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Back to grad school. Not much time for art. -_-

I built an online tool to work as a musical instrument for someone with paralysis. Check it out here.

Hang out with me on Instagram

My current HDHP ATCs for private trade - click this link!

30th Anniversary of Shark Week! Print your own free copy of a painted art zine.

shark dancer gif

NEW! A kid-friendly free zine you can print on how to make zines, good for school teachers and librarians: How To Zine

NEW! Stop motion animation that I made for a friend: Mail Art Gnome

Learn to make your own cartoons, a super easy method using a tablet or smartphone

I am an artist in Chicago looking to trade ATCs [artist trading cards] here on Swap-bot. I work in a range of media [multi-media, collage, photography, digital, printmaking] and do very nice fully-painted cards. I also love trading zines, inchies, twinchies, paintings, postcards, collage, hand bound books, artist books, chunky book pages and photographs.

I am in grad school for an MS in Human-Computer Interaction (UX,UI,IA,IxD). I volunteer with my local hackerspace / makerspace Pumping Station: One and have volunteered with Free Geek Chicago. I'm a novice ice hockey player and joined the Wilmette Cougars recreational league team.

mailbox animation

SPECIAL NOTE: I am inner city and our mail carrier hauls everything door to door on foot. If she gets caught in a rainstorm or a snowstorm, she has to plow through it. Please wrap items in plastic because sometimes a letter gets drenching wet. A plastic sandwich bag with the bulky zipper cut off, folded and taped, works great. Don't worry about current postcards, just mail them as is / naked.

All swaps coming from a smoke-free home. I don't smoke and I don't let the dogs smoke, either!

bassets ATC

The art I like is wildly eclectic. I tend to respond to people's style the most with a preference for fine art and the unique. If you have your own art style, that is my favorite! I want to see the work you create.

LIKES: Portraits, people, self-portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, still life, clouds, people, nudes or figurative work, fossils, dinosaurs, sharks, ocean life, birds, animals & nature, owls, Basset Hounds, abstracts, ice hockey, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Wolves, art history, ancient art, Renaissance, Art Deco, Art Noveau, Ancient Egyptian, Pre-Raphaelites, architecture, all Asian, Chinese, Japanese [ukiyo-e, sumi-e, contemporary], Korean, Indian, collage, geometric art, regional art, Native or traditional art, text art (Ed Ruscha, Christopher Wool, Jenny Holzer,) Impressionism, Modernism, Pop Art, orchids, image transfer, photography, printmaking, digital image design, laser etching, vintage & antique, science & technology. Fandom: Netflix Voltron reboot, Marvel Avengers, Adventure Time, DEATHNOTE, Rick & Morty, Hetalia: Axis Powers, How to Train Your Dragon, Inubaka (cannot find last 6 books), Ah! My Goddess by Kosuke Fujishima, Mushishi, Fullmetal Alchemist, Poyo Poyo, G.I. Joe: Renegades, Star Wars (G1, Clone Wars & Rebels), G1 Transformers, Game of Thrones TV series, Pokemon.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Loose prints, unmounted are preferred. Please no lamination. I collect tintypes, cartes de visite, cabinet cards and Polaroids.

POSTCARDS: Contemporary post cards, please just mail them to me regular / naked. Please no free commercial ad cards. Self-published, artist or Zazzle is fine. Vintage Postcards: In 2012 I re-started my collection of antique post cards lost in an apartment robbery. Post cards 1950 and prior are favorites, mailed in their days is wonderful. Please mail vintage and antique in an envelope, plastic and buffer material is a good idea. Please no trading ripped or stripped [stamp collectors rip off stamps] - normal wear is fine. Favorites are gag / comic, cartoon, illustration, lithographic coloured photographs, city name cut-outs especially 1940s with different images in block letters. Also looking for non-sport tobacco and cigarette cards. My PCs: Free High Res Downloads of Antique & Vintage Post Cards - make your art with these and other photographs and resources are there for collage.

DISLIKES: Do not send any Racist Kitsch! Anything bigoted against POC, women, LGBTQ, any religions or ethnicities is not welcome.

No memes unless agreed upon in advance. K thnx! Me no likey: Ed Hardy copies. Edward Weston copies. Disney stuff [but Pixar is OK]. Musicals. Cutesy country kitsch. Hello Kitty. Kids stuff. Teacher stuff. Don't send me preachy stuff, go share with the people in your faith. Scrapbooking die-cuts or manufactured page accents in the sense that your final work looks like your work came right of the aisles of the craft store. Perky words, inspirational or motivational anything. ATC ART PEEVES: Scratchy back and forth lines or overlaps in color because you are not able to render graphite, blend colored pencils or are using cheap, non-blending markers. Unfinished, sloppy or careless backs. (Inchies & twinchies: I treat them as ATC ACEO art and store them in clear plastic pages.) Please no wrinkled or cockled ATCs [glue or water warped]. Please sign your work. IMPORTANT: Pastels, encaustic, charcoal, beads, googly eyes - these are all too fragile to ship without damage. Chicago postal will destroy these. No sticker slapping your art! Too much glued on tschotchskas - a little embellishment is fine. No Sharpie or permanent markers they are unstable and change colors and fade rapidly.

Please note, I use recycled packaging material, playing cards and sports card decoys for cores of my ATCs. They are mounted and papered expertly and do not appear recycled or trashy. Please read more about conservation concerns in the Swap-Bot discussion: Acid Free Not Archival - - Related information: Sharpie markers are not art supplies

Want More?: I am willing to swap paintings, custom art work & digital image design and more for stuff - message me for inquiries.


Please Note: I retain all image rights, copyright and intellectual property rights on all creations.

Free Education & Resources

got dany

Read online for free ArtTRADER Magazine

How to Get Better at Drawing Decades of my experience in one article. Read online or download the article as a .pdf here

Basic Information on painting; maybe go to the oldest blog post and read in reverse order: Click here

Free Book: read Starting With Abstract Painting

Melted Crayon Wax Painting Or "encaustic for lazy people" - 43 second video to learn how to make your own.

10 Tips on Watercolour from personal experience. I also highly recommend this book Watercolour How To Book check your local library or available cheap on Amazon, as of May 2013 copies under $4.00.

1000+ free video tutorials on all art subjects with Jerry's Artarama catalog: Free video lessons

Royalty Free, High-Resolution Photography: morgueFile

Free digital downloads of textures & backgrounds for digital image design, collage, etc: Caleb Kimbrough's BITTBOX

Jay Hilgert's BittBox Free digital image sources & textures.

TanglePatterns.com Free resource for Zentangle drawing.

How To Paint Transfer Toner Images Transfer toner prints of photographs, magazine pages and photocopies of your own drawings, etc. using acrylic paint.

GOLDEN Gel Medium Image Transfer Good method for multi-media art and acrylic paints.

Collage Perspectives at Swarthmore College A 10 minute documentary video of a gallery exhibit.

David Carson on Design + Discovery TED video: A top designer lectures on visual culture.

Vik Muniz TED video: Creativity, culture, art. He is known for his portraits made of sugar.

Raghava KK: My 5 Lives as an Artist TED video: on making and breaking in his fine art career.

Sheikha al Mayassa: Globalizing the local, localizing the global TED video: how art and culture create a country's identity.

7 Projects With Recycled Materials

Art Pillow Design With Fabric Scraps by Alice Berry Low sew, high impact!

Daring Fireball's Markdown Syntax Guide How to put images in Swap-bot and other commands.

USPS Small Airmail Labels No longer available, DIY print your own. Great for postcards.

Mail theft? United States Postal Inspectors Online Complaint Webpage

Zines: what they are and two easy zine patterns to use.

Easy Book Binding Saddle Stitch Video

A short description of Masterboard Process for collage artist trading cards.

ATC and collage recommended adhesives: YES! stickflat paste, glue stick, rubber cement [these three dry flat] Modge Podge, gesso and acrylic gel medium [these are wetter, needs to be pressed. Wax paper and a heavy weight help.] I highly enjoyed the Bernie Berlin ATC Workshop book.

Hubble pic

Free vintage and/or public domain images:

Smithsonian Institution Flickr

NASA Hubble Heritage Flickr

The British Library Flickr

Old Book Art Illustrations for download

Pinterest for Les Vieux Jours Vintage collage resources: photos, etchings, drawings and more.

ShellieLewis.Wordpress Antique postcards, ephemera and photography: 300 dpi downloads for free.

USA Library of Congress Flickr

USA Library of Congress Photo Archive online portal

Reusable Art

Karen's Whimsy

Creative Commons Cultural Contributors for art and music

Troubleshooting something? Ask me anything.


Go listen to stuff online for free:

Pixicast ~ Electronica podcasts.

Abstract Science ~ electronica, techno, industrial and experimental podcast.

CCMixter podcast and editor picks Also free music you can use for projects.

Dubstep came from Chicago.

"Digital Witness" - St. Vincent

Guile's Theme Goes With Everything - Smooth McGroove

Digital Scrapbook

2017 Cougars 2017-2018 WCHL Wilmette Cougars

Over 100 of my prior ATCs from 2012 - 2013 are above.



Hockey Blogger Boyfriend and the Blades of Steel.


Museum Fun Day - I want the micro-LED gown.

The hounds! All three dogs are from BassetRescue.org



jenidleman rated for EASU: Bookpage Heart ATC Swap on Oct 22, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the great ATC and zines! Especially the duck story, so cute - and having lived in Chicago for a few years, I have very fond memories of Lincoln Park Zoo. (And not so much of winter!) :)
Response: We need winter to ice skate outside! :d Also, for running the oven for hours on end baking treats. :D
vanneparis rated for SUSA - Buddha ATC on Oct 21, 2018
Comment: Hi Shellie - Thank you so much for the beautiful Buddha ATC. I love it!! I adore all of the special goodies that you sent. I have never seen such tiny Tarot Cards and the Owl feather is so amazing. I hope you had fun with the swap. Take Care -Vanne
Response: Thank you for all of the hosting you do; it is very much appreciated! <3
colodad rated for EASU: Free Themed ATC Swap on Oct 20, 2018
Comment: Great ATCs. I am impressed with both techniques you used. I want a laser cutter! The zines are great as well. Thank you for everything.
Response: I belong to a local hackerspace / makerspace and we have two laser cutters. See if a college, library or makerspace is near you with one open to the public to use (with the right training.) Also, they are good for etching rubber for stamps. O>O You buy a particular kind of rubber for laser cutting. I probably should not have told you that... :d
sharmison33 rated for A.I. Doodle It ATC on Oct 3, 2018
Comment: Shellie your cards are amazing! You are super talented. I so wish you could have seen the boys cheering when I showed them the box tops. Thanks for making their Day and mine too!😁😁😁
Response: That's great! So glad I could help. :3
jenmcjen rated for AMA: Sender's Choice Zine on Sep 25, 2018
Comment: Whoa. What a fun envelope to open! Also, I see just by these zines, I'll be checking out your profile after I send this, that we have a lot in common. Like that SJW is NOT a dirty word! Thank you so much for these fantastic zines! I showed the Chicago winter one to my daughter who's going to college in Chicago next year - she's like, yeah, that's so Minnesota, I 'm not worried. hehe! Thank you for the generous quantity of zines! Also, you're an incredible artist!
Response: Minnesota girl will be fine. The ones from Florida... Arizona... winter is a shock. O>O lololol
Comment: Thank you for the bunny drawings! I was seeing lots around here too. I've never created a zine before. Thanks!
Response: Bunnies are adorbs. Thanks for swapping!
blanketfort rated for WIYM: Beginner Zine on Jul 18, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the amazing zines! The 'twitter on fire'-zine inspired me, the 'poor'-zine really moved me, and the 'understanding pit bulls'-zine made me smile :)
Response: So glad you like them. I am trying to get more done before the end of the year. It helps to just lock myself away from the world and draw nonstop when I get a free day.
CurlyTea rated for EASU: Goat ATC Swap on Jul 15, 2018
Comment: I love this goat atc! Thank you so very much for the love and care that you put into this swap.
Response: Yay! Goats are happy, so they bring happiness to others. :3
piratecaptainmo rated for BMAG: sushi ATC on Jul 9, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the great ATC!
Response: Thanks for hosting! :3
Comment: Thanks! Love the "zine" as well. Yes, we can see the Milky Way and zillions of stars here as there are no outside lights that interfere with "star gazing"!!
Response: Aw. I can see three stars on a good night. One is Mars. :o
Comment: Oh my stars!! I love the fabulous Llama ATC you drew. You are so talented & it is always a treat to receive an ATC from you. Thank you for the zine as well. I really enjoy them & this one is very useful. I might try my hand at it again. Thank you so much for being an awesome swap partner & for this fantastic swap :)
Response: You're welcome and thank you for rating.
Comment: Terrific card and thanks for the zine as well. That is a whole new world to me. Wow, great stuff. BTW, envelope was slit completely open when I got it from the mailbox. Looks like I got everything but thought you should know.
Response: Talk to the manager at your post office. I get that around the holidays and I think it is temps looking for money or gift cards to steal. >:( Glad the items arrived though!
Comment: Your story sounds very similar to mine, if you add bikers and Harleys into it! :-)
Comment: The hand painted pumpkin card is beautiful!! Thanks for swapping!
kaypendragon rated for SUSA - 3 Butterfly ATCs on Oct 11, 2017
Comment: Beautiful!
Response: Thank you. It's always nice when I can switch it up and do a mixed-media work. 🐛
MsLee rated for A.I. - Pencil Sketch on Oct 2, 2017
Comment: Dear Shellie, thanks for my ATC. I'm sorry that your doggie had to have his eye removed :(, I pray that he'll adjust and that he'll be better soon. I really hope that things will get better overall. Blessings to you & yours.
Response: It took a little while but now he's doing fantastic and his personality has really come back. Poor thing was in pain and now he's super happy, just a little worse for wear.
squince rated for WIYM: BLACK AND WHITE POSTCARD on Sep 27, 2017
Comment: Thanks!
peipeicl rated for Draw & Paint a Girl ATC on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: My goodness! You are an amazing artist! I absolutely love the hand drawn Merida atc you made <3 <3 <3 I'll really treasure this ATC! Good luck with grad school!
Response: Thank you so much. 💖 I like the movie a lot.
smadronia rated for ZZ ~ String 247 on Sep 13, 2017
Comment: What a fantastic ATC, thank you! Yes, I love fish, and this is perfect. Thanks for the goodies too!
Response: So glad you liked it 🌈
annielou rated for A.I - Pen & Ink ATC on Sep 12, 2017
Comment: Shellie! These cards -- because you generously made me two!!! -- are incredible. You are indeed an artist. These are exceptional and I can't believe how lucky I am that they are mine!!! THANK YOU!!!
Response: Aw thank you ^^' I just had fun making them and so glad you like them.

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lou on Dec 11, 2017:

Happy Holidays!

AmookIslandCreations on Nov 18, 2017:

Shellie! Thanks so much for the beautiful quilting and paper art magazines! I will share them with my Quilting Class! Your generosity overwhelms me! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! The fabric will be greatly appreciated too. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry

lou on Jun 29, 2017:

Welcome back!

AmookIslandCreations on May 5, 2017:

Thanks, so much, for the wonderful letter and special gift of whale fabric!!! I love it! More to follow. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry

AmookIslandCreations on Dec 30, 2016:

bjmonroe on Nov 23, 2016:

AmookIslandCreations on Oct 31, 2016:

anrtist on Oct 11, 2016:

THANK You for the lovely PEACOCK Button!
I am so glad you thought of me!
I appreciate it so much!

Blessings, cc

bjmonroe on Sep 23, 2016:

reader44ever on Jul 8, 2016:

Wow, Shellie! Thank you so very much for the surprise envelope full of artistic goodies! I am in awe of your talent. And I'm also really grateful for all of the example thingies you sent to me. It was so much, I'm still trying to process it all!

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