for my people!!! YEAH!

smilesalot7 01/29/2011 #

Do we sign the cards

Dolores 01/29/2011 #

What a neat idea! Snail mail is so exciting....not just junque mail!!

Mugsie 01/30/2011 #

I am new to SWAP~BOT and I am very excited!

kindledwhimsy 01/30/2011 #

eee!.. I'm feeling the love already!

PattiAnneH 01/30/2011 #

I am a crocheter, so this might prove to be a challenge. I am looking forward to see what creative thing I can come up with. This is my first time for anything like this!

QuiltyGirl 01/31/2011 #

I am making my Valentines today. This is going to be fun.

craftcandy 02/ 1/2011 #

I'm excited! This is my first swap too!

billowing 02/ 2/2011 #

Can we send it as a post card or does it need to be in an envelope? I like postcards a lot :)

FaveCrafts 02/ 2/2011 #

Postcards are fine too, as long as they're homemade! And yes, please sign your cards so your partners know who they're from :)

cguls 02/ 2/2011 #

this is my very first time doing anything like this. i taught school for many years. valentines day was such fun---making cards and decorations and guess who valentine cards. just because we are out of school doesn't mean we can't do this fun stuff! cguls

MissMillie 02/ 2/2011 #

Look at all the first time swap folk. I 2 am new at this fun stuff. I am proud to be a swap-bot virgin with ya'll........LET THE GLITTER FLY! love love love love to everyone. HAVE FUN!

Lissette 02/ 2/2011 #

Hello I am new here & well meaning this is my first swap. :D I'm hoping that I get my three partners soon. I love to receive as well as gift cards/postcards. I remember enjoying Valentine's when I was a little kid. when we all made v-day cards for our classmates then sticked them in our homemade mailboxes. Good times!

shiplady 02/ 3/2011 #

Hi...I am totally new and just so happen to run across this while looking at my e-mail this morning in favecrafts....Can't wait to see who my partners are...Looking forward to the fun of creating and swapping...time to dust out the cobwebs on the brain... :)

Lois63 02/ 3/2011 #

I too am new to swapping, this is my first time and I too am excited to join in. I think I will start working now so I will have my cards ready when I get my swap partner. Have a good day all.

BrownIdGrl48 02/ 3/2011 #

When will we get the info on who we are swapping with? and are we doing 3 people each? Never done a card swap and I am so excited! Just want to make sure I have all the info and am correct in what is expected of me. Thanks so much.

OnyxsMom 02/ 3/2011 #

This is my first time also, and I am looking forward to making 3 special cards! I will heading to my favorite craft store for some supplies!!

pnwbox 02/ 3/2011 #

This is my first time also, I am just getting into card making this past year and it has been fun. All the different stuff you can think of for cards .. I just love going with my imagination. This should be fun ... feel like a little kid again, waiting for my list and getting my valentines all done and waiting for mine to arrive ... .. this will be fun.

amafriend 02/ 3/2011 #

This is my first swap & I'm so eXcited!!

littlehobo 02/ 3/2011 #

I am very exciteed about this swap. This is my first time and I am looking forward to meeting new friends.

samsstuff 02/ 3/2011 #

Very exciting!

craftcandy 02/ 3/2011 #

What information do we need to include in the card so we get confirmed for sending them out? I'm pretty excited there's a bunch of newbies (including me). I already started making mine!

alicexx 02/ 3/2011 #

Just like making things with my hands, ideas come into my miind and need to make something sharing the object is great also alicexx

chemiguel 02/ 3/2011 #

Well, It's kinda nice to be making cards for myself to distribute and not 50 for my kids classmates!! This is also my first time ever doing this and I hope it's not my last! Happy Crafting =0)

FaveCrafts 02/ 3/2011 #

You all will know who your partners are after the deadline passes (which is tomorrow!!!). In your card, just include your name or username so that your partners know who their cards are from.

ktbird80 02/ 4/2011 #

I am so excited to be joining the fun! This is my first swap ever!

JandDsNeNee 02/ 4/2011 #

I am very excited also. First time I have joined a swap. Hope it is joyful for all. Cant wait to recieve my names and addresses.God Bless.

smilesalot7 02/ 5/2011 #

Has anyone recieved there partners yet. I havent

Babytreese 02/ 5/2011 #

I have not rec'd my names yet...

FaveCrafts 02/ 5/2011 #

You should all be able to view your partners now. Happy swapping!

RitaLV 02/ 5/2011 #

don't know, where and how to see my partners ... :(

RitaLV 02/ 5/2011 #

now I see it!!! yay!!!

JandDsNeNee 02/ 5/2011 #

Recieved my partners and sent them out yeah :o). I was like a little kid waiting for piece of candy. Has been fun. Can't wait to recieve my cards. Hope everyone enjoys the swap. God Bless.

vibrantautumn 02/ 5/2011 #

Please explain where to find the individuals that receive my.cards. please?

islandgirl 02/ 5/2011 #

This may be a silly question....but, should I be sending cards that are blank inside, so that the person can use them as s/he wishes?

momofemmett 02/ 5/2011 #

I'm new... Email said to come here and pick up my partners. Now where do I go to find them? Anyone?

Mugsie 02/ 5/2011 #

islandgirl, I was wondering the same thing.... Also I can;t see my swaps info. Is there somewhere I should click to see them?

Mugsie 02/ 5/2011 #

islandgirl ~ I found out where you find your swap partners...... Up in the right hand corner of this page there is a yellow box ~ drag your pointer over SWAP MEMBER OPTION, click and a box will pop up with your partners.

Amigirl 02/ 5/2011 #

Since this is a first swap for many, would you all please take a look at the Help section in the upper right hand corner and read how to do all the stuff for this? And if you still have questions, feel free to PM me. Also, many of you need to fill out your profiles more thoroughly so that we can see what to send you in swaps. Even in card swaps, partners often may wish to tailor the card to you (though they certainly don't have to do so, as this is a sender's choice swap). Also, some swappers like to enclose extra surprises, but with no info, they probably won't know what ribbons, or stickers, or paper, or colors that you might enjoy if they wanted to do that. Ensure you at least put down what you can't stand to get, such as if you don't want religious items, like cards with a Christian theme, or if you hate scented items. Also, clue in to what crafts you like to do, fave colors, animals, etc. Thanks!

PattiAnneH 02/ 5/2011 #

I have 3 to swap with, but cannot get to their names. Please help Thank you!

linmcquaw 02/ 5/2011 #

This will be my first swap. Have not had engery to get going on my crafting, sounds like this will work. Thanks, and Happy Valenetines Day to all

Babytreese 02/ 6/2011 #

They're on their way! ;-)

aptk2000 02/ 6/2011 #

In the envelopes and ready to go!!!

Amigirl 02/ 6/2011 #

PattiAnneH-just click on the yellow box (upper right hand corner of this page) in the place where it says "see who you send to" and a little box will pop up with the information to send to. Sometimes, the box pops up under this page, but if that happens, just click on it in the bottom of your computer screen and it will come back on top so you can see it. Unless you have all pop-ups blocked in some kind of really high security setting. If that is the case, you may have to look a your security settings and reset the one to allow pop-ups from trusted websites????

krazeeladee 02/ 7/2011 #

Can't wait! Already sent mine out this am. Second time for me in a swap....hoping this one is the best...Renee

MariaNerius 02/ 7/2011 #

Got mine off in the mail today, I hope everyone likes it!!!!

vibrantautumn 02/ 7/2011 #

Since my forte is crocheting, I hope the cards are not too juvenille. I usually make cards with my grandkids, so they are a little unconventional. However, got them finished today and on their way. . . . .

OnyxsMom 02/ 8/2011 #

Mine are in the mail! This was fun! Happy Valentines Day to all of you!

craftcandy 02/ 9/2011 #

Sent first thing this morning!

Lois63 02/ 9/2011 #

Got mine in the mail. It was so much fun making Valentines again.

Mainechickadee 02/ 9/2011 #

This is my first swap too, so hope I measure up. The weather (snow)has played a huge part in what I was able to do right now. I had lots of craft supplies on hand, so had to mkde do with them this time. Can't wait to post office until tomorrow, but pkgs are packed. It was fun.

moM 02/10/2011 #

Received my first card yesterday and it's BEAUTIFUL! Love it! It was also great fun making and mailing the cards out. Glad I stumbled across this swap.

A quick question though, what is the gallery slideshow and are we supposed to upload pictures of what we sent or what we received? If so, where do we upload from. I've looked through help and the forums and can't seem to find an answer.

Thanks! Julia

KentuckyGal 02/10/2011 #

Going to mail my envelopes now...I've received one so far and it was too cute!

Babytreese 02/10/2011 #

I rec'd my first card today! Thanks Dee Dee from OR...it's beautiful!

peacegirl10 02/11/2011 #

I have rec'd 2 cards yesterday, I love them...thank you Janet from CT & Celeticmoon from ?...:o)

ADSRTROSE4U 02/11/2011 #

Sent my Valentines today. This is my first swap and I'm really excited. I hope my partners like what I've sent. I can't wait to receive those being sent to me!!

Mykatzrphat 02/11/2011 #

To Barbara in IN, Donna in NC, and Renee in CA,Missed the P.O. today, can't seem to get there before it closes during the week, getting there first thing in the AM, sorry for the delay hope you like it :)

Momwithahook 02/14/2011 #

Sent out the Valentines today - sorry about being late I did contact all partners today to let them know it would be in the mail -

mynursecoach 02/14/2011 #

I contacted my partners to let them know I will be late. So sorry.

Robinski2011 02/14/2011 #

Robinski2011 2/14/2011 Received 2 of my three In the Valentine Card Swap. Had fun doing this. My very first Swap.

Babytreese 02/14/2011 #

I received my card from Chelli today...so pretty! LOVED the heart stickers...thanks so much!

ilove2knit 02/15/2011 #

I am very sorry my cards are late!!! My partners should be getting them this week and I sent them an email. So sorry! :(

JandDsNeNee 02/15/2011 #

Thank You Ruth for my beautiful Valentine yours is the only one I recived so far. I don't have your e-mail.

Dolores 02/16/2011 #

Thank you my valentines for the cards.. Dolores

JandDsNeNee 02/17/2011 #

Have all my Valentines swap cards now thank you to my partners. God Bless

alicexx 02/21/2011 #

to Lois Mullikin, I give you 5 hearts because of the neatness of the card but could use more hearts on the card because of the theme V Day. Overall well done!

alicexx 02/21/2011 #

5 hearts because of your last name being the same as mine. Really, I am not sure of your special crafting interests but maybe quilting, anyway, great use of your crafting ideas. ruth I would like to know if you would be able to look up my daughters address for me? She lives at lake Stevens? ruth

KarlaKC 02/27/2011 #

I loved doing this swap! I sent all 3 of my cards, was rated for only 1, and received 2. Don't forget to rate your partners, Newbies! Ratings are an important part of swapping, too. Rating your partner not only lets your partner know that their swap item arrived to you, it lets other swappers, especially coordinators of swaps, know what kind of swapper we are. And if you haven't sent your swap yet, it's never too late!

Bastet59 03/ 4/2011 #

I received all of my 3 Valentines! Everyone did an awesome job!:)

Of the 3...I sent out: 1 has been received & rated... 1 is pending arrival into Greece..anyone have a clue how long it takes to ship to Greece? Have PM'd my partner just in case.... The 3rd one sent to CraftyGal1965...have received no response/have PM'd her/and apparently this was the only swap she signed up for and hasn't been back on Swap-bot since and has earned several 1's from her other partners. Does anyone know anything about this swapper?

cardgal5 01/18/2012 #

I'm new at SWAP-BOT. I'm very excited to join. I love to get mail and to see what kind of work everyone else does. Oh I can't wait.

cherckadee 01/20/2012 #

So glad I'm going to be a part of the swap! This will be the first time I've participated in something like this. I've always wanted to ! YEAH!


Cocoa 01/23/2012 #

I have been with swap-bot as an original member! I make ATCs. I only joined a card swap once and got store bought cards! You make me want to try again ! I just got done making cards for a hospitial and make them for Letters from.

Cocoa 01/23/2012 #


Dorothy 01/25/2012 #

Hello Everyone!!! I see I am not the only newbie to SWAP-BOT. I hope I have signed up correctly so I get to participate.... Ooooo I am getting excited!!!

michell 02/ 4/2012 #

Hi Everyone! I am also newbie. I hope i signed up correctly also. I would love to this. I have only been scrapbooking for a year now. I am still learning. Cant wait to see my cards!

jdpruhs 01/23/2014 #

Hi Card Swappers. I am new to Swap-Bot also, and am excited to send and receive handmade Valentines. I love to make and recycle greeting cards.

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