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Date Joined: August 19, 2008
Last Online: September 21, 2019

Country: Bulgaria

About Me

I come from my beloved Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands (Spain) and I spent many years living in bonnie Scotland.

I am also of Swedish descent and anything Scandi makes my heart flutter :-) hehe.

Currently living in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria where I work as an accountant for an American company Monday to Friday and as a teacher for the weekend programme of a private school on Saturday mornings. My pupils are aged 4-5 and just seeing their wee faces and listening to their witty questions re-energizes me :-)

I am three subjects shy of obtaining my MBA -via a Scottish university, I fly back to the UK twice per year in order to sit the exams - too so yep, I definitely keep myself busy.

Teetotal. Non-smoker. Childfree by choice.

I adore...

Swimming - Politics - Long Handwritten Letters

Cooking & trying out new recipes

Traveling (Istanbul, Brussels and Geneva are among my favourite cities in the world and I return for a visit as often as budget allows)

My dreamlands are Namibia, Chile, Alaska & New England states (USA), Armenia, Canada and Georgia the ex-Soviet republic. I hope to visit these places in the next few years

Shiatsu - Literary journals - Ballet performances

Pistachio Ice Cream - Anthropology - Polaroid

Matrioshka dolls and all things Russian

Art Galleries; I have recently taken up painting... I can tell already I won't be the next Picasso :-)

Pottery - Chess - Vegan leather - Ikea

True Crime - European Cinema - Drinking Tea

Pizza - Zines - Cacti & all Succulents

Books (YA, Science-Fiction, Anthropology, Crime/Mystery, Haiku, Poetry)

The Sound of Taiko Drums - Botany - Holidaying in Bansko (google it, it's gorgeous!)

Coconut - Cinnamon - Turmeric - Oregano. I have loved these flavours since I was a child

Etsy - Robots - Philosophy

Hiking - Coding (Rust, now starting to learn Ruby on Rails)

Oxford shoes - The Smell of Cherry Blossom and also Jasmine

Learning Foreign Languages

Country Music (also Jazz, Classical composers and Twenty One Pilots)

Thanks, but no thanks!

Smokers and their whiff when passing by, yuck! :-(

Drama llamas

The ones involved in animal cruelty (hunters, bullfighters... all those sub-humans)

Religious stuff

Blythe dolls and similar ones, clowns... creepy!

Friendship books, slams, decos, x-slips

Kawaii, Hello Kitty, Gorjuss etc... I am 41 years old; stopped liking all of that years ago :-) buuut two exceptions: the Moomins (Finnish characters, they are unique) and the yellow thingies (Minions) as my pupils adore them

Typed letters - Aaaargh! Massive pet peeve of mine

Washi tape & stationery (pleeenty of that at home)

Cinema tickets, restaurant menus, tourist brochures, loose envelopes, glitter, "Post-It" type sticky paper... I have no use for any of that

ATCs (artist trading cards) - A lot of work goes into them and it would be a pity to send them to me as I only collect lighthouse postcards and zines; everything else gets either used - stationery-, eaten - soup packets, chocs etc- or donated. Better to send them to someone who can appreciate them and has space to keep them

I don't use makeup other than cherry, pink or red lip balm. I am a redhead and many facial products cause me a rash if these contain artificial stuff so I only use products made with aloe vera, argan oil and Bulgarian rose, Swedish Bio-Oil and Polish brand Ziaja. I buy all of it from my local pharmacy

Up for Private Swaps!

I would send by recorded delivery for peace of mind. I can only do one or two per month due to lack of time. I will increase this number once I finish my exams

Interested in receiving...

Soup packets. Looove soup and finding out about the most popular ones in other countries!

Lighthouse postcards. And those of beautiful buildings, cathedrals etc... I am passionate about architecture

Cherry colour nail polish (it is difficult to find it here; I used to buy Cherry Love colour from one of the Oriflame distributors but they stopped offering it in Bulgaria :-( boo!)

Reusable shopping bag from your local supermarket

Chocolate (Not dark one though) with coffee, blueberries, nuts, ginger or weird combos. Willing to try any flavour at least once

Anything that would help me in my foreign language studies (Dutch, Swedish and French): a magazine article written in the language, an exercise book, a crossword puzzle taken from the local newspaper, flashcards, a children's book

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - Anything with peanut butter really

I once got in a swap maple syrup in a maple leaf-shaped little bottle. The bottle got lost during one of my moves across the EU and I would love to get another one. Once it is empty, it looks adorable in the kitchen for decorative purposes

I am crazy about the tiny house movement. An article from the magazine Dwell or any other in paper format would make my day

Hair conditioner. I have waist-length hair and it would be lovely to try conditioner from brands of other countries. A small travel-sized sachet is what I would like to receive, not looking for a bottle obviously! :-)

The reading page (with book reviews) on O, The Oprah magazine. It is almost impossible to get mags/newspapers in English here in Bulgaria. Just the Book Reviews page, I don't need the full magazine

I can send (for private swaps)

Stickers - I have hundreds and I stopped collecting ages ago



Chocolate (Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Polish brands, the ones sold here)

Letter paper

Second-hand books in English

Bulgarian souvenirs (fridge magnets, rose soap)

And I welcome any suggestions as long as it fits in a padded envelope.

What happened in 2009

In 2009 I had a very unpleasant experience in Swap-bot. I have decided to leave on my profile the text I wrote at the time in case it helps other members going through the same situation.

The text was as follows "I have done my best to sort out the problem with the handful of parcels that got lost in the mail and it seems I am not getting those 1s removed anytime soon. Tired of being held hostage by some swappers who seem to expect me to send dozens of replacement packages.

On top of that very disturbing experience getting death threats and insults by email from those who think of themselves as Swap-bot police. I was shocked when a person emailed me "I hope you get a cancer and die".

Thanks to Samantha and the (very few) members who have supported me during this period of having to deal with difficult members. It has been really disappointing to say the least the behaviour of some I considered to be friends"

Look forward to catching up with those members who were lovely towards me during that period of time several years ago. Thank you.


Please contact me if you would like to organize a private swap for these things I would looove to have:

Maria Gripe novels in Swedish

Idahoan brand packets of mashed potatoes - I (literally!) dream of trying all the flavours! I have read it is very good and mashed potatoes is my comfort food

Basilur brand Autumn Tea

Bigelow brand Hot Cinnamon Tea

Turkey Hill brand Maple tea (Canada)

Ekstroms brand Rosehip Soup Mix (Sweden)

Second-hand Agatha Raisin cozy mysteries in English

Obleas Tuyo (Chile)

Anything from Namibia

A back issue of The Fiddlehead in good condition (Canada)

A parcel with all things Danish (fridge magnet, chocolate, snacks, postcards)

A back issue of HUMO in good condition (Belgium)

Korean teabags - any flavour is fine :-)

Postcards of Stave churches (Norway)

Brazilian candy

Sopa de camarón y chile, en sobres de cualquier marca (Mexico)

Papel de cartas, monedero o carpeta de Mafalda (Argentina)

Los sobres azules del correo argentino. Los amo (Argentina)

Las novelas de Roberto Bolaño. De segunda mano pero en buenas condiciones. De cualquier editorial. Adoro a este escritor QEPD (Chile)

Correspondencia con otras latinas como yo que tengan gustos similares para enviarnos cartitas y de vez en cuando paquetes con cositas

Biographies, magazine articles etc on mathematicians of any era (in English)

If like me you are starting out as a coder it would be lovely to receive a letter handwritten by you telling me about your experiences, which coding language you learned first, your favourite one, what/who inspired you to learn Coding, your goals in the field for the future.


Comment: My son found it in my lil mans room stuck on the back of another pc by the stams sorry for the misunderstanding...
Response: No problem :) Glad you found it. Happy new year 2010.
Comment: I have had messages back and forth since May 25, the deadline to send was April 20, today is June 12th! I got a great package today Sept. 17, 2009.
Response: Thanks for re-rating!!
Comment: i'll be happy to rerate if you send a cd. :)
Response: I sent the CD from Madrid, afterwards a resend from León - another city in Mainland Spain. Two attempts in a swap I actually coordinated myself. I feel I have done more than enough to resolve this issue. Member inactive since 2012.
A127 rated for *SOUP SWAP! * on Aug 20, 2009
Comment: I recieved the sup and Thanks, can't wait to try it! Thanks!
Response: I am happy to read the resend finally reached you. Thanks very much for re-rating, enjoy the soups! :)
brittany1989 rated for A Week Of Surprises Swap on Aug 11, 2009
Response: Member inactive since 12 August 2009 (ten years ago!). It seems I will never get this 1 deleted. Wish she would come back and state that I actually sent her the swap twice. Frustrating to say the least.
poeticpaper rated for Twilight CD on Jul 28, 2009
Comment: After several PM's, and you said you would resend, but I never did receive this swap. I will re-rate when I receive the cd.
Response: Original swap mailed from Madrid. Resend sent from León, a different city in Mainland Spain. I think two attempts is more than enough.
katjaintenerife rated for Just Stuff II on Jul 1, 2009
Comment: Por fin llegó :) Muchas gracias y siento mucho que tuvisté que reenviar el paquete..
Response: Gracias por el cinco guapa. Mantenme informada de como va el embarazo.
Amandalee rated for Let's Get To Know Each Other on Jun 27, 2009
Comment: Never got anything - doen't look like I will. Bad karma to you!
Response: Amanda if you would have got in touch with me (a PM does not cost anything) you would have known my first two trips to a local post office in Madrid went horribly wrong and several packages went MIA. As you can see on my profile some people (four so far) are starting to rate me for the resends. You know, good manners go a long way and communication is essential for this site to work properly. I will resend (I have not done before because obviously with you not communicating I had no way to know you did not receive). Updated September 2019: Member inactive since Sept 2018. Still no re-rating for the resend I mailed way back.
zerofantasies rated for Tea for Three on Jun 25, 2009
Comment: Thanks for resending and the extras
Response: You´re welcome! :) thanks for the heart.
reality rated for Poundshop Extravaganza II on Jun 20, 2009
Comment: Yay thank you for the resend it was all great! and i am loving the chocolates they bring back memories of when my nan and grandad used to go to spain and bring me stuff back like that so yummy!
Response: I am so glad to hear the resend made it :) and that you enjoy the chocolates. I am totally addicted to Spanish chocs :) Thanks very much for the heart.
bookwyrmm rated for Be my Sweet-TEA for Valentines day on Jun 11, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much for resending yet again. The tea, stationary, and hot chocolate are great.
Response: You are welcome. Really bad luck for me to have sent the original swap and a resent and none of them have been received (first time this happens to me).
sibila rated for Scottish music artists mix CD swap on Jun 9, 2009
Comment: Gracias :)
Response: Me alegra que haya llegado y gracias por contarme lo del sobre anterior. Quizás eso resuelva parte del misterio porque tantos de mis swaps se han perdido desde que me mudé a Madrid; nunca me había pasado. Un beso!
bluecrayons rated for Just Stuff II on Jun 8, 2009
Comment: will def change if it arrives. i contacted you three times with no response.
Response: June 2009: That is actually incorrect I am afraid to say. You contacted me once and I replied to your message straight away (I have kept the message for future reference). Updated September 2019: Member still has not rated me for the resend I mailed all those years ago. A look at the comments section other swappers have written on the 13 swaps rated 3 she has suffice to explain why. Link to the thread in the forum where swappers discuss her swapping techniques: http://www.swap-bot.com/forums/topic/1178/7
Comment: Cheryl meant so much to all of us, and she will be remembered for her kindness and humor by all those she touched. Thank you for joining the swap and keeping her memory alive for us all.
Response: The world certainly needs more people like Cheryl. I totally agree she had a wicked sense of humor :) and such a positive outlook on life, always helpful to newbies too. We will miss her a lot.
shinz rated for Tea for Three on May 29, 2009
Comment: Your package was arrived few day ago when I was not in town. Thanks for sending extra bags!
Response: You´re very welcome! I hope you enjoy the tea :)
Cabootique rated for Favorite songs! on May 19, 2009
Comment: Love the eclectic selection of songs! I really liked "Summer is for Going Places".
Response: Yeah that song is lovely and it´s a pity the band has not made it big yet :( Thanks so much for the heart!
kingofthelab rated for Favorite songs! on May 19, 2009
Comment: Awesome songs- lots of stuff I have never heard of. Even included a few extras. :) I loved your explanations, too.
Response: Oh I am so happy to read you liked the explanations. I am a Spaniard so very verbose ;) I can´t help it lol. Enjoy the songs!
foreverlou rated for Favorite songs! on May 19, 2009
Comment: Thanks for all the songs :D
Response: Hope you like them! :) thanks very much for the heart.
heliogal rated for Three Teas and a Note - Global on May 7, 2009
Comment: Yay!! I got your swap. Thank you so much for all the truely great teas!! Can't wait to try them. It was so interesting to hear about your new life in Madrid! Sound so exciting. Best wishes to you and I hope we will swap again :]
Response: I am really glad to hear you liked the wee envie :) and definitely hope to swap with you again soon too. Thanks very much for the heart!!
Comment: Great stuff! Thanks! :D
Response: Glad you liked them.

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echeveriaLilacina on Sep 9, 2019:

Hi! Thanks a lot for your lovely comment and book recommendation! The pics of my envelopes aren’t drawn by me though. They are from various illustrators. Can’t wait to check out the book!

NaomiRisa on Sep 28, 2018:

Hi Yurena, if you decided to come back to swap-bot again, let’s swap! I am looking through my piles of letters from swap-bot and found yours dated 3-11-2008. It’s almost a decade! Take care! Cheers! Naomi

MamaD on Apr 19, 2009:

Good Chatting with you last night sweetie! I won't forget our swap next month!


Invisible on Jan 29, 2009:

Thank you so much for granting my wish! I can't wait to try the tea and the ColaCao! I've already opened the candy and I'm trying really hard to save some for my kids to try. :o) It was very sweet of you to grant my wish! Thanks again, Carrie

Muriel on Jan 26, 2009:

Thank you so much for granting me some Jan wishes. I love your handwriting and can't wait to read the books on the list. The cat on the notecard is adorable! You really made my day


Moni on Jan 21, 2009:

Thanks so much for granting my january wish. I love what you sent me. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Pooky on Dec 23, 2008:

Thank you so much for the tea and wonderful stickers! The ladybeetle ones are my favorite! (: And the card you sent is lovely. I've only been able to see three Dali paintings in real life so far, but I hope to see more soon. The ones I saw were in Canada. Thanks again!

BeckyDJD on Dec 4, 2008:

Wow!!! Thank you SO very much, you are so sweet!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for granting my wish!

kizmet on Dec 2, 2008:

Ciao Yurena!

I got your package for November wishlist today ^_^ Thanks so much! I love everything in it! It's such a thoughtful one! Thanks!


sanna on Dec 1, 2008:

Thank you so much for the bookmarks, tea, art postcards <3 and chocolate! :) There were more than expcted to send via European swappers' tag!

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