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Swap Coordinator:pc51870 (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Miscellaneous  Craft Supplies 
Number of people in swap:97
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:February 25, 2011
Date items must be sent by:March 11, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

Description says it all, get yourself a flat rate box/envelope, the smallest is around 5$, of course you can go bigger if you choose as I'm sure no one will complain. Having your box/envelope in hand go to your crafting area and stuff it just as full as you can with whatever good, usable crafting,writing,sewing,supplies,even samples you are willing to part with.Anything as long as it is not offesive or illegal. NO TRASH!! You may even want to peek at your partners profile so as your not sending anything they may be allergic to or have a strong dislike too, but in the end it is senders choice. The only rule is it must be STUFFED with an assortment of things, by stuffed I mean when they open the box,envelope there should be no room to spare!! Due to the postage I'm keeping this in the USA . NO RECENT 1 or 3's, rating must be 4.9 or better, due to the fact this would be expensive to have to angel for a bunch of flakers!! I WILL be checking profiles for this swap, and will ban any one who seems like a risk! As always feel free to PM me. Stuffed !! Really Stuffed.anything less , could get you a lower rating!! Also Fill out your profiles, better chances of getting some things suited to you!!


kayler00 01/22/2011 #

this isn't just for craft items though, correct? =)

pc51870 01/22/2011 #

Correct, you are only limited by your imagination , as long as it is legal and not offensive, and is not trash!

evitake 01/23/2011 #

aaaaaaaaaaaah all good swaps are us only damn :(

Ange02020 01/27/2011 #

I've never done a swap before, can I join?

pc51870 01/28/2011 #

Ange02020, you have time to get a few swaps under your belt, and also you must a a filled out profile

NikonGoddess 02/ 4/2011 #

I want to ask this before I join it - I am technically in the US. I am stationed in Germany, but I have a US address. The only thing is that the person would have to complete a customs form to send to me, but the postage is the same as sending to NY. Do you @Pc51870 or anyone else have a problem if I join?

pc51870 02/ 4/2011 #

Nikon, I am sure that as long as they don't have to pay more than as if they were sending to the US, it should not be a problem, my only question is Will you be mailing from Germany? For I know that will take longer for one to receive your package. If you would like I or if someone else is interested would be willing to do a private swap with you.

SIGLES 02/ 7/2011 #

I love these stuffed swaps. I am getting ready now.

pc51870 02/ 8/2011 #

I love them too, as I love to see what kind of different things people come up with to send

j3ss1ca 02/ 9/2011 #

I'm getting mine ready right now too. The swap date seems super far away but I'm sure it will be here before we know it.

pc51870 02/ 9/2011 #

You are j3ss1ca , not to mention I pack and repack my box as to try and get as much stuffed in as possible

limive 02/10/2011 #

Just out of curiosity, what size are most people using?? the small flat rate box doesnt hold much. I know I can go bigger, I did that on my last one, just wondering what everyone else does.

dizzysgram 02/11/2011 #

@NikonGoddess I will swap with you either way.... let me know. I have no objection to you in this swap but would also do a personal swap with you...... :) @limive I will be sending a $4.95 flat rate.... but I will def get my monies' worth out of filling that one!!!!

pc51870 02/13/2011 #

It is quite amazing how much you can stuff in one of those!!

j3ss1ca 02/14/2011 #

I'm using the flat rate envie. I went to the po and got one box and one envie try see what one fit more. The envie fits way more with the type of stuff I plan on sending.

reauk 02/17/2011 #

we dont have flat rate in uk . which is a shame really.

diroslu 02/17/2011 #

I just joined and have verified my email address. I want to join a swap but can't figure out how to fill out my profile and also how to join in when I don't have a rating. Please help!

Swan 02/18/2011 #

diroslu, just go to Edit Profile and then fill out the Personal section.

ninjapirate 02/18/2011 #

pc51870, I am a newb, but I'd love to join this swap. I'm a professional artist/crafter and have been for 30 years; I have good stuff! I like stuff! I'd like to share stuff! You can check out my profile, and you can be assured that I will not flake.

pc51870 02/18/2011 #

Welcome , ninjapirate and diroslu, glad to have you both

Saucyknits 02/19/2011 #

@NikonGoddess - I too would do a swap with you either way, through here or private

nancelee 02/20/2011 #

ooooh i really want to join your swap, but I just joined and I have only completed 1 swap. I now have the swapping fever! Ioved going out to my mail box looking for my letters for vday swap. I usually don't like the mailbox cause its just bills. So can I please join your swap?

pc51870 02/20/2011 #

Nancelee, you meet swap requirements, so of course, glad to have you

zurdoswifey 02/21/2011 #

I think everyone needs to pay attention to the requirement of being STUFFED this time around... so that no one is disappointed in their package

Bastet59 02/21/2011 #

I have no issues swapping w/anyone here....esp. @NikonGoddess ..

Welcome to all the newbies!:) ...FYI: the hardest thing though is to swap w/someone w/a blank profile...it becomes a great guideline for swaps;so please fill it out asap...esp.things you are allergic to or really dislike...:)...I built up mine a little at a time....

Hope that helps. Ciao!!:)

pc51870 02/21/2011 #

Thanks zurdoswifey and Bastet59 , both of you are correct...and yes people STUFFED means just that, you send anything less you risk getting rated poorly...

nancelee 02/21/2011 #

Oh good thank you! I walked to post office earlier and pulled on the door...oh presidents day. I can't wait.

institches 02/21/2011 #

Hi all...sounds like a great swap and I hate to be a downer, but you can no longer stuff the flat-rate envies until they are almost exploding and reinforce with tape. Postmaster at my PO showed me the memo a couple weeks ago as I was always stuffing them full. Everyone may want to check with their PO's too.

zurdoswifey 02/22/2011 #

My PO doesnt care about this... I wrap mine all over with tape and they said as long as you can seal the envie without using tape to keep it shut that it is fine. You CAN reinforce with tape as long as there is no tape used to keep the seal from busting open...Im not saying your postmaster didn't tell you what he did but I have talked to the USPS 800 customer service and they told me this a little over a week ago and I asked my clerk just to be 100% sure.

They also have new padded flat rate envelopes and the legal size flat rate envies are the same price too... as well as new regional flat rate boxes for those who print online. These are almost the size of a normal flat rate box but the closer you are mailing the cheaper it is... I just mailed one to Oregon (I am in Wa) and it was only $4.95 to mail... mailed one to Montana and it was only $7.15 so anyone who likes to spoil their partners now have cheaper options for mailing priority mail....

costcogal07 02/22/2011 #

So it does not necessarily HAVE to be the flat rate envelope we could use the flat rate boxes???? I have quite a few boxes to use up and would use one if I could?

pc51870 02/22/2011 #

the Flat rate box or envelope, you choose

costcogal07 02/22/2011 #

sweeeet thank you so much

fairieangel80 02/23/2011 #

so this swap you pick what you can find and put them into a box and send it off in the usa

NikonGoddess 02/23/2011 #

Okay...I'm in...WEEEE! Thank you! @PC51870 yes, it will be mailed from Germany, but it still goes through the "American" Postal System. I would LOVE to do a private swap with anyone that is game!

Oh, I'm going to have soooooo much fun with this swap!

pc51870 02/23/2011 #

Great to have you all..Welcome... @ faireieangel80 , you must STUFF the box/envelope with good usable items, these items can be of your choice, feel free to add things for crafts, samples, jewelry, the list just never ends. No trash!!!

Craftymoosecrafts 02/23/2011 #

I just joined today and would love to be a part of this, my first swap. I have filled out my profile, read all the FAQs & newbie info I can find, and read the rules of this swap. I am ready to STUFF it full! Thank you for considering me--I will check back to see if I was accepted.

Craftymoosecrafts 02/23/2011 #

Yay, I'm in!

pc51870 02/23/2011 #

Craftymoosecrafts, Welcome, I hope you enjoy the swap as much as I enjoy having you!!

Craftymoosecrafts 02/23/2011 #

Thank you so much pc51870, I'm really looking forward to it!

fairieangel80 02/23/2011 #

when do we find out who are parnters are for this swap?

pc51870 02/23/2011 #

On the 25th

costcogal07 02/24/2011 #

My box is sealed and ready to go

tutuincredible 02/25/2011 #

I would like to join this swap also. I have a US address and I would be sending from Canada. As it is Feb 25 I will join the swap. If you drop me I won't be offended in any way. If you decide to keep me on I will send my partner my mailing address in the US. I know the size of the us flat mail boxes so I will make sure I send something the same size or bigger.


pc51870 02/25/2011 #

Welcome tutu, and sorry fairieangel80 you will be assigned partners on the 26th , the 25th is sign up deadline

Brookhouse 02/26/2011 #

Well this is amazing since I just posted above yesterday. I'm at work and a message just came through------policy has changed---stuff as much as you'd like!!!!!

NikonGoddess 03/ 2/2011 #

Hi everyone...I wanted to come back and tell you that I'm game for private swaps anytime! Just shoot me a message!

nhansen73 03/10/2011 #

I have a problem, I received a box with many items in it and it is from Lisa Cottrell. Is this box for this swap? Please help me because she put no note inside it. Thank you.

nhansen73 03/10/2011 #

Lisa can you send me a private message. nhansen73

jade517 03/12/2011 #

I can't believe I let this slip by me yesterday, so very sorry, I did send it out today though....sorry my partner.

I do have a comment to make about the one I rec;d today....what would I do with an empty halls wrapper, the empty folder to a sticker book, half of a dress pattern to which i do not even know what it looks like, pages to various books (what do I care about this for????), tornout pages from a dictionary, pages ripped out from a daily calander with hald naked women showing their boobs on them, torn memo sheets with edges all frayed, a cut up piece of paper advertisement for Barbie, but barbie is cut out, some weird handamde book that says Patina #4 on it (to which nothing inside of it makes sense to me), the cover to a passport, a piece of cardboard that is cut crooked, a piece of paper with rats on it that ws glued to a regular piece of paper and says rodents rule, a dried up and broken leaf from a tree, piece of sticker sheet that only has the letter g, h, m, q, t and u on it, a giant 5 of clubs card, and two pages torn out of a kids book beauty and the beast????????????????? Are you serious????? Is this stuff you really send out or do you not like me for some reason? I am VERY TRULY DISSAPOINTED, NEVER HAVE I REC'D SUCH CRAP. DId you read the directions to this swap???? Maybe you should reread!!!!! This is what the swap states................Having your box/envelope in hand go to your crafting area and stuff it just as full as you can with whatever good, usable crafting,writing,sewing,supplies,even samples you are willing to part with.Anything as long as it is not offesive or illegal. NO TRASH!! the only thing you sent me that is usable is a couple of small pieces of scrapbook paper, two tags, a bag of sequences, possibly the snippet of silk flowers, the HK bandaid, the beaded sunflower, crocheted book mark, and the one piece of diddl memo sheet!

LINDA50 03/21/2011 #

Those are all items that some crafters use. That is the kind of stuff you get in this type of swap, if you get anything.

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