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This is where I post swaps starting 6-2020

About Me

Just to ket all know my internet at home has been down assure your swaps were added to my mail box due to fibromyalgia flares being horrid if you do not get anything please pm me ill gladly resend as mail at the house does dissappear thanks for understanding

NEW NOTE:...... I have been putting mail in my mailbox and it sits 3-4 days before its taken since my fibro has been horrid I do not go many places bear with me if you do not get anything I will be happy to resend contact me first thanks..

PLEASE NOTE: I send out on time and there have been one or two times I forgot to click sent due to bad fibro days. I am sorry but I always let my partner know...

PLEASE READ this... Seems we have a new carrier for our mail every week please read below...

If I have marked a swap sent and your in the USA please if you do not get it within 2 weeks of sent date pm me and I will gladly resend.

If your in Canada or any other country than the USA please allow 4 weeks if it does not arrive message me and I will gladly resend...

Look how long I have been here and I have not once FLAKED and will never ever as I know how it feels xxx

Unknown swaps at the bottom PLEASE LOOK if you havent been rated xxx

Sometimes my mail runs later in the day due to me living over 20 minutes from the post office. So the swap sent date maybe a day or two off depending on weekends and holidays. I always post swap sent on the day I put it in my mail box. IF you do not get a swap from me please come to me I will gladly send the swap again to you. Please during COVID 19 times mail also runs slower thanks for understanding xx

I Promise to send and always rate I will never ever flake a swap or not rate i know how important it is to the score xoxo

UPDATE.... I have changed my address... It will still make it at either one xx

 Hello to all I am Leann by name. I am a soon to be 40 year old married mom of two boys. I enjoy swapping.I married July 99 and it was the worst and hottest day of the year my cake melted smh. I have as stated 2 boys Joe (27) and Dylan (16). I enjoy many things along the lines of crafting and writing. I have written poems and have started a book just at the writers block part of it but I will get there some day. I suffer with many health issues but, try and stay positive. I will be happy to tell you about my issues if you wish to learn more about me. My most debilitating is my fibromyalgia which really has me in a funk a lot. Its caused depression and anxiety on top of my fibro fog (where I just forget lots). I wish I had my good remembering brain back. Well I pen pal and enjoy making and selling things. I sell address labels, stationary, swap cards, business cards and tons more.

I am really enjoying swap bot. I just want to let you know if you DO NOT get something I have sent please pm me and I will gladly resend then you may rate me. I also do not give 1's unless totally necessary please respect me as I would you.

If your interested in labels and want a better deal purchase from me personally.

I did find out I have a kidney stone last year went to the dr not long ago and he wants to do surgery.. I am really dreading this.

Thanks Leann

Hello all I am just now jumping back on to swap bot for the first time in a long while. My health took a big toll on me. I will just say I was down I am still not 100% but am better than I was now to start with some smaller swaps again and work my way back to the top I so miss this place xoxo...

Just wanted to let you know 6-27 i got a message saying i messed up a swap well i send a single card for a swap that should have been 3 cards in an envie if you get 3 cards in an envie and it was a single card swap let me know as i will send it the right way from now on only one swap at a time pulled up thanks for letting me make it right and please keep the other card or cards xx Leann

6/20/13 I am looking for mapcards for my lil man and postcards in general hes doing a 4h project for next year and he wants all mapcards and other cards of senic and more his birthday is July 17 and he likes them new in an envie so they dont get icky hes a great boy who will be 10 can anyone help if so pm me i can send you something in return if needed.. You can send a birthday card also if u wish

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU DO NOT GET SOMETHING FROM ME I DO SEND dont just say I didnt get it and not even contat me I ALWAYS SEND with EXTRAS :)

Things my kids love

Dylan is 16 and loves postcards, music hes my rock kid, yugioh, magic the gathering, and loves anime.

Joe is 27 he likes harry potter, twilight, dragons, postcards, music (same as mine),stationary, key chains, writing and lots more..

If you have any questions about my kids either of them PLEASE SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE thank you...

Favorite Television

~TV Shows~ Pretty Little Liars Ghost Hunters Criminal Minds Ghost Whisperer NCIS Silent Library Nanny 911 Trading Spouses Myth Busters Wizzards of Waverly Place Worlds Most Scariest Places Groege Lopaz My wife and Kids Yes Dear Simpsons CSI The Vampire Diaries True Blood Full House Saved by the Bell 7th Heaven Shadowhunters WWE Pretty Little Liars Steve Austins Broken Skull Challenge Teen mom sometimes My big fat gypsy wedding and lots more...


Twilight Cry Baby Harry Potter Big Momma's House 1&2 Bring it On (All) Ghost Rider Dr Dolittle (All 4) Deadly Friend Tamara Halloween Town Anything Vampire Related, Horror, Comedy, or that catches my attention. Lots More.. Will add as remembered...

Favorite Books

~Books~ C.C Woods books Twilight Harry Potter Kim Harrison RL Stine Stephen King Horror Mythical Non Fiction Fiction I love anything paranormal or vampire also feel free to suggest books to read I will be happy to check them out also.

~It just depends if the book catches my attention or not if I read it or don't. I like many different books.

Favorite Music

~Music~ R&B Rap Pop Rock Hip Hop 70's 80's 90's 60's Country Insane Clown Posse Boondox Twisted Wicked BVB Andy Black Five Finger Death Punch

~ I like different types of music it just depends on my mood.

Things I make sell n trade

Postcards Stickers Stationary Fbs Decos Slams Crams Address Labels Swap Cards (for anything) Business cards candles and much more email or pm me for more info...

Postcard likes

For all who want to know my likes i enjoy all sorts of postcards and have not found many I do not like.

We are big music buffs here and anything music related is awesome 60's all the way to Horror Core Rap.

Also anything with dragons and other animals on them are good

Gothic postcards are GREAT! Oh heck I think about any postcard is okay lol if you have any questions please ask feel free to do so..

I love almost every postcard :) Favorites some of the many are: *Dragons/Fairies/Vampire or Gothic is a ++ *Music (Such as Singers or Bands are awesome) *Cartoons *Animals *Senic *Old cards (black and white) *Map Cards *Multi view *Wild and crazy things *Paranormal *Vampires *Music *Football *Clowns *ALL PCs are perfect I have issues sharing but, I try...

ABC's of Me/ Dislikes

I can trade things as I make labels, stationery, swap cards, business cards, pen-pal info sheets and lots more I can trade for these....

A- Almonds, Angels, Alphas, Adult Coloring Books (even the curse words ones)

B- Butterflies, Bacon, Ball Point Pens, Bracelet, Beggin Strips (for my dogs), Books, Blank Cards, Bookmark Sleeves (clear), Brads, Beads,

C- Crystals, Chocolate, ChocoCat, Cinnamonroll (sanrio character), Candy (jolly ranchers, fireballs, jawbreakers, lifesavers, and lots more), Cats (Domestic and huge esp White Tigers, Panthers, Cougars, Lynx, and more), Clowns, Clue,

D- Deco Tape, Dogs (Labs, Rotties, Pit-bull, Australian Shepherd, and German Shepherd, o.o and Chihuahuas), Dragons, Dracula, Dog toys,

E- Epherma (some of it as its new to me but I

Swaps Unknown/Angel-ed/Flakers

*****~Unknown Swaps PLEASE LOOK~****

I have an envie with what looks like a postcard and a few memos in it that was in a jiffy handmade envelope from @Sara Jean from Cali. please pm me as it was torn and I can not find what swap thanks

~~~ Swaps I have Angeled~~~

~090909 Postcard Swap

Angeled for Lafaiete to the following:

Sent 10/3/09

Lob Kasasha Elizabethofcourse Kgeslab Freespirit66 Guiswapbot Junebug Scalpelplease05 Talk2thetrees

~090909 Postcard Swap

Angeled for Shirley36 to the following:

Sent: Out on 10-5-09

Blurg Ozrob EmTabby Sapphirestiching Dyedinthewool Lyn RecipePC Pondigirl Lon

Lets play a game newbie friendly usa swap angeled to tinari01 sent 7/13 she told me she got it and loved it 7/30/13


from swaps I coordinated and angel-ed

Salma92 Postcards Postcards and more postcards she has been messaged and no reply hasn't been on in awhile will angel as soon as i get info to her partner.

(prestononline) in One Person from each Region or State swap # 2 messaged no reply and also is partially suspended July 26 2012

Favorite Crafts

ITEMS GOT with Missing Info (could be contents, no name.

Marie C. from California please PM me I got an envelope from you but no clue what its for?? Please help...

Some of my favorites are

ATC's Digital and Non-Digital Sccrapbooking Making Greeting Cards Adress Labels Stationery Swap Cards Plastic Canvass Beads and related lots more ill add as I think of it


Comment: Thank you! Have a marvelous day and happy swapping....
JenniferM555 rated for GIVEAWAY: Etsy shop coupons on Oct 26, 2020
Comment: Have a lovely day
bluecrayons rated for GIVEAWAY: Etsy shop coupons on Oct 26, 2020
Comment: have a blessed day,
paperboats9 rated for GIVEAWAY: Etsy shop coupons on Oct 26, 2020
Craftsidaisical rated for Expand your vocabulary on Oct 25, 2020
Comment: These were great words! I learned lots of new words. My top three favorites were: butyraceous, psephology and rodomontade. Going to definitely try to start using these when I talk to people. Thanks so much - this was fun!
twyls rated for Expand your vocabulary on Oct 25, 2020
Comment: You have some great words here! I especially liked fain. It's a great word you just don't hear often enough! :)
vickysounio rated for Expand your vocabulary on Oct 25, 2020
Comment: So many words I learned today. Thanks for sharing!
cherlita rated for Expand your vocabulary on Oct 25, 2020
Comment: Thank you, I am learning 19 new words today! As a non-native English speaker, I find it great to learn more words. Out of all of the newly learned words, I like doddle, it sounds cute!
matt319 rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #40 on Oct 24, 2020
lilycrespo27 rated for Halloween questions and letter on Oct 21, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the stickers and the sheets! i enjoyed reading the letter and learning such nice things about your life like your animal babies! i hope your health gets better wishing the best of luck.
Comment: I'm sorry to rate a 1, but I've sent you a message without getting a reply. Also, I'm waiting on you to rate 2 previous swaps (A Note For You #59 and I Love Stationery: Hobbies). I've sent messages for those swaps also and haven't heard back from you. I would be happy to resend if my swaps got lost in the mail, but I need to hear from you first. I will gladly rerate this swap once I receive it. UPDATE: 10/20/20 received swap - Thanks
Response: I have sent these I am sorry my net was down a few days I have sent both and havent been on for a few days due to no net or anyway to get online our library has been closed :( I will resend them sorry.. Thankful it has arrived finally xxx
suepier rated for Expand my Vocab PC USA #35 on Oct 19, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful waterfall postcard and showing me some new words.
Response: most welcome xx
thebrassyletter rated for USA-Mega ATC Fun on Oct 18, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the coffee ATC!
Response: glad you liked it xx
Comment: Love the letter and gifts, I will write you back soon!
Response: cant wait xx
minniepic rated for Destash unwanted postcards #4 on Oct 16, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the nice postcards:)
Response: I sent these and did not see your message will resend This has been resent please let me know when it gets there thanks xx
Comment: Thank you!!!
CraftyShana76 rated for Happy Little Notecards #112 on Oct 15, 2020
Comment: TYSVM!!! I enjoyed reading your notecard!!!!
Kraftylady777 rated for Happy Little Notecards #118 on Oct 12, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much!
Lazydaisy0104 rated for USA-Mega ATC Fun on Oct 9, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the great ATC. 😊
squince rated for Expand my Vocab PC USA #35 on Oct 9, 2020
Comment: Thanks!

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1koolkrafter on Oct 26, 2020:

Hello Leann...I received your SMT for the -31- stickers today. I like them! Thanks...

grammypammy on Sep 17, 2020:

sMT ~ Sticker Sheet TAG

Thank you for the sticker sheets and other birthday goodies!

Hugs, Pam

grammypammy on Sep 14, 2020:

Thank you so much for the birthday card, coupon and postcards....love it all! I will definitely redeem that coupon soon!! You blessed me and I appreciate you!



penpallingfool on Sep 7, 2020:

NOTE ill be mia a couple days xx

beachchicken on Sep 2, 2020:

Thank you for the cute teddy bear postcard! His smile is cute! (snail mail tags) Have a great day!

mejulia on Aug 29, 2020:

Thank you for the wonderful labels from the RAK group. I love them.

phillaine on Aug 19, 2020:

Thank you for the thoughtful and generous surprise you sent me for my August wish list! ♥ It was very cool to see that these are made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, and now I know where to find more in the future as well. I appreciate the time and care you put into this for me-- an absolute delight! ♥

petaluda on Aug 8, 2020:

Thank you very much for the beautiful letter sets ,July’s RAK #2 , group: RAKS ONLY-USA 🌷

Jessinpa on Jul 13, 2020:

Happy birthday 🎉

area51ufo1 on Jun 18, 2020:


Sorry for the late send out a letter is on it’s way.

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