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Spoiler Alert*** - I post pics of my swaps on my flickr page (unless I know you're watching - you know who you are! Lol) so if you don't want to see what you are getting in advance, don't look.

2/28/17 - I'm taking a short break as we've decided to move to another house here in town. I'm going to finish up all the swaps I've signed up for as I need to art! It keeps me from killing people. My husband and son think I'm joking when I say the first room to be set up is my art room....sillies. Who would joke about something like that? Lol

10/9/16 - Thank you for all the kind messages of concern I received during hurricane Matthew. We are fine. Just had some limbs down but no damage. Life is good.

Rating: Second only to making, I love rating...and responding to ratings. I alway find myself grinning like a fool when I'm doing either of those.

I live in Titusville, Fl., a small town between Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach. Titusville's kind of like nowheresville, but I love it here!

During the summer we spend a lot of time at the beach and not enough time kayaking in our beautiful lagoon.

I have a thirteen-year old son and a twenty three year-old daughter. I often joke that I'm going to change my son's middle name to "whatwasmymotherthinking", but he's a funny kid and we have a good time together.

I have a lot of interests and way too many hobbies!

I love to cook, but not to bake (that's my husband's thing and that's just fine with me.)

I love to travel, but can't stand cruises. I like going places and learning about the people, the area and especially the food of the region or country.

I can be obsessive about knitting but prefer to do it in solitude instead of groups - I guess you could say that I don't play well with others.

I'm a warm weather girl who believes the only place ice belongs is in my scotch and the only snow I want to see is in a paper cone drizzled with sticky red syrup.

My sense of humor can be a little odd, but I'm blessed with friends who must "get me" because my best pals have been my friends for 20+ years.

I believe that if you can count your friends on one hand you are truly blessed. I enjoy my many acquaintances, but I know the difference between an acquaintance and a friend.

You never know what may come out of my pockets - that torn lottery ticket I found in the parking lot or the fortune from a wonton cookie. I'm really going to have to come up with a way to stop saving all the bits and baubs, that someday will find their way onto an ATC or into an art journal.

So, there you have it: That's kind of me in a nutshell.

Favorite Music

There's generally classical music playing constantly in my kitchen.

Those who really know me, know that I know more words to more 70's songs than should be allowed for someone who can't carry a tune if her life depended on it!

My musical philosophy is that if you can't sing well, sing loud!

My iPod is bursting at the seams with podcasts. I love love love podcasts! I listen to knitting podcasts when I'm knitting, gardening podcasts when I'm gardening, organizational and life-coachy podcasts when I'm cleaning or decluttering.

Did I say how much I love podcasts? I fear my family is going to stage an intervention.

Favorite Television

Cooking shows are probably my favorites: Top Chef, Master Chef and anything that includes Anthony Bourdain. I adore Anthony Bourdain. Oh and Gordan. That would be Chef Ramsay to you , but I like to think we are on a first name basis!

I like Downton Abbey and have been known to binge watch various HBO and Showtime series like some people eat potato chips!

Favorite Crafts

Any craft I'm doing at any given moment is my favorite.

Right now (January 2015), I'm crazy about ATCs, Art Journaling and Altered Books.

This is the year that I'm going to push myself to work outside the box - my box - and try everything I've always put off trying.

Mailing preferences

However it's easiest to mail items to me and what ever makes my swap buddy the happiest makes me happy too!

The bottom line

I'm crazy about color - big, bold, noisy color - and white. Lots of white to show off all those loud colors.

I love grafitti and even thought I know it's technically vandalism, I photograph it whenever I see good ones.

Steampunk - love that too! That's something I want to experiment more with this year as well.

Shakespeare, Jane Austin, Jasper Fforde, Neil Gaiman and Christopher Moore are five people (real or imaginary) I would love to go to Mardi Gras with.

Quirky - off the wall - funny - I love all of it!

The thing I like best about Swap-bot is receiving something that someone has made and is so excited about sharing with someone else. I personally participate to push myself outside my comfort zone and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience!

I always read profiles and find them fascinating! There are some very cool people out in this wacky world!


makestuff rated for Getting all emotional MNO- INT on May 26, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the very cool ATCs! I love "Stanky Hank" haha
EmilyT rated for What Can U Make: Cocktail Napkin on May 11, 2017
Comment: What a beautiful card you made me! I live how a napkin is the background then other single elements from other napkins are 3D and pop out! Thanks also for the napkins!
luleemik rated for "Drinko de Mayo" on Apr 24, 2017
Comment: When I get home from work and see a swap from you, I get a big old smile on my face:) I love your hubby's recipe and just in time for Cinco de Mayo! Your stories always crack me up and this one was a doozie!! Hope my swap to you has made it to your new home---sent to the old address.
Comment: Such an awesome ATC! One of my faves! Good luck moving! I did get my craft room, and it's awesome. :)
Mimi7 rated for ATCJ S, T, U on Mar 22, 2017
Comment: Thanks for more great sets. I'll get working on these right away and get them on their way.
Comment: Thank you for the cute card. I would be in soooo much trouble if my cats had thumbs! Hugs, Mona
Jadelynn rated for MAS - a bird on Mar 9, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for this lovely ATC!
JenniferB rated for MAS: Mermaid ATC on Mar 9, 2017
Comment: Hi Julia...I love your ATC, and the cute mermaid charm, plus the embossed fish, thank so much. Glad you liked the funny Aussie Sheila pc. I'll have to keep you in mind next time, for the male version hahaha! Cheers 😊❤
Mimi7 rated for ATCJ P ,Q, R on Mar 7, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the nice jams :)
AZmom875 rated for ATCJ M, N, O on Mar 6, 2017
Comment: I am just loving your letters, they are so cute. I will get working on them right away.
Comment: Great minds think alike! This is similar to mine, so what's not to love about it, lol! Thanks - remember to upload it to our Flickr site :)
user6937 rated for MAS - a woman on Mar 3, 2017
Comment: I LOVE how you made your wild woman! I'm a fan of Teesha Moore, and this reminds me of her style. Thanks so much :)
Comment: Thanks for the so true quote on your card! And she is still smiling. Sometimes I think that the models have such grim faces because they're unhappy with the stupid clothes they have to wear. :)
Response: Lol! I think you're right. So happy her smile arrived with the text. Thanks for the rating!
MAGALA rated for CQ: ATC Baseball Theme - USA on Feb 27, 2017
Comment: Love your baseball ATC it was done with alot of creativity. Thanks for the extra (baseball schedule)......So much detail and done beautifully. Happy Swapping and looking forward to swapping with you again.
AZmom875 rated for Getting all emotional ABC- USA on Feb 25, 2017
Comment: Your ideas for the cards are so unique and superior. You really did a great job on the cards. The spin class guy make me laugh. Super artist, super cards. I might load them to Flickr.com just to show them off.
Mimi7 rated for ATCJ starter sets J, K, L on Feb 21, 2017
Comment: Hi Julia, Once again very nice sets. Thanks
Comment: Once again you knocked this one out of the park...but I can expect a "wowzer" package each and every time we swap! You blow me away with your attention to detail and pretty packaging:) Love the craft idea and will save everything for my daughter's bridal shower---along with the "Love" wineglass markers. The instructions for the project are hilarious---how do you come up with those ideas?? The Chinese take-out box is just the best ever with all of the goodies inside!! Too many things to mention but just want you to know how much I appreciate the wonderful V-Day swap. {{hugs}}
EmilyT rated for MailArt PC on Feb 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you, my favorite part is the wine cork images! Funny quote, I actually have not had wine for breakfast. I have had beer at breakfast on a couple of occasions...And kahula... Sepreatly, not with beer, ick. Enjoy the spring trip to Colorado...There will still be some snow in the mountains if you're into that. Rocky mountain national park is a nice drive and/or hiking around.
Response: Glad you liked it. Also happy to hear that you have not mixed Kaluha and beer - double ick! So mimosas count as wine with breakfast? Thanks for the rating!
SamiE rated for MAS: Slightly Sinful on Feb 16, 2017
Comment: Your AC made me laugh.... So true. Thanks bunches.
Response: So happy I gave you a laugh. The look on her face really lent itself to the sentiment. Thanks for the rating!
Mimi7 rated for ATCJ Starter SET G, H, I on Feb 14, 2017
Comment: Thanks for another wonderful set!
Response: You're welcome! This is fun!

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Tigerlilyknotwise on May 25, 2017:

Got back 2 lovely jams that you finished up! Love the flower power! They're both great 😊 And thanks for sending another set for me to finish too! Have a beautiful day!

AZmom875 on May 21, 2017:

Thanks for the ATC Jams homers. The chicken card words were hilarious. I too dream of a day when a chicken can cross the road without their motives being questioned!!!

AZmom875 on Mar 14, 2017:

I got my DEF< JKL jams back from the 3rd player, Hibiscus. She was a great finisher, thanks for picking her. I just wanted to say I am so thrilled with the work you did on the cards and the words you picked, Dance, Fork, Eclipse, Key, Jump and Lexicon. I know it was a big task and you have been a super player.

AZmom875 on Feb 20, 2017:

I just got back my ABC starter set. Those are the cutest cards ever. Thank you so much for working on them Alligator, birds and coffee. BTW, I was a big Gilmore Girls fan. Thank you

judgedbyabookscover on Feb 6, 2017:

I love how the homer turned out! Thanks for jamming with me. I will get yours moving along soon. I am always stumped by nautical themes... lol..

bjmonroe on Nov 22, 2016:

HollyBear on Nov 22, 2016:

Thank you for working on my JAM and sending it home. It came out really nice!!

Mimi7 on Nov 21, 2016:

Hi Julia, thanks for all the finished jams , I love how they turned out. Thanks for the set to work on. Happy Thanksgiving!

Darida on Nov 2, 2016:

Hello Julia, I just wanted to see if you got my HMPC put a stamp on it. it was sent a while ago along with PC for other swaps which already have been received and rated. if you not sure i can send you a pic. Thank you

wolfeagle on Oct 31, 2016:


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